Datura "Devils Trumpet" - Cuttings VS Seeds

Sunrise Vineyards(6 (Western NY))February 8, 2013

Garden Web Friends,
With the many beautiful varieties of Datura available (such as the variety known as Datura metel Double Purple "Blackcurrant Swirl"), does anyone know if they will grow "true from seed" or do they have to be grown from cuttings to get a true identical flowering plant?

I have seen many different seed varieties available on eBay, but I am concerned about the seedling not growing true to the parent, or being completely different from the parent altogether.I have also noticed that many catalogs are selling the Datura plant itself and not the seeds. I was thinking that it was because they were cutting grown, however I was told by a local garden center that they or nothing more than seed grown and sold in pots to increase profits.

Can anyone clarify this for me? Will a specific Datura variety grow "True from seed?


PS - For several years now, I have grown two of the single pedal white Datura inoxia "Moonflowers" which have come up from their tubers (and not from re-seeding) for several years now. When the original seedlings were grown, these two plants grew up against the foundation of my house. All the rest of the original seedlings died during the first winter. Apparently, there is enough residual heat radiating from my basement walls to keep the tubers of the two plants alive during the winter months. I live in Western New York near Buffalo.

Below is a picture of the Datura metel "Double Purple" that I am interested in growing.

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I've grown the Ballerina Datura metel double purples and yellows for several years. I've always collected the seed from the seed pods for growing the following year. And yes, they have always come true from that seed.

On one of the garden forums I frequented years ago, the same question you have was asked. Onalee Israel from Onalee's Home Grown Seeds said "Yes, all the datura I have grown all come true from their seeds. I've grown the double purple, triple yellow, triple white (all D. metel) as well as 'La Fleur Lilac' and Moonflower Datura (D. inoxia) for several years and they all come true from the seed"

I made a note of her statement (that's why I can quote her) :-)


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Sunrise Vineyards(6 (Western NY))

Thanks for the info Art!

I checked out Onalee's web site. He has a great selection!!


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Glad to be of help Kevin. I had to edit my first post because I found out that Onalee is a she not a he :-)

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I've never heard of propagating a Datura from cuttings. I have always been told it was seeds, but I could have always been told wrong. I haven't looked for a proof positive answer, because, though I see quite a few of these absolutely beautiful plants growing in people's yards, I do not know them, therefore, I just can't walked up to them & start asking questions. I purchased seeds online of two trumpet plants. I tried sowing them last year without any luck. This year was off too a bad start as well. Unlike the first try, these did not even germinate. The seeds rotted in the soil. Damping off killed my first set. I am currently in my third attempt. It has been about two weeks since they have sprouted, & things seem to be looking brighter.

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