Idyll # 407 Tricks, Treats, and Tranquility

dodgerdudetteOctober 30, 2008

As always I am enriched and entertained by the great souls in this group...Carry on Idylls !

Kathy in Napa

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Kathy, we lived in Nevada about a year and a half, in the 60's. We were on a huge (Million acre) ranch. It was/is the Petan Ranch. There were several 'sub' ranches on it. We were on the YP Ranch. That one is also where the Manager/Supervisor lived. It was kind of like a small community...there were several houses plus a bunkhouse. We lived in one of the smaller houses at first but were move up to a larger one across from the Manager's. The postoffice was there, in their house. On another of the smaller ones was a grocery store. It was a beef ranch, and their own beef was sold in the store. The houses were already furnished with western style furniture. The woman that owned it, with her husband, was the head of a big oil company. I don't recall which one.
When they came there, from California, to look things over, you would have never known they were multimillionaires. They dressed like common people. They had their own airplane, and a landing field on the ranch.

We may have stayed there longer, but it was a long, long, ways to medical care,(Elko, Nevada) and our Tim developed a bad case of an upper respiratory infection, and had to be in an oxygen tent, for a few days. That threw a scare into us, so we moved back to Idaho.

I just did a google search on the YP and found a bunch of new stuff that wasn't on when I first searched a few years ago. :-)
Thanks to you!
Here is an interesting short link:

Here is a link that might be useful: YP Ranch

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I believe our coffee maker is about to --it the bed, it's been cranky the past few mornings and this morning it was very cranky. I'll try a vinegar and water douche this afternoon and curse it roundly if it dies tomorrow morning.

In the deep, unused recesses of my brain I did know that Hallowe'en is an abbreviation, but had forgotten as the apostrophe is so often left out of the word in the common spelling. I love stuff like that. :) We don't have little beggars knocking on the door here and we don't decorate, but I do love jack o' lanterns. I had contemplated making a dummy and stringing him up from the yardarm on the bahn, but helpmeet nixed the idea.. mostly on the grounds of too much work.

Woody, thanks for the alternate view, NOW I have a clearer picture of your yard's complete layout. It looks terrific. You and I share a similar sensibility when it comes to sweeps of cool, subtle planting. It's lovely.

I'll have to wait until later on to explore your link, Marian. The picture of Tim was so cute.

It never ceases to amaze me how ignorant so many "parents" can be when it comes to properly attiring their children for inclement weather. I know kids can put up a stink about such things, but really! windbreakers and crocs in late Autumn?? And whatever happened to actually feeding your kids before they leave for school? I know the problems become those of society as a whole and must be addressed, but it does rankle. Every year there is a "Coats for Kids" drive in my state and every year we donate something.

Great pictures of your porch, V.. And I'd like to be going to one of those ralleys, too. I've not felt as energized in a long time. :)

Now... about gourds, maybe you guys can tell me how you dry them? I've always wanted to add them to the seasonal mix, but have no interest in buying them every year. Is there a way to drain out the juice so they may be varnished and reused year to year? Maybe then Annual Man will indulge Perennial Woman and plant some...

Gotta run, I want today to be over already! Have a good one, you guys.

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Com'on down, Chelone, both coffee makers are going full bore and there's plenty more. (Yes, Rich and I have exclusive coffee makers since he likes flavor and, well, let's just say I don't.)

Came home last night and Rich had disengorged a large pumpkin. My job was carving. First time in many years we have a jack o'lantern but I couldn't let the kids come up without one here. We won't get many bodies, but the ones that show will be a delight.

Got a great email from my boss -- "Monday is a New Day!! 9am meeting to regroup and move forward" Whew!!!!! While I absolutely agree that having people around who've been let go makes it really, really hard for those of us left, I'm trying to be respectful of what it's like to be sat down and told "go." Monday is a new day!!

Does anyone still iron colored leaves between wax paper?

Interesting to hear about your DH's classes, 'bug. I think Kyle would love him as a prof and who knows, maybe someday.

Hoping you get the tix, V. No matter what one's persuasion, the night will be historic. My dad still talks about the "I Have a Dream" speech and the feelings of "oneness" invoked. Take pics, please!! We're not a swing state so no one's been here for the opportunity.

Kath -- reread your DS playing at Applebees. Hey, a gig is a gig and is a lot more than most folks get! Shropshire Lad is still budding out ... you really have to get this rose. As a DA am surprised it's still going, but it's sheltered so maybe that helps?

Why didn't I know that there were lobsters in the Pacific?

Waving to everyone and looking forward to the time change. I get home late enough that in a few weeks it would be dark, anyway. Morning is my time, obviously. LOL


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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

In this close-up autumn photo, maple leaves in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom have turned bright red. Many tourists, called "leaf-peepers," visit Vermont each year to enjoy the fall colors. A combination of warm, sunny days and cool nights are thought to bring out the most brilliant shades of red. Photograph by Michael Yamashita

Martie....I would like to have some of these leaves to Iron and Mount! :-)

Autumn paints the valleys of Denali National Park in Alaska, home to more than 650 species of flowering plants. Fall brings changing patterns of color and motion to much of the United States, which covers lands from the tropics to the Arctic.

Here a grizzly bear forages in Denalis 6 million acres (2.4 million hectares), bulking up for its winter hibernation. Also dependent on the parkÂs fall grasses, mosses, and shrubs are migrating birds and bull moose, which gather in their cows for the mating season. Photograph by Alaska Stock Images

Good morning! Thanks Kathy for starting a new thread. :-) Wow, I just noticed, that last Idyll thread was fairly slow moving. We almost went a whole week on it.

Kathy....No, there was no more information on that photo. I was wondering the same thing. I really liked that photo too. I LOVE your BILs house! Great renovation and I'm figuring they must have a great view out their front windows to add such a nice deck on the front. [g] I am usually attracted to traditional design but I do like the modern twist that deck railing gives it. Quite a nice landscape in the front too. Now I bet that would make a great Before and After photo series. Was that snow in Portland? Didn't think they had any of that? [g]

Happy for you that you are actually getting some rain. Do you measure your rainfall? Baseball is done for the season, but you had a good run for your money this year, no? What are some of the books you are stacking up next to the bed? We have a Western Exposure in our Bedroom too and the one Begonia I have left is there. I cut way back on houseplants this year, being ready for a rest from gardening. I do enjoy Begonias though and wish I had more windows and that the heat vent was not under all of the windows. So, what will you be cooking for the freezer this weekend? We have been keeping Vegetarian Chili and Minestrone Soup stocked up in individual servings. I am looking for some new ideas. have saved your lavender candle a long time? Did your Mom garden? Sorry that baths are out. Trying to think of what is a substitute?! Coming up with Well, getting into bed with hot socks, a cup of tea or cocoa and a good book is almost as good. [g]

Congratulations Jerri on selling your Mom's house! That is surprising in this market. could think that those two photos are of different houses! You did a great job on your renovations. Love that nice large window and porch!

Michelle.... I have 'Purple Emperor' and it flops too. It didn't turn that nice color. It always goes to brown way too fast. But 'Autumn Joy' really stayed pretty a long time changing from pink through shades of wine and hasn't turned brown yet. I've never heard of a town scooping up leaves from the gutters. Do they allow residents to get town compost from all the leaves?

Morn'n Chelone....and hellos out to Saucy and Julie and lurking lurkers.

Oh...Happy Halloween, I guess! :-0


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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Marian...your link didn't work for me. Very interesting story.

Martie...glad you have Monday to look forward to.


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Good morning everyone

The fun of Halloween has been much anticipated by Annie and David and for me comes as a welcome relief at the end of a hard week. Both left for school in costumes they devised themselves (Middle and High schoolers are allowed to dress up if they like). Annie was a seventies rock star and spent a lot of time applying heavy black eyeliner. David a character from Star Wars. I miss the days of cute and cuddly:0)

Julie - I think you asked about my work. I coordinate a program at two elementary schools for children who are having trouble adjusting to school, and as might be expected, these are the very children who have the hardest time dealing with loss. The young man who passed away was a third grade teacher. Thank you for you kind comments everyone. I felt bad even mentioning it here when there has been so much sorrow, but DH has been gone all week and knowing there are friends here who understand is unbelievably comforting.

Marian - it was so interesting to read about the ranch you lived on. I'm looking forward to reading the link later.

Chelone - I too donate to coats for kids as I worked with far too many poor inner city kids who had nothing to keep them warm. There is also a huge need for hats and gloves as those items are donated less often than coats. However, I'm glad you didn't see David leaving the house the last few mornings. While I insist on a proper breakfast, with outerwear the children make their own choices. Despite snow on the ground David maintains there is no need for more than a long sleeved shirt. The funny thing is, he doesn't ever seem to get cold. In fact, when there is heavy snow on the ground and he wants to run over the road to his friend he simply takes his shoes and socks off and dashes barefoot across the lawns rather than put on boots.

Jerri - DH has had Chrohns since his early twenties and has regular colonoscopies as a result. The technology has improved greatly in the last twenty years. DH takes a preventative sulphur drug and has had very few flare-ups since his initial hospitilization and diagnosis. When they do occur they are usually a sign he is run down and rest has often been all that is needed. On other occasions medication has brought things under control. It must be very daunting news given your Mother's condition but like DH, I'm sure you will find a way to manage your health and still have an excellent quality of life.

A wave to the very many I've missed but hope to be back.


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Marian and Nolon out at the YP Ranch sounds like a good start to a novel. I never understand westerns with romance because life looks too hard....

I have thought of you all quite a bit lately, mostly because of notes I'm taking in class. He tells us we should visit the RBG to see a fabulous example of something and I write "Woody" in the margin. Veronicastrum was discussed, as well as various examples of New American gardens we should see in get the idea. PM, the book you mentioned earlier was on our "to read" list! My notes are in the car, and it's cold, or I'd get them and ask you all the questions I had :)

Mary, what terrible news for your school. Hugs to you.

Jerri, that's a tough diagnosis given your mother's history. It's nice that we can share experiences as a group. Hopefully one's experiences can help the other. Hugs for you, too!

Martie, fingers are crossed here, too. That's a tough work situation to be in....keep your spirits up....Yes! Monday is a new day.

Chelone, a dry cool basement is a good place to dry the gourds (You were kidding about drilling a hole, right? Definitely don't do that! LOL). Sometimes you get a little mold which can be scrubbed off with bleach water. You know they're ready when you can hear the seeds shake inside. The growing season is kind of short for gourds in the annual man needs to plan on 180 days of heat and start some seeds indoors. I love Annual Man and Perennial Woman....about time the helpmeet got a new monniker.

GB, I'm getting new European style rads! You can adjust the heat on each one in the room you're in. They're quite stylish, too, if I do say so. We purchased most of them last year, but decided to update the kitchen, too.

