rocca(6B)January 19, 2014

Okay the Patriots just lost. Good season guys. Now I need something to do. What can I get started here in Boston?

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

Rocca, I'm not sure how to take your post and maybe that's why you haven't received a response yet. I'm guessing you are asking for ideas about what to plant? If so, can you give us an idea of what type of thing you are looking for (vegetables, perennials, trees, etc)?

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Thanks Brandon. Sorry for the cryptic nature of the posting. Yes I'm wondering what seeds I can start now here in the Boston area. Vegetables, annuals, perennials anything really. Thanks.

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

I'm personally addicted to growing trees. But, I have a place to plant many of them, and I know not everyone does. If you have the room to plant them or have a way to find them good homes, that's what I'd probably grow. Suppliers like Sheffield's and Schumaker make shopping for a wide variety of woody stuff pretty easy. If you don't want to have to stratify the seeds, just look for some that don't need pretreatment (there are quite a few).

Right now, I have my eye on some seeds from Prairie Moon. They have a good selection of native / environmentally-beneficial plants (especially perennials and grasses).

I guess really it's more about what you have a place to grow than what's the most fun to plant. Cause growing just about anything from seed is fun to watch!

Wintersowing can be a fun way to grow many things. Some of the benefits are less indoor space needed and no extra electricity for indoor lighting. Of course, you can't always watch them as closely and you may not get as much of a jump on the growing season.

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Rocca, that's a broad question, and you have not described your garden, how much space you have, what you are interested in. Why not start here and get a better idea so you can decide what you really want to do:

Here is a link that might be useful: Local info

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