Climbing Peace?

butterflylion(7bGA)January 22, 2012

I've grown the regular bush Peace rose and would like to grow the Peace climbing rose. What is a source where I could get plants? Is it available on its own roots? Do any of you grow it?

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Mendocino_Rose(z8 N CA.)

I grow Climbing Peace. I'm not sure where you could find it now. You could look it up on Some people dislike this rose. I think a lot depends on climate and culture. To me it is like most climbing sports of HTs. This means long canes and often not much rebloom. I find that this rose responds to bending the canes to encourage more laterals and bloom. In a mild summer it has for me rebloomed rather well. I have to caution though that it might not rebloom at all after the spring bloom. For me in my garden(zone 8) I am very fond of it.

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seil zone 6b MI

I had it and shovel pruned it. In the 6 years it was here it gave me one bloom the first season and never, EVER, bloomed again. It was close to 10 feet tall and I did bend the canes to encourage laterals but it still never bloomed.

On the other hand, the president of my rose society has it and he LOVES it! He says his is covered in blooms. So what can I tell you?

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harryshoe zone6 eastern Pennsylvania

I wonder if there are multiple versions of Climbing Peace as there are of Peace.

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I have an old Climbing Peace that we think was planted in the 1950s. I suspect it was not the climbing version when it was planted, as it is in a row of bush HTs that were planted alongside of our driveway, with nothing to climb on. However, in the ensuing 35 years before we moved into our house, a giant pomegranate forest grew up above it, and by the time I first saw it it had climbed up 10 feet (sported to a climber?). Now it is 12-14 feet high, and is disporting itself way up in the canopy of the pomegranate bushes. It blooms well in the Spring, with at least one other flush in the Fall. I love love it - we look down on the blossoms at the top of the pomegranate bush from our second story bedroom window seat.


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What most don't realize is the climbing mutation isn't an "on/off" proposition. It is a continuum with some plants being more rampant with fewer flowers and some not rampant but more "enthusiastic" than a bush with more flowers than the rampant one. Read old introductions of climbing HT sports in the ARS annuals and editions of Modern Roses. You'll find the same HT mutating in different countries and various nurseries in the same country with reports of this one flowers spring through fall, while another only flowers in spring. Some were "heavy, repeat flowering" while others were as low as "sparse bloom".

It sometimes makes a difference from which nursery you obtain your plant as some had/have more heavily flowering versions than others. Yet, that CAN vary quite a bit from one plant to the next, all of them propagated from the same stick of bud wood as it is a mutation, and each one can actually vary quite a bit. Some are more stable than others, but not all. You can still find reports of how widely Cl. Iceberg varied when first discovered and introduced back in the late sixties. Some versions grew rampantly with very little flowering at all while some were "vigorous" yet flowered repeatedly as if they were more vigorous bush versions. You really had to pay attention to were you bought your climbing Iceberg to make sure it would repeat. It took several years for most sources to standardize and offer the same version so you could buy it without having to make sure it repeated.

Of course, the differences in performance can well be climatic and cultural, but, yes, there have been, and I'm sure still are differing versions of the same mutation of the same variety. It's been well documented for the past hundred years. Kim

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harryshoe zone6 eastern Pennsylvania

Peace didn't mutate here. It just took a while to become the rose it is today. At first, it was weak with small canes and pale, tiny flowers. Transplanting it made a difference.

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seil zone 6b MI

Thanks, Kim. I have heard before that a lot of HTs that sport to climbers are not very heavy bloomers as a rule. That explains the why of it in a lot more detail. I personally think that if you want a climber get one that was BRED to BE a climber and not something else that just freaked out. I don't like HTs as standards either. Most of them just do not have the right growth habit to make a graceful looking tree rose. Just my opinon. But then I went and saw this standard of Ronald Regean at a nursery last spring that was to die for GORGEOUS, lol!

If my Cl. Peace had given me just a handful of blooms like that one, Harry, it would probably still be here!

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

My shrub 'Iceberg' is behind the wickedly thorny 'Glamis Castle' so I quit pruning the 'Iceberg', which became a lovely climber on its own, there being a wrought iron piece right behind it could grow up into. Perhaps the line between "climber" and "shrub" is not (excuse the pun) clean cut.

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