Well, today I'm going to the school to help the kids open up 5 pumpkins. They're going to break into groups and then each group will estimate the number of seeds in their squash. This coincides with their math exercises right now :) I've gotta go dig out my Halloween shirt. It's got an owl sitting on a branch with a big full moon behind it. It only gets worn once per year :)


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Because I'm looking for things that make me smile I thought I'd share this one. This guy is brilliant, you might want to check out his blog.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Today my friend of 44 years leaves with a group to re-visit Nigeria where we taught in the Peace Corps. How can it have been so long ago? Her daughter (over 30 now) is traveling with her. My friend was a young beautiful college graduate when I met her. I thought she was very "blonde" when I met her...but life threw her many blows and she grew with each of them and our friendship was strong. At that time of my life I didn't even consider how strong women's friendships could be.

Sharon nursed her Irish school principal who insisted on not going to the hospital. What a start to her African experience! Sharon finally convinced her to go, and drove her over bumpy roads for hours to get there. She died. She was about to marry a wonderful engineer from India, and her parents rejected him. He tried to visit them in Ireland to describe her final days to them...and they closed their doors on him.

Sharon had a serious car accident in Nigeria driving her girl's team to a sports event. The girls were all fine, but Sharon suffered facial cuts. She still is beautiful to me...

Upon her return to the USA, Sharon married and with her husband ran a halfway house where unwed mothers received family-like attention and care. They eventually had two children, similar in age to ours. She became a therapist, attended divinity school and became a minister too. Her husband, a youth officer, was murdered in Washington DC shortly after her daughter's birth.

She has since been married and divorced, to an interesting man...who eventually committed suicide.

This trip to Nigeria will involve lectures and visits to basic large cities. Likely she will not be able to see the areas where our schools were located. It will be a very disturbing and expensive trip I fear in many ways. A country that was the hope of Africa has not blossomed...except in population. I am anxious to hear her report nevertheless.

Through the years we manage to keep in touch, mostly only at Christmas time, to share how our parents were doing, to touch a bit on West African politics, to chat about the kids, life, love and marriage. We've only been together in person 3-4 times. Yet, the memories and support are strong, both ways. Just last night she reminded me of the cake she made for me in Nigeria for my birthday back in 1965. It was a chocolate cake with gobs of frosting, something impossible to create in the heat and humidity there. Not to mention she had no eggs. Well later I found out she made it with mayonnaise! Another time she made cream puffs for some Peace Corps guys who needed spoiling.

Anyway, today I think of Sharon and all the fine friendships developed here as well. And I am touched.

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)


Happy Halloween everyone! With temps today supposed to be close to 60 F and a Friday night, I'm expecting a crowd. Because I live so close to Hartford, a struggling city, lots of people choose to drive their kids over to my neighborhood for trick or treat adding to the potential mob scene. I stocked up with 150 pieces of candy. When that goes, the lights go off. Wish me luck.

On tap for the weekend is more marathon removal of the six hundred billion leaves that fall in my yard. My town collects them at the curb twice in the fall with a huge vacuum machine then composts them. The first pick up was supposed to be this week but as of this morning they had not collected. Usually I mulch my own and don't donate but I have trouble starting and operating the leaf shredder and don't have the time or inclination to frig around with it this year.

Still no furnace-supposedly next Thursday. Yesterday I ran out of oil and my heating contractor had to come and dump 15 or 20 gallons into the tank and restart my furnace. It will be so nice to not have to worry about this anymore.

OK, enjoy the day!


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Well shoot! That link will not open for me either.It opened before, but not today. It was a short one, and I tried to copy it, but it will not copy either, soooo....
Here is another I will try. It is very small print, but if my old eyes can read it, maybe you all can too:

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

gb - the summary of your friend's life was interesting - it sounds though like it's one of those lives that is easier to read about than live! It brought to mind that Chinese curse 'May you live in interesting times'... How nice that you've remained friends all this time. I hope your friend has an enjoyable - and uneventful! - visit to Nigeria.

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Only a few trick or treaters so far....what is the best costume you've seen so far? Look what I found at National

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Woody, when I was in town yesterday at Wal Mart I saw your double! Almost everything about her resembled you, including her disabiliy! If I had been in your area and seen her I would have spoken to her thinking it was you! Wierd!

LOL, Chelone...A vinegar and water "douche". Is your coffee maker working better now?
Our area has a "coats for kids drive" also.
When I grew gourds, I just gathered them when they were mature, and left them in a dry place until they dried out. I never 'drained' anything from them. I still have some of the large type that I grew years ago....dipper gourds, and birdhouse gourds. I grew small ones too, and have a few of them left. I never did anything with most of them after they dried, except made a few birdhouses that were never used by anything but wasps!

Martie,I never 'ironed' colored leaves, but I have pressed them between the pages of large books.

Wow! pm2, I wish I had maple trees that colored up like that in my yard!How gorgeous! The bear pic is pretty neat too.

Jerri, I am so sorry you are facing that diagnosis. A friend and neighbor was married to a man who had Crohn's disease. Because of him, I did some reasearch on it. It sounds very painful.I hope the meds have come up with a safe and helpful treatment.They are no longer married, but I see him once in awhile with his new wife, and he seems to be doing okay.

Mary, I am glad your DH is not having too much problems with his Crohns. I understand it is much more painful than IBS...which is what I have. I was also diagnosed with diverticulosis a few years ago.I should avoid all things will small seeds, but ignore that most the time, although I know how bad diverticulitis can be. One of Nolon's uncles had that.
That death of the young school teacher is so sad. Do they know what caused it?
Funny pic, Mary. I think the graham cracker it fixing to have a marshmallow roast...:-)

Saucy, our life on the ranch was not all that romantic, but I 'did' grow a lovely vegetable garden there. :-)
I recall tending it very early one morning, and being intimidated by a herd of mule deer, including some bucks. It was a little unnerving! There was an orchard between my garden and our house. I kept it between myself and the deer. Thankfully they left soon.
I also remember some of us women having a get-to-gether for the kids from all of the smaller ranches. I fed them a lot of watermelon, and one little boy got quite sick from it. :-(

Pm2, was it you who thought I scanned the pic of our son in his winter wraps? I took a picture of my old photo with my digital camera, and downloaded it into my documents. I have no scanner or copier. The original pic is much,much, better that what I posted.

I have a lot more pics of us all there at the ranch. Maybe I will dig them out and take pics of them to post. I laid awake awhile after doing the googling of the ranch, and tried to remember the people we were friends with there.
One young couple, that moved into the little house that we lived in at first, became close friends. The husband went into driving truck across country after they left there. He tracked us down in our Ark home, and contacted us a couple of times when he was in the area. It has been years since we last hear from him. Nolon was probably less than really friendly with him. He ( Nolon) said all he knew to talk about was trucking.:-(

My goodness,Marie, what a stressful life that friend of yours has had. She must be a very strong woman. It often seems strange to be that so many bad things happen to one family, and none to another family. We have some dear friends in Harrison that were the recipients of many tragedies, but they maintained their faith through it all.
That is really great that you and her are still in touch.

Sue, our nearby town does the leaf gathering every year too, and the same way as yours does. Since I live in the boondocks, I don't have to bother with that. I may mow over them and blow tham off the yard, but that is the extent of my removing them. The winds do a lot of blowing them into the woods, which is fine.

LOL, pm2...a pirate dog!

We got a nice rain today, accompanied with T and L. We needed the rain.


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Doing a bit of posting here before it gets dark and the doorbell starts ringing. Jeesh , how I despise Halloween. (this might be one of my few character flaws, lol) . I was hoping it would be pouring but the rain is intermittent and very light this afternoon The heaviest rains are due for tomorrow. That definitely seals my house-cleaning fate.

PM, Im going to make split pea soup this weekend and maybe chicken enchiladas . I think Im going to make some pesto too, since the basil hasnt frozen yet and this might be my last chance. BILS have a nice view , but not great-the trees in the neighborhood are mature and block portions of it. The street above them has the really fabu-views, but horrendous property taxes to match ! The house had a deck that was in a total dry-rot mode when they moved in, so the whole thing had to be taken down and rebuilt. The rock garden slope in front was disintegrating railroad ties and Ivy. As you can imagine they put buckets of $$ in the improvements.

Marian, I too will spend some time exploring the Ranch at leisure this weekend.

bug, what a story your friend Sharon has many trials and yet she really has spent her life helping others. I hope her trip is safe and satisfying.

Mary, sounds like "Wolfie" did not come to fruition ? I noted the reference to Star Wars character. I dont think you should hesitate to share sad times with us ..How shallow our bonds would be here if we only posted about the good stuff, sort of like those Christmas form letters that provide a laundry list of only the most outstanding achievements of the family !

Wow Sue, the heat project is surely lengthy.. hope things proceed for you on schedule from here on out. I have yet to use my heat this year , though I came very close last night. Its 65 in the house right now and still within my tolerance range.

All for now. Im going to try to organize my winter reading pile, and night is falling too..

Kathy in Napa

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Happy Halloween! I'm soooooooooooo behind here but thought you all might like to see a few pics from earlier this evening.

Megan and Bella

Mama and daddy to be (Jenni and Randy) passing out candy

Bella trick or treating

Bella and Magglio (J&R's dog)

My little witch

Hope you all had fun tonight too! I miss you all and really need to get back into the Idylling habit. Talk to you soon.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

I still cannot open the first link I posted for the YP Ranch. I can't even get it open from Google! I do have a couple of pics that I found online several years ago and put in my Documents.
The first is the entrance to the Petan Ranch. That is the YP right around the curve, on the other side of that hill.

The second one is of the YP. The larger house that we lived in is just to the right of the entrance.The Post Office and Supervisor's house is on the left of the entrance.


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Marian, the first link you posted no longer works for me, and the second took me to a book on old Nevada ! So apparently this ranch still exists since you found those newer photos ? Do the tenants of the ranch get accomodations in exchange for work ?

Kathy in Napa

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Kenzie showed me her costume and candy on the webcam. I decided she looks just like a garden fairy.

There was trick or treating at downtown businesses along with games etc.

I can't see Bella's pictures, hopefully they show up in the a.m.

Happy Halloween!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

These little girls are so happy and cute...and well loved!

I haven't heard yet about Skyler's Halloween. Certainly it was a great holiday in our household. We liked it because it was a super creative holiday.

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Indeed it would be a dull and ordinary forum if we only spoke of "good" and "nice" things. Hear, hear, Kathy!

Look at the little urchins in their finery, begging for sugar-laced hand-outs. Reminds me of times long past when the anticipation of trickortreating rivalled that of Christmas. What fun, and aren't they cute in their costumes?! I instantly thought of you, Michelle, thinking the webcam was OK, but how much you'd have preferred to have the real live Kenzie in your home. But enough of that! had they come to the Compound we'd have scared the livin' daylights out them... bwaaa!

I believe last night's coffee-maker douche was moderately successful. There has been no catastrophic failure and there is coffee this morning, and it's pretty good, too. I used a 50/50 blend of white vinegar and water and ran it through, followed by 2 rinses. The water was downright amber after the douche... can't recall how long we've had the thing and I know it's never been cleaned. Interesting aside to the operation, though, I know the olfactory sense triggers memories for all of us and last night I felt my throat tighten and my eyes welled with tears at the whiff of vinegar. It reminded me of Mum and took me quite by surprise.

