Idyll #458 Right this time?

cheloneOctober 8, 2009

The checkbook is balanced. I think I've got the count right this time... and to quote Jackie Gleason, "Awaaay we go!".

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Right on, sister!

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Greetings Idylls, from the north coast. today I visited the Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens-have not been for a few years, and since this area is frost free there is still quite a bit going on in fall. Took over 250 pics ! Many of them will be relegated to the recycle bin. I am in my wonderful little cottage with my glass of wine, the baseball playoffs with low volume on the boob tube , considering my itinerary for tomorrow. First on the agenda will be a trip into the village to get some photos of the buildings there before the tourists descend with their autos parked all over the place. This afternoon I drove up the coast a bit to visit Fuchsiarama ..its gone ! Shuttered up with a for sale sign on the highway -seeing a lot of that sort of thing out here. This coast is beautiful but isolated and the economy is poor even in good times.

Lol Chelone, I am a dedicated checkbook balancing deadbeat. Never do it.

PM , oddly , my asters are over and done with and most have been either cut back or ripped out at this point.

Ai yi-yi Âbug, whats up with white crapola ??

Ok, since the internet connection is volatile out here, IÂll wave and post some pics from today:

I had forgotten how jaw-dropping beautiful the heather garden is at MCBG . I wish you had all been with me ! Mega fabu From mendocino oct 2009 From mendocino oct 2009

This 'greenhouse' is total north coast.. From mendocino oct 2009

The Dahlia garden was still going strong .. From mendocino oct 2009

More tomorow ! Better go post apic on FB ...

Kathy in Mendocino

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OOOOh Kathy the MCBG appeals to me.
I really like the sculpture. I really love my natural woods, but could easily be persueded to add sculptures.

Welcome Cyn and Candy.

Rain anyone? My oldest son left a quacking message on our machine today. LOL

Niki spent 24 hours at the vets after being shoveled.(our slang for spaying) She is happy to be back home and I missed the little dickens.

Bug sorry to hear Pheobe may need surgery. Is it from a injury? I'm not sorry that we have rain instead of snow.

Cindy keep a low profile this week. Maybe they won't see you. Hoping your job will be secure.

Chelone what are you making with red chenille?

Will somebody pass the geritol? I need an energy boost, but wait till morning I need a good nights sleep first.


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Gorgeous Kathy!!

Today was an exciting day here in our little chicken kingdom. Chicken Ugly (formerly Chicken Little) laid her first egg today. In contrast to her appearance it was beautiful - pale brown with dark brown freckles. David ate it as an after school snack. We were describing this to DH who admitted to having no idea how many chickens we own, or being able to fathom where their names come from. He did agree that their eggs are delicious. I guess you don't turn a city boy into a farmer overnight.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning all,

Well I was up at 5AM and its now 5:41 and still pitch black outside. Wah I dont mind winter one little bit except for the d a - - ed dark. Well maybe I mind ice storms. LOL I work from home and dont have to commute in it so I dont mind the snow.

Ive been steadily working through disassembling the containers and am making some headway. I probably have gotten 40 or 50 done so far, 100 to go Ill tell you Im nuts. This is my least favorite time of year in the garden and I really hate ripping it all out. I wish I could just let it all go but many of these tender plants have been collected over the last several years and I couldnt find them again, nor could I afford to buy them all every spring. The coleus cuttings are all growing lovely roots and Im going to have to start potting them up. I promised myself that Im going to only keep two plants per variety this year. Well see if I stick with that.

Mary, love the chicken stories and find it pretty funny that your DH has no clue as to how many chickens you have.

Norma, glad your Niki is home safe and sound. ~ Ive been much better about getting at least 30 minutes of cardio exercise (the kind that makes you sweat like a pig)every day and have noticed my energy levels getting better.

Oh Kathy!!!!! How fabulous! The heather garden is incredible! What a lovely place. And of course I love dahlias. How sad the fuchsia place is gone.

PM lovely asters! Ive still got some blooming here too.

Denise, I absolutely loved the story about Jen the wonder dog!!!! Looking forward to seeing photos of this dynamo.

Bug, cant believe snow already! Jeesh! ~~ Sorry to hear Phoebe might need surgery.

Candy, LOL about disappearing into old Idyll Titles

Cyn, what grade/grades do you teach?

Cindy, wouldnt you love to go back and visit Intas again? Id love to see how her gardens have developed in the last couple years.

Another of the brugs, this is the double, throwing lots of flowers

And a last picture of the whole border for the season. Ive started dismantling the containers on the left. So sad to see it go when its still looking so pretty.

Have a great day all

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Good morning friends! And a special hello to Cyn and Candy!

Mary, you sure do make it appealing to have chickens. I am enjoying fresh eggs from the farmer's market and it closes in 2 more weeks! My grandma used to get them delivered to her by a little old man (I'm sure he wasn't always a little old man, but that's how I saw him) out of the trunk of his car. I thought my grandma was so antiquated buying eggs from a car - now I get it :)

Good to see you on a regular basis, Chelone :) Been thinking of you...

...and you Norma.

Woody, your front garden is fabulous! I am always in awe of what you get done in a gardening season. It seems like only yesterday that you were laying the brick edging. My brugs had one bloom this year - but quite honestly, I got a late start and didn't try too hard. I found myself interested in other things :)

I just don't have Deanne's magic touch! Wow, Deanne! You're going to have lots of fabulous greens for your compost. I've got to get chopping and bring things in too.

I'm busy moving. Today is the physical move, but all week has been leading up to this. I found used office equipment to supply the whole facility with everything we need and now I need to move the systems over while the guys do the furniture moving. I put out the feelers and found a dorm fridge and microwave. I was wondering how often we'll see Nick now? At least it's close, so we can go over and say hi :)

I'm so happy to have the room in my house again! I've been planning a little den for myself. I've got a small budget, but I don't want much. I am excited to decorate a new room...

Well, I'd better get moving! Have a great day all.


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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Good morning, it's Friday again!

Gray morning, expecting rain later today. It has been so very comfortable so far this fall though. Nice temperatures, some sweater days, but at night our windows are still open and haven't put away the air conditioners yet.

I was watching the weather last night and the weatherman was pointing to Edmonton on the map with a temperature of 12!! LOL Oh my, thinking of you, Marie. Snow and cold temps so early. I would imagine DD & Company are used to that by now. I would bet they even enjoy the snow and wintery weather.

Chelone...The SAD...Standard American Diet, is a sad state of affairs. Everything seems to work against you when you are trying to maintain your weight. We were taught the 'food pyramid' in school, and it turns out that is not a healthy way of eating. Since then, the information about what is good for you and what is not, is always being discredited. You never know what to believe. I remember when overweight first began to be a problem, everyone was encouraged to eat a 'low fat' diet. Which it turns out made things worse. You really need healthy fats. Your brain and your neurological system especially. Add to that, the fact that there is fast food on every corner, that it now takes two incomes in most families to survive and everyone is way too busy. Add in manufacturers of prepared foods who remain more interested in selling their product then in whether it is good for you. Trans fats would still be common if not for regulations. Add to that, the proliferation of technologies that keep people immobile and it all adds up to having to swim up stream to do what's best for your body. We all need to be salmons and not lemmings, and I include myself. Stepping down from my soap box now. [g]

Kathy...That first photo really appeals to me. I am not usually that drawn to sculpture in a garden, but that particular one fits that scene so perfectly. I don't think I would enjoy the scene as much without it. Very cute greenhouse. Isn't it unusual to find Dahlias in a Botanical Garden? Mendocino. Wow. I was thinking of you this morning as they were reporting news of the playoffs. You must be in heaven, baseball, music, the ocean, gardens and no work. I wonder are you happy to get a break from taking care of the kitties or do you miss them?

Hi sound better. :-) LOL at the quacking message.

Mary, you sound like you are having such a blast with those chickens. I will be interested to see how they do over the winter. What zone are you, 5? Will you be adding a lamp for heat or anything like that?

Deanne, you and Doug are early risers, too? DH and I are up before dawn with rare exceptions. I remember the days when I used to sleep half the day on the weekends as a teenager. I also slept so soundly. You would just about have to put a bomb under my bed to wake me. Now, it takes a pin dropping. ..... I have to hand it to you, I don't think I could face doing all that plant removal. Or being consistent about caring for all those plants all winter. I wonder, what would you think of starting to do pots that you could leave out all year? At least for some of them. You have a lot of concrete pots that could stay out all winter. If you chose perennials that were two zones colder than yours, they would make it. .....I thought you kept your coleus cuttings in water all winter. Do you pot them all up in individual pots? .....I have a question for you. I still have the Begonia standard that we started last year when Martie started a thread on them. It has continued to grow in a single branching pattern and I've been training a second branch to wrap around the first one. It is almost to the top. When it gets to the top, I want to cut back the other side branches to get more branching and fullness. I'm just not wanting to make a mistake. I was hoping you could tell me how to prune it. It's an angel wing begonia and here are photos.....

This would be one of the side branches I would want to cut back. How far back would you cut it and would you only prune it the one time or keep pruning successive branches?

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Good morning all. Another gray, rainy day here. October weather so far has not been terribly pleasant.

I've been fighting a sore neck all week and may decide today to make a chiro appointment.

Last night in the middle of a really good book club meeting, my phone rang and it was DH telling me that we had water in our storage room. Looks like our sump pump, which does not run very often, has bit the dust. Since DH is leaving this afternoon for a week of moose hunting in Canada, I will have to finish the clean up this weekend. crud!

Welcome Candy! Nice to have another Midwestern voice.

Speaking of animal exploits, I thought my cat-loving friends would enjoy the story below. If I was the kind of person to make snide comments, I would say something like dogs are way too smart to ever do this, but of course I would never insult cats that way. And I did notince that Rahjii made his way into Deanne's brug photo.

Have a great day!


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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

Good morning!

Welcome to Cyn & Candy!

'bug, that was disturbing to see the white stuff on those chairs! I'm just not ready for it, I never really am. I've been hoping that since I now have a 4wd vehicle, it won't snow this year...

Deanne, your container area is so pretty, I hate to think of you taking it all apart but I know it must be done. Your plant collection is awesome, it would be a shame to let it all go. You are reminding me to start taking in my few things too. Your CG Brugs is gorgeous, it is inspiring me to save mine this year instead of just taking cuttings.

Saucy, you must be so happy to have the office moving out of your house! I know you've been waiting for this for a while. I don't know how you've worked from home for this long - I love being able to lock the door at 5:01 PM and leave it all behind. Good luck with the move!

Kathy, your digs on the coast look fabu fabu - love the view! The MCBG looks great too - can't wait to compare and contrast two coastal botanic gardens. I hear the Dodgeers won last night, and the Sox lost - we shall see.

You'll never guess what I'm doing this weekend - I'm marching in a parade! My DD's marching band is in the Columbus Day parade in Boston and I am going along as a chaperone. I guess the chaperones' main parade jobs are to water the kids and watch out for obstacles in the road - I hope we are in front of the horses! DD was grumbling about the 1 1/2 hour time alloted to line up the parade, but I told her that it will be some of the best people-watching ever.

Well, duty calls, must get the workday started. Waving hi to all!

T G I F (It isn't the same here without Sue...)

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Howdy! The snow is still on the ground and we are dressed in sweaters and warm socks, Ivy in her overalls too. She has adorable boots and a neat snowsuit too. Yesterday she weighed in and got measured...but the cutest part was her delight in watching the baby in the mirror.

Last night I was introduced to Survivor by DSIL and he has been teasing me about "Russell" today. I think life back home will be just fine without TV! I do enjoy those late evening chats with him though.

Tonight we go out for a belated birthday dinner and are trying to decide on Lebanese, Greek, Somalian...or what? Skyler will be with us.

It's been great being with family. Reed's presence is all about. Sunday it is back to Ontario and our Canadian Thanksgiving celebration... and our familiar routine. I will be preparing for Book Club at our place and later on our French Group too. DH is dying to share updates on the gravel issues in Ontario with me and I can hardly wait...NOT. Rather, catching up with Phoebe is on my priority list.

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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Drive by post. It's my anal trait but we went from Idyll #427 to Idyll #458! Maybe you should check the checkbook again? =P
Waving to all. Just dropped in to do a photo check. I'm supposed to be working - oh well, it's FRIDAY!


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Hello to Cindy and Denise from the tail end of #427...I see several posts came in close together and I find a new one already underway! Denise, I lost my first post so Ive learned to type at a furious pace with little regard to spelling, lol.

Kathy, what great examples of regional gardeningwonderful pix!

Mary, the whole concept of raising a few chickens is such a kick. Your kids will look back on this with fond memories, what a special Mom to give them such an experience! Im curious about these fresh eggs that are actually eaten as a snackit sounds tasty. If you havent posted a little egg documentary photo, I hope you will.

Norma, hi! I bet youll perk up when the sun comes out

Saucy, I became an instant fan of your leaf castings yesterday! Congratulations on getting a whole room back, wow. I am still lalloping behind the Idyll wagon trying to catch up or at least get current. However!. newly acquired space is a thing of joy and no explanation necessary. I would be giddy with ideas and planning, too!

Vbummer with the sump pump, I have no experience with them but am hoping silty residue isnt a factor. The expression on Codys face says it allcats are masters of the indignant stare!

Deanne, Ive been thinking about you dismantling all those still beautiful containers. Do you have a green house or is it all basement for the cuttings? You must have quite an organized set up for grow lights and storing the tropicals, etc.

Must hit send nowway too long in the box!

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

AARRGH!!! I just lost a post....

Welcome Candy!

gb - Snow.... ICK!! Poor Phoebe.. did she injure herself or is the problem a big-dog structural issue?

Denise - I got a chuckle out of your story of the fuel dock anti-fowling dog :-) A golf course in a nearby town has (or used to have - haven't heard of it lately...) a Border Collie whose job it was to keep Canada Geese off the fairways. A working-dog with a job is always a happy dog!

Saucy - nice to have space returned to more recreational uses! I hope the move to an off-site office is another sign of a recovering economy.... I am quite pleased - and a little surprised - at how well the new little bed has filled in and performed so nicely. I'm a strong believer in the mycorrhizal fungus supplement I use when I plant things. My soil here is poor and I don't do any ammendments to it. The fungal supplement both brings nutrients and moisture to the plants as well as adds organic matter to the soil as the mycelia break down over time.

Deanne - taking those pot plant combinations apart and keeping cuttings of them going through winter is a mind-boggling task to contemplate! Maybe you should find a local nursery/greenhouse grower who would do some of the over-wintering for you - I can't remember who (gb?) mentioned they had an arrangement like that for this winter. It sounds like that would be an ideal set-up for you too... Yesterday we took the elephant ears out of their pots and cleaned them up ready to dry off for winter storage. Other than moving the brugs to the basement (if we decide to keep them!) and moving the big strawberry and blueberry pots to the garage in November, that's pretty much it for dealing with potted plants here!

Kathy - nice view there and great pictures from the botanical garden.

Mary - great chicken pictures and stories!

V - I forget to say earlier - the deer condo looks great, as do your plant pictures and blog. What's the view like from the deer condo - pictures to come soon I hope...?

Raining and gray here today. Yesterday was a perfect sunny October day but today feels like gloomy, damp, dark November!

