Pond less waterfall spillway feature question

JayPatel115June 2, 2014

I am a growing DIYer as the companies around the St. Louis metro area are really out priced. Anyways let's get on with the questions

I have a 12ft long area that I am wanting to put a wall on that curves inward a little bit, now on the back, I will be creating a pond in the future. Now back to the subject, on the wall, I want to equally space 3 of the waterfall spillway things that you can see on YouTube if you look it up. The ones I want are color changing water spillways but they are $500 each. I'm not that rich! I was wondering if I bought the spillway without led lighting, could I add it on later and what would the price be for the led strip? I would like personal experiences not the generic look it up on amazon deal.

In case you were wondering also, the water will. Fall onto the ground where there will be a "basin" area and a pump to pump water into all three of them. I am planning on making this wall 6 feet tall and the water spill way, somewhere around the 4.6 feet range high.

The only question was about the led a if buying them later would be cheaper. Also what size would be a good size (12", 18", 24"...) and which dealer is the cheapest because the Atlantic waterfall company is expensive and so is aqua scape.

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waterbug_guy(Phoenix AZ (Melrose))

The only question was about the led a if buying them later would be cheaper. I don't understand "led a if buying".

that you can see on YouTube if you look it up...you might get more help if you took the trouble to do that work yourself and put the links in your post.

Drawings of your plan would be much easier to understand than text.

I couldn't really make heads nor tails. Sorry.

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I have often considered a pondless water feature. Your idea sounds great. Yeah, $500 each for the color changing lights would deter me from using them too.

Are the spillways pipes coming through the wall or like shelves (sort of like a dustpan)? I don't know if you are wanting to make the spillways yourself or if they are kits. To get an idea, I just checked the Atlantic site and saw the Colorways system. Is that what you are talking about?

I can't answer about the LED lights. I don't think the strips are expensive but you have to know how to connect them to a controller of some kind if you are DIY. My boyfriend uses the LED strips for projects but he has experience.

OH.. I just re-read your post and you want only information from people who have done this. Never mind. My information would be only from ideas I've had.

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