Houseplant that no one can identify

MissJune0394July 7, 2014

My mom found this houseplant in the walmart garden area and no one seems to be able to identify it...not even my mom with her extensive knowledge...she has an idea but is not sure and I have been searching online and haven't found anything similar other than "Congo Aloe" which is probably incorrect. It is from Exotic Angel. It has somewhat thick leaves like a succulent but the leaves aren't very "fat" and after it blooms it gets round seed pods. I didn't see it bloom so I'm not sure what the flower looks like but in the photo you should be able to see the seed pods. It has jagged edges to the leaves but the jagged edges are still rather soft (not pokey like thorns). Anyways, hopefully someone can tell us what it is! Thanks so much!

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What about aloe humilis "Hedgehog" listed on their site? No pic there, but here's another source:

Here is a link that might be useful: aloe humilis

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It sure does look like it, but what threw me off is that mine doesn't seem to have the "Transparent" tips...that's probably what it is though...thanks!

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mingtea(z9 Tucson)

Hmm. These must be making the rounds as a couple have showed up in the c&s forum and been tentatively id'd as Aloe prostrata (formerly Lomatophyllum prostratum).


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Exotic Angel Plants has this mislabeled. It's not Aloe humilis, it's Lomatophyllum prostratum (syn. Aloe prostrata) from Madagascar. Lomatophylllums are distinguished from Aloes by their fleshy(versus dry) seed pods. Gradually acclimate your plant to more sun--it will blush a most pleasing chocolate color. I've had good luck growing it from seed.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lomatophyllum prostratum

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Oh gosh! That's it! Exotic Angel plants didn't even label the plant itself or fill in a code for their website. Thanks so much! That chocolate color sure is beautiful. I'm definitely going to have to acclimate mine since it's been inside walmart. I'm excited to try growing the seeds! Quite an unusual plant =D

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