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

We actually have a lovely sunny day with it hitting 80 today - last gasp before grey sets in.... I think we're going to miss much of the rains sweeping the other regions - I imagine there's a positive and negative to that.

Kathy, I love those shots -- the Mendo botanic garden reminds me a bit of the Coastal Maine in feeling at least -- very lovely. Bummer re the fuschia spot - I had a few run-ins like that earlier in the spring for a few fav nurseries in this area that had either curled up or gone "wholesale only" on me...

While Im slaving once again on Monday, Im going to be thinking of Wendy marching or chaperone/marching.... You're a good Mom...

I think that's great you've got a new room to create for just you, Saucy - wouldnt it be funny if you put a sign on the entry (a la kids' rooms) about "Mom's Den - Keep out" or something funny like that to ensure your quiet space? I bet it will soon turn into a garden planning space full of catalogs/mags and ideas for the GG area...

Jerri - what a funny drive by - it took you to get us obvious non-detail folks to realize there's a bit of getting ahead of ourselves in the #s, LOL?

Happy Friday to all and enjoy a long weekend if you get one...


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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

Jerri, in taking a quick look back at the tydlls, it looks like #427 was a typo that none of us caught! We had a #455, and a #456...

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Woody, Phoebe was playing 'retrieve the red ball' one day about 2-3 weeks ago and let out a yelp which I heard in the house! So she limped a bit and then seemed to recover. But then, every time she jumped or raced or rolled over she would begin to walk with only 3 legs. This can be a very common but expensive problem and is not dysplasia, but a CCL, basically a torn or sprained ACL.(anterior cruciate ligament) This is his diagnosis and we have yet to speak to the vet. Recovery can be slow and it is tricky to keep her off the leg, but not impossible. Back to using the crate I fear.

It is 31F at the moment and we have about 66F indoors. There is discussion here too about H1N1 for Skyler and the parents will have fun coming to an agreement. Washing hands and eating well make the most difference IMHO, however, doctors are really pushing it for the over 65 crowd in the USA. Here, they are the last on the list for immunization with babies and health care workers first.

Later gators,

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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Good eye, Wendy! I'll sleep better tonight. ROFL

(Waving feverishly)


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Yeah, I think we all just let Chelone get away with that typo :)

I certainly am excited about my new room. A place where I can watch A Gardener's Diary without eyerolling :) My mother in law has already come through with an ottoman (on my "must have" list). GB, I do like Survivor...and Russel is such a strange little man, lol!

I am excited that the company can now afford a lease :) I think it is a good sign. Woody, I never know what to think of the economy. I just try to crunch the numbers and look at what we're promised for work for the future. I think that we're lucky we live in New England....I don't think it was as hard hit as say Detroit or California.

I think we tried the Micro stuff in our potting soil this year (we meaning my neighbor and I). I have a spot in the backyard that has poor soil...I'm going to research this!

Do you guys use Pandora? You type in the name of a song that you like and it plays a list in that genre. I'm at the office setting up the network connections and I'm finding it quite enjoyable. It's free.

Okay. Sorry to be in here twice in one day....I'm a little bored waiting for things to download, but I think I'm finally done!

(Waving feverishly back at Jerri and everyone else!)


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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

I love Pandora! I have several channels set up. One for my everyday music, one for music I use while meditating, etc.
I'm bored too Saucy. ;)

Is it time to go home yet?


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1pm Friday afternoon beer..morning journeys to collect driftwood, look at tide pools, visit a garden center that's having a 30% off sale , more pics taken.

Ok, Pandora it is...

More news on the fuchsia-place.. my hosts here at the B&B heard that the owner was involved in growing 'another crop' if you know what I mean .

The lawn area here at the B&B From mendocino oct 2009

View from the bluffs at MCBG From mendocino oct 2009

The garden ouside my cottage From mendocino oct 2009

Hello to all !

Kathy in Mendocino

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jak1(4 Ontario Can)

Good Friday evening all!

Our weather today was like Woody's - wet, gray and miserable.

TCS is thrilled though - he is keeping a rain guage for Cubs and has been able to record rainfall four days this week...

Deanne you are amazing, keeping all those plants over the winter. I have 12 geranium (pelargonium) cuttings rooting under the lights, and have moved 6 orchids there also, and THAT'S IT!!! I guess I will dump out my elephant ears a la Woody and try to keep them until next year...

I think we noticed the number goof, but what the heck!

Managed to get the front lawn cut and the garden there more or less put to bed, but the back is getting wild! All of the grass seed that I spread since we moved the shed and relocated the perennial bed is now about 5 inches tall, due to all the rain. I think it will look great come Spring! I have planted about 10 Virgina Creepers and three Clematis to grow on the chain link and hopefully hide some of the Spite Fence, and I am sure the rain has helped them get established also. And you don't have to shovel it either! Marie, I felt a physical shiver when I saw your photo...

Great news Saucy, that you have managed to reclaim some space for yourself. You've worked hard for this.

Mary, what a nutritious snack the eggs are. Did the quail ever return?

I love the Deer condo V! I would love to sit up there for a while and note the birds. If you want some deer, come on over. They have strolled through my front garden, snacking all the way, four times this week! Tucker and Ajax don't even notice....

Gee Marie, I think Wrecks has had some leg surgery in the past. Perhaps Chelone could give you some tips on keeping a large dog quiet -

Your vacation looks and sounds fabu (what a word!) Kathy. The photos are gorgeous. How come you haven't said "Having a wonderful time Wish you were here?"

If I haven't said it before, welcome to Cyn and Candy. I think I am the next-to-newest member of the Idylls now...

That's it, gotta make something for the family to chow down...

Till tomorrow,



I suppose I could make you all feel guilty and mention my JulieJob every day...Nah.

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Thanks for the guilt-free Friday evening, Julie! I am being rather self-indulgent at the moment. Thanks to Saucy, I finally remembered that I had been wanting to try Pandora, and I am officially hooked! So I'm sitting here with some gooey brownies, a glass of red wine and some great tunes.

So when I am sitting on my favorite love seat I can see out our glass front door, and this evening I looked up and realized the setting sun had dipped below the cloud cover and was creating some amazing light. I grabbed the camera and the dog and got the following pics.

I found out that a restaurant in town that we had really enjoyed closed after being open less than a year. I had only dined there once; we tried to go there at least two other times and found the restaurant closed despite posted hours saying it would be open. What a shame that they couldn't seem to figure it out!

Kathy, your trip looks wonderful. As I was walking around tonight, I appreciated what I was seeing but had a little twinge of jealousy that I wasn't at the Pacific coast!

DH has left with two friends to spend a week moose hunting in Ontario. It will be a quiet week here. He did leave a minor disaster in the kitchen, so it will be a few days before I miss him. :)

Here's to quiet Friday evenings!


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No time to read in earnest lately, but I did a quick skim to see about Phoebles... torn ACL was what happened to Rex, 'bug. And it's not that uncommon, though in Rex's case he's a large active dog with relatively thin, fine legs to support the bulk of His Hugeness.

As I recall, there are two approaches to fixing the damage, one involves a nylon replacement ligament and is usually reserved for small dogs or elderly ones. The other technique tends to be more expensive and is recommended for larger animals that are younger and more active. That was the route for Rex. And I warn you, once they blow out one ACL there is a marked chance that they will injure the other one, too. Ask me how I know that... (that tidbit was not disclosed the first time around). Recovery requires very strict supervision and restriction for the first few weeks following surgery; minimal movement. The next month involves on leash all the time with gradually increasing amounts of exercise. The surgery will increase the liklihood of arthritis later in life, so dietary supplements are recommended, as is weight control and maintaining a level of fitness.

However, after the frist surgery we were amazed at the improvement, no more limping, favoring, etc.. So when he blew out the other one we choked a bit but opted to go ahead with it anyway. He is reasonably fit and pretty happy (just in from a few rounds with the Wrecking Crew, as a matter of fact). Just make sure you're prepared for the inconvenience of keeping a large active dog quiet for the first few weeks and then paying strict attention to the rehabilitation period. The results are worth it.

Hi everyone, I have to get back to the Salon right now.

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Theres more than frost on the pumpkin this morning and the mercury dropped to 22.

I started the coleus topiaries at the beginning of last summer. They were suprising easy to grow and seemed to overwinter easily indoors.

PM, yours is really coming along. Im sure Deanne can give you advice. I really am an amateur

Deanne, I showed Rick your container garden. Hes wondering how you will over winter the brug and how you get it in the house. Leave it to men to want to know the logistics.

I had feelings of letting all the containers freeze but didnt. I did get rid of more this year than before and only kept the favorites.

V, the coloring on those pictures is magnificent, especially the first one.

Kathy, how fun to have a vacation garden to enjoy.

I must go, we decided to go shopping for the day since the ground is white, the high is supposed to be 36 and the wind is supposed to blow up to 30 mph.

Have a great Saturday waving to all.


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

V - beautiful pictures! That golden light with the grass is amazing...

gb/Chelone - I thought it sounded like Phoebe's problem was the same as Rex's - lets hope Phoebe is as good a patient!

Kathy - it looks like you're staying at a very pleasant place! I got a bit of a chuckle from the first picture - the chairs for lazy leisure and the speed limit sign nearby... I got a mental image of someone leaping up from the chairs and heading to the beach, but minding the speed limit for the the run to the bech :-)

Poor Randy is having some sleepless nights at the moment. We found out a day or two ago that his father's knee replacement surgery is scheduled for the same day as we see my neurosurgeon. And yesterday his mother looked in the mirror and didn't recognize herself! So Randy, who is very close to his parents, would like to be able to be in two places at once...

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Hugs to Randy. Thinking of you and yours! Distant family is such hard stuff.

It is about 2pm here and the temperature is 32F with white on the ground. The gang is off swimming.

We saw a film about John Keats the other evening (I was an English Lit major in University and this film did NOT push my buttons even though I have liked other Jane Campion films) and last night went out for a splendid Chinese meal with family. Afterwards Sarah had a hockey game and sat out a penalty for her goalie. Her team is named the "Inny's and Outy's" (sic) and is obviously coed.

I must go pack a bit for tomorrow's flight (boo hoo!) and perhaps finish the second sleeve of my knitting project.
Later I think DSIL wants to catch up on more Survivor with me as well. Hmmm. I can't help but think of Mary because chickens are involved in this episode.

Such fantastic photos on this thread!

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Greetings friends, back home and trying for a low key re-entry, just puttering and watching baseball(I have had an excellent baseball weekend by the way) and unpacking at a leisurely pace. Nice feature of traveling in Oct is the reduced need to run around feverishly watering plants 5 minutes after arriving home. It was a beautiful drive home today, although I spent a good part of it behind trucks loaded with grapes (The Good Wine) and extrapolated that they have started picking the reds .
The highlight of the day was my visit to Digging Dog, and after chatting with the staff there regarding groups, it is soundly added to the IU7 roster. I took lots of photos , but none of them can do justice to the really brilliant and intuitive design of the borders there. The closest comparison would have to be Les and Moniques garden- lots of shrub borders, big grasses , nothing deadheaded for awhile and the spent flowers, seeds, etc all looked beautiful. I thought about the point in time when the gardener decides to stop the summer grooming and let fall have its way- it sure is done beautifully here. I know it will be a fine place to visit in summer too. I put up a thread earlier with pics from my trip, but did not include Digging Dog, which I will put on a separate thread. And by the way, they are very accommodating to groups.

Saucy I am always happy to hear about any business that is doing well, especially family owned and local. What a great milestone to move from the home-office to a real business environment, especially since it gives you your own new Saucy-space !

PM, the gardens were in the midst of a sculpture installation that was installed in August; many of the pieces are sold . I thought they were placed very sensitively, preserving the integrity of the garden around them. I believe the artists must have designed them with that in view. I have never tried to do a topiary on a cane begonia, but I think you are on the right track bundling the trunks together, since they send up shoots from the ground.

Wendy, I remember you mentioning the lack of coastal development when you visited Nova Scotia. Much of the north coast of California is protected-either state park or national park, and build-able areas are governed by very stringent Coastal Commission regulations.

Cindy, I was talking to a volunteer at the garden in Mendo, and she brought up the Maine Coast BG apparently these are the only two BGs that are on the coast in the US..The differences I noted had to do with finances, it is clear that the facility in Maine has lots more funding , probably due to the very remote nature of the location in Mendo, and the poor post-logging economy there.

Lol, Woody, you would need a speed limit if you sprinted across the road to the beach ; its a long drop off the cliffs just beyond that sign. (((Randy)))

Ok, later my friends, and we may soon be treated to gratuitous Ivy pics from bug as she wings her way back east.

Hi to all , and a special wave to the new kids

Kathy in Napa

A view of the Inn From Mendocino

The resident Mutt. I witnessed no beatings- those aging hippies on the coast are obviously soft. From Mendocino

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Marlene, that first photo is a real keeper! Blow it up and frame it. I love it when the clouds roll in yet a stream of light can change the mood...

I'm in my living room typing on my laptop, which is the new way I connect from home. I had to take my work pc to work, lol! I'm going to begin to extricate myself from the company :) I plan on a new email address with no work monniker, a new way of doing things. I plan to go into the office 2-3 times per week just to do the things that we're not ready to give up to a third party yet.

Thanks for all the well wishes. It's been okay for me, but I know it is hard for Nick to work out of the home. He would often do sales calls in his truck because of the normal house know, me yelling, "hey, it's time for supper! Did you do your homework?"

PM, your topiary is coming along fabulously! The wrapping the trunk was a great idea.

Snow at the Ivy house? Too early for that nonsense. I think we had frost last night - our heat kicked on for the first time.

Okay, gotta go get this Sunday started. Have a great day everyone.


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Woody, please give your Randy a warm pat on the back for me (the demands of frosty Yankee propriety) and consider yourself hugged. He has much on his plate right now and insomnia probably makes it all the more difficult. You two will figure it out with your usual aplomb, I'm sure, but the stress of the "here and now" sure ain't no fun. Hang tough, girlfriend! and kick the dog for good measure because it's empowering.

Saucy, I can only imagine your glee at banishing the awfice from your home! What a boon the rediscovered space will be. You have such a lovely, gracious home and it must be wonderful to know you may once more reclaim it for yourselves. :) I am reminded to continue the slow and tedious sifting required to move nearly 30 yrs. of supply "collecting" to a new location and then figure out how to store it for easy use. I bog down easily and smile in admiration of your own ability in that dep't..

I've been dazzled by the photographs, too, 'bug. V., you have a handsome estate and I love the shots that show the expanse of it so successfully. Beautiful!

Red chenille is in the process of becoming a slipcover for a wing chair and a matching ottoman. It's not as ravelly as some I've worked with over the years (good!) but I've had a few "head scratching" moments in the process. It's good to have some of those, you know... it forces you to really THINK about what's on the bench and patience is inevitably rewarded. Looks good, so far.

A bad Idyller of late:
I send my admiring compliments to Michelle for her Coleus standards which are handsome. And for someone who couldn't really care less about Coleus that's saying something! How's Kenzie these days? No frost here, but possibly in the next week. Foliage is brightening up markedly here but is likely past peak at THTTF.
I can't even feature the time required to disassemble all those pots, Deanne. I want some of the drugs you're on, sister!

