just a weed?

loris(Z6 NJ)July 8, 2014

I'm pretty sure this one is nothing I'd want to keep but I thought I'd check before pulling have it on my list of plants to yank out. I often give reprieves though for native plants especially if they are good for wildlife.

These usually grow straight up with a slight curve even though this picture makes it look like a ground-cover growing sideways .

What is it?


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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

loris, the photo doesn't show up for me.

When you get to Preview, what you see there is what we'll see in the final post. If a link doesn't work in Preview, it won't work in the final post. If a photo doesn't show up in Preview, it won't show up in the final post.

Usual suspects for non-visible photos include:

= a mistake in the link to the photo's location.

= the photo is in your email account (which we don't have access to/password for).

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loris(Z6 NJ)

Thanks. I didn't hit submit when I originally did this so I probably timed out. I hope it shows up now. (I'll check)

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Carrie B

Japanese stiltgrass, I believe.

Here is a link that might be useful: Microstegium vimineum

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Horrible stuff, thankfully easy to pull out and it's an annual. Be sure to get it all before it goes to seed (in Georgia that is late September or October).

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loris(Z6 NJ)

Thanks carrieb and esh_ga. I'm glad I asked. It's become a problem in some natural areas here so getting rid of it is now my top weeding priority.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

as soon as you note.. that it has become a problem.. and that being part of the definition of WEED ... when it really didnt need a name ... other than for curiosity ...

a problem plant is a weed .. period ...

would you have kept your problem ... had they told you it was a valuable plant ..???


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loris(Z6 NJ)


It wasn't (isn't) very widespread in my yard yet. If it wasn't bad for natural areas I might have left int alone since it wasn't really bothering me.

I'm less interested in "valuable" plants than plants that help me in these goals:

  1. not spreading invasives (although I have more than I want here--some purchased by my husband, some that came with the house or as in this case some that just showed up one day)
    2.having a habitat garden
    3.having more native plants.

I've ended up with many plants I like by getting id's on what just shows up. I like plants other people might not want in their yard. My first questions about a plant are "What can eat it?", "What can use it for shelter or nesting material?".

On the other hand I don't think closed gentian or queen of the prairie do much for wildlife but I ended up buying some of each just because I really like how they look.

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Well, closed gentians are valuable to bumblebees in late season (lol).
I've never successfully grown queen of the prairies to see what likes it...but I sure love the look ;)

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loris(Z6 NJ)

Thanks dbarron. It's good to know closed gentian is good for a pollinator besides being pretty.

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