Anyone know the name of this plant/tree?

CancosJuly 18, 2014

We are deciding whether we want to remove or keep these plants/trees that are in our backyard. We just recently bought the home, but are completely unsure how big they grow or what they produce. Please let me know with your comments below. Thanks! :)

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Looks like a Korean dogwood, Cornus kousa.

And it is always a good idea to live with a new garden for a year or so to figure out and identify everything that's there before making any major changes. Usually new homeowners are so busy making the inside just the way they want it that the outside typically waits for a year or two. Sometimes it takes that long to decide exactly how you want to use the garden as well.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

this one would be worth saving ...

but i wonder what the green nursery tape is for .. if nothing.. get it off the tree ...

see you in the tree forum.. with a pic of the whole... should you wish further advice ... as to staking.. and if properly planted .. etc


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Ken, the green tape is holding the tree to a slender bamboo stake. Your advice is still good.......get it and the stake off that tree. Show us why there is a metal stake and twine, please. I suspect that it's around the tree's trunk. No. No. I lost a peach tree this year when one of them I missed was not removed. Just plain old biodegradable cotton twine. It has to be dug out now and replaced. The forum can tell you how to properly stake this, if it is even necessary. That's a nice tree, btw. Kousa are a more sophisticated form of dogwood and you'll likely want to keep this one.

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