Relay my greetings to Monique, Les., Sue, Eden, et al. FB is so hideously slow I rarely have time/patience to deal with it.

Hi Marian!

I recommend beating the conveniently incapacitated canid to within an inch of its lofe to keep it quiet. But you already suspected as much, I'm sure. The Wrecking Crew is here and will be again next weekend. They are alone a lot and are basically "cling ons", incapable of "hanging out" with the ease and grace Rex has mastered in the past 5 yrs. (largely thanks to beatings). Instead, they stand at your side (touching you! ick), staring stupidly up at you and you stumble over them repeatedly whenever you try to move. Suffice it to say that they've been practicing the "down/stay" of late. It makes me a little sad, actually, because they don't have the skills/confidence to just stay put. If I get up from the machine or move to get a supply they're immediately "on the move" and subsequently underfoot. For a "cat person" nothing could be more annoying. So here's my solution:
1.) Everyone has a bed within 6-8' of my immediate working area.
2.) Everyone is required to "down/stay" and everyone has a chew toy to amuse them. There are frequent words of praise and little pats every so often. 3.) Everyone is required to "stay" and whenever I move I repeat that command reinforcing with the hand signal.
4.) We all go outdoors for a break every hour/two so they have the chance to burn off some energy and relieve themselves and the monotony of "hanging out". It's a lot of work, but interestingly, we notice a change in their behavior within 24 hrs..
5.) Administration of regular, theraputic beatings seems to work!

Time to take the Crew outdoors and then away to the Salon.

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Good morning

A sad day here at our little chicken community - we lost our first chicken. Buttercup, the Araucana with the pretty yellow feet is with us no more. She was one of the quiet girls, last on the pecking order and I found her wedged in the electric poultry netting. There were signs of a struggle but I don't know if she had been driven there by a predator or chased by the flock (as they co-exist together so peacefully I'm doubting that). I must admit to shedding a few tears while also thinking as I removed her that she was quite a good weight (a roaster rather than a fryer). I will be keeping a close eye on the others to make sure they stay safe while kicking myself for becoming so attached to some silly birds.

GB - I am a little sheepish to admit Survivor is one of the few reality shows the children and I watch (that and Top Chef). It is our Thursday night treat as we have no running around that evening and can get homework, supper and practice done early and all flop on the sofa together. I too was intrigued as to the fate of the said chickens.

Woody - send another hug Randy's way from me (and one for you too). Such a hard and heartbreaking situation.

V- those shots across the prairie are stunning!!

Kathy - you are wetting my appetite for next year. Everywhere looks fabulous and I'm glad you are enjoying some much needed R&R.

As of yesterday we are the proud owners of a new fridge - well, new to us:0) Our neighbors are renovating their kitchen and offered us theirs. It is not quite what I would choose as the freezer is on top and has no icemaker. But it is a big step up - newer, clean and spacious, and room on the door for gallon jugs of milk. The guys wheeled it over and I am totally loving it. In exchange I'm bringing over a home cooked dinner for the family next week.

We're saved having to plonk down a hefty sum for a new appliance and my mantra of Reduce, Reuse, Re-cycle is fulfilled. It is also very satisfying to know that the mess of dust and cobwebs behind and under(Yuk!) are completely removed and that I never have to clean our old fridge again. Given its age, broken seals and propensity to grown black mold we're paying to have it carted away rather than trying to donate. But it served us well - may she and Buttercup RIP.


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Mary, I'm sad about Buttercup, too. And it's not silly to become attached to animals, even if they are destined for work or the table. They do have endearing personalities when you make the time to observe them. And all table-bound creatures should live content lives until it's their time for slaughter. At least to my mind. There was a lot of pretty cool lookin' poultry at the fair, Mary. The helpmeet remarked that he'd like to have some chickens, too. Dunno if that's going to happen any time soon, but I know I'd sure like to add a goat... :)

Nice move to the 'frig.! you certainly can't beat the price tag, can you?? Our c. 1966 apartment size Frigidaire (with a freezer compartment) is still across the street at the Rectory, "keepin' God's beer cold" on the back porch, lol. Maybe we should go borrow it back for the winter, huh?

And the mention of the awfice reminded me that I've overlooked Cindy's present worry. Gee, I hope the recent winds of lay-off leave you unruffled! It must be a nagging worry; but knowing you, if the worst comes to pass you'll be fine. You've always struck me as organized, methodical, and thorough and something tells me you will inevitably land on your feet. But the "not knowing" must be hard and unsettling.

The mongrel horde and I have just returned from the store where I had to purchase laundry detergent before dealing with some rancid dog bedding. :/ . I would love to have a shot of the car from behind with 3 heads hanging out the back windows, lol. The poor Wrecking Crew still doesn't quite "get" the whole car thing, either. One of them waits for his mistress to "help" up into her Honda Civic... and he's only just "getting" that I offer no such assistance. You either get in under your own power or you go back into the house! wanna place any bets on his newly discovered athletic ability?? ;) Nor do they respond as rapidly to, "down". But "down" they must because if they don't I can't see out the back window to safely back the car up. Rex is mentoring them most ably, I must say. The Crew's mistress calls him The Perfect One, lol. I sure don't think so, but compared to the Crew he really is pretty easy (but thank heavens for leashes and training collars). It's easy to forget how many years it's taken to get there and equally hard to convince a very busy mistress that you don't "train" at thusandsuch a time, you do it as a matter of course, throughout the entire day and your course of interaction with your dog... that's how you do it with kids, right?? :)

Time to get some laundry underway and get back to "paying" chores.

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Chelone - I love the idea of 3 doggy heads hanging out of the back window and Rex mentoring the less well trained.

I have discovered the culprit in the chicken massacre - there was much clucking a few hours ago and when we ran out there was a red tailed hawk perched on the fence. Fotunately the chooks had the sense to head striaght into the henhouse which protected them admirably. I kept them locked in there while I put up some bird netting - a hasty job but will hopefully do the trick till the leaves come off the trees and I can position it permanently.

I am becoming more convinced that chickens have something akin to feelings as Buttercup's two best friends (the other Araucanas) seem desolate today. They are just hanging out together, hiding in a corner of the coop, far from their usuall sociable and comic selves.

I thought I'd post a pic of some eggs as in all my ramblings I'm not sure I've done so yet. Imagine how pretty they will be when the pale blue eggs are added.


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Good morning friends- the puttering continues and it is decidedly cool here today (relatively speaking of course, with a nod to my Midwest, NE and Canadian pals) and happily we expect rain next week.

How sad Mary , that you lost one of the brood- and just what Chelone said, I see nothing wrong with forming attachments to your farm animals especially when they give you and your family so much pleasure.

Chelone, I do hope we will be treated to a pic of the red chenille chair when you have completed it. I had to laugh at your description of the Crew and thier neediness. You are developing quite the doggie boot-camp there at the compound.

My take from Digging Dog netted me a couple of oft searched for specimens, most for 4 bucks a piece..
Nepetas ,Kit Kat and Souvenir A. Chaudron (thanks to Saucy for the ID on the latter)
Caryopteris First Choice
Oreganum libanoticum
Coreopsis Crème Brulee
Miscanthus rotsilber
Muhlenbergia dumosa (which will live in a container)

Off to do more chores

Kathy in Napa

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Mary what a charming picture of the eggs. So sorry to hear of Buttercups plight. I hope things are secure now with the bird netting. Your descriptions remind me of the Foghorn Leghorn cartoons. I had forgotten how the hawks are preadators. I watched as a group of crows chased one all around the sky here one day.
Nice score on the fridge.

Woody, I certainly feel for Randy in his situation. Thinking of you both.

V, I agree with the rest that your picture is beautiful. I really enjoy the low ligting of the fall mornings and evenings. It gives a whole new dimension to the scenery. The shafts of light and long shadows look so dramatic.

It has been sunny here most of the day, but so deciveing temperture wise. Just to chilly to be out there in the wind. I fear it will frost tonite if the wind lays.
And no I'm not prepared.

Chelone, while you are posting a picture of the red chenille slipcover throw in a picture of Rex and the
wrecking crew, PLEASE?

Saucy, sounds like big changes at your house. Hope it all goes smoothly. You and Nick can be proud of your accomplishments.

Kathy good to have you home again. Thanks for taking us along on your little getaway.


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cyn427 (zone 7)

We had a visiting friend from Pennsylvania here for the past couple of days. She visits once or twice a year and we are always trying to find new places to go when she comes. Turns out she has never been to Mount Vernon, so we spent most of yesterday there. The new educational center is amazing and the statues of George Washington at three stages of his life (recreated from using the Houdon bust made from a life-mask) were incredible. If any of you get to the D.C. area, it is a must-see even if you don't have wee ones with you.

We are having the most splendid weather just now, although still no rain to speak of-passing showers that barely dampen the surface. I am dreading my next water bill! I hope the weather lasts since I am off from school for the next two weeks. Deanne, I am currently teaching second grade special ed. I have three autistic kids, one hearing-impaired, one visually impaired, one emotionally disturbed, and eight learning disabled so far this year. Ours is a modified calendar school, so we have intersessions (like the next two weeks) when the kids still attend-the young teachers work to make the big bucks (?) outside regular school contract hours and we old teachers tend to take off to relax between quarters. We only have a month off in the summer. Fabulous schedule as far as I'm concerned. For two weeks I will be able to wait until it is light to give the pups their morning walk. Yippee.

V, very funny cat story. You are right, though, about that not happening with dogs-mine would have chewed their way out-lol.

Kathy-too funny about the fuchsia place owners. I am a little worried about a volunteer that came up in a plant I bought at a native plant nursery. It took me a while to get it into the ground and when I went to plant it, there was this darling little thing coming up that really looked like something I shouldn't plant. Of course, it could be a vitex, so rather than toss it, I stuck it in the dirt. We'll see. Don't think we'll be inviting our neighbor the DEA agent over until I am sure and either have tossed it or can prove it isn't what it looks like!!!!

saucy, so glad you are going to have your very own den! Hope the decorating is fun-that ottoman will be wonderful after a long day. How was the parade? Hope your DD enjoyed it. Your comment about watering the kids made me laugh-I knew what you meant, but lots of funny images came to mind.

woodyoak, it isn't easy taking care of parents from a distance. I truly understand how Randy feels. I spent a couple of years driving from N. VA to PA every weekend and vacation. Hardly saw my own family. Not fun and very tiring, but now I wish I had been able to do even more. It always surprises me that so many of my friends and colleagues have the same kinds of stories. I sometimes felt that I was the only one, so let Randy know I am sending all good thoughts his and his parents' way-and yours, too-not easy for the spouse, either.

Thanks to Julie, norma, and saucy for the welcomes!

Hope everyone enjoys the long weekend.


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

I can't believe that it's Sunday evening already. I don't get a holiday tomorrow so it's back to the office in the morning. It is a four-day week for me, though, as I am taking DD to Vegas on Friday. I hear it's supposed to be 80 there, and that sounds like heaven right now!

Yesterday I spent the day helping my son and his wife build their picket fence. Their older dog was quite disgusted with the fence building activity, and at one point she was in the upstairs bedroom window complaining loudly about our work. As I was gazing up at her, I realized that there was this hideous stuff falling out of the sky - SNOW on October 10th! It was just a flurry but it was enough to be "official". And this morning the low was 25. It's not a very nice fall so far!

Today I hung around the house. I trundled dead coleus down the driveway to the compost pile and collected seeds from butterfly weed, nodding onion and liatris. I also realized that I had not shut off the water to the house and have managed to destroy yet another spray nozzle for the hose.

But then I hiked back to the deer condo for a little alone time. I took a few pictures to show the view. Here's the wetland, as you look out the front window:

Here's the woods off to the left. I thought the dark tree trunks were rather intriguing.

And here's the tree stand that was in this location when we bought the land. DH and friends did use this stand for a while before it became a little too worn out.

I enjoyed sitting up there, listening to the birds, watching the sky and writing in my journal. I even took pencils to sketch a bit. Not that I'm very good at sketching, but if you never try, you never get any better, right?

I heard this week that Sunrise's brother has gone to join her. They were very much alike; quite interesting that they should both pass on so close to each other.

Woody, my thoughts are with you and Randy.


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Forgot a funny story to share!

My son and his wife purchased a box of Halloween lights. The front of the package had everything in both English and Spanish; I thought it was interesting that they were "Luces de la Dia de los Muertos". (Day of the Dead lights) On the back of the package, they listed four product features in English. Immediately below that it said, "Spanish product description. Spanish product description. Spanish product description. Spanish product description."

Guess someone forgot to check something off their to do list!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Back home after my second (!!!) Thanksgiving dinner. Phoebe was delighted to see me but I was hesitant to let her race about showing it.

Just for starters Kathy...

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It dipped to 20 last night and its snowing as I write. The weatherman has mentioned 2-4 inches. Its way too early for this. Most of the annuals have bit the dust except for some blue salvia and the purple alyssum I tucked in here and there. It was cool here today but I got out and decanted the pillar containers and put some tulip bulbs in them. I have no idea whether it will work or not. I plan to winter them in the garden shed. The bulbs were $2.00 for 14 so I put 14 in each container and figured it was worth $4 for the experiment. The pillars give me a challenge to have something interesting on them at all times. Now that Ive removed the containers I made up some fall arrangements with dried hydrangeas, cattails, some grass, sedum, straw flowers and lavender sea statice.

Mary, love the basket of eggs the basket is so appropriate. Sorry to hear that one of your flock was lost.

Woody, what a worry for Randy and yourself. I think I remember his parents living a distance from you. Does he have other siblings that can be with his mom?

Saucy, it sounds like the office move is a good one for all.

Chelone, thanks for asking about Kenzie, shes not been a telephone talking mood these days which is a bummer for me. They are enjoying the beach and pool yet which seems hard to believe with snow coming down here. No recent pictures either despite my begging. DD is really busy working so I dont beg too much.

The dogs and the back window reminded me of yesterday when we were shopping, there was a big SUV with a huge dog of some sort hanging out of the window which was ½ way down. It was somewhat dark so I couldnt see what kind of dog it was but it had a huge bark. As we walked in there was a guy telling the clerk that he wanted the owner of the dog/car paged because he couldnt get in his car because the window was far enough down that the dog was able to get far enough out that he couldnt get his door open. Crazy!

Cyn, Mount Vernon sounds like a fun place to go.

V, what a lovely view from the deer condo. I must say we have lots of deer condos around here but yours is certainly top of the line.

What a fabulous picture of smiling Ivy to end the day.


A few pictures of what it looked like before the snow. The first is aster 'Lady in Black' one of my favorites along with the zinnias that Eden sent me, Queen Lime Red. They produced quite a varied crop.

This is eupatorium 'Prairie Jewel" I'm really loving this plant.

The new arrangement, you can see that the cold temps have caused a lot of leaves to fall quickly.

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Good morning... :-)

Monday morning once again. Many have holidays today, but DH has to work. Who is doing great, btw. He is almost back to his old self. I remind myself every day how grateful I am for that. We had a busy weekend. Managed to get a few things done in the garden but barely put a dent in the list. I am hopelessly behind. I have a lot of potted plants to get in the ground and a few containers to break down and perennials in all of them that have to be planted too. I've just about given up on getting to any of the projects I had planned to do in the fall. We did get to NEWFS on Saturday and on the way back we stopped at a local nursery. They had musicians playing Irish folk songs and evidently we just missed the free beer. [g] They also had a good sale going on and I dragged home more plants and a couple of containers that were 50% off. We only had our small car, a two seater and it was interesting getting them home. It was warm and sunny and we had a very pleasant day.

