Belladonna germination

locoweed(9)January 21, 2014

After spending an eternity asking around for a belladonna plant (which is endemic in my country, but in few places), and finding nothing, I decided to grow it from seed. I'm not very good at this process, and I fear that it won't succeed. I even came across this information:

Germination requires several weeks in warm, moist, absolutely sterile soil, usually far from normal garden conditions.

Has anyone tried it? The seeds arrive in a few days, and the seller told me to plant them right away, and just keep the soil moist. I'd appreciate any tips, or detailed instructions, because I'm a starter at this!
Also, is it possible to germinate other plants like aconitum, actea, hyoscyamus and mandrake? Yes, I'm aware of their dangerous properties, but to me they're valuable and fascinating plants, and I wish to add them to my personal collection. But I just have no luck finding live plants-any advice is welcome!

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

The "absolutely sterile" soil is not a requirement. Proper conditions (using well-drained soil, avoiding overhead watering, etc) can lessen the chances of dampening off. Fungicides can also be used, if needed. Different sources have different options for germinating the seeds (there's not just one single way), and you can find them easily with a quick google search, using the plant's real name (see link below). There's even other posts about this already in this forum and they can easily found with the search function near the bottom of each main forum page.

Here is a link that might be useful: Google search for Atropa belladonna germination

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