Is there a small rose that only gets about 1 to 2 feet in height?

jess2132000(PA)January 16, 2008

I have a row of red and pink Knock Out Roses is there another rose that I can put in front of them that is a low growing rose? Or may this be too much!!I was looking at a carpet rose either white or yellow but they say they grow to 36 inches which is too tall for me.

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

Check out Green Ice. It is a mini that kinda sprawls, making it great for "edging" a bed of roses. It gets maybe 1 ft high and sprawls maybe 1.5 ft. Lots of smaller white blooms on it (very slight greenish hue in partial shade or cooler weather)and its quite disease resistant. It's a terrific little rose.


Here is a link that might be useful: Green Ice at HMF

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seil zone 6b MI

You need to look into some mini roses. There are a lot of them that don't get tall. But be careful in your research. Miniature rose does not always mean miniature plant. There are miniature climbers that will get 6 to 10 feel tall.

Another class that may be what you're looking for is Polyanthas. Some of them are also low growers, but they're great bloom machines too.

You can also keep most smaller shrub or carpet roses trimmed down with good pruning.

Check out the link above and do an advanced search for the characteristics you want.

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diane_nj 6b/7a

Go over to Nor'East Mini Roses or John's Miniature Roses and check out some of the micro minis.

Here is a link that might be useful: Micro Minis at John's Miniature Roses

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mike_in_new_orleans(9a/ coastal LA)

Minis are definitely what to consider for your purposes. But even among those, many grow 2 or 3 feet tall, some even a little taller than that. I am going to recommend
I bought it on a whim 2 years ago. It's not classed as a micro-mini, but the plant isn't even a foot tall (at least, not mine). But it's very healthy, spreading growth with good bloom production. The best of all is that its amazingly disease-resistant for me. Very low-maintenance. Mine's in a small pot (12" diameter) and doesn't act like it will ever outgrow that space. The blooms are exquisitely formed for such small blooms, and they are a fascinating and changeable blend of white, yellow, and apricot, with hints of pink edges. Very Pretty! and I think they go with just about anything.

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predfern(z5 Chicago)

Prairie Sunrise (Buck) is naturally short.

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Among polys that stay small over the years you will find
Anna Marie de Montravel--white, and lily of the valley fragrance;
Eblouissant--a color fast red (no bluing) and under 1 foot.
Baby Faurax-- 1 foot tall unless you get a seedling like 'Lauren' or Raymond Privat,'but the color is mauve.
Little White Pet also white.

Among the microminis: Baby Jane Clare, a small ten inch tall plant with deep pink blooms the size of a dime.


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diane_nj 6b/7a

JimD, White Pet is 2.5' - 3' tall for me, and Baby Faurax is a little larger.

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Diane--Thank you for the 'heads up.' Both of my 'White Pets' are under a foot tall but then I do grow them on a hillside. Baby Faurax is regularly reported as 1 foot (which mine is)(but see Jack Harkness, 'Roses'); I know that there are some clones of it that grow taller, e.g.
Lauren, a seedling hitting four feet in my garden and the Sequoia Faurax which usually gets taller than the predicted one foot. I have to admit Faurax for me stays at 1'x 1' but Lauren and Privat regularly top out much taller.


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the_bustopher z6 MO

Vintage has a Bourbon called Le Grand Capitan (sp?). It may also be the same as the China rose Eugene de Beauharnais. I have one that blooms fairly regularly, but it stays quite small, never over 18 inches. It is a dark maroon color that would go with pink Knockouts. It might do okay for you.

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If they're hardy enough for you, sounds like you have a good spot for The Fairy, Lovely Fairy, or the spreading/cascading mini Sweet Chariot.

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lori_elf z6b MD

Souvenir de la Malmaison only grows 1-2' here in this climate, but will get 3' tall in warmer zones. I also have very short polyanthas under 2' tall called Lullaby and Perle d'Or, which again grow bigger elsewhere. Tamora and Prospero are two Austins that also stay under 2' tall for me after many years.

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seil zone 6b MI

If your in PA you're in zone 6??. You probably can't grow Chinas or Teas Roses (not Hybrid Teas but Tea Roses, 2 differnt classes) I don't think because it gets too cold for them.

Nice list of polys, Jim, and if they stay that small in SoCal they should remain small in a colder climate for sure.

lori, SdlM is only a foot tall for you? I've seen it get 6 feet high here.

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