Great photos to look at this morning! Very pretty arrangement on your front posts, Michelle. Ivy, looking her usual cheerful self. Very pretty hat, Marie. Really enjoying all your photos of your surrounding land, V. I really miss seeing that kind of landscape. I agree with Saucy, that first photo you posted on Friday, should be framed! Can't get enough of the photos from the West Coast, either. Glad everyone is using their cameras lately.

Thanks Michelle and Kathy for input on my Begonia topiary.

Nice to see Wendy drop by. Is the parade today? Denise, I really enjoyed the story of Jen, the fuel dock dog. Have to love those working dogs. Mount Vernon is one of my favorite places to visit in your area, Cyn. Norma, it's been windy here, but still okay with a sweater. I can see why you brought home a Caryopteris 'First Choice', Kathy. Very pretty. Sorry about Buttercups, darn hawks! Very sorry to hear about Randy's parents and hope the appointment conflict works itself out.

Waiting for photos of a completely redecorated new study, more photos of Ivy and company, a red chenile slipcovered chair, blue chicken eggs, Kenzie at the pool, a resting Phoebe, a photo of a deer from the condo, Mount Vernon, more fall landscapes, the rain gauge that TCS is keeping, more West Coast photos, strawberry and blueberry pots put away in the garage, empty containers at Deanne's house, the Columbus Day Parade, and more pet photos, including Niki, Jen the wonder dog, more chickens, Misty, Rex and the wrecking crew and of course, everyone's fall gardens, ready for winter or not [g] .... but definitely NO snow photos. :-)

Enjoy your day!

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Laundry is swirling in the washing machine, the Crew and Wrecks are out in the bahn with the old man, and I'm ready to make my move on a f ew incidental household chores before heading out to the Salon.

I detected a bit of frost on the clover in the Fertile Cresent when I took Rex outdoors this morning... our first so far, but far from a killing frost. The Midwestern cold is slated to arrive this week, but it's time for that sort of thing. I am strangely unconcerned about it, as a melancholy shadows me of late and the majority of the JulieJobs that are keeping me on the level are inside.

Michelle, I always like the way you arrange seasonal decorations. Another year has passed where I failed to pick cattails before they mature enough to get to "explosive" phase of their life cycle. But I always think of you when I see them. Good to know Kenzie is doing well, is she enjoying school?

Ivy looks quite jaunty in her "Lid". The phrase around here is always, "Nice lid!" when one appears wearing a new hat.

Have only skimmed pictures, but they're great (as usual) and I'm pleased to learn PM's "old man" is doing well. Time to get about the day's work in earnest.

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Ivy seems quite pleased with her new hat, and it is very stylish.

Michelle, the fall containers look great. I agree it seems way to early for snow. V saw flurries too. Can we be far behind?

It did not frost last night so I definetly need to unpot some plants today but first I need to take the truck in for a wheel alignment since DH was called away to help DS with pouring concrete.

Cyn, sounds like you and your friend had a nice visit.

V, I enjoyed the views from the condo, especially the wetlands one. I have enjoyed trying sketching in the past. I was never very good but I enjoy looking at them now if I run across them.

Better get crackin here. Waving to all. Norma

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

gb - Ivy looks lovely - great smile; great 'lid'....

PM2 - great news that your DH is rocovering well - that must be a huge relief for you all!

V - it looks like the deer condo has wonderful views - the wetland one is particularly attractive - what's the mosquito situation like? Is the door to the condo screened?

Michelle - very attractive fall arrangement - and plantings!

Mary - condolences on the loss of Buttercup! Nice eggs.. - who will lay the expected blue ones?

Frost on roofs here this morning - that's very early for here as the first frost date is usually a few weeks later.

I suspect we're in for a tough winter this year! In more ways than one... Randy's mom is now in the hospital and the likely next move will be into a nursing home. They will be doing a bunch of tests in the hospital this week - she hasn't been to a doctor in at least 20 years! At this point the doctors have said that she's on the brink of being unable to walk and further deterioration is likely to be rapid. There's less than a 10% chance she'll be able to go home. Given his father's upcoming knee surgery, it's actually a relief for everyone that she's in - and likely to stay in - a place where she is receiving professional care. His father is, of course, very upset at the moment but it was really reasonable for him to think he could have a knee-replacement surgery and go home to continue to care for her on his own. I think it was a positive thing that his father recognized that something had changed significantly and that she was in need of medical care and he was the one to call the ambulance.

Yes, Randy's parents live 'out west' - we tried to get them to move back here but they wanted to retain their independance. His sister lives an hour or so away - actually she's been staying at their condo lately because she's been working in Calgary - actually she's running two stores (one in Calgary and one in Banff) so is crazy-busy. Trying to talk her parents into more help and figure out what support is available locally etc. has been added stress. Her time in Calgary is likely temporary so it's all very complex.

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Oh Woody, I'm so sorry. It's got to be very stressful for all involved and even though the choice is the right one for Randy's mother and his father, it's still very sad and until things settle into a routine it will continue to be painful. Please tell Randy one of your virtual friends is thinking of him at this difficult time. And know you're often in my thoughts, too. It's early for a frost here, too. I'm always surprised at how similar your garden conditions are to my own with respect to the "maritime" effect of such large bodies of water.

I did not make it to the Salon today. Instead, I was inspired to clean out MY side of the bahn by the efforts of Mr. Clean on HIS side of the bahn. I swept it thoroughly, consolidated the Christmas stuff, some odd pcs. of furniture that we'll put in the attic. Then we went to help the Crew's mother clean out the remaining debris from the home she's selling. There are no fewer than 4 extension ladders of various lengths in the cellar. All are wooden, leftover from the previous owner, and there is no way they can be removed in one pc. unless a cellar window is removed to accomplish it. Since there is really no way to determine the condition of the wood (dry rot) the helpmeet is going down to cut them into manageable lengths and then help her remove them for disposal on our annual burn pile next March. We are going to do all the toxic disposal in the coming week as I have a huge amount of old paint, thinner, etc. in the board room that needs to go away, too. Ditto the two elderly televisions... .

They are clearing the lot behind our home now. I hope the chainsawing and the "beep, beep, beep" time is over soon. We walked over with the dogs this morning to say hello and learned that they will clearing about one acre of the two, effectively the site of the house, septic system, and the immediate yard. We will be able to see it through the trees but the topography has several very low, wet areas that will provide a reasonable buffer. We have not yet met the ladies in question but hope they're OK with the dog and (more importantly) any cats that may decide to wander into their yard. We have determined to "make contact" and establish cordial, friendly ties as soon as we're able. It will be strange to see lights through the trees behind our home!

Cyn., we've never been to Mount Vernon but I've heard the espaliered fruit trees are great. I managed to set aside the biography of GW I was reading and your post reminds me to pick it up once again. Any time we travel we are "all over" trips to museums, historical sites, etc.. We have very fond memories of Colonial Williamsburg and Monticello.

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Not half bad today for a Monday, mostly involved making sure all is in readiness for the expected rain storm tonight- my company sells tarps , boots, raingear etc for the vineyard workers and contractors and the first rain always creates lots of demand. Once this storm passes by we will have temps in the mid to high 70s again ! I was ready to pack away the short sleeves , but I may have to put that off for another few days.

Chelone, so these new neighbors will be building a house ? New neighbors are always such an unknown I am pretty happy with those I have at the moment, and there are no houses for sale in my immediate vicinity, the foreclosures in our city will have to go before there is much activity in home sales.

Woody, what a lot of stuff you have going on right now ..I wish you moments of peace, strength and happiness during these difficult times.

PM, glad to hear DH is recovering so well..and I did note the small-two seater car reference and am envisioning a snappy sports car..please advise !

All for me tonight, here is another pic from my coast trip..

The garden of a resident artist in the village. From Mendocino

Kathy in Napa

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

The mind is mostly blank right now; probably the result of a mind-numbingly boring day at the office. My boss would never in a million years give us a day like Columbus Day off, but it's still rather a waste of a day. We were joking by mid-morning about checking the phone lines to be sure they were working.

Woody, the deer condo door is a hinged panel in the floor that you push up as you near the top of the stairs. So there is no screen, but it shuts fairly tight and the guys plan to be sure that it seals to keep out other critters. Mosquitos were not a problem yesterday since we'd had a killing freeze overnight. There are screens for all the windows as well.

Sorry to hear about the continued problems that Randy's parents are facing. It does sound like his mom finally is getting the additional help that she needs. It's so hard for one partner to be the main caregiver at that age; the caregiving process wears out the healthier partner so quickly that both are at more risk.

Michelle, your gardens are going out on a high note!

I'm "breaking in" a new prescription on the contacts tonight and I'm ready to rest the eyes for the night. I think the new plan will work, but at the moment the eyes are resenting doing something new at the end of the day.


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Good morning. It is dark and gloomy here this morning.

Mary, I'm so sorry you lost a hen. That's a tough milestone. The eggs are beautiful and the basket is perfect. Blue eggs will make the scene.

Woody, when it rains it pours. I'm sorry to hear that Randy's parents are going through such a rough time at the time when you and Randy probably just need some peacefulness.

V., I love the deer condo, and the view is great! I like to sketch, too, though I'm not really good, either :) It really allows me to focus and not think about anything - much like I feel when I'm weeding the garden. Sarah and I have been playing with watercolors lately - it's a nice medium because it's easy clean up :)

Kathy, your weather sounds heavenly. I was not ready for the frost - though I did manage cuttings and to bring in my special plants. I had wanted to keep one of my bananas looking good to use as a houseplant at the office.

LOL - I'm looking at the office as a fine place to overwinter a lot of plants - it has all those flourescents!

I'm having a hard time with my routine being messed up - I used to get up and go sit at my desk. Now I wake up and I don't know what to do with myself. I know I will get used to it, but it's a transition!

Welcome home, GB! Hello to all the folks I'm thinking of but missed in my comments!

Have a great day - I'm gonna turn on all the lamps and pretend its not gloomy :)


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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Good morning....No laundry swirling in the washing machine here, just the pitter patter of rain outside my window. I like that. It's saving me from having to keep watering all the shrubs in the yard that have had a dry summer. It is dark, though, Saucy. I was going to take a photo of a 'Kopper King' Hibiscus I dragged home from Russell's over the weekend, but now I can't. The fall foliage on it, is gorgeous. If there are still leaves on it I'll try tomorrow. I had a few roses still on the David Austin to bring in for a vase yesterday. Planted a handful of plants. Planting is not the problem, it's having the areas that they are going into ready. It's getting too late to rip shrubs out of the ground and relocate, too.

Norma and Saucy...I didn't know you both sketched. My DD sketches too. Unlike me or DH, she has some ability, but she is just not one to want to sit long enough to do it often, which is really a shame. I do stick figures. [g] Maybe you would share some of yours with us? Do you have a scanner? really is a huge relief that DH is doing so well. I have to admit that I am a little more focused on everyone in the family eating right and getting more exercise, so 'reminding' and 'prodding' has been stepped up a notch. :-) I can't wait for spring, already, from the standpoint of flu season. .... I'm so sorry to hear of Randy's parents' situation. I really feel for all of you. Nothing is ever simple. It's so stressful when each part of the family unit is struggling with different problems when you're trying so hard to be there for each other. My Dad lived with us for a few years before he passed and thankfully my Mom was healthy up until her last couple of years. We found an assisted living that was five minutes away from our house and she was there for almost two years and then moved in with my sister the last few months of her life. The assisted living arrangement was fairly good when you don't need extensive medical intervention.

Chelone.... sorry to hear they are clearing the lot behind you. Here's hoping the new neighbors are neighborly. ..... When you mentioned Monticello, I remembered that was where we've visited but not Mount Vernon. I loved the veggie gardens and the lay of the land at Monticello. I would love to see Mount Vernon too. We took the kids to Colonial Williamsburg when they were small. I LOVE that place! Not surprising, since I think I would have enjoyed living in that era. We had a membership at Sturbridge Village in western Mass for almost four years when the kids were little and would take them there often. We loved it. The kids have fond memories of it. I keep thinking I am ready to go for a visit again soon.

Kathy...what a colorful totem pole. I also noticed you mentioned one day driving behind trucks full of grapes this time of year. That sounds so pleasant to me. .....yes, we've had a snappy sports car for a little over ten years now. A nice metallic gray convertible. Our friends were a little surprised at the time, viewing us as so reserved and responsible all the time. That's what having kids does to you. [g] They had forgotten DH had corvettes when we first started dating and I had my own flashy cars. It's quite impractical in the winter, but it's not worth selling or trading at this point, so we are driving it until it stops running I guess.

V....DH reported the same at his office yesterday. No one calling because they all had the day off. He came home early.

Well....I guess I have to get something done here today. Later...

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

As always, lots to catch up on - I managed to make it thru 1/2 of what I've missed in the last few days before the gong started this a.m.; now it's lunch respite...

Glorious photos from Kathy's little vaca -- too funny to learn of the fuschia grower's bumper crop, LOL...

The mid-western idyllers are very stoic in their recognition of early winter descending -- I'd be freaked out -- V - your autumn photography is really glorious -- incredible shots - you are to be commended!

I love your last glimpses of fall from your home too, Michelle -- I bet you do fine w/ the bulbs in the container in the shed (or does it get below 0 there?)

So many things to comment on -- Woody, Im glad for Randy's sake that things have somewhat taken care of themselves -- life has a funny way of doing that doesnt it? His Mom is in good hands, and hopefully his Dad will rest easier now too w/ his surgery. But it still shaves some years of life off the worriers - both of you and his sister included Im sure.

Mary -- the true survivalist - you mourned the hen's loss but also wondered whether she'd be better as a frier or a roaster, LOL -- reduce and reuse in the basic form!

As Cyn has mentioned -- we're close enuf in the region that we pretty much have identical weather -- it's been lovely here and oddly bare of real rain -- I was really startled to see how things were woefully in need of good soaks this weekend as I planted a few things that were wasting away in the plant "ghetto" -- I managed to make to the grocery at long last and catch up on some things that were suffering for daily living (food, laundry, etc.).

Sounds like you're having a great 2 weeks off, Cyn -- I love Mount Vernon and am always amazed how few folks venture there; altho I believe as far as tourists are concerned it's on the "must see" spots for international tourists.... It's changed many ways over the last couple of decades but becomes more intriguing every time.

Im winding my way thru the Disc 2 of the Hobhouse garden DVDs - most enjoyable but it is pleasant for yawning as Denise mentioned - her voice is so mellow and calm w/ that British accent...

I have to try to catch up on the separate threads, none of which I've had the chance to gaze upon....

I hope things turn out well for Phoebe and her legs - it's great that Chelone can offer her take on the Rex ventures in that area.

