a day trp to Jordan (village in Niagara)

woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)October 11, 2011

Randy and decided to enjoy the last nice day before the forecast days of rain arrive tonight. So we went down to the pretty village of Jordan in Niagara this morning.

Fall color is quite advanced there now so there wasn't much left of the gardens that line the h*llstrip and front gardens on the main part of Main Street, so I didn't get any pictures of that.

We stopped in at the Copper Leaf garden store to see what was new. They had a couple of fountains that I'd love to make a garden around. Fortunately neither of them would really suit this garden - fortunate because I couldn't afford them! I didn't check the price on this one:

but this black marble one was $2700 or so:

There were a couple of very pretty variegated hydrangeas in the small garden at the store.

The lady didn't know their name so, on the way home, we detoured via Vineland Nursery to see if they might know what they were and have one. They weren't sure exactly which hydrangeas they were but they had a variegated one called 'Quadricolor', so I got that one. It's a macrophylla so is unlikely to bloom for me most years! But that's OK because I really want it for its foliage.

We had a very nice lunch at a small cafe there. And picked up some nice fudge at a small store. So it was a nice day out. By the time we were coming back, the temperature had dropped quite a bit and a lot of fog was rolling in from the lake. When we got home I noticed that the aster that is growing in to dwarf lilac near the south gate is still putting on a nice show - the purple asters along the driveway are fading fast now.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Neat! I used to go to Jordan quite often when we visited Mom in her retirement home in Buffalo. I needed a trip to Copper Leaf after my visits to unwind. Not that I bought anything there... I bet it has changed since then!

Tomorrow they deliver our firewood. (In time for the rain!) I hope there will be moments on the weekend when we can work on stacking it in the barn!

I weeded more in the veg garden today, picked green tomatoes too. Right now I am making roasted eggplant/garlic/tomato soup for dinner.

Tonight I need to add to the Haiti blog...


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Indeed Woody, one needs a big, big house to accommodate an urn that size. It sure would look silly in my garden ! I have that Hydrangea(don't know the name, it's been here for 15 years plus) and this year sadly it has to go. Trees that had given it shade from western sun are gone, and it burns up in the summer.

Kathy in Napa

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

GB - I'll bet Copper Leaf hasn't changed much - it looks like one of those store that has been the same forever :-)

Kathy - Most of California certainly doesn't sound like hydrangea-friendly country... The big pot is actually a fountain - one of those intended to have water sheeting down from the top. If you look closely at the base, you can see that there is a pipe-shaped hole in the side. I thought at first is was just a huge pot until I noticed that in the base. I wonder what the plumbing and wiring needs are to set up a fountain like that? More than the cost of the fountain itself, it would be the cost and difficulty of arranging for the necessary plumbing and wiring that would make them a non-viable option for me!

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Looks like an interesting place to browse. Even with my acreage something like that would look silly. The other one is neat but way to modern. I like the name Copper Leaf.

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Michelle - yes, that big pot thing would definitely only suit a limited range of situations! The modernish black one though I think would fit in more places. Because it's black, it would not stand out too much - in the right conditions - until you are close to it. The unexpectedness of the 'modern' lines would add to its impact. For instance, if there was a convenient way to get water to it, I could see putting that beside the path going under the pines to the north of my shed. There is a spot where the shade/shadows are pierced by a bright shaft of sun on sunny days. I could see placing that fountain where most of it is in shade but where the shaft of sunlight would hit that silver ball. The sound of water running would draw people along the path, looking for the source and, on sunny days, finding the source would be a quite dramatic event I think. As soon as I saw that fountain, that's the picture I saw in my head :-)

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