I, too chuckled at the little vignette you posted for us, Mary. S'mores for Idyll Camp, maybe? As kids I think my brother and I had about half a dozen pairs of mittens each (Mum was an accomplished knitter and made them all). We were thereby guaranteed an adequate supply of dry ones. Thank you for the timely reminder to add mittens and gloves to the donation box this year. A quick way to cure the barefoot lawn dashes would be to have him find both doors locked, you know... ;) (sort of like hiding the clothing of skinny dippers, lol).

I can't imagine Rex tolerating any sort of costume, lol. Perhaps some phosphorescent paint about the mouth, a la Hound of the Baskervilles, but he'd definitely live up to his moniker "Wrecks" if I attempted to turn him into a gun slinger.

We humanoids are amazingly resilient life forms. And your friend Sharon is proof positive, 'bug. Tragedy leaves in its wake CHOICE. Succumb or get up and carry on. Clearly, your friend has a core of steel and loves life so much she has found meaning and hope in the ashes of great pain. If that doesn't define courage I don't know what does. People like your friend inspire me. No wonder you've maintained such a warm friendship over the years. :)

I remember the picture of the BILs home from last year, Kathy. I just love the front, sloping garden area. Have they used plexiglass or a really thick glass to encircle the deck? It's a great look, very contemporary while likely providing good protection and excellent viewing. Looks very "west coast" to me.

Thanks for the information on gourds. I am particularly fond of the little ones that are colorful and often "textured". I am trying to think of where I could leave them to "cure" around here... we don't have a cellar and there isn't any place that is well ventilated and uniformly cool. I'll have to think about that some more.

OK, time to rustle up some mornin' grub and then think about the day's activities.

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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

A quick good morning to all! I'm hopelessly behind, but I wanted to send a hug to Jerri. ((Jerri))
Bella and Kenzie are adorable! We live too far out in the country to get trick or treaters. We were picking corn, so unless they were looking for a handful of field corn....;)
Chelone, our coffee pot was beyond the douche fix. Just got the new one yesterday. How sad is it that I ordered one online, because who knows when I'd get to town to buy one. We're just finishing the first pot from the new one. Light is creeping into the sky, so I suppose I'd better lace up the work boots and get ready for the day.
Have a great weekend, everyone.

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I crashed when my bunch got home safe and sound.

Jake went to a friend's house and walked around with others his age, so I was a little worried about what might go on (he rolled his eyes when I said, "no shennanigans, tom foolery, hijinx...." my list was long but the audience didn't think it funny!)

Sarah is already up sorting the candy.

GB, I like the creativeness of the holiday, too. I hope your friend has a wonderful trip to Africa and that you will share her adventures with us!

Chelone, can you lay the gourds in the baHn to dry? Surely you keep it cool out there? As long as they're "ripe" they'll cure even in freezing temps.....or so that link said. If we were seeing each other soon, I'd offer up my basement. I used to want to make bird houses....good paintable surface, you know. Or wood burning...that's pretty, too.

Zeus has been very sick with stomach problems. It doesn't help when you eat goose feathers and socks to try to solve your stomach problems, lol. Today he is his old chipper self (emphasis on OLD....dogs don't mind being old....) and is enjoying following Sarah around the kitchen because he knows she is a sucker and can reach the dog cookie jar :)

Well, time to get this day started, I guess. JJob number one is to clean out the pantry!

Saucy (who is sipping some pretty good coffee from the beanery we found in town!)

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Whoopee! Today is the last of DST until spring! I know,a lot of you working gals don't like the earlier darkness in the evening, but I LOVE the earlier mornings.

It is quite warm here this morning. No fire needed today. We got a nice, much needed rain yesterday. The county roads were a dusty mess! I only hope it didn't wash the roads too badly. They just graded them Wednesday.

Kathy, were you able to read the page that came on? I found it very interesting. I do not remember knowing all that about the origin of the ranch. The couple that owned it when we were there were VERY wealthy. I had it wrong as to what they were involved in. He was in oil, She was Ligget(sp?)and Myers Tobacco. I found a site that said their son is the owner of the ranch now. I am disappointed that I could not find the earlier info on it.
As you can see, it was very remote, and desolate out there!
Did you post some pics of your BIL's place? I seem to have missed them. Are they on the previous thread?

Cute costumes on the little gals. I espacially like the "Garden Fairy". :-) Where are her wings in the first pic?

Kathy and Chelone, I agree about sharing the bad as well as the good. It is actually the bad that can strength us. A person will be either made or broken by the bad things in life. I perfer to roll with the bunches. ;-)

Chelone, did you use the cider vinegar? My directions always say use white vinegar...full strength. That is what I have done for years. I even fill the reservoir fuller than the directions say to. Of course I rinse it well with clear water.

Saucy, it souds like Zeus has what I had. I wish I was an 'old dog that didn't mind being old', LOL. I didn't resort to "goose feathers and socks" to ease my discomfort, though....More LOL !

My Julie Job today is to vacuum up all the 20 Mule Team Borax that I scattered arond the livingroom carpet to kill the fleas. I think it is high time I cleaned it up! The cats seem to be becoming more and more flea free with Nolon's combing and tweezering. I am calling this the "year of the fleas" . Each year seems to teem with some sort of plague. :-(

On that happy note...I will sign off for now.....


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Saucy, last night DD and I were talking about how she used to have so much fun sorting her candy. She never ate much as she wasnt much for sweets. DS took care of the eating part LOL

Kenzie looks a little less excited in the pic with the hat. She told me that "princesses" dont wear hats.

Marian, I don't believe the wings went on until they got to downtown as they don't fit in the carseat well. The ranch sounds like an interesting place to live. Did Nolan work there?

We too live too far in the country and really have no neighbors with little children so no Trick or Treaters but I used to love the excitement of the kids when they would come to my door in town.

bug, your friend has had quite the life. It seems that some people have that kind of life and others sail through. My best friend from grade school and HS died 5 years ago this month from pancreatic cancer, she was 43. She lost her husband only a month after they were married in a car accident and a month before her baby was born. She was 18 years old when this happened. She did have some happy years in the middle though. Our minister was a teacher in Nigeria before he went to seminary.

Now that the corn is coming out the deer are on the run. I nearly hit one last night with my new car!

PM, I have to email the Halloween pooch to my DD she will love it. The maple leaves are stunning.

Martie, did you roast your pumpkin seeds? My kids loved doing that and Kenzie told me she ate her pumpkin seeds so I guess DD carries on the tradition.

Mary, I agree that as true friends we share the good and the bad with each other. I LOL at Kathys comment about not wanting to be like sappy Christmas letters.

No coffee maker here but I do have to clean DHs c-pap humidifier tank and hose with a vinegar solution each week.

I finally can see Bella's pictures. That is the cutest witch costume I've ever seen.

Thats all for now, I need to get out and get something done on this beautiful day.


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Ahhhhhhhh, the eve of witches and ghosties and goblins was the perfect tonic for an otherwise horrible day. We had just two littles arrive, but both are neighborhood kids who were really surprised that Rich and Martie had CANDY!!!! I think they were expecting Alpine Strawberries. LOL

What awesome little ladies were out last night! Princesses may not wear hats, but fairies do, I think. Also would really like to know how Bella's face stayed green! That stuff itches so good for her to bear with it in the spirit of the holiday!

A costume perfect for this particular child :-)

This munchkin's dad (really great guy) looked just as delighted as us:

The older kids were out and about and we could hear them, but no untoward events to report. They are all really good kids and I imagine that they were guarding the neighborhood rather than terrorizing it.

Today I'm unwinding. Compared to other Idyll events of late mine is next to nothing, but the stress of maintaining has taken it's toll and I'll be glad to hack dead perennial stuff all day with box of tissues close by for numerous reasons.

To top it off, no one else at the office yesterday knew how to use a bio-hazard kid when a layoffee was physically ill from the thought of no job next week.

I now am firmly convinced that quick exits are the way to go.

OKAY -- Enough Of That!! Thanks for "being here" with me. Like many others, Idylls are a great place to EXHALE!


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Good rainy morning, French roast at hand I am contemplating what will be a day of multiple J-jobs . First on the agenda is upstairs bathroom including the jumble of cleaning and grooming products that are taking up so much room in the cupboard there is no room for TP or Kleenex.

Marian, I posted a pic on the last thread that I took in Portland showing a fall colored maple and a red geranium on the corner of my BILs deck. PM commented on the modern lines of the hose and I found one of the few pics I had of the rest of the front elevation which was taken during last Christmas days snowstorm, also on the last threadChelone, plexiglass and or glass are rarely used on decks out here unless they are directly on the ocean. The horizontal barrier on the deck railing is heavy duty stainless steel cable. It looks really sharp with the contempo feel of their house.

Grudgingly I will admit to cuteness in the matter of Bella and Kenzies costumes.! We had a steady crowd here last night , and there is candy left over which will go on the contractor sales counter at work on Monday. Those guys will eat anything, lol.

Ok, I better get to it, back later

Oh and PS, we miss you too Eden !

Kathy in Napa

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A quiet day on the Idylls..... I'm hopeful that everyone is doing something wonderful, or at least getting JJobs accomplished.

As for me, managed to make a shopping list to tackle tomorrow morning, sleep for a few hours, go to the local small market for burgandy beef peppercorn sirloin tips for a grilled dinner, and thought about Thanksgiving and the need for some new linens. A luxuriously uneventful day.

Wondering if Marian's YP ranch is about as big as Connecticut?

Good to see Eden pop in, and mirror the hope that it's more often.

Living in a contemporary house after being convinced all my life that there's nothing like authentic antique houses, glad to know I'm not alone. I always thought of them as stark, but Kathy's BIL's and Woody's have me truly convinced, along with our humble abode, that the complete opposite is true.

Surely with such a torturous life, 'bug, your friend will have a special place......I've been sending all good vibes out to Edmonton; how is Skyler doing?? S&W's balancing act these days has to be enormous. Also have this thought for you: can it be looked upon as great that for the two days before your procedure you can feel just as miserable as you want without question from any corner????? I've taken full advantage of such moments to let tons of emotion pour forth and it's felt better for the time, at least.

Leftover candy will be heading to work after we pick through for some favorites. LOL It isn't often......

Geez, Sue, what a pain for the arse to have to pick away at heating! It will be worth it in the end.

Good to "meet" the whole family, PM2. For some reason I thought there were just two.

Thought of you yesterday, Chelone, while a coworker was lamenting the fact that they had to throw out an awning that had come loose at the seams. "NO!!!!!," I said, "there are really good people who make their living at fixing stuff like that!!!!!" We googled and found someone local, and the trade lives on for a few more days.

My fingers are flying and I could bore you all with minutae, but best to get my act somewhat together and move awayyyyyy froooooom theeeeee compuuuuutttteeeeer.

