October 9th and not too shabby, eh?

vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)October 9, 2006

Since I'm attempting to be prudent and rest my cold infected body, I decideded to forego the usual Monday night workout for some garden strolling and picture taking. The weather couldn't have been better today-sunny and upper 70s F. Tomorrow the cold air blows back in. At this time of year, days like this are numbered.

After a few attempts, Aster 'Lady in Black' has finally delivered the goods.

The new additon to the Knockout rose series, 'Home Run'. I like the red color better. It's definitely living up to the Knockout name...no blackspot. All the Salvia 'Black & Blue' you see here reseeded from last year.

Here is a plant Monique turned me onto a few years ago, Gentiana scabra. What a beauty! No late season garden should be without it.

I just recently noticed how big and beautiful this Begonia grandis has grown and moved the potted Caladium in there. Next year I plan to further capitalize on this late season color blast.

Zoe on the patio. She must be showing me what she considers her best side. Why won't my dogs look at a camera?

This white Brug has been a workhorse all season. Notice the great fall color of the small Oxydendron.

Another reseeded treasure with a Dahlia Bishop of Landalf gone wild.

So, there you have it. Deanne will be here on Saturday and we'll start dismantling some of the containers. I'm still watering all the pots at least every other night. Soon it will time to rest.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Oh I just love it all. (especially because I don't have to water or weed it! LOL)

That Lady in Black is just like my version which is called something like Black Prince. Looking good this year too, though a bit subtle.

I was going to post and ask if anyone has ever succeeded in overwintering S.Black & Blue indoors. I know it won't make it outdoors. I've got a few cuttings in water but they don't seem to be doing anything... Maybe this will be like Gaura for me...an annual that is worth buying each year.

I remember Monique's gentians and was never able to find them in Canada. And did I ever try too! I have some different earlier ones, but those scabras are fabu-gorgeous! (So where is Monique anyway?)

Well it looks like you can simply hand over your photos to Silk and we'll get to see them again in FG! Yippee!

Thanks for the tour!

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Still lots of color there Sue. The grasses and colorful foliage are nice accents. I didn't know there was a new Knockout. So is 'Home Run' a real red? I'm loving my lighter pink one blooming with Slavia Black and Blue right now. Norma

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Hi Sue, not shabby AT ALL! Great job on the late season interest! I have that Lady in Black Aster too and really like it for something different. Wish I could get the Black and Blue to reseed for me. I haul mine inside and overwinter it. Great picture, very patriotic. I agree about the gentiana scabra, no garden should be without it IF YOU CAN FIND IT. I've been searching for years now, since I first saw Monique's. I tried growing it from seed last year, no success, but will try again this year. Your's looke great. Love the begonia grandis with the caladiums. I do the same thing and put my caladiums in pots that I can tuck in here and there. They did well this year. The long shots of the garden are spectacular. Is that an amaranth in your last picture? Nice! The tropicals add so much color at this time of year don't they. I added an oxydendron this last spring and am wondering how it will do overwintering here. I've spent the last couple of days dismantling all of my stuff, and it's been hard to chop everything up, especially the brugs, which were blooming like crazy, but we're going to get cold starting tomorrow. Your garden is beautiful (Zoe too!). Can't wait to see what you do next year. Enjoy these last few days with it!


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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

Sue, how fabulous your garden looks! Count me in on the Gentiana. I've been looking for it, too ever since Monique posted the pic.

Your pix were a sight for sore eyes this morning -- I dismantled my containers, dug up and cleaned dahlias, and pulled tropicals yesterday. I have zone envy!

Thanks again. I'm off to get busy with the shovel.

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Hi Sue!

Your garden looks great. Are any of your grasses annuals? I have an annual grass that I would really like to overwinter, but have no idea if it will go for it. I bring my salvias in, and leave them in their pots, until they start looking ratty, then cut them back and put them to sleep, but since you said one of yours reseeded I might leave one out in the yard as an experiment. I got a Persicaria Painter's palette, and it is really growing well, but I didn't get any chevrons on mine. Do you think it has something to do with sun exposure?


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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

Sue - everything looks wonderful! I love the rose with the grass.

OK, now I need that Gentiana scabra too! I bet Monique bought the last one...

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

So wonderful looking, Sue -- I really like the long shots that show us the overall glamor, glamor of the garden. I am still in awe of all the small trees you manage to have planted in your space. Im sure Zoe is just showing her nod of approval to HER yard -- she's looking very queenly there.

