Spotted a new resident in the pond.....

hardin(7 SE OK)June 9, 2011

A couple weeks ago, I was working around the pond and out of the corner of my eye, I seen something moving. I looked and thought, "For real, a tiny turtle?" Well, time passed and I thought maybe I had imagined it. I seen it again and it is not much bigger than a fifty cent piece. I can't get close enough to see what kind it is, as when it spots me, it disappears under the rock. I know later when he is bigger he may cause some problems, but will he cause any major problems now being so small? I may try to get to his hiding spot, but that will take a little work. Wonder what he eats?

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He will wander off. Turtles are nomads. At that stage he will eat bugs/worms etc. I think as they get older they become more dependant on plantlife.

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fifty cent size icaught a 15" snapper heading to my koi pond This week,I caught him,a nasty nasty booger kept leaping towards me.I got him a huge bucket,put him in hubbys office.To think if my 2 jack russells would have found him, Oh my,heavy and stink wew

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Awww... I bet he's cute. Why not keep him for the summer and then relocate him in the early fall to a big pond somewhere. Or keep in for the winter in an aquarium with some lights and places he can sun himself. I have kept turtles and they are great fun. You need good filtration when they get bigger, but they are really nice to watch.

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hardin(7 SE OK)

From the glimpses I've gotten he is rather cute. I am going to let him stay, although he may leave on his own. I built the pond for all those who wanted to visit, so its all good. If I have to move him, I do have a place he can go about a mile down the road, there is a large pond and as I did not 'introduce' him, I'd say he is likely a native.

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