Anyone read about the unknown da Vinci portrait that's been "discovered" - and reattributed to him? I thought it was such fun -- amazing what tech can do these days, but it still requires sharp eyes/outta the box thinking for such things to happen:

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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Good heavens, how did I get so far behind??? I'm just going to do a quick fly-by and say hi, and also, welcome to Cyn and Candy (hope I got that right from my quick skim). I'm going to catch up reading, but knowing the way things go, I won't get a post made to comment.
The threat of harvest is upon us. The guys are trying to run soybeans, so the clock is ticking on me. I'm doing my traditional batch-cooking session to try and ward off starvation while we're working. Today's project was vegetable soup. That is done and cooling so I can put it in containers and freeze it. Also managed to catch up the laundry, pay bills and balance the checkbook.
Okay, I'm off to see what you've all been up to. Have a great rest of the afternoon, everyone!
PS..Bug, I jotted down the name of the movie you suggested for DD and I. Good thing, as I've already forgotten the name of it :/

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Well, I can honestly say I have been reading and even posting, but then the puter crashes and all is lost. At this point, I'm just trying to keep the work files backed up and saved. It could be malware, it could be time for a new computer (oh, no, Vista!)

Saucy, how exciting to move the business out of the house and start to limit your involvement. I bet you can think of 99 things to do to with the gain in time -- after the awkward transition period, that is (which you're probably over by the time this gets posted!)

Mary, so sorry about little Buttercup. I can well imagine her two friends are hanging out deep in the henhouse, with the red-tailed hawk attack fresh in their beady little brains. Love the eggs, the basket, and the beautiful table linens.

For the informal Survivor poll, I haven't seen a single show tho I know it's been running for years. Sue is a big fan too. We've been watching the cancelled show Kings through Netflix -- kind of a Shakespearean political feel. And next on the queue will be the old British series Traffik on narcotics smuggling.

'bug, I was very interested in the Campion film but now add your critique to the growing list of reasons for not attending. Mitch thought it was dreadful too. Fingers crossed Phoebe's limp isn't a full tear. I guess DD's back is better since she made it into the hockey rink. Skyler is turning into a handsome kid when not making goofy faces for the camera. Ivy is positively beaming, as usual.

Michelle, I love seeing the "changing of the guard" on your pillars. How does Christmas in Florida sound this year?

Woody, I join the chorus of concern for you and Randy. What rotten timing, but perhaps it's all sorted out for the best.

PM, I'm glad to hear things are settling down in your household as well. One day you'll have to give a brief summary of what it is you're up to in your garden. Is it a garden you inherited that you're changing or a new vision of your own that you're tweaking? Inquiring minds, you know...

Hope the hubbub at work has died down, Cindy.

Very much enjoying the Wrecking Crew reports.

And now for the weather report: Rain at last!!!! Ahh, sweet hydration.

Better hit submit before the next crash. Waving to all.

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cyn427 (zone 7)

chloe, missed that story on the daVinci. Wow. Amazing. Wish we could come across a find like that-of course, I wouldn't have the $19,000 to spend in the first place.

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jak1(4 Ontario Can)

Happy Tuesday all!

The day after a long week-end for those of us in Canada. For us, it was quiet as both DS and DD were working or occupied, so there was just DS, TCS and me. I felt a bit lonely for my adult kids - but I guess they have to have their own lives too. We will do the turkey thing on the 19th - the first day when everybody is free.

I will have to change TCS's name to PCS - this year he had a potato, corn and salad. (for those unaware, last Thanksgiving he partook of Three Carrot Sticks at the festive dinner - hence TCS).

Managed to get most of the garden work done this week-end too; I have relatively small gardens compared to some (most?) of you so a couple of hours for a few days does it. And the guest room is now half painted, the drywall patched, the wardrobe repaired...might even be done this week. Only 6 months to do one little room....

Love the vacation pics, Kathy! What a treat at this time of year. Is this "high" season in CA? I was thinking that perhaps mid-summer is too hot for many.

Gee, Chelone, I sure hope you end up with good neighbours (from someone who didn't ). The Wrecking Crew actually sound like sounds as if things are shaping up rather well at the compound - good for you guys.

Deannne, I was thinking of you as I emptied my eight pots this week-end. It's great that Doug is so hale and hearty and happy to help - just managing that banana must be a huge undertaking. Is that the plant that bloomed this year, which usually kills the plant and starts new ones? Will it take years to get that big again?

Woody and Randy, my heart goes out to you. I am sure that your stress levels are through the roof, although it is good that MIL is getting some care now. Rough times for sure.

Enjoying all the beautiful photos - from the deer condo, from the Western family visit, from the chooks (sorry to hear about Buttercup, Mary); from Michelle's garden...

We have no shortage of rain here, so the perennials and the grass seed are doing really well. The perennials require a good soaking before the freeze up. This year I will not have to worry about this at all. It is consistently cold here now, about 40 F (5 C), with heavy frost in the morning and rain off and on most of the day. I have the fireplace on every morning now once I get up to warm the place up a bit for the others. The pups are not impressed with their early morning or late evening outings. They do, however, like to snuggle down in front of the fireplace. They are so cute....Although I hate it, I have to put little coats on them now as their hair is so thin; they really cannot take the cold. I hate the fact that most small dog coats are so cutsey...Tucker and Ajax are great big dogs in little dog bodies...They need Harley Davidson coats!!

Till tomorrow,



I am about to start boring you all with the Juliejobs soon....

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Guess What? Yep it's raining again. It was just cloudy this morning so I got a few things done outside, but the temps kept dropping and the rain started.
The plants are still hanging on though the 40 degree nights are taking a toll on them. Still I can't believe some are still putting out blooms. My knockouts have recovered from the onslaught of Japanese beetles and have a nice flush of blooms. The dalhias are still going but have been beat down by the rains. The slavias and cardinal flowers are still blooming too. I even have a couple of blooms on my Red Rocks penstemon. I was going to take some pictures but it started getting nasty out so I retreated after gathering some kindling for the fire. Speaking of which I need to go check on it.


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Julie - I got a chuckle out of the mental image of Harley Davidson coats - I think you should make some for them! Misty wore a coat in her first winter here because her coat hadn't grown in. She hated her coat. Now we let her grow out for the winter and she looks like a little wooly mammoth! Keeping the knots out is a bit of a problem as she doesn't like getting brushed. She loves the cold and snow - definitely a hardy breed from the Himalayas!

Chelone - you really need to provide us some pictures of the Wrecking Crew! They sound like a lot of fun....

We did another little stress-reliever jaunt today. We need to go back again after the leaves fall or, better yet, in the spring during run-off, to get good pictures since you can't see a lot with the leaves on the trees... Since there's not a lot of pictures, it's not worth a separate thread so I'll add them here. The place is called The Devil's Punchbowl and it's on the edge of the Niagara Escarpment just down the road from the Celtic Dreams garden.

From the waterfall side:

From the near-by look-out:

Randy clowning (at least he didn't go through the fence to walk on the edge!)

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LOL, Harley Davidson coats Julie. I bet you could even find them on the web. Norma

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Just look at all the different colors in the layer of rocks in the Devils Punch Bowl.

Oh that Randy. That would freak me out if he was even anywhere near the edge.

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4.25 inches in the rain gauge today- our first storm was no wimp. High winds and steady rain all day long. Its let up a bit now so I did a bit of a WALAT to view the basil grove laying on its side, bent Dahlia stems , blobby roses etc etc. Hopefully my watering days are over except for the containers.

I had intended to comment on Michelles splendid pillar display fabu ! We will have to compare notes on our container tulips- I bought 50 ish bulbs last week before I left for the coast , and now I have to decide which containers I want to put them in. Im favoring low and squatty shapes but they will have to be big enough to get the tulips at a decent depth. I just may get a few new terra cotta pots (just what I need , lol) since my employee price is very low on containers, and I want them to all be matching. Your fall garden pics are also just lovely; youve done a great job planning for the transition to winter. I always have a struggle with the fall clean-up issue- I find myself leaving more and more stuff till spring.

PM, very glad to know about the snappy sports car ! I have a neighbor that has restored a Triumph its so cute ! They mainly use it for Sunday drives on some of our scenic back roads here.

So Brenda, would that be real soybeans or Farmville soybeans ? One does get confused.

Denise hopefully you can hold off on the new computer until MS releases their new operating system. Vista reminds me of an interfering mother-in-law. How much rain did you get down yonder ?

Julie, our summer weather can be wildly variable depending on where you are in proximity to the coast. It can be very cool and foggy in summer , but sunny and crisp in fall. I am inland from the sea about 50 miles as the crow flies. Our least pleasant summer month is probably August-by that time there has been no rain for months and it is usually hot and dry. PCS it is ! And by the way, there is a Harley Davidson shop in Chicago, just off Michigan Ave, that can provide you with doggie Harley duds.

Wonderful fall pics Woody !

Ok, hi to all, I m going to nose around on the other threads..

Kathy in Napa

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

A beautiful pink, grey and blue horizon this morning and 25F temperature. It is supposed to reach the low 40s later on. I wonder if our decorative pumpkins survived. I covered the rosemary plant and hope it makes it too.

Phoebe is very eager for spirited exercise and we have been doing our best to keep her calm. Yesterday Morgan dog came to visit and that was a tough thing. She cried to be outside. Does she need a Harley for her adventures now? LOL. Her vet appointment has been moved to Thursday morning.

I am hoping to cut back some plants for clean-up today, but we'll see if my fingers can stand the cold. I did manage to cut the grass (for the last time?) and expect that leaf collection will be an ongoing thing for several weeks now. Our firewood delivery has been delayed and I am annoyed about this because I will need to stack 6 face cords of the stuff in colder wetter conditions I expect. Also, the huge delivery truck will have problems crossing the bridge and we will need to haul the wood a greater distance. Grump!!!

Below is a Falls I visited back when I hiked the Bruce Trail with a Toronto group. Have you been there Woody?

Time is flying so away I go for now,

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

gb - poor Phoebe! No, we haven't been to Ball's Falls. In the link I posted re the Devil's Punchbowl, there's a long list of waterfalls in the same area. Next spring we will try to visit some of them. Spring is probably the best time to visit as there will be a greater volume of water in the falls during spring run-off.

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Well, those rains everyone is speaking of are finally heading in this direction apparently -- it's been as dry here as the West Coast I think - but I'd prefer not to have 6 inches of rain at once - sheesh!

Woody, that's a neat place -- I love that you are choosing nature "diversions" - it's one of the things I think we folks forget about to make us thing of better things - here in the city, so many folks are hooked to their blackberries, cell phones, and Ipods they never look at another person, let alone their surroundings -- or enjoy the lovely sky or beautiful sun....So enjoy away, and breath and suck it deep inside - it will keep your spirits lifted, Im positive.

I feel so for Miss Phoebe - nothing more than a rambunctious young dog longing to be her natural self!


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Don't faint! My spirit has finally moved me to post here this morning. :-)

I espacially want to send my sympathies to Susan and Randy. What a tough time in life for you, Susan and Randy, and Randy's dad. I suspect Randy's mom is pretty oblivious to it all?

I send my sympathy to Chelone also. I cannot imagine what you are going through, with the loss of 2 dear friends in such a tragic way.

As for new neighbors....we have the third set on the property back of us. We had none there for several years, and I loved it that way. I could walk in the woods in that direction and not feel as though the neighbors would think I was snooping on them. Then, the first to come, put their house almost on the property line! That trailer home was moved out, and the next ones had a modular house brought in ( we call it a "zipper house"). The new owners are now moving into that house. We have not met them. I have no idea if they are young, old, or in between. I do know they have adopted the goats and the Great Pyrenees. I sure hope they keep the goats in !

We have been car-less since last wednesday. It turns out both the timing belt and the catalytic converter have to be replaced. Thank God it died on me in town, at the Muffler Shop ! It was towed to the other shop, and has been there ever since. I am hoping to hear today that it is ready to be picked up. It is getting to the point that I need stuff from town.

My gardening has only consisted of mowing and fencing most of the growing season, except for my potted plants. All are now indoors that are coming in. The things outdoors have been severly pruned by deer and goats. A young buck deer feels secure in our yard from the archery hunters, and has become brave enough to eat all, even up against the house! Several does and fawns also inhabit our yard, and at least one other buck.

The back bear is roaming the neighborhood, and has Tommy and Trubby spooked. The afore mentioned Great Pyrenees met it coming down our driveway yesterday while I was taking my nap. I heard the barking but did not see the cause. Nolon did, and reported to me when I arose.

It is good seeing 2 new additions to the Idylls. Nice to have new voices, and locations, represented.

Fall colors are getting brighter...what was left from our January ice storm. Our unscathed Ginkgo is a beautiful yellow, but already dropping a few leaves. Because of the cloudy, chilly, rainy weather, it may hold them a little longer than normal.

That is enough from me....waving to all my friends here...see some of you on FaceBook. :-)


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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

I'm heading out the door in ten minutes, but managed to get a photo of the 'Kopper King' Hibiscus I dragged home 50% off from Russell's on Sunday. I thought you all might enjoy seeing how vibrant the fall color is before the leaves fall off.

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Cindy, I instantly thought of you this morning when I heard the story on NPR about the Da Vinci discovery! I've also wanted to mention how dreadful having your time tracked on the computer must be... and that I hope you'll still collect a paycheck for the foreseeable future. I have always "questioned authority", have never suffered fools gladly, and was raised to be an honest and productive employee so all of what you've related would summon forth every ounce of rebellliousness in my body. You have the patience of a saint, although likely born of necessity. Hang tough!

PM, Copper King is handsome (why can't I bring myself to type the kitchy name?). And 50% off, too!

Marian, a delight to "see you". :) I am amazed by the black bear but not surprised really, because I know you live in a pretty rural area and I know bears are on the rise and this is the time of year they're eagerly searching out high fat food sources. Bummer about your car, but how lucky were you to have it happen at a garage?! Clearly, "lady luck" smiles on you. Indeed, the loss of my two best HS friends by their own hands has left me wondering about the meaning of this thing we call life and what is most important about it. It also serves as a horribly painful reminder that as resilient as we are in many aspects we all have limits. And, just like an engine that runs out of oil, when we run out of hope we find ourselves in big trouble. I hate it when people trivialize someone else's pain by labelling it, "selfish"; it bespeaks a need to make the whole thing "easier" and there is no way to do that. I certainly don't see it as a selfish act, at all. I just see someone who "ran out of oil and seized up". And presently I am just so, so sad that I missed a chance to maybe have made a difference. Which leads to me to another thing I hate about suicides... the need to tell someone bereaved that their intervention wouldn't have made any difference. Maybe they're right... but maybe, just maybe! they're wrong. No one will ever really know, will they?

Why did my sophomoric brain instantly think of Fall's Balls? C'mon, someone had to say it, didn't they?? I am fascinated by the geological formation, though. I'll be interested to reread the link more carefully.

I dug a huge peony at a house a friend is selling. While it isn't the ideal time to do it I couldn't pass up the opportunity. I don't know what color it is, but figure it's probably a white double. I put in two huge plantings and have another 2-3 large plantings to go (divisions with 2-3 eyes)... with no place to put them. I've put the word out to local friends... Saucy? Wendy? the remainder of the bounty is presently in a slurry in the wheelbarrow. I have little hope they'll bloom come spring, but once they've settled in they should be OK since they're pretty tough plants.