Thanks for posting - I was just thinking we hadnt seen much of it this year but I knew it had to be glorious.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Sue, what can I say???? How fabu-fabu but that doesn't even say it. I'm going to have to invent a new adjective to describe your gardens. I'm seriously envious of all the wonderful combinations and incredible color you have going on there. Things here are brown, tattered and all done in for the season.

I was going to ditch my white brug because it was so decimated with broad mites this summer but after seeing this photo I'm going to have to de-bug it and bring it in. I don't know where the mite infestation came from this season but they were horrific and beyond frustrating.

I don't remember where you have that aster and the gentians? I'm looking forward to seeing it all in person on Saturday.

Just beautiful and I'm so happy you posted this eye candy. Thanks


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david_5311(Z 5b/6a SE Mich)

Hi Sue and all, picture gawker checking in. I couldn't pass up this thread. Sue, your gardens have a lushness that makes me drool, it seems that the pictures of them show much more luxuriant growth than even a year or 2 ago. And the combinations are incredible. I miss this kind of overflowing abundance -- it will be awhile for me.

These pictures are great testimony to how the late season garden can be the richest of the year, while still having plenty of interest throughout the growing season. Bravo!


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Sue, what a beautiful collection of photos. Your gardens are stunning and your talent for choosing plants, choosing the right site and combination, your gardening abilities......I am in awe, again ;o), over the beauty you share with us.


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Fantabulous! (how's that for a word Deanne) Sue, you have the late season look that I am striving for, but actually you have accomplished a great garden for all seasons. Thanks for sharing your little piece of paradise with us.


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Sue, all the adjectives have been used up!

Your gardens are beautiful and inspirational.


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Thanks folks...I think we're looking at the best of the end here. I went out again tonight to try and take more but I'm pretty much out of new material. The containers are starting to look ragged and I've been cutting stuff back and doing some digging.

Norma, 'Home Run' is supposed to be red. It's definitely more of the red than the regular 'Knockout' but at times it still looks like it has some deep pinky tones. Maybe it depends on the light. I have to admit, as much as I can't be bothered with most roses, these Knockouts deserve prime space. The one on my retaining wall garden is in full bloom right now and despite this being a banner year for foliar diseases, not one of my Knockouts has a hint of blackspot.

You're all right, that Gentian is hard to find and it makes no sense. Why wouldn't they want to market a plant like that? I actually ordered mine from Plant Delights a couple of years ago. Eden, it's funny you didn't have luck growing them from seed because they are seeding around ever so slightly in my garden. This was the first time I've ever had Salvia 'Black and Blue' reseed. It had to be because we had such a mild winter. Salvia coccinea is seeding all over the place too and Salvia 'Argentine Skies' has run all over my patio garden. Things could definitely be worse though...you certainly aren't going to hear me complain about being overrun by tender salvias...lol.

Drema, the only annual grass I grow is the purple Pennisetum and I've never even tried to winter it over. Recently there was an endless thread about doing that over on the New England forum. I felt like telling evryone to just pay the five bucks and buy another one in the spring...lol. Last year I planted one early in the ground and ot got so big I had to keep cutting it back.

Cindy, take a chance on a couple of small trees. All you need is 10-15' or less of air space. Most of the japanese maples grow fairly slow, some very slow. I figure the worst thing that can happen is I'll have more shade in 10-20 years. I think I'm pretty conservative when it comes to overcrowding the garden and believe it or not but I've had people come here and tell me I have room for a few more trees. Shouldn't everyone have a Sourwood?

Hi David! I'm honored that you like the garden. Alot of my influence, especially in the late season interest focus, came from you. Promise me you'll get back at the creating and sharing at some point in the near future.

Below is a link to the rest of the fall shots...


Here is a link that might be useful: Sue's Fall garden pics

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Wonderful to see even more pics! Sue, which hydrangea is that in slide 17? I love the colour. Probably not hardy here, but I can ask, right? I'll be searching again for gentian scabra. Maybe it doesn't survive in Canada so they don't sell it? That never stopped them before though. It can be so frustrating to find something exciting and different and then see that it is for zone 7...
I now see that your Lady in Black is HUGE! Very nice indeed!

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What a way to begin the day - a virtual tour of Sue's garden. You have so many interesting plants, in fact I wonder if we grow any of the same plants. LOL I need names by all your pictures.


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yeonasky(z8b VancouverBC)

Simply scrumptious, Sue. I love the colors and the overflowing abundance too. Aren't those Knock Out Roses wonderful. They even stay pristine in my rainy winter climate. I have the pinks but now need a 'Home Run' KO too. I wonder how many people will be sent scrabbling for the G scabra this time. I searched high and low for that one when I saw it on Monique's pics, and had no luck, like Marie. Maybe some day, sigh! Thanks for showing your garden again. Always a treat.