Waving at all -


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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Hello from our very quiet house....DD was packed up and moved to her first apartment this morning and very quiet here this afternoon. After already feeling blue for the past month in anticipation, today has been fairly even keeled. I told DD this morning, I was ignoring the day as much as possible. If I don't think about it I feel fine. When I have thought about it, I keep trying to reassure myself that it's not necessarily a change for the worse. :-)

We did drive over to her new digs with the first load of boxes and it is a cute little place. Unfortunately, it was a quick visit because my back decided to start tightening up from the car ride over and back. Very frustrating, I would have liked to help some. She is excited and a bit sad too. She actually has lived in our house since she was born, aside from two years on campus when she was in college.

I spent the afternoon back at home, watching 'Happy Feet' [g] on cable, while DS and DH ran another load of boxes over and stayed to help put some things together. DH just came in with groceries and it will be just the two of us for dinner tonight. Not that rare an occurrence though. Hoping the weather will be just as great tomorrow and that I can get out in the garden for the morning. Don't you find the garden to be so grounding during times of change? Just seems that no matter what else changes, there is always some way to garden, even if it's a geranium on the windowsill.

Hope your weather was as great as ours today...


p.s. Hey...I just thought of something...we both have Apple computers with webcams...I am going to have to learn to use it. I would enjoy seeing what the apartment looks like by the end of the

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

It's been an interesting weekend so far. We went to DD's college again last night for her jazz concert. It was a great concert with a nice song featuring the trumpet section (including DD) and a fun halloween theme. Of course, it made for a long day as we left to drive down with my in laws right after I finished work.

We left the campus for the drive home, and a few miles down on the interstate we saw that traffic was completely stopped due to an accident about 1 mile ahead. I was driving, and I was sitting in the right lane behind someone pulling a cargo trailer with no rear lights. I decided that it would be no fun to be following this trailer when we started to move again, so I pulled into the left lane, which moved me up about 4 or 5 car lengths. All of a sudden, all h*** broke loose - someone did not see the stopped traffic, and plowed into several vehicles. The downstate paper this morning said that the vehicle with the trailer was involved in the accident.

Soooo, if I had not changed lanes, we would have been a part of this horrific accident. 10 folks sent to the hospital, seven vehicles damaged, two medi-vac helicopters, untold fire trucks, ambulances, police cars. Incredible.

As a local dj loves to say, "It's GREAT to be alive."

On a different note, a wedding dress was decided upon today, and details worked out with the caterer so he can do a detailed quote. Wedding plans are fun!

Like Brenda, we are too far out in the country for trick or treaters, but we've yet to spend the evening picking corn. :)

Who was it that was watching American Farm Report last weekend? I believe that Orion Samuelson is on that show, a local farm broadcaster who is an amazing gentleman. He moved out to our area a couple of years ago and has very willingly lent his mighty name to support some local non-profits. A farm that I pass every day on my way to work was having an auction today of 150 antique tractors. It was quite fun to seem them being gathered there the last several days.

It's been cool-ish and cloudy today, and I have an urge to bake chocolate chip cookies. The kids napping downstairs and I think they would be pleased to see warm cookies.

Yep, gotta bake!


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I had a great day today, too. I cleaned up the kitchen, did a load of laundry, then headed out to the Salon to to tackle the chimney. It's finished and I have a deep and profound respect for the Mason's trade! My wrists and hands are so tired, I wish I'd had smaller tools... the mix is heavy!

I put another coat of bleaching oil on the doors for the attic area of the bahn, too:

It was nice enough outdoors that I was able to open the window to air the place out. Bleaching oil is pretty stinky.

I remember sorting the candy, too!

I like contemporary architecture. There were some really lovely homes tucked on the side of mountains where I grew up. The views were magnificent and the large windows and decks were a perfect way to enjoy them. The use of plexiglass/glass was a nice way to provide both safety and some warmth in cooler seasons. Interestingly, I don't find contemporary "stark" at all. It's just a different, often more useful, way to look at the walled spaces we inhabit. Any style can be cheerless, chilly, and uninviting when deprived of imagination and personal touches.

I loved my first apartment. It was tiny; a bedroom, a bath, very smally front room, and a generous kitchen. Many, many fun memories there. I learned to garden in windowboxes and it's where the helpmeet proposed to me. Very good, very warm memories. I hope your daughter has as much fun in her new home, PM. :) I'm glad you've decided to take it easy on your back; it sucks to be in pain!

It IS nice to see Eden's name in print and "hear" her voice. I often wonder what your days are like now that Bella is in school. Doin' any "fun stuff"?

I used white vinegar, Marian, but at 50% not full strength. Maybe I'll try it full strength as a JJ tomorrow.

I could probably cure gourds on shelves in the bahn, but that would mean building the shelves first. ;)

OK, I'm going to turn the clocks back now, and join the helpmeet to watch Lawrence Welk on Public TV. It's a good one, from the early '60s and featuring the Mills Bros.. Seeya!

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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Pop-in! V, I'm sure glad you changed lanes!! Any time you want to spend an evening (Halloween or otherwise) picking corn, just let me know. There's a buddy seat in the combine :)
Just got in, I'm filthy and starving, so HOWDY to all-I'm off to the shower.

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Bathroom cleaned, new shower curtain purchased and installed, granola made and music CD organization project is begun. Rain continues and I am planning my strategy for clock resetting. I have 7 antique wind up clocks and I simply go around and stop all the pendulums for an hour . I just have to decide what time I wish to officially fall back. Im going to have roasted herb-y shallot-y red potatoes with fresh romano beans for dinner tonight, and tomorrow I will cook the split pea soup and make enchiladas. Im toying with the idea of turning on the heat at some point this evening.

Im enjoying some of the interesting tidbits of info that have been circulating of late-Marians Nevada ranch experience and Chelones chimney project among others.

Martie, we had 4 more let go at my company on Friday- a couple were 10 year plus veterans. It was done very discreetly out of respect for their positions. Must have been a shock to them; still if I worked at a job that lived and died by the tract housing market ( almost non-existent in the region at this point) I would have had my resume ready.

Wow V, what a near miss that was for you ! Is it legal to drive a trailer in Il with no tail lights ?

Hoping that Deanne is not once again plunged into computer woes- It seems like a few days since we heard from her.

Brenda, your pop-in posts always seem to contain at least one gem ! Be sure and get us a pic of V in the buddy seat !

Time to go manipulate the dinner items.. see you all on the morrow

Kathy in Napa

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Thursday evening I was sucked into a web-based vortex of ideas. I spent some time exploring, which is a very fun place to waste some time. As I was getting into bed, something on etsy triggered an idea that I quickly wrote down so I wouldn't forget.

Today, I stopped at Hobby Lobby and bought a paper punch. So here is the first batch of my "confetti" for the wedding:

I used an old plant catalog, and focused on photos that had purple hues in them. These are about the size of a nickel - should have put one in the photo, eh?

I'm having fun! (and the cookies turned out great, too.)


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Aren't you the clever, crafty one these days, V.?! I like the idea of using the plant catalogues to make DIY confetti. There was something that used to be advertised on an infomercial that caught my eye, I think it was called a "Cricut", some sor of automated cutting thingy. It looked like a lot of fun... I love that sort of thing, but already have too many other really cool toys that don't get enough use.

The sun is coming up and I'm with Marian, I like having the light in the morning, at least for a little while. I think it's really cold out there, there is frost on the cars but I can't really see if it's blanketting the lawn yet. I do know that I have to make a decision on the geraniums soon... . Last year I waited too long and they were too far gone and I did miss them over the winter.

I'm not sure what sort of JulieJob to tackle today. I thought I might spend some quality time tidying up the Salon in preparation for work to come. Check out some of the accumualted junk:

Then again, I may just tackle the entry hall and the remaining urostomy supplies that I've been unable to face for pushing 2 yrs. now. Once thing I've realized about grieving a loss is that you can't hurry it (obviously!). But it feels like the right time to do it now. :)

Or maybe I'll see how cold it is out there and do some last minute gardening stuff. I could work on the area by the road where I would like to relocate the big Miscanthus, or simply continue cutting down the back beds. Somewhere in there I have to get one more coat of bleaching oil on the doors for the bahn. I dunno, but the cats and Wrecks will be thrilled with any choice I make.

'bug, will you have to be have the entire chimney replaced or will they simply feed a new liner down through the existing flue (a common and reliable "fix" in our area)? And what are the codes for woodstoves in your area? Nearly every new stove available now meets EPA codes and there are several very interesting business in the New England area that specialize in refurbishing antique stoves.

I really wish someone was up, but you're all luxuriating in the "extra" hour of sleep, no doubt.

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Hi, Chelone. I am up, but don't have anything to say yet. Sorry!

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jak1(4 Ontario Can)

Good Morning everyone! Any one know what time it is? I got everybody here up and prepped for church only to find out that we probably should change our clocks back - I thought we already did that, but apparently not....I guess that's the "Tricks" part of this thread....

Hallowe'en was fun and quiet here. I took Adrian out this year - usually DD or DS takes him but they had other plans - and he had a great time! Although the weather was wonderful we only had about 50 kids, when we usually have about three times that. So my freezer is now full of little Hershey bars - Inter.Phil is driving me crazy - eating ten or twelve at a time and then complaining because his tooth hurts....Gee, I figured out a long time ago that you need to have consistent dental care and watch the sweets...28 going on 15 most of the time I think. So that's the "Treats" part of this thread!

Then comes the "Tranquility", right? Hmmmm, I don't know, TCS (we're back to that. The hot dogs were just a blip in time) turns 7 years old today. He wants Make Your Own Pizza for dinner, so that means making the dough and setting out the toppings this afternoon. I still need to make his cake, but I am going to cheat and use a mix, he won't care.

I am feeling tired and a bit down - maybe that can be mistaken for tranquil...Just the usual dark thoughts...shock at the price of our once-monthly food shopping trip on Thursday, dreaming of laundry that stays done for just one day, for a house that stays clean and tidy for the same length of time, for long leisurely walks with dog and Significant Other (he's not into long walks just now, and my hips hurt)....a kitchen that looks as good in the morning as it did when I went to bed....maybe just a little tiny bit more sharing of the load...What did I say the other day? Life is supposed to get easier as you age? I seem to recall a huge laugh from 'Bug over that one...Also bad/sad news from a GB friend - makes my "problems" look so minor....

However..the weather is cooperating very well and I might even get some more garden work done this week - every little bit done now makes Spring a little more enjoyable. DH has suggested that we get the deck chairs out again so we can sit out on the Wine Deck a few more times next week - that is a pleasant thought!

I love the Salon Room - it is shaping up to be an amazing space! Having done that kind of renovation myself in the past, I really appreciate the work going into it and I am envious of the pleasure that comes from the beautiful finished product!

Oh "bug, been there done that with the chimney/stove issue in our old house. We ended up going for a pellet stove and we loved it, but now the pellets are so expensive that is not really a practical option anymore. We did get the liner dropped down the existing flue. At the same time we installed a new furnace and had the outer chimenty rebricked - I bet the whole operation cost us $10,000, including the stove and hearth. But it all had to be done. Really frosts me when the the left hand and the right hand don't work together - meaning the chimney guy and the stove guy and the code issue. Sheesh!

