rubber membrane for pond liner

krp58(Maine z4/5)June 22, 2011

has anyone used a roofing rubber membrane for a pond liner? I would like to reline my plastic liner with something that will last a long time and thought the rubber membrane would hold up to the job. not sure about the draw backs

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

Yes, many have used it. Firestone makes pond liner too. The only difference is they use talc on the roofing liner that you need to wash off.

There are thousands of threads on the internet arguing about it being different or the same.

"pond" liner by firestone costs significantly more than roofing liner.

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Yes roofing liner and pond liner are exactly the same except for one thing. When pond liner is made more care is taking not to get any thing on it that will hurt aquatic life and then it is tested to be sure that it is safe for aquatic life. That doesn't mean that if you use roofing liner that you will have a problem. Most of the time you will not but not always. A good example is Aquascapes. They use to sell roofing liner for ponds until a few years ago they had a problem. Now it is all tested.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

Something that I've used is fiberglass tarp material.
Lasted from 82/06 even then only had a small leak ina 5x10x3 foot above ground. Cost less than 20 bucks for a new one lol have kept several kinds of fish and many types of plants without problems except for herons . gary

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