Anyone know the name of this OTHER plant/tree?

CancosJuly 18, 2014

We are deciding whether we want to remove or keep these plants/trees that are in our backyard. We just recently bought the home, but are completely unsure how big they grow or what they produce. Please let me know with your comments below. Thanks! :)

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

based on how it appears to be planted.. bound.. staked.. tortured and all the dead parts..

i am not sure i would bother with trying to save it.. regardless of what it is..

once you get your ID.. head over to the tree or fruit forum.. and ask if it is worthy of your attention.. or better off dead... and a pic of the whole will help..

i also wonder if it is telephone poled.. planted too deep ... aka improperly planted .... God knows why a plant that size would need two stakes.. and what looks like steel cable to hold it up ....

and do understand.. i am being very honest.. since you did not do this ...


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Here is a second photo

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IanW Zone 5 Ont. Can.

lol calliope

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Carrie B

Agree that whatever it is is staked to within an inch of its life - remove those stakes if you MAY want to keep it.

A closeup of the foliage, twigs and bark will help with ID. Also, tell us where it is planted (city/state.)

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floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

I would say it is probably an 'ornamental' pear. It has clearly been horribly treated and vilely hacked about in the name of 'pruning'. Even if you wanted a Pyrus calleryana (which most knowledgeable tree people in the US wouldn't touch with a barge pole) this one is a disaster. I seldom advocate killing plants but for this one it would be a mercy.

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