Well, thanks for the pleasant interlude this morning you guys! I'm off to start my day all over again *LOL*.

Next time I will try to read all the posts before doing mine!



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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I'm here too.

Chelone, we must have everything replaced. Not because it needs it, but because insurance companies are the pits. They don't go by knowledge and fact, but by simplicity. Everything new please. The liner for flues is no longer acceptable here, although it does depend on the insurance company you deal with. We cannot change companies because we need the one we deal with which gives us barn insurance. There is only one which does so...
As for the codes, the old stove, according to code, requires an 18" clearance to the nearest combustible surface. But according to the insurance people, it requires 36". If it were a different model, it would require 48" clearance. That would involve us moving the entire thing to the center of our room...and, well, just forget that!

Yes indeed Chelone, grief is an amazing process. It is not a process like any other I have experienced because there is both forward and backward motion. Yesterday I had an unfortunate experience with a friend whose nephew has bacterial meningitis as a result of taking drugs. While they were visiting me, they received a phone call that he will survive. Now ordinarily I would be happy for them. I was livid and furious and..cried. Reed should have been saved! I was so angry that this illiterate 30 year old who had done this harm to himself, had to be paid for by my taxes for the damage he did to his body, his heart valves, his surgery , his rehabilitation, etc...that I just lashed out. Well, they're still my friends I guess, but I'm not much happier yet. DH tells me I must separate Reed from this guy's tragedy. I guess I must.

On a better note, Sarah's doctor reports that she is doing a million times better than before she left on holiday. She has lost 10 pounds but that is not a problem to either her doctor or her midwife. They heard a good strong heartbeat the other day too. I believe they are going to try to return to work on Monday. Her doctor says she should be able to return home any time she wants, so we'll see how things go.

Yesterday we did errands and I almost bought a lovely new tablecloth. It is round and my table almost square. I did not like the effect of the wood corners showing, so they are trying to find me a rectangular one instead. DH, who normally doesn't notice these things, admired the pattern too. !!

I hope to cut back the asparagus today, maybe other things as well.

PS: V, life in the 'fast' lane seems to be best! By the way, it was Drema who pointed me in the direction of bubbles rather than confetti. Sarah felt it was appealing from an environmental point of view...though I'm not convinced that soap is any better...But it was fun!(and no clean-up)

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Another idyller up early with time on her hands. I sure enjoyed the extra hour of sleep.

I thought of Chelone when we were meeting with the caterer yesterday. He is in the process of moving to a new location, but he had to be out of the old one before the new one was ready. So for the time being, he is working out of the kitchen of an historic mansion owned by a local park district. While we met in the kitchen, which was a very nice space set up for cooking classes, the local youth orchestra rehearsed right outside the door in the massive dining room. The 1812 Overture could make a menu of hot dogs and beans sound grand! They were quite good and it was an interesting background to our discussions.

Julie, I'm with you on the occasional discouragement of the daily grind. I have only one full-time Phil here, but he's been known to do the work of three, if you catch my drift. I'll clear the kitchen island of all the mail and clutter, and he will walk by and immediately scatter half a dozen pieces of paper across its length. I'll think that I have the laundry caught up, and then he will pick up the various clothing articles scattered around the bedroom and drop them all in the laundry basket - time to run another load! I don't mind doing the clean-up stuff, what I do mind is when he wonders why I don't get bigger jobs done faster, as I trail in his wake trying to contain the destruction.

Today's question is whether I will be able to get all the outside jobs done before the rain begins. The weatherman thinks it will rain sometime this afternoon.


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I'm awfully glad you made the fateful traffic move, V., because your phrasing cracks me up frequently. Your commentary on your "Phil" is a notable case in point, lol.

I fear we've lost Deanne to computer woes, though it may just be that one of those cuttings was from Audrey II and not a coleus.

Marian's use of full strenth vinegar to clean the coffee pot made me decide to do it this morning. OK, good plan, except that I managed to use Ammonia instead of white vinegar! no kidding. The kitchen smelled pretty intense for about 15 minutes, even Rex wasn't willing to risk entering. :) I may have come close to pumping the well dry in my attempts to neutralize my mistake. Mr. Coffee is about as cleaned out as 'bug probably is about now.

OK, I've got to shake the sillies and get out to do some cleaning in the Salon. I'm excited about getting it ready to use.

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Good morning...and a bright and sunny morning it is.

Marian...that was quite clever to take a photo of a photo with the digital camera, good for you! I'll have to remember that trick.

Chelone...I am sure it will be a great time for DD. She called last night and this morning to offer a progress report on the unpacking. She purchased a few items from IKEA and everything from that store has to be put together. By this morning, she has had friends in and out all of yesterday and showed up bright and early this morning, who were very happy to help her put them together. She and roommate forgot to turn the heat on last night, and they were freezing during the night with the thermostat reading 59 when they got She sounds so excited and I am excited for her. They have a deck off the kitchen....come spring she probably will be looking for help with windowboxes.

She was saying yesterday, that now she has to be responsible for everything for the first time which is a little intimidating, but it will be really good for her. I was shocked at how little apartment you get these days for the amount of rent they have to pay. Her new bedroom will actually be smaller than her bedroom at home. [g] When we were just starting out, the apartments we were able to afford were twice the size with lots of amenities, but, we were not looking for something right in the city. I don't understand why you pay a premium for the privilege of breathing city air, being crowded, living in a higher crime area, etc.? I never felt drawn to live in the city even at her age. She has a lot of friends that do though, so I am sure that is the determining factor.

I would enjoy hearing more about your first old were you, where did you meet Helpmeet, how long did you stay there, were you close to your family?

Chelone...I love your Salon! Pickled finishes have always been a favorite for me and I think are looking particularly good with that color green. I love your windows and all the fluorescent lights on the ceiling. Can't wait to see the stove installed. You did a great job with the chimney. I am always impressed with your capabilities, determination and confidence to take on the challenges of home maintenance and renovations. last thing, DH discovered a neighbor's cat had gotten into the screenhouse and evidently couldn't get out until just as he was about to get to it. As he looked it over, he found three large holes where the cat had ripped the screen. I thought you mentioned having made screens for that lower part of your deck....have any idea how I should repair those fabric screens? I thought sewing them, would make them pretty obvious and wonder if using iron on tape might work?

Ok...time to go. We are trying to finish up in the garden as much as possible today. DH has already planted all the bulbs! :-)

Waving to all.... :-)

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Major excitement here - both DS and his fiance each got two tickets for the big dance Tuesday evening. Two + two = Mom gets to go!


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Ahhhhhhhh. No perennial whacking but two years of brother/biz/health/R Biz/my financial paperwork is sorted, filed, or tossed, or waiting to be shredded. Did you know there's a carpet in the office? We also have a stocked larder. Cereal and sweet bread for dinner tonight. Splurged with fat free 1/2&1/2. Perfectly content.

Love that Skyler wore sandals on that magical day, 'bug.

V: Wear something red, white or blue so we can find you in the crowd!! LOL That IS exciting! (So can you clue us in on the dress?????)

Kathy: I'm so sorry for your workplace, both those still there and those gone. Can you still plant some pansies for a little splash of color in your garden? Viburnum carlesii opened up this week. Huh???? Anyway, it did and to smell it was a true pleasure.

(((Julie))) You've had a crazy week running around ensuring people's happiness. That's work, my friend, and though loving no less energy burning. Sounds like a mocha and wool stockings day to me :-)

PM2: Let's set a Logee's date Before the holiday. Sounds like greenhouse time will set in early this year.

Saucy: Is DH's gallbladder behaving?

Mary -- That guy has a wicked sense of humor, and I got some good hearty "AhHuh!!" laughs. Much needed; thanks for sharing! Have you heard from Joquain?

Everyone else: I'm going to go plunk on the couch. It'll be a busy week but one to look forward and remember how much fun this job can be.

First off to close windows. Brrrrrrrrrrrrr


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Rain continues on and off today, and I took advantage of the between showers respites to go out and cut a few bouquets for the house before the zinnias and roses get any more sodden looking. At the moment its pouring.
Split pea soup is made and the enchiladas are started. A good time for a bit of an Idyll.

V, exciting news for you, I understand those tickets are pretty hard to come by. Are you planning on taking Wednesday off? I cant imagine the traffic jam that will ensue after .

Marie, great to hear that Sarahs health is so good, I Imagine they are happy that they made the decision to take a journey .When my DH passed away , I found that returning to work was not as bad as I had feared it would be, and I was more than ready for it when the time came.

Julie, I believe there is no way you can be blamed for feeling tired with the schedule you seem to keep ! Hoping you can find a way to negotiate some of that shared load stuff. To this day I am very happy that both my children learned how to do their own laundry think my daughter started doing hers when she was in middle school. I have heard from a vendor that there are expected to be shortages of wood stove pellets this year since so many of the lumber mills have shut down or scaled back. That in combination with high prices for other fuels.

OK , not much else to add-a slow news day on the Idylls !

Back to the enchiladas.

Kathy in Napa

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Just for Martie, some dress details.

This is the train, obviously, but it does a nice job of showing the lace.

Here's the top of the dress, highlighting the beading around the waist.

The sample dress was a size 6, so the back literally was clamped onto the back of the strapless bra. So that's all I'm going to post on the internet!

Kathy, I'm out of days off, so I'll have to settle for begging permission to come in late. We're planning to take public transportation, which will be crowded but will beat driving.

I cut back all the plants in the bog and the pond today. It would be an understatement to say I'm tired! It was a warm enough day to stand in the pond in boots, but you sure didn't want to kneel in the water, so it was all stoop work. Whatever dinner is, it will start with ibuprofen.


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jak1(4 Ontario Can)

Good Morning! I am an early bird today - the time change thing will confuse me for a while!

Oh Marie, you have come up hard against a reality: Life. Is. Not. Fair. We all know it, but sometimes it comes right up and smacks us in the face. I'm sorry you had a meltdown with your friends. Surely they understand....

V: beautiful dress! I can just imagine the work that goes into something that lovely.

Martie: thanks for the hug - I needed one! Sounds like you got a huge JJob out of the way!

And Kathy, thank you for the encouragement too. DS does (or doesn't) do his own laundry, but I do the rest. Probably because I have a fit if they use the dryer so they would just rather leave me to it. I do bring on a lot of my annoyances myself. The pellets were getting rarer and pricy when we sold the old house. Now we have a gas fireplace. I have to say I really like being able to click the remote and see the fire appear in the fireplace. After so many years of doing the wood thing, it seems like magic!

I think today will be Recuperation Day - nothing special planned. I might find a teeny JJob to do, but it won't be anything major!

Later. Have a great dayy everyone!



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No dinnertime aspirin for me, though I did take it easy on the hands and wrists yesterday. I was keenly aware of their presence after Saturday's workout. It was a beautiful yesterday, crystal clear and mighty brisk. Would have been a good day to work in the gahdens.

