Filtering Small Duck Pond

brickmanhouseMay 5, 2008

Hi all!

We have acquired three ridiculously cute week old ducklings, who we hope will become Beetle Hunters for our hobby orchard when they grow.

We would like to sink one of those small pre-formed ponds (around 250 gal or so) in the orchard for the ducks.

We won't be keeping fish or plants in it, but those little yellow Fluffy Tailed Terminators grow fast, and can make quite a mess of a pond!

Can anyone tell me what kind of filter might handle three ducks in a 250 gallon pond?

Thanks so much in advance for your help!

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ccoombs1(7B SC)

3 ducks pooping in a small 250 gallon pond is going to mean a LOT of filtration. They are way messier than any fish. You could do a couple things. First...this is an orchard...right? So how about setting up a sump pump on a timer and pump the highly fertalizaed water from the pond to the trees.....and then put a float valve on the pond to re-fill it with clean water for the ducks. Otherwise, plan on a filter made for about a 1200 gallon pond. I am sure if it were me, I'd water the trees though.

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you can't filter for ducks. well at least not economically. it would be like trying to filter raw sewage.
ducks require a small kiddy pool that can be emptied and cleaned at least once a week.
i raise ducks. have for years and a real pond is great but uf you are going container you need small so you can pick it up and clean it and not throw away several hundred gallons of water every week.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

Think cc has the best idea if you have the room?? Wouldn't worry about filtration just make it easy to clean.
The "waste " water certainly won't go to waste on an orchard.?? Automate it as much as your space and budget will allow as it will have to be cleaned at least every week. No use even trying to landscape it.
I raised Wooducks and Mandarins many years ago on a half acre pond and it still showed signs of "ducks" lol.
While most young birds are quite ugly baby ducks are adorable. So you have to choose either ducks or plants lol
IMight also mention that three will soon become 6 or ten or more lol gary

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Is there no hope of having a clean pond AND ducks??

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Hi, I have 10 ducks and 1 drake, and have had Koi ponds in the past, I am going to try filtering my duck pond (1) because it is dirty and (2) because some of the ducks lay their eggs in it, I will be useing brushes etc in bags to make a mechanical type filter with water entering the bottom of the filter and rising up through the media and being sent back to the pond via a pump at the top, if it works I will let you know.

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What about zebra mussels? Can they be used to filter a duck pond?

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i have 5 ducks and i use a homemade bio filter it soes the job and is easy on the pocket. you would have to use a very large elongated plastic container for the amount of mess 3 ducks will make lol
google homemade bio filters to give you some ideas

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I'm wondering the same thing, pond-wise, if I have 2 ducks, can I not just keep a 40-gallon feed tub above ground, let them swim in it, and then once a week just dump the water on my lawn?

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

That would be my advice.. Filtering a duck pond in an area less than a half acre would be futile I would plumb it to make cleaning as easy as possible . The waste will be good for the plants gary

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we have 3 retired rescued(domestic mallard hens). we took one of the 6' metal round water troughs 24"deep:that was for therapy for one of our labs after hip husband installed a faucet at the bottom,we hooked a hose to it and water all the trees in the yard as needed ,then add fresh water..the action of the hose allowing it to over flow pushes debris over the edge.. waters the lawn,the hose waters the trees what more could you ask for? by the way, the ducks love swimming around in their own private pool!we enjoy watching them.

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