No Wrecking Crew today, but they'll be back tomorrow, lol. The cats were in "hog heaven" this afternoon capering around the yard while I struggled to cram as many peony divisions into the ground as I was able...

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cyn427 (zone 7)

Marian, sorry about your car. Never fun to have to do big fixes.

Cindy, yea! Aren't you glad to see the rain? The weatherman said it might hang around for a few days. I hope so, although it means eight muddy paws coming in from the yard. It will be worth it if we get a good soaker, won't it?

Woody, does Randy do that just to get a rise out of you? My DH would! Beautiful spot.


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

I'm going to try and squeeze in a quickie post. I had my photography class last night which took up the whole evening - it's a little bit over a 1 hour drive to get there, but the instructor is a very good nature photographer, so it's worth the drive. Class was great but I started on my homework this evening and I'm wondering if I will ever get some of the settings figured out! How could it have worked in class and not at home?

Just as I thought we were dodging the bullet, my boss told me yesterday that I would have to take a pay cut for the winter. It's not as bad as what some others have had to deal with, but it still does not make me happy. Essentially, I'm giving back all of the raises I've gotten over the last six years, but none of the increased responsibility. DH was telling me in spring that I was very underpaid in my job; I don't think he will be happy to hear about the pay cut. (He's off moose hunting in far northern Ontario, so I have not talked to him since last Friday.)

On a happier note, I'm off to Las Vegas with DD this weekend. Yes, the plane tickets and hotel were all committed to/paid for before the pay cut was announced. Perhaps I'll hit the jackpot?

Well, that's enough grumping from me for right now. I need to play with the camera a bit more.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Well that stinks V! I too have been in a grumpy state, but in trying to recover, I think about my visit with Skyler. He's 10 and we had a good time eating out at a Chinese restaurant. Well it came time for our fortune cookies and he wanted to read them all. He read all of them out loud, but put "on the toilet" at the end of each. It was fun to be ten once more!!! You know, "You will have great success ...on the toilet" etc etc etc.

I'm jealous about your photography course. The one I took last year was all talk and slides and no hands on practice or assignments. Annoying. It is a long process, nothing I can master in a 2 day class.

PM, pretty foliage on your hibiscus!

Chelone, I know what you mean about Kopper King and Kitchy names. I had trouble buying Hydrangea Twist & Shout for that reason. But I conquered the aversion...because I liked the fall foliage.

Marian, black bears are all I need here! We seem to have everything but bears and tigers. Yet, my friend a few kilometers away had a bear in her garden several years ago, and a baby bear was shot in the local school yard last spring. Some lesson for the little kids there! OY

They say our firewood will arrive tomorrow. Cross your fingers that our bridge and willow tree survive this truck driver!


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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

It was 38 degrees on the back porch yesterday, and 33 this morning. I would have loved to have garden chores done by now. I never used to mind working in the chilly fall temps, but the last few years, I don't look forward to getting out there. Did you ever notice how cold the water in the hose is this time of year. Brrrr! Now I see they have forcast four days of rain starting this afternoon. So I know what I'll be doing this morning, 33 degrees or not.

Marian....nice to see a post from you. :-) You sound great! I am wondering what happened to the veggie plants that were planted on top of the car? Since you do mow your grass, I wonder if you have ever thought of borrowing the goat to eat the grass for you? They do eat grass don't they? You have quite a collection of wildlife in your backyard. Interesting watching through the windows I suspect.

Cindy....have you managed to get your ghetto plants in the ground? I would like to hear more about the Hobhouse DVD.

Brenda....leave it to you to do a quick 'fly by'. That brought a smile to my face this morning. It sounds so homey, thinking about the men in the fields harvesting the crops while you make hot soup. That could be a Campbell soup commercial. [g]

Denise....what's going on with your computer? DH has Vista on his laptop, because he has to be able to connect to work and had to have a PC. We hate Vista. I will be very tempted to update to the new operating system. We were thinking of going back to XP, but now that the new Windows 7 is getting good reviews, that seems the best way to go. I wonder what an upgrade will cost. .... Summary of what's going on in our garden? Well, we've lived here for 30 years. I had never gardened before and developed a new friendship with someone who had an organic vegetable garden shortly after moving here and found I loved it. Had little time to do more than veggies when the kids were growing up and had to stop that for about 5 years too. Then about 6 years ago, when the yard was completely overgrown, we started to renovate and pulled everything out. Our kids helped a lot. So I had a clean slate and started over. I've discovered that my passion for growing unfortunately did not come with the ability to visualize what something is going to look like and I end up having to move many plants a few times before I'm happy with it. So every spring and fall you will hear me talking about moving plants. [g]

Not a Survivor fan here. I watched a few episodes in season one and had to switch it off. I so much dislike the kind of self serving behavior and cutthroat competition it encourages, and the acceptance of that behavior. Now there are so many spawns of the program that no one gives it a thought. I am definitely a fan of cooperation and collaboration. When are they going to have a show about that? :-)

I saw a hawk yesterday gliding overhead very low, while walking along a street in the center of a nearby town and I thought about poor little Buttercup. I suppose Buttercup will always come to mind when I see a hawk now.

Is today the day Phoebe goes to the vet?

Denise and Kathy....glad you are getting rain! Four inches is a nice amount, Kathy. I see they are talking about mudslides again. You're not near that area, right?

Julie, our middle son lives further away and I can really identify with missing your adult kids.

Norma, with all that rain, your garden is going to look wonderful next spring!

Woody...quite a view from that look out point! Randy is very adventurous and looks very pleased with himself. Glad you continue to enjoy your day trips.

Marie....I was looking at Hydrangeas with DH and he could not stop snickering at 'Pinky Winky' Hydrangea paniculata. Such a pretty shrub with such an awful name.

Time to get a list started....have a great day.

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When it rains it pours in California! My goodness - I heard 6 inches had fallen in some places. Hope you are safe west coast friends!

V. it's hard to have such news and have to wait for your husband to finish with the moose excursion, I imagine. Stranger things have happened regarding the jackpot in Vegas.

I have been feeling pretty miserable and chalking it up to a cold and too much to do around here. It turns out that I had an ear infection and burst my eardrum. Now I can't hear on one side. The pain part always happened at night, so I just slept through it...waking sometimes but falling right back to sleep.

Today I am waiting on my new couch to be delivered. It was my splurge for the move. This afternoon I'll be waiting for the phone system to be installed at the office. I hope life gets back to normal soon. I feel very "up in the air" right now. My routine is messed up.

PM, I wish I could get out in the garden today before it rains. Make sure you wear layers that you can peel off as you get warmer. I hate being cold :)


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

My car is 'toast' ! The computer has gone bad, and the additional repairs would bring the charges up to more than it is worth! So.... the next thing on the agenda is finding a replacemment. Friends are coming this forenoon to take me to town. I had a very restlees night, and am not looking foreward to the day....

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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

Ball's Falls, tee hee hee

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Sorry to hear about your car Marian. I hope you will be able to find just what you need. Car problems are no fun.

Saucy, hope you like your couch when it gets there. Thanks for the reminder about the layers. I have a light fleece jacket that does a good job. I have been out once already and got a few more things done. It wasn't too bad when the sun was out. I didn't warm up enough to take off any layers though and I haven't warmed up since I came in. [g] I have to get out there again, at least once, before it starts raining. I got that nice Hibiscus in the ground at least!

Chelone, I forgot to say, what a great stroke of garden luck, to inherit multiple peonies. To have enough to give away is surprising. With all the land you have, you can't find a place to put them all? :-)

Waiting to hear how the firewood delivery worked out, Marie.

Very sorry about the pay cut, V. That has to be hard to swallow. I guess the only thing to do is try to adjust. I have two friends with layoff problems. One who has been out of work and interviewing since June and another whose husband's company closed in June and is still not working. Is there anyone hiring out there? I'm worrying a little about DS's job. His company seems to be slowing down somewhat.

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Reading along but posting on Marty's eMac. The boys brought home a new desktop yesterday, preloaded with Vista of course, and I don't want to go near the Internet on it yet without loading all the antispyware stuff first. We just barely got all my files transferred from the old puter before it breathed its last gasp. Infuriating, this merry-go-round every couple years with a new computer. I've coined a word for it, technofascism, and you're all welcome to mutter it at your PC when necessary.

PM, thanks for the garden summary. Now I get it! I didn't mean to imply that it's unusual to move plants, far from it. I just moved a leycestria this morning to roomier digs. I do tend to squish plants.

Re photography, I'll try to be unemotional and concise ;) -- but watching my oldest pursue single-minded study and practice of this for the past ten years, and to see him have to constantly beat back requests to just give his images away for nothing, well, it is infuriating. We constantly discuss the new economic paradigm that's transforming journalism, music, images, how no one's figured out yet how a livelihood is again to be made in these areas. It is an exciting time, kind of a neo-Guttenberg era, fertile ground for the right ideas, but criminy it's frustrating too. Mitch had an interview with a newspaper editor, and he said the enormous command center/war room, rows and rows of desks with computers, phones, was empty except for a skeleton crew of maybe five people.

And I see that rant was completely off point and had very little to do with V and 'bug taking photography classes. I think I've built up some excess steam that was looking for any excuse to vent...What I'd really love is to have Chinese food with Skyler...

V, that pay cut stinks. Pay rates in my profession haven't increased in 10 years, and I've read wages across the board in the U.S. have been relatively stagnant, but to take a pay cut, oy...

Saucy, a burst eardrum! That's some pain tolerance you've got.

Rain probably measured less than an inch, nothing like NoCal, but it might as well have been a monsoon judging from the havoc on the freeways. Carry on...

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cyn427 (zone 7)

V, so sorry about the paycut. I will be keeping my fingers crossed that you hit it REALLY big in Vegas! My salary was frozen this year, but a cut would have made things a little harder. Hang in there. There are some signs that things are getting better, but it will probably take a while to help most of us.

'bug-too funny about your excursion with Skylar! Takes me back to when DS John was 10. I still giggle at the thought of adding "on the toilet" to the fortunes. John will turn 30 this November-seems like yesterday that he was 10!

We finally got some decent rain. Thought it would go all day, but it has let up at this point. Hope more comes later and tomorrow and Saturday! Then, maybe I can get the rest of the plants in easily in the softened ground.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Cyn, DSIL tells me that if you are older than 10, you add "in bed" instead of "on the toilet".

OK, the wood arrived early this morning. It is supposed to rain tonight and tomorrow. We loaded up several wheelbarrows full and stacked wood on the front porch. We'd like to add a second row before dinner if there's a spare hour. My back needs a rest though.

Then we were off to the vet's. Joanne is my favourite no-nonsense one, that's why I scheduled with her. She says it is definitely the knee and that the ligament is stretched. She wants to avoid pain medication so that Phoebe doesn't try to overdo things. She is hopeful that the ligament will fix itself, but warns that we will have to keep her calm for 4 more weeks and then check in once again. I'm fine with this approach and have an appointment scheduled for November 15th now. Feel bad for the puppy though who SOOOO wants active play!

Yesterday they announced the closing of a local industry, an offshoot of a US firm. It is a plant that manufactures wire. Our friend is a manager there and this is going to be very hard I suspect. He and his wife and 2 sons relocated here from Quebec three years ago or so. He has not been attending French Club lately, but perhaps he'll show up this weekend and we can hear more. His wife has had such a hard time leaving her small village and moving away from family. I wonder what lies ahead for them... :(

Denise, that conversation takes place here as well. "We constantly discuss the new economic paradigm that's transforming journalism, music, images, how no one's figured out yet how a livelihood is again to be made in these areas." DH talks about fitting eyes at birth with bar codes so that authors can be paid. Anyway, it certainly is new times ahead!

Well now off to try and deal with the front wheel of the mower which is coming off. Never a dull moment.


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Ouch on both burst eardrums (Saucy) and pay cuts (V) and "volunteer" careers (Denise for Mitch).... I keep saying here, we're not doing volunteer work - if I wanted to do that, I'd be doing something I really enjoyed.... then you read the media buzz about more mega bonuses for the guys who made money trading options for their companies... and.... it can just lighte the fuse for all sorts of verboten political talk, right?

Saucy - I really am impressed w/ your pain tolerance levels - to sleep thru such pain (I recall that from childhood) -- wow - too bad you couldnt bottle and sell that. I hope it's feeling better and you got something for your cold (or flu?)... Cant wait to envision you on your new sofa (you deserve it) watching Gardener's Diary! I've taped the shows and have been watching a bunch that I never saw and I thought I was a faithful follower! Im pretty sure there are a batch of late ones that never made in the first round of old HGTV schedule in 2007 or thereabouts.

Yes - we have rain!! I'm happy for it, but hope it will be in moderation - I got about 6 shrubs/things planted last weekend so they may revive; the clems that are still nursery pot bound, are likely to stay there for the winter now.

V -- that is so typical isnt it? they cut folks; increase the workloads for the remaining, and then eventually start furloughing and cutting salaries for those survivors too -- and it makes you wonder why you thought you needed to stay... I hope to be a "survivor" of the RIF/buyout but know it's likely to be gruesome in reality of tasks, workloads and lack of $$... I had another 2 hour commute this a.m. that started whispering to me... "are u nutz".... but have no confidence there are real jobs for me out there right now...

Surviving in the workplace beats any TV reality show right now.

Yea - Denise got a new 'puter - she gave in to the technofascism.... I was listening to my Dad's rant last nite about 500 songs he downloaded from Rhapsody that are no longer usable to him -- sitting in a folder that cannot be unlocked to reply... the computer industry seems to be fraught w/ all these obsolete/ nontransferable things -- and as the malware proliferates and replicates on our computers... aaargh... what's the average joe to do?

I hope Deanne has not been caught in her decanting garage.... I have visions of her stuck in the garage surrounded by tropicals that wont let her go....

Wow, PM -- the thirties got your area? We're in the 40s... where did Autumn go? I dont recall ever having a one month autumn before..

well, the boss has interrupted my lunch here twice now; and I guess I better turn to those things he was bouncing around about... it's hard to shift back and forth between personal "blogging" and what happened on a business task that doesnt equate for him....


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Brrr! Cold and windy here today. Noisy too - the roof is being reshingled today and tomorrow, so we're hoping for the chance of rain in the forecast does not materialize. Misty is not happy with all the banging going on above her head - she's not keen on loud noises. I can even tell when it's noisy because the floors are vibrating....

V - the pay cut must be a hard pill to swallow, especially if there's no reduction in duties... I'd guess there might even be an increase in workload if some people are in a position to quit and others are demoralized enough to slack off and expect others to pick up the slack. ((V))

Marian - a dead car is a pain I'm sure. Looking on the bright side - at least it happened in the garage and also not in the middle of the winter, on the road somewhere! Good luck car shopping....

Saucy - Ouch! re the eardrum... I gather most of such perforations heal themselves in a few weeks. Is that what your doctor expects?

Randy got an e-mail this morning from someone he used to work with. After he read it, he said he was very happy to be here instead! I wonder if there's any workplace out there these days where morale has actually improved?!