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david_5311(Z 5b/6a SE Mich)

Sue, are there any secrets to growing Gentiana scabra? I tried a number of gentians in my old garden and had no great success with any of them. They just never seemed to thrive. I never really figured out what kind of soil and moisture levels they wanted. Some I tried in the gravel-sand rock garden just seemed to shrivel up and die, while they did not seem happy in richer damper soil either.

BTW, for those looking for a great selection of gentians, including G. scabra at least at times, Arrowhead Alpines should have them all. I am sure I have bought this plant (and killed it...) before.

Sometime I will make a post which shows the progress of the garden this year. There has been a lot --Jim and I bought a tractor and planted about 40 trees and shrubs last week, moved 50 yards of mulch too. But we have nothing like the rich plantings of Sue's garden yet -- that will just have to wait till the garden is more settled.

It is going to get cold soon, and then maybe I will finally have time to show you how we are coming.

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OK here's a seldom used adjective: SPECTABULOUS!!: ) It still doesn't describe the feeling I get from seeing your pics Sue lol.

I remember when the patio stone,etc. was being laid and how stark it probably felt to you. I marvel at how quickly you filled that place up! I like your skillful choices for creating all that texture-you really have exciting colors-not with just the bloom colors but even more so the foliage. It makes such a statement when you go back and consider what if all that foliage was simply consistant green-it wouldn't have even half the impact! You're just so great with making an interesting garden.

As for that gentian scabra-love it! I couldn't get it to grow from seed either Eden. I did manage to acquire Gentiana Septemfida and by golly it lives over three or more years later. I had it in dry clay soil but I don't think it had enough sun so it got lanky. I moved it to part sun in more fertile soil that gets fairly moist and it had much better blooms on but it's just the first season in its new spot-my guess is that it likes good soil(& acid?) and more sun(?)than deep shade-not sure if G. scabra acts similarly but it's been on my wish list...

Good to see you David-say hi to Jim!


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Marie, the Hydrangea is serrata 'Preziosa'. It's probably root hardy for you but would never bloom. Some years it doesn't even bloom here but I keep it for the foliage. Maybe I should start protecting all the marginally bud hardy Hydrangeas like Chelone described for guaranteed flowers.

David, I don't know what the secret is to growing the Gentian. Part sun, regular garden soil...Monique may have hers growing in morning sun. As I said, mine are reseeding somewhat. The one I transplanted into my crappy soil retaining wall garden is struggling so dry soil does not seem to be what they want.

Babs, I have G. septemfida and although it blooms and has lasted a few years IMO, it doesn't have the same garden presence of G. scabra. That's why I don't understand why all the nurseries seem to have that one and not scabra.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Well what do you know! I've already killed Hydrangea serrata 'Preziosa' here. Guess I won't try that again! Too bad...

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Sue, what is the "volunteer" in the last picture. I'm assuming a celosia or amaranthus. Do you know the name? I had some nice purple leaved celosia this year. I really like yours.


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Michelle, it's a red leaf amarathus of some sort. I'll take a look through my plant tags from last year and see if I kept any info on it. It reseeded quite a bit and I ended up with two really large plants.


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lidigentri(z5/6 CT)


Your gardens are beautiful! The combos are wonderful and I really appreciate how well you have mastered the art of interest for all seasons, especially late season. It is nice to celebrate the end of the gardening season with some fireworks! I can't wait to see it on the tour next year. I am guessing that your garden will be featured towards the end of the season?

And BTW, if that G. scabra should outdo itself by reseeding in too many places, I would love to see it make an appearance at the CT plant swap...;).


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Monique z6a CT(6a CT)

Hi 'bug, I'm here finally.

Sue, the caladium is perfect with the perennial Begonia grandis! What can I say about the Gentian-it is one of my faves and I'm envious that it has seeded around for you LOL. I still want that Amaranthus next year for my deck bed, so if you're overwrought with seedlings next year, keep me in mind. So, did you find out its name?

Drema, I don't have chevrons on my Painter's Palette Persicara either. So, Sue gave me one of her reseeded PP last w/end so I can hopefully have chevrons on one plant at least.

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It's 4 yrs later and I still haven't forgotten those Gentiana scabra's of Monique's. I've hunted around long enough to find the old pics and they are so breathtaking I'm still thinking of digging up a bunch of shrubs to make a space for them. I don't know if Monique even posts here anymore but I'd love to hear an update on how the plants hold up over time. I searched on Garden Watchdog and the only source listed is Seneca Hill Perennials in NY.
Any comments at all about Gentians?

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