I spent it in the Salon, doing my best to get the construction mess under control. I contained all the painting tools in a large carton, organized left over paint, put away the masonry tools, and vaccumed the entire area, aside from what's under the phalanx of chairs in the centre of the room. I moved the little horde of leftover pieces of 2x stock nearer the stairwell as a pointed hint to the helpmeet that the Salon is about to emerge from its "U Store It" phase. I was surprised at how long it took me to accomplish all those things, but it was a very pleasant place to be with the sun streaming in the windows all day long. Today I plan to address the crating that cradled the woodstove during shipment (the pile of wood in the picture above). I have to cut off the ends with the giant staples and then cut it into kindling (waste not want not!). I have some hope that the doors for the attic door MAY go up today (it's a long way up there and I'd rather he installed them while I'm here to call 911). We'll see.

I hear ya on the shared duties thing, Julie. It's the same story here on the Compound and I deal with it at work, too. It gets stale pretty quickly and can really color the way we look at our daily lives. I have taken steps to address the hotbeds of clutter and have rigorously enforced some new "rules" to curb reaccumulation, not that they've been embraced with great enthusiasm, I might add. ;)
1.) If his laundry is dumped on the floor instead of in the newly cleaned laundry closet I request it be put in the basket, pointing out that keeping the laundress happy ensures a steady stream of clean and folded clothing.
2.) Dishes left in locations other than the kitchen do not get washed. It makes sense to gather them next to the sink for my convenience since I perform 95% of the KP duty.
3.) I have taken charge of the mail (a source of never ending frustration for me, too, V.). I collect it daily, sort it, recycle it, and have worked hard to eliminate our names and address from a multitude of mailing lists. Unopened mail from political sources with his name on it is recycled if not opened in 2 days.
4.) Tools used and not put away stay where they were left until HE puts them away. I don't hesitate to ask that it be done, too. I have decided that I'm done being a maid to lazy people, I don't need more "busy work", thanks very much.

The challenge for me has been in "follow through". It's hard work not to tidy up while seething in resentful silence. I simply politely ask that thus and such be picked up NOW because I'm tired of seeing the place look like a bomb went off in it and I'm really tired of spending MY FREE TIME picking up messes I didn't make. I am adopting the same posture at work, too, where I am the only one who cleans and consolodates her work area on a daily basis. You may waste your own time all you want, but you may not waste mine, only I'm allowed to do that with any regularity.

It's great that Sarah is in good physical health in spite of the upheaval of the past couple of months. Getting away was a good thing for them to do. I'm sure that is a comfort to your family, 'bug. I have wondered about Skyler, too. It must be a very hard time for him with many conflicting emotions that bubble to the surface at inopportune times and in difficult and challenging ways. I hope issues with the ex. have settled down somewhat, too.

V., that's a pretty dress. It used to drive me absolutely nuts when the bride would arrive for a fitting without proper foundation garments or shoes in spite of repeated exhortations to do so. Anything strapless is built off proper "foundations" and there is no way to properly mark a hemline without the correct shoes. I don't miss the days of bridal work one little bit, although it was fun to see the bride put on a properly altred dress and watch the smile steal over her face and those of her companions.

I have to get dressed and organize my car which is to go to the world's greatest mechanic this morning. Routine service, "winterization", and an inspection sticker. I am hoping it won't break the bank, but I have a nagging suspicion it may be time for new "skins".

I have yet to see a tremendous slow down at work, but as I've said before there is an increase in the amount of repair work over the past year or so as people have begun tightening their belts. I keep showing up for work and doing what's assigned me to the best of my ability. And that's about as much as I can do to ensure continued employment. I can't imagine anything worse than having to pass a work week in the company of people who are facing a job loss. Feelings of frustration and resentment are to be expected under such circumstances.

Time to deal with the car.

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Happy Monday! It Will be :-)

Just quick for V and her DDiL2B -- The dress is stunning, and had I been 25 years younger might have chosen the same thing. Brown, lavender, and touches of peach, lace was my chosen palette. Tell her someone thinks her choices have been just perfect!!!! Here's proof......

Wedding On, V!!!!


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It was fun to "sleep in" this morning. I think I'm going to like the new change.

Yesterday we went to the Community Barn where they had a sort of open house. I get post and beam envy every time I'm there. The food was good, music was better, and Jake volunteered to work the tethers on the hot air balloon. A good time was had by the Saucy family.

I end up with more than my share of work around here, too. I get tired of asking. Why is it that they describe it as "helping" me? I hate that....

Jake officially does his own laundry. Sarah's has "sock duty." Sarah needs to get a little taller so that she can reach upper cabinets and therefore take on more duties, lol! Perhaps it's a consiracy on her part :)

I got my pantry/plant room cleaned out. Sad. I did not save enough plants from freezing temps to fill my shelves! I have a cutting from Michelle's geranium, and a coleus and hibiscus from Deanne. I saved the agave that Wendy and I had picked up here in town. Oh, and 3 bananas are in the house, and the big one is in the basement with the brugs.

We'll see.

I'm in a funky mood this morning. I'm going to go see what's for breakfast before delving into this new week.


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Good morning, ladies! (And what nice glam shots.) I'll be working from home tomorrow, so have been thinking what can be cooked and/or baked to keep the hands and mind busy and the house smelling divine. It occurred to me I own a recipe for "Election Day Cake" from a book put out by Farm Journal in 1969 called "Homemade Bread." The book was given to me by the next-door neighbor at whose house I spent a good chunk of my teenage years kvetching about life, etc. (Though I don't remember, I must have talked at length about mountains!) She inscribed it on my birthday in '73: "When you find your mountain top, I hope it is all you dreamed it to be. Love, your friend always, Marva." Marva comes from a farming family in Bakersfield, a couple hours north of Los Angeles.

So thanks to Marva, here's Election Day Cake. I doubt I'll bake this bread tomorrow, but wanted to share the recipe anyway. I'm leaning more towards a huge pot of soup, maybe cioppino...


Election Day Cake

"It's called a cake, but it's a yeast-leavened coffee bread. More than a century ago this fruit and nut-studded loaf, according to legend, was the payoff of Connecticut politicians to men who voted the straight party ticket. Today its only connection with politics is that many hostesses, especially in New England, serve it at informal parties on election day. It's a good choice if you're looking for something tasty to serve with coffee to guests in front of your television set, while listening to vote counts."

2 pkgs active dry yeast
1 1/2 cup warm water (110 to 115 deg)
2 tsp sugar
4 1/2 c. sifted all-purpose flour
3/4 c. butter or margarine
1 c. sugar
1 tsp salt
1 1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp cloves
1/4 tsp mace
1/2 tsp nutmeg
2 eggs
1 1/2 c. raisins
1/2 c. chopped citron
3/4 c. chopped nuts
Confectioners Sugar Frosting

Sprinkle yeast on warm water; stir to dissolve. Add 2 tsp sugar and 1 1/2 c. flour and beat well by hand, or 2 minutes with electric mixer at medium speed. Cover and let rise in warm place until bubbly, about 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, cream butter and 1 c. sugar until light and fluffy.

Sift remaining 3 c. flour with salt, cinnamon, cloves, mace and nutmeg.

When yeast mixture is bubbly, add eggs to creamed butter and sugar and beat well. Combine yeast with creamed mixture. Add remaining dry ingredients (flour, salt and spices), a little at a time, beating with spoon after each addition. Beat until smooth.

Stir in raisins, citron and nuts. Pour into well-greased and floured 10-inch tube pan. Cover and let rise in warm place until doubled, about 1 1/2 hours.

Bake in moderate over (375) one hour. Cool in pan five minutes; turn out on rack to finish cooling. While faintly warm, spread with Confectioners Sugar Frosting. Makes 12 to 16 servings.

Confectioners Sugar Frosting: To 1 cup sifted confectioners sugar add enough milk or light cream to make mixture of spreading consistency. Add 1/2 tsp vanilla and a dash of salt (or flavor with 1/2 tsp lemon juice and 1/4 tsp grated lemon peel). Stir until smooth. Spread on coffee breads or rolls.

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

No 'sleeping in' for me. I got up at the crack of dawn before the time changed, and I shall continue to do so, but it is great to see the clock saying it is 6, instead of 7 ! I know 9 to 5ers have to go by the clock, but I do not.I only wish I could stay asleep until dawn!

I have still not fully recovered from my digestive problem. If I could refrain from poking everything in my mouth that comes to mind...espacially in the evening, I think I may fully recover. :-(
I need a lot more self restraint!

Chelone, I am so inpressed with all your home inprovement activities. We have neighbor gal/friend who is like that. If she takes a notion to remodel her house, she does it. She bought some of Nolon's construction electical tools from him when he retired, to use herself. She is also employed at 'our' bank, as cashier. She is not much into gardening though. She lives even more immersed into the woods than we are, and loves her trees.
Yaargh ! Chelone ! Ammonia! I am glad all involved survived, including 'Wrecks'! Do read the label before you drink something...LOL.

Marie, I do understand your anger at the fact that a 'no-gooder' was kept going so the tax payers can continue supporting him, but a precious innocent child is lost. It is frequently difficult to understand these things. I think someday we will.

V, what a horrific experience! How fortunate for you that you had changed lanes! I believe there is a reason for that, also.
Beautiful choice of a wedding dress. I am so happy that you are having such a fun time in the plans. I was never involved in my son's bride(s)preparation. I left all of that up to their mother(s).

I can't seem to find who asked if Nolon was employed by that ranch. Yes, he was not a 'cowboy' but he was a ranch hand. He had a cousin who had been there for a year or so, and encouraged Nolon to work there. The cousin was on one of the smaller 'sub' ranches, on down the road from us.

Pm2, I have been taking pictures of my old photos ever since I got a digital camera. Sometimes they come out lots better than that last one.
Sorry about the screen house, and sorry for the cat. :-(

It is interesting to hear of the daughters going off on their own (College). Our son moved into a rented house while he was still in high school, then he got married, then he went to college. :-)
He was still in our same small town when he first was on his own.

Kathy, I was looking at the radar, and it looks as though the entire NW is really getting the rain, and snow in higher altitudes. My sister,in Meridian, Idaho, and my brother, in Albany, Oregon, are predicted to have rain all week. My birth area in Idaho is predicted to start out with rain, and turn to snow midweek. Not unusual there.
We are still having unseasonally warm weather. It is to continue until Thurs.(I think).


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

AARRGH!! I just lost a long post! I'm too tired to re-do it all so I'll just quickly do a bit of it.

It was samosa day again here. Six pounds of extra-lean ground beef were converted into filling:

It made about 100 samosas.

We ate some (too many!) while cooking and had some with popovers for lunch. Split three ways, it's not a big batch. Most of ours will go in the freezer to be eaten with future curry dinners.

Denise - that looks like a good recipe - it has all my favorite spices. I'm awfully tempted to try it tomorrow....

gb's DH e-mailed this morning to say their satelite link has gone wonky and she expects to be out of touch for a few days. I assume that means she won't be able to post here as well as being out of e-mail contact, but I'm not entirely sure....