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No takers for the surplus peony divisions yet. And I heartily concur with the comments on gardenng being downright COLD right about now. I had to relocated 5 clumps of an underperforming Hemerocallis (that I can't quite seem to jettison) to create a space for one clump of the mystery peony. The hose connection to the watering wand leaked and my gloves were soaked. My hands were cold, I was out of garden space (at least the full sun sort) and was increasingly peevish as the sun sank lower in the sky. But I survived! The helpmeet used the compressor to blow out the irrigation lines last night, so whatever I transplant from now on will require dragging the hose or lugging buckets of water. PM, I completely understand the rearrangement required by autumn!

I am working steadily but I'm paid hourly, so when I'm sick or kept home by a snowstorm there is no pay. Aside from a liberal employee discount on materials, a paid vacation, and a meagre employee match on a "retirement" plan, there are no "bennies". I've learned to plan for such eventualities and roll my eyes when I watch news stories about bloated compensation packages and obscene "bonuses" guaranteed by contracts... . NO patience for that sort of BS, whatsoever. Bernie Madoff should be paying the prison that now confines him, IMO. At least I'm still working and I have the ability to squeeze a dollar 'til it hollers; I've asked my boss if a paycut might make things easier and thusfar it's not been necessary, but if one means the difference between working and not, I'll figure out a way to absorb it. Life's a crapshoot, afterall, you guys! As for "working for free"... happens to me all the time. One's skill is often diminished in eyes that fondly recall Mom or Gramma sewing in the dining room.

Marian, you have my sympathy on the death of your car. It's not fun to have one "up and -hit the bed" on you. It's happened to me once and it was a total drag. I remember being really tnese about the whole thing, too. But you'll get new wheels and you'll be out there burnin' up the roads in no time, with Nolon riding shotgun. ;)

I plan to listen to, "Sinatra, Live at the Sands" in honor of V.'s trip to the neon Gomorrah. "Luck be lady, tonight!". Best to your daughter, too. (She would love the Wrecking Crew).

How do you shower with a perforated eardrum, Saucy? You must be terribly uncomfortable; I'd say that rates right up there with a badly scratched cornea; which is the most uncomfortable condition I've experienced. When there's no way to "get comfortable" the night can be very long. What's the prescription and how long before it mends?

Woody, fingers are crossed that the rain holds off for the roofing enterprise. The sooner that chore is behind you, the better. That sort of acivity would drive Rex nuts, but the cats might well be thrilled and on the roof supervising from a discreet distance.

The Crew is here again. :) I came home and was greeted by 3 vigorously wagging tails, and (get this!) NO jumping. !!! Everyone was capable of sitting (and maintaining the "sit") after a patient command; even when the front door was opened and left open prior to being released to go outdoors. And when we went to the Post Office everyone was capable of "Down" in the back of my wagon and maintaining it until the "OK!" was given which made backing up the car considerably easier. "Ike and Mike"/"Dumb and Dumber" (as the helpmeet has dubbed them) are presently "hanging out" in spite of repeated feline distraction. So we're plodding along toward a "comfortable" relationship where everyone knows the drill and everyone's needs are met. And they say beating your dogs is bad... get real.

I'll make sure to add "on the toilet" to the end of sentances now. This household is the last domain of the semi-adult. We laugh at burps and farts (still have to learn to light those) and all manner of sophomoric foolishness is regarded highly. Anyone needing a vacation from adulthood should come for a weekend. We'll make sure to serve beans and cabbage. :)

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Chelone, the only person I ever saw light a fart is now a high-ranking officer with the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. Makes me laugh every time I think of it!

Very stressful day at the office as too many things converged too late in the day. Had to say farewell to a coworker who is being laid off for three months. *hit, I hired this guy 18 years and three companies ago - hard to say good bye and wonder if he will be back. In the meantime, the children who don't even have enough consideration to replace the toilet paper roll are still laughing and whispering in the front office.

I need a little break, don't I?

Denise, your rant on photography and other creative arts is dead on. I love the fact that digital technology allows me to be a much better photographer than I was with film, but I am concerned that true talent will be lost as we come to expect everything for free. (And please know that I don't include myself as "true talent" - I'm just an enthusiastic amateur who gets an occasional good shot.) I wonder almost daily why the newspaper that used to charge so much for print ads can't get anything better on its website "front page" than those annoying lower my bills ads. You know, the ones with someone dancing or whatever? So the paper that used to look classy in print looks trashy on line. I don't get it.

We once had Chinese at the office, and as someone was talking about the "in bed" joke, one of the guys opened his fortune cookie and his fortune said he seeks his own pleasure first. In bed. Yes, we laughed a lot at that one. That was back "in the good old days" when we all had lunch together.

I need to run to a church meeting and then pack for my trip. I probably won't post here again until Sunday or Monday. (Although there may be a FB photo or two posted - easy to do that!)

Have a great weekend. Even if I don't bring home a jackpot, I'll plan to bring back a happier attitiude!


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GOod evening

V - as one who was given similiar treatment I totally empathize with your pay cut situation. I'm so sorry this has happened to you.

Marian - sad to hear of your car situation and hope soemthing can be salvaged.

Saucy - I've heard of children perforating eardrums and always thought it sounded excruciating.

Tonight I am batch cooking (like Brenda) making Shepherds Pies. Some for ourselves, the other a thank you to our neighbors for our fridge. I have a delicious yellow cauliflower from the farmers market roasting in the oven too and treated myself to a mid-week glass of wine - Ahhhh... Another good thing - no where to drive this evening:0)

We love the new fridge and not having an ice maker is really no biggee. In fact I was thinking of things we never gave a second thought to growing up - filling the ice trays, getting out of the car to open the garage door and rising from the sofa to change TV channels, yet to do those things today in middle class America is almost inconceivable.

The chickens are adjusting nicely to the cool temperatures and the additional lights are keeping them laying. Fingers crossed - no more visits from the hawk though I always count the chicks with baited breath - reaching a sigh when I reach seven. We now have a steady 4 eggs a day and finally had enough to give away as gifts. We gave our first half dozen to David's bass teacher who comes out to the house for David's lesson - something that is certainly worth a good few eggs. Freshly laid eggs are such a novel thank you to someone !

When I close the little hen house up at night the keep the girls cozy I have such a sense of pride in something I made with my own hands (and in the dark I don't see it's imperfections). I love peeking in to see the chickens all lined up on their roosts, sleeping silently. But even more fun is watching them tumble out when I open the door in the morning, often to find a warm eggs already laying in the nesting box. I love my chickens:0)


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Post season baseball and WALATS tonight, the rain has stopped and its really quite warm out, though overcast. I have not bothered to check the weekend forecast , but co-workers are advising temps in the 80s. I hope to get all my recently purchased plants into the ground or containers as the case may be.

A chicken story from today.. an employee came upstairs to advise us that on of his new chickens laid her first egg yesterday. So I asked (thinking of Mary) "Do your chickens have names ? " Absolutely says he.. the last group ( didnt ask what became of the last group, lol) was named after presidential wives ( Eleanor, Hillary,LadyBird etc) and the new girls are named after presidential daughters-Amy, Chelsea, Malia and Sasha ..Nice touch !

Marian, Im so glad you came over to see us- fall would not be complete without some pics of your wonderful trees on the Idylls. What a bummer about your vehicle..I hope you can find a reliable and decently priced replacement. I bet this is a very optimum time to purchase a car if one has to do so.

V , I had a pay cut this fall too, and have no expectations of it being restored until at least late spring of next year. I think many people at my company are pretty glad that they still have a job. We are all worried about what this winter will bring.

Mary, you rock.

I need to pay attention to the ballgame so a wave , and signing off

Kathy in Napa

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cyn427 (zone 7)

Kathy, so nice of you to be watching my Phillies (grew up outside Philadelphia-nice to be able to cheer for a team again)! Teehee.


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The weather here has been just plain crummy. We had snow last Saturday and either snow or rain every day this week. The sun is awol. Ive not done a thing in the garden. Some of the perennials are hanging in there despite temps as low as 20. Ive got serious cleanup to do. Of course the harvest has come to a stand still.

My fingers are crossed that we will get to spend the day with Kenzie tomorrow. I found out just today that she flew home with her dad, but they are leaving again on Saturday. Things arent as sunny in Florida for DD and her husband.

Im sorry to hear about V and Kathy having to endure pay cuts. Our business is surging and Im thinking I need a decent bonus this year. People may be cutting back, but not on cable TV or internet. Landline phone service is another thing though.

Marian, car repairs are just the pits. I hope you can find a reasonably price good one.

Mary, what an uplifting post from you. Im glad you have something that daily gives you so much joy.

PM, Im jealous of your Kopper King Ive wanted one for several years and either havent found one locally or they want more than I want to pay. 50% off sounds right up my alley. I didnt realize they get such great fall color.

I know there was much more I could comment on but its late, Id best hit the hay.


A few more fall shots

I like the way 'Diablo' and 'Fireworks' play together.

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Mary, as I read your post I realized that my bees aren't as warm and fuzzy as chickens :) They sound like perfect "girls". It is nice to hear you happy.

It is snowing here this morning. Too early for this mess. I haven't even cleaned up my summer fun yet.

My ear has hurt more since I started the antibiotic (Augmentin twice a day, Chelone). It was uncomfortable, but honestly, I thought it was a stuffed up eustachian tube from the cold I had. My doctor declared me stoic when she looked inside. Yes, Woody, it is supposed to heal within 3 weeks...and if it doesn't I'll see an ENT specialist.

Cindy, a two hour commute and a hovering boss for lunch are just no fair.

Denise, I'm so sick of buying techno junk because something else is now deemed obsolete. I keep thinking of the way we're just tossing things away. My cell phone is not that old and still in good condition, but all the chargers and paraphernalia that goes with it is hard to find (you have to scour the internet for it). All I wanted was a car charger.

Michelle, how great to get to see Kenzie unexpectedly. Sorry to hear things are not so good in FL.

I'd better go and eat my breakfast. I have a handyman supposed to show up here this morning and take care of some unfinished projects.


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Good morning

Michelle - your gardens are so lovely at this time of year (as they are at any other). I love seeing them. Wonderful that you might have an unexpected day with Kenzie but sad if things are hard for your DD.

Part of me is hoping for rainy weather this weekend as I have a couple of craft projects my fingers are itching to get started on. One of them is a miniature Day of the Dead offering - perhaps one of my matchbox series.

The other is to make needle felted sculptures of the chickens. I have wool roving in all their colors. I am starting something of a chicken collection (indoors) and thought they would be a nice addition. This is NOT what I had in mind LOL but is somehow wierdly wonderful.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Oh Mary! Chicken Man is a HOOT! Seems to have lost his head, yet is puffed up with pride.

Michelle, I am so sorry to hear that life in Florida has its woes. These hard times are just what a mother does not want for her daughter and family. It really distresses me to hear this news and I'm sure affects you strongly. I sure hope you get to squeeze in time with Kenzie...because that relationship is a blessing! Now about your fall photos! I LOVE that first shot. What a beauty!

Saucy, get well quickly please! Between the move and the pain, no wonder you feel unsettled.

And Marian, do report back on your car search. I hope a sensible vehicle turns up for you soon...or maybe a little red Corvette? Hehehe.

Yesterday was filled with activities that annoyed me and took time away from what I wanted to be doing. So more wood was stacked, the wheel removed from the mower and so on. But today will be more of the same and I won't get to complete work on Ivy's little sweater, won't get to tidy up for Saturday's company. etc etc. We had helpful company for the wood stacking, but the kind of person who expected dinner afterwards and didn't know to leave until after 10PM. He will return today too. Le sigh.

On the bright side, there is sun where rain had been forecast. An orange and white cat has been seen lurking near the barn and 16 turkeys crossed the bridge last week!

Guess I must get going...

TGIF...which now means fond thoughts of Sue!

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

TGIF as well to all!

Cant see Mary's pic of her latest project that I see 'bug has declared Chicken Man - my mind is pondering its implications.... is it part of the matchbox series, LOL?

Im going to be happy for the rain again this weekend and that it may allow me to slug - I seem to need more of that than usual lately....

Cyn - we seem to share some more similarities -- I too grew up outside of Phila (Rosemont/ then Malvern) and my immediate family still resides there -- I was once an avid follower of the Phillies but have never been much of a sports fiend and outgrew even them.... Now, Philadelphia Hoagies I fondly dream about and usually indulge in when I ride up there - and have been known to bring back on the return trip (to say nothing of plants too, LOL).

Michelle -- more glorious photos - it took me a minute to realize that was the shed and not the house -- how beautiful and large the borders surrounding the shed have grown! I too can only imagine the worry you feel re the Florida issues -- I know that state has taken a really really hard hit in most areas from homes to jobs - I will hope something works out well for them -- but we Moms can never stop worrying can we? I hope you get to see Kenzie - even if it has to be at 11 at nite!

They are having an appliance recycle day here at the awfice but I couldnt see carrying an old tv or computer stuff on the metro, LOL... cell phones were the sole toting I did - but it is good they are doing it, even if it doesnt reap a lot -- it's amazing all that obsolete stuff that clutters one's house because it's too hard to find a good place to remove it to....okay, time for the clocking thing.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Keeping Phoebe calm has proven to be quite the exercise when this is her view out the window...

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Amazing what transpires on a thread with just a few day absence, geez! To copy a phrase, this would definitely qualify as a drive by post. After having company last weekend I came down with a head cold like I havent had in yearsugh. Head felt the size and weight of a pumpkin, watery eyes and all the other typical symptoms. Energy level is zero but Im hoping to get back to normal routine in the next couple of days. I see lots of activity on some other threads, too, which Ill check out when all the nose blowing abates!

Hi to Marian and I hope your find a solution to the car situation quickly. Weve been dealing with an unexpected repair here among other things; great timing to make the whole week an avalanche of events but, they are just an inconvenience compared to those dealing with far more serious issues. Thinking of Woody and Randy and sending good thoughts.

Mary, sorry you lost Buttercupwondering if the hawk is still around? Your projects sound interesting, Ill be hoping for photos!

Gb, what a darling baby!..must be a granddaughter since I also see a thread with the word Nana.

Vhate hearing about the pay cut, its such a blow and doesnt do anything for company morale. Have fun on your trip, take a lucky charm or something with youcant hurt! Cindy, hope your office situation evens out to lessen the daily stress.

All the wonderful fall pictures makes me think our color will be minimal this year. There has been so much moisture either from rain, heavy mist or drizzle that everything is just going brown. After several years of beautiful sunny Octobers, this is depressing. I believe weve only had 3 days this month with "partly sunny" weather. The gardens are a wet tangled mess and I havent been able to get out and do a thing.

Sorry to miss anyone but my head is starting to droop

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Good snowed here this morning too! Only briefly, but still. lol I got as much done as possible outside yesterday and now with 4 days of rainy weather forecast, time to get other things done. I need a custom shade for my kitchen window, a new storm door on the front of the house, and on it goes.

We had some excitement today. DD found herself face to face with Ben Afleck this morning as they were filming for his new movie. One of the crew asked if she would be an extra in the movie for the morning and she had to say NO! She normally might have time to take a morning off to do something like that, but today she had a deadline at work that no one could do but her. She just took it in stride and didn't sound all that disappointed. I told her I hope she told her boss she missed being in a movie this morning because she is so committed to her job. [g] It was a fun morning for her, I think she was a little late for work. :-)

Love the sight of all those wild turkeys, marie. Poor Phoebe. Poor you. lol

Loved your post about how much you are enjoying your chickens, Mary. So nice to hear. How often do any of us have that much pleasure on a daily basis?

