Burpee Ultimate Growing System

gltrap54January 4, 2012

Anyone have any experience using this seed starting "system". I've used it in the past and it does make watering a bit easier, but the transplants are often difficult to remove from the cheap cells........

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I've used it for several seasons for a church garden - 40 tomatos, 40 peppers, 20 eggplant.
I keep fluorescents just above the leaves (one daylight, one regular). And use some 100 watt bare bulbs for heat.
Found a tiny salad fork that fits in the tray to pop out the plants, plus a wooden dowel to push from below. Found they come out better if add water from top (i use a turkey baster)to make more moist to dig out. I get 100 percent germinate and rarely get mold or damping. Ceiling fan keeps are moving in the room. For a non-pro it works for me. Had trouble finding the spaghnum pellets to refill & just buy the bricks. Before the plants get root bound in the tiny cells, transplant to 3 inch pots.

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I have been using these Burpee kits since they came out with them with very good success.Some of the pellets fail to completely dissolve on occasion. They need a bit of persuasion with a sharp instrument. I use a lobster pick to lift out seedlings. It has a narrow little fork on one end and an elongated narrow spoon of the other. Work slick as a whistle. Find them with the kitchen supplies. The starter cells are very cheaply made and care must be taken in their handling if you wish to use them for more than one year.

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t-bird(Chicago 5/6)

I have a different system, but with the super tiny little cells. I use a very small teaspoon to get them out. Also - I've found it better to transplant earlier before too many roots are up. If it's 1/2"x1/2" cells they're not meant to stay long....

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