star anise seeds

michelle11(z7 AL)January 2, 2006

I am interested in growing a star anise tree. I tried sprouting several seeds from a spice store, with no luck. Then I read that the spice comes from the "unripened fruit" of the tree. Does this mean that there is no use in continuing with these seeds? If not, does anyone have any suggestions as to the best way to sprout them (what I tried before was simply keeping them in moist soil)?

Thanks, Michelle

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mrbrownthumb(z5 Chicago)

Nic the seeds and soak them in warm water, the seed requires a temperature of 70°F to germinate. I've never heard that the ones from the store won't germinate totally possible.


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Culinary Star anise (Illicium verum) is usually grown in southern Asian countries, & I know of no plants or a source for fresh seeds in the US. Fresh seeds would be more likely to germinate. Be careful when you buy seeds for sale  anyone can grab this spice off the spice rack & resale the seeds, but that does not mean they will germinate. I can get a package of star anise from the store for about 60 cents & I would not buy unless I was assured germination. When buying seeds, look for the seed companies germination rate for that seed. Having said that, I am trying the same thing as you - sometimes many of these spices can be grown from store bought seeds.

One problem you will have with store-bought star anise is a lack of viable seed. Below is a picture. The seeds are inside the star pod inside the shiny shell. The ones on the left are the seeds, whereas the ones on the right are dried up seeds that are definitely not viable. The outer shiny shell of the star anise is very fragile, and would probably break down with the soil.

I were purchasing seeds I would break down the shiny shell & notify the company if I found dried up seeds in them. I would not pay for non viable seeds as seen in the right.

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Hi, I am searching for the real satr anise, bought some seeds, planted them, had them healthily sprouted and have them growing. Question is - Are they really Illicium Verum ? If you can help me answering it, I would be very grateful, cause the data about the subjet, available in the net, is not relliable, probably because of intervention of the powerfull pharmaceutical industries politics, that spread misinformation on their most valuable subjects,as star anise, from wich is made TAMIFLU.
Thanks, Silvio Chaves.

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