what is this flower seedling?

blwagnerJuly 2, 2014

I planted some cypress vine a while back and only one plant came up, so I threw more seeds down and what came up looks nothing like cypress vine. Can anyone tell what this is?

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Look like morning glory seedlings. Could well be cypress vine - also ipomoea - only that you are seeing juvenile leaves at this stage.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

googling images of cypress vine ... as i never heard of it... what about that lone straggler at about 2 oclock on the pic.. could that be your vine??? .. the thing that looks like a fleck of grass???

using the latin name.. will get you further.. when using the WWW ... especially in regard to seedling pix ... common names can become very problematic .... sometimes ...


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Thank you for the reply. The seeds I planted originally came from the same package but looked like this when it came up. I am confused :\
Same family though, right?

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Thanks Ken. The one that came up looks like this now. New ones are to the right.

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Yes the one with the fine fern-like leaf is Ipomoea quamoclit - what you have referred to as "cypress vine". There is another small-flowered red one that does look more like a morning glory leaf, and that's Ipomoea hederifolia - which might be what you have on the right. But certainly they appear to be some type of ipomoea

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