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I had a ball at the book store some stocking stuffers (journals in purple suede and leather bound sketch pads!) and a tree identification book for 2 dollars.

I'm going to start The Lace Reader tonight. Wonder if GB is done yet?

It's leftovers tonight, and I heard a "ding"....


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Oh, I really dislike this autumn time change. Just after 5pm and already getting dark makes for a long evening. I suppose I'll get used to it though, I always do. It was a beautiful day today with temps in the 60s and we have 70s forecast for the next couple of days. We even ate lunch outside today. Truly a bonus for November.

We've been painting and doing projects around the house. The garden has long been put to bed except for some mulching once the leaves fall. Brad built me a very cool conservatory out of old windows that we happened upon on our way home from dinner out one Sunday. I'll have to get a picture of that for you all to see. I saved way too many plants but with Bella being a year older I seem to have more time to tend to them. The kitchen's coming along, close to halfway painted now. We built a wall of shelves for my cookbooks out of old apple crates that I really like. Also the old light fixture has been replaced with a new colored glass one. I'm having fun working on it all.

Bella's at a really fun age now. I like 3 1/2 alot. She comes up with the some of the funniest things.

Things here in MI are scary. Anouncements of thousands losing jobs just about every day it seems. So far Brad still has a job but that could easily change. No use worrying about what I can't control though so I try not to.

Halloween was lots of fun this year. We all got together at Jenni and Randy's for dinner and trick or treat. For dessert I made cupcakes from the Magnolia Bakery cookbook, chocolate with vanilla buttercream frosting and decorated with Halloween stencils and colored sugar. Fun and they were so good!

Michelle, Kenzie was such a cute garden fairy. I loved seeing her in her costume.

Well since this post has been all about me I do think I've said enough for now. Time to go turn on the lights. Have a good evening.


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Good evening

Eden - great to hear some of the fun things you have been up to. Halloween is such an exciting holiday for the little ones. I'll keep my fingers and toes crossed for Brad.

Woody - how wonderful to have a stash of delicious home-made Samosas in your freezer. I wonder if I could make a wheat-free version?

Saucy - our book group voted on the Lace Reader too so I'll be picking up a copy soon. With V and GB we have almost enough for another Idyll book club. Kathy - have you read that one?

Marian - did you and Nolon both ride horses?

Chelone - I was fascinated to see the progress on the salon and the chimney. I was mixing up thin-set yesterday and laid the granite tiles for the counter-top in the second bathroom. I loved the way they look and can't wait to finally get the sink in and plumbed. I was going to grout tonight after work but the early morning has caught up with me.

V - and Martie - beautiful dresses both!!

Michelle - what a perfect little flower fairy Kenzie makes:0)

Kathy - we were unable to find a Mozart wig for David and I didn't have time to make a jacket so Wolfie morphed into Darth Mull (sp?). I promsied that with an earlier start next year we'd pull off an Amadeus outfit.

Today was a fairly normal day at work which was great after all the turmoil of last week. Homework is completed and Annie has a carpool ride to her violin lesson (her BFF has the slot right after so we can share the driving). DH, David and I just finished supper (baked sweet potatoes, cuban porkm squash and salad). I've told the boys it is their turn to clean the kitchen and headed off for a quiet Idyll.

When it comes to making messes we are probably all equally responsible, though DH to a lesser extent as he is gone so much. I am the main picker-upper and initiator of family clean-ups. I do sometimes wonder to what state things would get to if I did not blow the whistle once in a while and try and bring some order to the place. That said, I cannot bear to have a messy kitchen or things left out and keep counters, stove and sink neat and clean. Cooking is a creative outlet for me and I need a space I feel comfortable in to work. Now the floor is another matter...

In response to the question about our first apartments or houses, mine was a studio apartment in the Lincoln Park area of Chicago. I had come to the USA to train as a paper conservator after college. I was just 23. The apartment was in a beautiful old building divided into dozens of flats on a lovely tree lined street within walking distance of shops, restaurants, clubs etc. It was tiny - a living room where I had a sofa bed, a small table and two chairs. There was a minute kitchen on one side with room for just one person to stand. Beside that was an even smaller bathroom. I loved every inch of it adn teh fact that it was all mine, and have many happy memories of that time.


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Martie, you seem to have a lot in common with the bride-to-be; she shares your name minus the e. Lovely dress and lovely smile!

Woody, I may unilaterally impose a rule that there may be no more samosa photos unless you promise to coordinate a Samosa cook-in at Idyll Summer Camp.

Chelone, I love the photos of the salon. The wall color is wonderful, and it looks like a lovely space in which to work. Great job on the chimney, by the way.

Eden, I will cross my fingers and toes on Brad's behalf as well. Nice to see regular posts from you again.

I'd love to hear from Cindy and Cynthia.

The meeting that I had on Wednesday morning was canceled for other reasons, and I have permission to be late that day. DH has a meeting on Wednesday at a hotel near O'Hare, so we have a room booked there Tuesday night. We'll drive there tomorrow afternoon then take the El into downtown. It will be a lot of standing and waiting, but I'll put up with it for one evening. Sounds like the city is scaling back the number of people they are encouraging to come into downtown, which is not a bad idea. I'll try to take the camera along.

Missing bug and Deanne as they suffer from computer-related woes.

I was quite stiff today from all the bending yesterday. Lots of old lady groans heard from my quarter. Not much else new to report from this corner of the world. I will not be here tomorrow but hope to report on my activities on Wednesday.

Whatever your choice, remember to exercise your rights tomorrow!


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I was talking to rep for a vendor of mine today in Marshalltown Ohio, who advised me of their temps today, which were predicted to hit near 80. She was happy to hear it was pouring and (relatively ) cold in zone 9 Norcal . Ive turned on the heat for the 1st time , just to take the chill down a bit. It clicked on at 62.
I had annoying DSL service issues over the weekend. Started on Saturday evening and lost service on and off on Sunday, but managed to slide a post in none the less. I installed a new DSL phone filter which was suggested by the techs at ATT as the possible culprit. So far so good. And as I was eating my dinner last night I dislodged one of the stainless steel posts that are holding the implant areas open as they await the crowns, so I had to visit my dentist to re-install.

Eden I cant wait to see pics of your conservatory ! Many years ago I wrote a short story in which the main character was an artist whose studio was on the back of her small cottage and built of old windows. I never fail to think of you when I hear the doom and gloom prospects in the US auto industry . My boss told me today we are loosing several more in my company on Wednesday. I think the lumber business is just about in the same boat as the SUV business---but on a positive note, gas was only 2.89 today ! I cant believe how fast those prices are falling.

Mary, no, I have not read The Lace Reader as of yet, but have placed it on my winter list . Right now I am preparing to read The Master by Colm Toibin, which is a novel about Henry James, came out a few years agomaybe won the Booker ? Im going to finish Cultivating Delight first, though, as I have too many books going right now. Im reorganizing all my music CDs so that I will have proper reading music.

I noted that Deanne plopped in a couple of posts on some of our annex threads ..I too suspect the computer woes-must be as annoying as h#*l!

Martie, you look just charming in your wedding finery ! And one of the very nicest things you are wearing is that big smile.

Denise, your recipe reminds me of the spice cake I always requested for my b-days as a child. When Marian posted about the YP ranch I Nev, it made me think about my late MIL who grew up in the 30s on the County Farm in Downey (of all places.) Do you remember how Downey was in the 50s with all the dairy farms ? That was the end of the era as it was quickly becoming a post WW2 LA bedroom community.

Marian, that was me who asked about the ranch worker job in Nevada. And the job paid a salary plus room and board at the ranch ?

Yes V please take us some pics !!! And glad you mentioned Cindy and Cynthia, I miss them !

Saucy, I did a bookstore visit while in Portland , and purchased secret gifts. Powell Books is a Portland icon and takes up a whole city block. I try to go on each of my visits; they have used books too , so there are great bargains to be had.

OK, thats all for me tonightand how interesting tomorrow will be whatever the outcome..

Kathy in Napa

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

I will quickly answer a couple of questions before crashing for the night.

Mary, I don't recall ever seeing Nolon on a horse. I don't think horseback riding was part of the ranch job. I rode horses before I met him, but never after we were married.

Kathy, yes, Nolon was paid a salary, and we were provided a furnished house. The first one we were in was only two bedroom and quite small. The second one was three bedroom and had a large livingroom and dinningroom combo, with a fireplace. I will look up some of the pics I took while we were there, and take pics of them to post.

Martie, that is a lovely wedding dress. I never had a real wedding dress, or a fancy wedding. Both times it was just at a Justice of the Peace his home. Apparently it does not matter. Nolon and I have been married 51 years!

Woody, I am really curious what those samosas taste like. If you volunteer to make some at the Idyll Camp I will HAVE to come so I can sample them. :-)

Okie doakie...that was more than I said I would post ! LOL


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Weve been having unseasonable temps. Yesterday reached 74. Today was as warm but breezier. Garden clean up continues, except it will have to be on the weekends since it was nearly dark when I arrived home this evening.

All the home improvements are interesting, everyone seems to have a trowel in hand. Im skim coating a small wall in our bedroom. Its a wall of paneling ugh! It seems like this house had paneling in nearly every room. Most were only 1 wall and Ive nearly eradicated all of it.

Eden, Id love to see your conservatory. I have several pictures Ive saved of such things made from old windows for a someday project. Sorry to hear about all the layoffs I hope Brad is unaffected.

Martie, your dress is lovely.

When DH and I got married my mom made my dress. The top was lace and was beaded my yours truly.

V, I love the slight gather in the bodice of FDILs dress.

My first apt. was very cool. On the 3rd floor with an old elevator that you operated yourself. You know the kind where you have to figure out where to stop it and then open the cage. The apt. had hardwood floors, white walls, a claw foot tub and a murphy bed in the dining room. Since I actually had bedroom furniture, I got the one bedroom and the roomie took the murphy bed.

Mary, I have to have a clean floor before I begin cooking not that it stays that way.

Chelone, it looks like you have a chair collection or maybe fetish LOL We joke here about our dresser collection. Between the 2 of us when we got married we had 15 dressers. We have eliminated a few but still have more than we need.

Im missing all the aol Idylls.


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Chelones chairs: what an interesting revelation -it seems they represent almost any era you could name..but I was very drawn to tne basket chair which took me to an LA youth and would be fabu in Denises garden...

Kathy in Napa

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Lol, I wondered if there would be any comment on the chair collection! The helpmeet teases me because I can't control myself when I see something interesting set out for large item collection. The most recent acquistion is the Chinese Chippendale chair under the stainless heat shield for the stove. It's lovely and I can't wait to have the room to set up and reupholster it. The Danish Modern chair and footstool belong to my brother. They are mahogany and the Pirelli rubber webbing needs replacing after nearly 50 yrs., he has a rocking chair, the sofa, and the matching coffee table, a truly handsome set. And I ADORE the little round "basket" chairs, Kathy. They came from my late FIL and they're really comfortable. I've long harbored a desire to learn the art of reed work and re-do them.