Saucy, I forgot to say how awful it was about your ear. I think unconsciously I skipped over it because some things like that make me a little squeamish. DD jumped into water from a low bridge on the Cape once and did the same thing to her ear. It gives me the shivers just thinking about it. You are very stoic! Hope it will heal quickly.

I am composing my annual 'winners and losers' entry into my garden journal today. My HayRack composition was a hit and a long stretch of moss has developed along a back border that makes me very happy. In the losers column, I think I am done with Calendula and maybe I am going to take a break from Four OClocks. Anyone else have winners and losers to share?

Ok...have to run. YES! It's Friday again! I do miss Sue too.

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Oh...I was rushing, I forgot, Michelle, if the Kopper King produces seed next year, I will save you some. I also love that first photo! Great shadows and clouds in the sky, very interesting shot. So sorry to hear about stormy weather in Florida. Hope it is just a passing squall. They better make sure you get to see Kenzie before she has to go home tomorrow!! :-)

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Randy likes high places and is having lots of fun going up on the roof checking on the progress of the reshingling....

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Thanks to all for the sympathy and encouragement on my car woes. I am back home with the same car. The only clitch that I noticed was a couple of 'hiccups' as I climbed Gaither Mt. I drove it between 40-50 miles after getting it from the shop. I have an appointment wednesday with an individual that specializes in car computers. He will check it out, and I will go from there. I would really like to keep it. It is my alltime favorite car.

Candy, I sort of agree with your analysis, but I have an 83 year old husband that depends on me for most everything, and we live 23 miles from town, in the boonedocks! He is not well, and neither am I. If we lived in town it would be no worry for me. It would be much easier to get transportation when my vehicle was disabled. I might even be close enough to walk if necessary. There is no where to walk to here !

Marie, I love your turkey pic. We hear them but seldom see them. The bear in the neighborhood does not worry me, but it does our 2 cats. I am not concerned about it/them getting in to our house. If it were warm weather, and a screen was all that was there to stop them, then it might be a concern. A bear will not jump through a window, but a deer might!

Chelone, I like goats just fine, if they are confined where they belong. They are much worse than deer for the damage they can do. They will even get on top of vehicles. Deer will not do that. And goats are very hard to confine.
I agree with you on the "running out of gas" but there are two things that have prevented me from taking that route. The top priority is my faith, and the second is my family. I could not do that to them. I know several who are living with the loss of a family member that is much too cruel to them. And, in your cases, they were 'family' to you.

Mary, sorry about the loss of your hen. Do you plan to add to your flock eventually? I kond of wish we still had chickens, but the fence is all rotted down and gone, and the house is headed the same way. There is no way we could have them without those protections here.

Susan, you have my greatest admiration for your attitude. And I am proud of Randy's also. I am glad his mom is safely in a nursing home where she can get the proper care. It is generally harder on the caregiving mate than on the patient when they are in their own home......when it is a case like hers.

Pm2, it you had been with me yesterday morning you would have changed your view on how I sounded. :-( I was becoming a basket case.

I will not likely have much fall colors to share with you this year. The Ginkgo is gorgeous, but most everything else suffered too much loss in the January ice storm. And the cool wet weather is not good for the colors either.

Saucy, are you still having hearing loss from the eardrum problem? Sorry about the pain. I seem to remember having that happen many years ago. I do have diminished hearing in my left ear.

Hi to all my FaceBook friends....:-)


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cyn427 (zone 7)

Cindy, no kidding?! I grew up in Gladwyne. We need to get together sometime-maybe at a nursery...Hoagies and chees steaks are definitely worth the trip up there. I am always bringing back the Philadelphia rolls to make our own-can't get that bread around here. I know what you mean about the teams. I only follow when they make it to the playoffs, except for football-love that. Very upset that the Eagles took Vick, though. Have only been here for 20 years-not quite long enough to become a Redskins fan. Guess I'll stick with the Packers (born in Marinette, left before I turned two) this year. Although Favre was something to watch in that first game against Green Bay! Hope you get to put your feet up and relax tonight and all weekend!

Mary, just saw our hawk. No wonder the birds are in hiding. She/he hangs around during the spring and fall migration-at least that is when I see him/her the most. wish he would grab the squirrels instead of the birds.

Saucy, hope the ear is less painful at this point.

Woody, why do our DHs want to get up on the roof? Must be that y chromosome. I told mine no more climbing up unless I am home, but did he listen? Hah. Oh well.

Michelle, love the fall pitures.

Mary, your chicken is so funny. Nice legs!

Hope everyone has a lovely Friday evening and weekend.

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Take That, you Phillies fans !

A pleasant WALAT this evening and I almost (just almost ) feel guilty posting about the fabu weather we are having in view of the early snows that are having their way with my NE friends. I hope we hear from Deanne this weekend- she must be in an absolute frenzy to get everything that is a keeper safely stowed. I brought home a roll of row cover today so I can start rigging up my succulent and tropical area outside. Some of the stuff will be brought in, but others are too big and unwieldy.

Lol Candy, you have discovered a basic feature of the Idylls- if you are away for a few days it is hard to catch up with our verbosity ! I hope you get to feeling better post haste ..head colds are the pits but I am grateful that I dont seem to be susceptible the flu. Port and Mexican food seem to work well for the cold here. Green tea too-after the Port.

What Mary said Michelle, I just love your gardens. I also want to send good vibes out to your DD and family; I have been dealing with my DDs woes for the last year or so and it is so very unpleasant, and hard to accept . One raises children with the expectation that they will do better but in this economy nothing is assured.

Marian, glad to hear that the horseless carriage may be pulled back from the grave- hopefully it is not to big a financial hit to get her up and running again.

Hope Saucy is feeling better, Cindy is in full slug-prep , Phoebe is sleeping , V is hitting the jackpot !

Thats all for me tonight, I have some chores and list making to do..

Kathy in Napa

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Well Kathy, we've had a fire in the fireplace, the rosemary is covered, the wood is almost all stacked away, the potting bench has been hoisted into the garage for winter, the repaired tire was put back on the mower. Phoebe is out for her evening walk with DH and I am avoiding a second load of dishes. Tomorrow is dessert making day in preparation for our French Club in the evening. The weather was crisp but sunny today and that was a real treat! There were loads of fish in a huge school under our bridge too. :)

The checkout lady at the store today asked me to put up the "closed" sign. She was going home early. By the time she finished my order she was in a flood of tears. She apologized, but said she just couldn't hold it together any longer. Her father was diagnosed with a bad outcome in the Hamilton Hospital and her husband was coming to collect her to go see him. Her children were all settled with friends. I still am thinking of her and know there are no words of comfort. I don't even know her by name but feel a bond. Many of us have traveled that same road...

Off to zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

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I have a run to the transfer station planned for this morning where several metal items will be added to the scrap pile. I will drop the remaining peony divisions off to the neighbor of a friend who's thrilled to receive them. Then off to pay a bill at the lumber yard. Then I will be home to receive some stuff we're storing for a friend who's heading to Florida for the winter. And then the final lawn mowing of the year.

Michelle, I love the shot of your gardens with the shed in the background, a very pretty perspective of your truly lovely gardens! I thought of you yesterday and wondered if you'd had a day with Kenzie. Let's hope the sun once more shines on Florida! what a worry for you.

I would like to know the outcome of Phoebe's visit to the vet., I can't imagine keeping her quiet is any fat lady's dream. And I see that since there was school of fish under the the bridge it's still intact following the delivery of firewood. That's a good thing, though the news of the grocery lady's father is not. Never seems to be any shortage of tragedy somewhere in our worlds, does there?

I see the weather held for roofing work, how many days of it do you anticipate, Woody?

Time to get my list together for the transfer station, methinks.

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cyn427 (zone 7)

Just finished my fourth cup of tea this morning-one more than usual, but I have been lazy. The cold rain continues to fall. No complaints about the rain, just not ready for the cold tepmperatures! Didn't even walk the pups this morning. They have had to content themselves with the yard.

Kathy, those of us from the Philadelphia area know better than to count on any of our teams! LOL. Last year's series win was an aberration, I fear. Glad the playoffs aren't a run-away. Much more fun when it goes to the wire.

'bug, your story made me want to hug your grocery store checker. That's the thing about this human race of ours-we all share many of the same personal losses, cares, and joys. Not so different as some would have us think.

Speaking of which, how is Phoebe?

Sounds like you have a busy day ahead, chelone. Hope you are having one of those spectacular New England fall days!

Since half the day is gone, I suppose I really should do something constructive. My project for the rainy weekend is organizing a lot of junk/stuff we moved here when we cleaned out my parents' house last year. So hard to decide what to keep and what to toss. Most everything needs to be put into new boxes. Some things should be sold because I'll never use them, but where to sell? No idea. Maybe an auction for some things, maybe the trash, maybe donate. What a pain. Oh well.

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cyn427 (zone 7)

Oh dear! I lied. Decided I should get some new plastic boxes for website search led to another to another (ADD is so not pretty!) and now I have ordered three new azaleas from RareFinds. They were just so pretty...and on sale...and what can I say?

Hope everyone else is having a more productive day-except for cindy who should be just lying around and not feeling guilty about it!

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Peony divisions were left on the doorstep of the recipient.
Air conditioners (2), the old reel mower, the empty gas tank are at the transfer station.
Friend's boxspring and mattess are in the bahn.
His couch and love seat are in the storage unit.

BIG seas today, ladies! you can tell there is foul weather elsewhere... big rollers and breakers tell me crummy weather is coming our way for tomorrow.

I have mown the Fertile Cresent and am prepared to make my move on Sanitary Ridge and possibly the south lawn. There are multiple "trail traps" to put a damper on my intense cardio work out... the Wrecking Crew could probably -hit on a dime. They drop a load at the first opportunity which is good if one has to bag it, but a total drag if you don't! YUCK.

Cyn., I hear ya on the junk thing. I am awash in it but am making headway. I have decided packrat tendancies (ditto the helpmeet) and have another entire house full to the eves with more "stuff". The helpmeet doesn't understand my need to go through all the stuff carefully and my brother can be brusque about it, too. But for me it's important to do that; a "closure" thing, to be sure. And I couldn't agree with you more about wanting to hug the grocery checker. I will be going about my merry way, perfectly fine, and then hear a song or think of something and bubble over thinking about my friend and how overwhelmed he was by his own circumstances. We never know what sort of dreadful thing has just happened to someone we encounter during the day. The upshot of it all is that I find I'm more forgiving of someone else's "bad day", but am more inclined to confront mean spiritedness and needless cruelty. Not sure if that's an "age thing" or the result of a few hard years worth of "dope slaps".

As a Red Sox fan I'm well schooled in disappointment. ;) But when they play crummy ball they deserve to go home early. I'm pulling for the Dodgers, Kathy... . NOTHING will ever top 2004 for us, I'm afraid. Watching those smug Yankee fans gape in disbelief when the Sox came from 3 games down was definitely as good as it ever gets. :)

OK, I have to get back to the lawn thing before it's too late.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I did some "lawn thing" this morning, also washed hair and cleaned myself up for this evening's event. Lunch is over with and poor Phoebes really has had it with the squirrels teasing her outdoors. "squirrel" is definitely a part of her vocabulary. "turkey" isn't yet...

I was pretty sick last night and somehow was limping this morning. How can you mash up your foot in your sleep? Anyway, I'm better now but it made for a slow start to the day. The three cats all have started sleeping in bed with us...which is a bit much for me, but not much I can do about it. They plant themselves firmly between us and will not budge. Hrmph.

Chelone, you have reminded me of Highschool Ancient History class where Mrs Schafer taught me. One thing we had to do was draw maps and I loved that. Mesopotamia and the Fertile crescent were featured at one point. Now she was some teacher. Because she had rheumatoid arthritis, she paid an aid out of her own pocket to assist her with many things. She taught us how to outline, to speak in public and other life long skills. She was both emotional and firm. She called a spade a spade and woe to you if you were the object of her wrath! She was particular about using correct words for every situation, something very difficult for me with my mixed language background. Or at least that's my excuse.

Time for the transfer station now and also time to pick up a few things I forgot at the store cat litter. The things I assume DH has done and, well, didn't. Need to scrape DH off the couch and get something accomplished. The sun is shining and I hope Woody and Randy are outside with Misty admiring their new roof.


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Hi all, We had brief sunshine this morning so The dogs and I took a hike. I walked around and said farewell to the flowers as I'm pretty sure they will get hit tonite.
We are to go to a barn dance at the neighbors tonite. Going to have to dress warm thats for sure. I need to get my hair washed too Bug. I'm waiting for "The Eagles Long Road out of Eden" to finish playing.
I wonder what the deal was with your foot.
Jasmine is back to sleeping inside again but not Niki yet. She will sleep outside until I know I can trust her in the house. She is spending more time in with us during the day and does ask for the door when she wants out.

Way to go girls on getting things cleared out. I need to make some headway here on that sort of thing.
We will be doing leaves again soon. Not my favorite outdoor chore for sure.
Still waiting to hear if Michelle got to spend time with Kenzie.

Ok, musics done gotta get this mop washed because it takes forever to dry throughly.


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Norma, it's been a lot colder than it usually is at this time of year and with the wind off the water, it's been COLD. Today is absolutely beautiful, crystal clear sky, quite breezey, and chilly. But properly dressed and physically active it's been nice. Tomorrow is supposed to be overcast, raw, and rainy (a northeaster).

I mowed the lawns and cleaned up 5 "trail traps", stepped in at least one, too. Good thing the grass was long and pretty wet, lol. ;) The mongrel horde has had a fabulous afternoon. And the little methane factories (I hate dogs) are sacked out behind me as I type.
They've explored the "woods".
They've wrestled on the lawns and in the driveway. They have never surrendered...
They've waded in our little wallow. And wrestled in there, too.
They've been next door to retrieve balls in the deep pond.
We've practiced our basic commands.
They've been beaten several times.
They are soaked and resting until dinnertime.

Spencer is back in the Puffy Box Bed, Vera has been sleeping under the duvet, and Polly has been sleeping in the wing chair. Everyone is moving into "winter mode".

I was always fascinated by Mesopotamia. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, The Arabian Nights, Persian carpets, beautiful mosques, Arabian horses, and culture full of art, delicacy, and elegance. What a beautiful and fascinating place the Middle East must be. Our world is a wondrous place; I like that the internet makes is smaller and more accessible.

Take care of your paw, 'bug. Are you sure it doesn't just hurt so you'll be in sympathy with Feebles?

Part of "winter mode" for me is a desire for cheese and crackers... see ya later. ;)

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cyn427 (zone 7)

chelone, you accomplished a lot more than I today. Everytime I start to go through things, I end up looking yet again at the old photo albums from the 30s and 40s, reading old letters, wondering how I can throw away the little, old, black hat and shawl that must have been widow's wear back in the 19th century, etc. If it is raining again tomorrow, I WILL get a lot packed up!

You are so funny about your 'mongrel horde' (the term is hilarious in and of itself).

'bug, maybe the cats slept on top of your foot! All that dead weight...

Norma, hope the barn dance was fun!

Time for a glass of red and maybe a fire tonight-can't believe it is chilly enough for that here this time of year!

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