Gardenia from seed? What was I thinking?!?

aptgardenJanuary 7, 2013

Like 9 out of 10 folks here I can't keep them alive yet I can't stay away! I trying to grow it from seed this time to see if I have better luck. So far so good! My question is: I'd like to keep it small and compact when is a good time to prune? It's getting pretty tall. I want it to branch out. Also can someone tell me what type of Gardenia this is?

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All I can say is congrats on what you have so far! It looks very healthy. It also looks like you are already getting a little side growth. I would pinch off the leading tip now to encourage it.

I have such a hard time nursing my gardenias through the winter. They are looking pretty bad right now, loosing leaves and complaining loudly.

I wish you continued success.

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I'll pinch it off after this new set of leaves grow out. This is my third try at growing from seed. It's so hard to maintain the humidity they need in a NY apartment due to the heating. I was able to remedy the issue by placing them in a wardian case. Thanks for the advice! good luck with yours!

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Gretchen Wood

For humidity may I suggest you put the gardenia in the bathroom. There is enough humidity for it to survive. We have about 10 orchid plants in and around our large jetted tub. I am excited because one orchid has 15 buds soon to bloom.
Good Luck with the Gardenia.

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