How long from sowing to bloom?

mandolls(4)February 3, 2013

As usual, I went into a seed buying frenzy at the beginning of January, and purchased a number of annual flowers that I am completely unfamiliar with. While the site (swallowtail seed) gives sowing/germination information, it, like most seed sites, does not tell you how long from sowing to bloom. The first time I bought Lisanthus seed, I had no idea it took 4-5 months!

Does anyone have experience with any of the following from seed? I am not sure when to get them going.

Tricolor Chrysanthemums, Mimulus (aka monkey flower), Wishbone Flower, and Clarkia.

Chrysanthemums and Clarkia they say you can direct sow, so I assume they dont need to be started especially early, but the other two I am wondering if I need to get them started?

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tanyuu((5/6 - South IN))

There's probably a better way out there, but I often just google the name of the seed and "when to start", or something akin to that wording. Often you'll get a website that'll say when you should start the seeds.

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

So many variables in the growing conditions that it's really hard to say how long from seed to bloom.


Clarkia is normally direct sown after last frost. Damp-off is so common with it that growing it inside is impossible IME and I have tried it several times. Sow on the surface and do not cover; needs light.

Same with Wishbone. Direct seed, uncovered. It "can" be done inside but the germination rate isn't as good IME. Just lightly press it into the soil surface and start it 4-6 weeks before plant out.

If you have any experience with Winter Sowing techniques they work well for both Wishbone and Clarkia.

Hope this helps.


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Thanks -Looks like I should try starting the Mimulus soon. I did do a little more internet searching on these this morning, but sowing to bloom time is hard to find. I suppose that there are many variables, but in my short WI growing season, I didnt want to wait and sow in May if it means I wont get blooms before frost in October.

My winter sowing experience hasnt been great, partially due to our late springs.

I am trying something new with a few different seed types right now. They are sown and in the garage frozen solid (-5 for the high yesterday) but I plan on bringing them inside in a couple of weeks and placing them on the cold concrete floor to finish germinating, then will put them under lights when they sprout. If they are successful I may try some of the clarkia and wishbone that way and save the rest for direct sowing.

Thanks again.

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