Michelle, I could be right up in 15 dresser league, too! I love old furniture and have rather too much of it now, but it's so hard to make decisions on what should go. I laughed aloud at your comment about eradicating the panelling. Is it the cheesy stuff that was so popular in the '60s and is under 1/4" thick? THTTF has knotty pine panelling in the living room, a leftover from its days as a summer cottage. My brother suggested removing it and replacing it with drywall, but rather liked the notion of keeping it as a nod to nostalgia, too. He liked the pickled windows in the Salon and asked about doing that to the panelling... (me and my good ideas). Soak up some sunshine and warm temperatures for me, willya? I think a miner's helmet (with the light on the front) could be a useful aid in late day garden clean up...

And it IS nice to see Eden pop in. I really want to see some shots of your projects, they're always so interesting. The recycled Conservatory sounds great. Like Kathy, I think of the Michigan Idyllettes whenever I hear grim news out of the rust belt. The numbers from the Big Three yesterday were jaw dropping. It's a shame so many hard-working people take the hit because the board of directors and the brass refused to face reality and make the decisions that would have made the company more competitive.

It will be fun to hear V.'s report tomorrow sometime. I will perform my civic duty on the way home this afternoon. I take voting very seriously, both my grandmothers had been married for several years before they were legally permitted to cast a vote in this country and the worldover people actually risk violence and persecution for the chance to cast one. I vote because I'm able to do so!

Missing Cynthia and Cindy, too. Wondering about greys and Chloe and what's shakin' at the "awfice". And what the neighbors on the other side of the wall are like...

Well, time to make like a baby and head on outta here. Later!

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Kathy...Your chicken enchiladas sounded great, but I would have to pass on the pea soup. [g] Do you put your pesto over pasta? Yes, I can imagine the $$ BIL had to put into the house, but at least it was a great investment. Any project that comes out that well has to add a lot of value to the house. How long before your crowns are ready? You mention stainless steel posts, not titanium?

Yes, Bug...your friend Sharon has had more than her share of pain in life. I hope her trip with her daughter will be a wonderful experience for the both of them. I wonder if she is a gardener? On the new stove/chimney, would a different insurance company assess the situation differently and require less? have my sympathies over heating system woes. We had our furnace break down on us a few years ago, right around this time of year and we ran into one delay after another, held up by the homeowner's insurance company first, and then the company installing the boiler. We were actually into cold weather the last week before it went in and quite uncomfortable. It turned out to be a great system and we are happy with it. How about an update? Any closer to being ready to turn the heat up?

Martie...That wedding photo is just gorgeous! I love your dress and bouquet, so simple and elegant and you look so happy and content! Logee's does sound like a nice treat. I am ready for something new I think. Maybe a few begonias, anyone have any favorites to recommend? Was it you who had a Viburnum carlesii open this week?? The whole shrub or just a few blossoms? I imagine that will mean no bloom in the spring?

Saucy....are you still on meadows in your class? Since you saved less than usual plants, maybe you would enjoy a trip to Logee's? :-)

Marian....DD graduated from college last year and has been in her first official job for six months and has finally saved up enough money to get into her own apartment with a roommate. That is so interesting that your DS married before college. I am sure that made it a little harder, so it is impressive that he went to college any way. I wonder if he felt like he missed out on some fun, getting married so young? would seem you are making great progress with all the wedding plans. Glad you are enjoying it. DD's gown is very pretty!

Julie....I believe you might find it helpful to schedule in more fun for Julie instead of more Jobs. :-)

All our kids have been doing their own laundry since they were old enough to do it. They also helped with the lawn and garden. Now that they are all grown, they all cook and have helped out with grocery shopping and enjoy the kitchen more than the garden. [g]

Hi is the harvesting coming? You are harvesting corn, right? Glad the weather is cooperating.

Chelone....have your arms/hands recovered yet?

I enjoyed the photos of the 'Trick or Treaters'. Costumes were outstanding! Martie your neighbor kids are adorable too. Lots of memories of 'sorting candy'. DB and I were only 10 months apart and at that age, we lived in neighborhoods with three decker houses with tons of families and kids in them. We also lived a few blocks away from a local Inn and every year they would offer hot cider and donuts to all the neighborhood kids.

Woody....mouthwatering pics! nice to hear that you are having enjoyable times lately. I remember seeing a magazine article with photos of greenhouses that people had made out of leftover windows and have wanted one ever since. I am going to be really jealous, but would love to see photos of My favorite age with my kids was when they were three and four years old. Just wonderful how sweet they are and what things come out of their mouth.

Mary....your first apartment sounded like a real find. I have never been to Chicago, so I'm not familiar with that area but your description makes it sound great. I was just thinking that I never have lived anywhere by myself. It must have been quite an experience. Still renovating a bathroom? Maybe photos soon? You never said how your garden job finished up?

My first apartment was large on the second floor of a two family and the landlord lived downstairs. He kept it up very well and they were wonderful. High ceilings and large windows. It was really fun fixing it up. Seems like a long time ago.

Nothing much to report. The garden is finally about put to bed. DH planted all the bulbs on Sunday and we got a few more containers in the ground and a few pots put away. Oh, and best of all, we bought a roll of hardware cloth and covered all the areas where the bulbs were planted, so the squirrels won't dig them up! I will still try to chip away at the garden 'to do' list until it gets too cold to get out there, but if the weather turns and nothing more to be done out there, I will be content with what we were able to finish.

I'll be back with a photo later...have a good morning... :-) pm2

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If I opened the window I wouldn't be able to see the computer screen for the fog. It is denser than I ever remember.

Tables are the thing here. All sizes, shapes, condition, uses. It's a running joke with Kyle that he'll never, ever in his lifetime need to purchase a table.

For Idyll camp I think we'll need a few more chairs, Chelone ;-)

Another soul sister found, V!! Is she a Martha?

Thanks for the compliments on the dress. Actually two pieces: top for $12 off the 90% clearance rack at a hoity toity dress shop, skirt (short) that has been reused several times. The smile was the easiest part of the day...

Was thinking of Michelle and Brenda when I heard the midwest weather reports, and how hot it must be during harvest.

Hope your malady corrects itself soon, Marian. Nothing worse IMHO.

After hearing the computer woes of others, am grateful my 6yo dinosaur Dell is still alive and kicking. It'll be time for a swapout, soon. Work provides the latest and greatest and the difference is astounding. Rich doesn't know the difference. LOL

I remember that election bread, Denise!! Some of the little old church ladies made a big deal out of making it two days before any election in the church kitchen. It was a "stay out of the way" situation, for sure, but the kids got to collect, peel and smash walnuts from the big tree outside. Some of the loaves had bourbon secretly slipped in instead of the water to rise the yeast. Those were marked with a red cherry and were kept on the very top shelf for the "men while they count ballots." Wonder just how many mistakes were made???? LOL Thank you for the wonderful "out of the recessess" memory!!

Work is opening late this morning so that anyone who wishes can exercise our most precious right. Already there are reports of lines (the polls open at 6am here) so need to get moving and outta here.

I really want to see Cynthia's topiary project! And know that Cindy is well. Waving to them and others who I'd love to see stop in just to say "hi."


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Good morning

Kathy - I loved Cultivating Delight and really enjoy Diane Ackerman's writing. She lives in Ithaca, just an hour or so from here and I often think of her books driving through the most beautiful areas.

PM - my work on the big garden job is done for the season with all the trees, shrubs and bulbs planted. The owners would like me to put in more perennials gardens come spring and the grotto is an ongoing project (stone mason will not start work till next year). Owners are not interested in doing maintainance themselves so I am proposing a schedule to come every other week to weed, deadhead and trim back etc. Even the best planted gardens will look miserable with no one to care for them. A "no maintainance garden" really does not exist in my mind once you go beyond shrubs planted in piles of wood chips. Overall I think the couple are very pleased and both the builder and hardscaper said they would like to work with me again. We'll see what spring (and the economy) bring.

The two other smaller jobs I did this summer were really a blast. Both ladies wanted to work side by side with me to learn what I was doing and more about plants. We worked hard, got a ton accomplished, and had so much fun it seemed ridiculous I should be getting paid. I was even cooked up a gluten-free lunch of rice and beans and salad when one client found out I could not eat a sandwich - how kind is that? I think both would like me back next year.

Meanwhile, my own garden has yet to have a thing done to it this fall other than raking leaves and is probably a week away from getting the care it needs while I finish up the bathroom. I am eternally thankful I was able to say no to doing a Fall garden talk and tour this year as that might simply have pushed me over the edge.

Thinking of absent Idyllers I was also wondering how Wendy is doing.

Need to make tracks - have a great day everyone.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Hi all, Just a quick post as I've been busy here with finishing up the pots and getting back into my bird photography as well as getting ready for a three day seminar this weekend.

Doug and I have been moving and rearranging the furniture in the house to set up an office for him upstairs and to set up a teaching studio downstairs for me. The computer desk and credenza went from the basement to the second floor and the acquarium had to be moved about ten feet. So that had to get totally drained etc. Big jobs. We had to rearrange some furniture on the second floor to accommodate the comuter desk upstairs but Doug is going to like the new 'office'. He works from home half the time and he really didn't have a good work space.

I'm still wrestling with trying to figure out how many plants to save so I still have six pots in the garage to decant. There are some enormous abutilons that I have no idea where I'm going to put them but if I keep waiting they'll die a slow death and the problem will be solved without my having to actively put the things in the compost. LOL

Anyway, no computer woes at present (except Doug's hard drive on his lap top crashed a few days ago, Yikes!) so I'm up and running but very busy.

Waving hello to all!

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I found the lines for voting on TV this a.m. interesting. We will vote this evening and there are rarely lines in the little town that we go to for voting.

Martie, I think tables are right behind dressers here, I have 5 in my garden shed alone! Granted 2 are end tables but the other 3 are larger.

Chelone, the paneling is the cheap stuff. The wall in the bedroom is the white stuff, which is probably why I have tolerated it so long. I thought about just painting it but the room will be pale blue and I couldnt wrap my mind around blue paneling LOL Hey I actually have one of those lights that you wear on your head! I call it the headlight.

Deanne, Ive taken your advice and trimmed some of my large plants back. It certainly helps with the room.

I talked to DD this a.m. and she said Kenzie is so excited for her birthday on Saturday. I made a cute singing card on Smile Box that I will email to her.

Have a great day and dont forget to VOTE!


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Just back from voting, over 2 hours in line and quite an interesting crowd. We usually have no lines here. I need food and a nap!


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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Voted before work here. I was in line for about an hour. We had an interesting crowd too. It was amusing to listen to people and guess who would cancel each others votes out! LOL

We had police tell people to leave their cell phones at home. People would be talking in line and offend others. I hear there were some fights breaking out. I don't understand people sometimes. I could not believe some of the comments and ignorance spread around while waiting in line - and I'm not an easy person to offend!
I will be glad when today is over.


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jak1(4 Ontario Can)

Hello all! A beautiful sunny Spring-like day up here in the frozen north!

After reading all the posts, I noted that PM2 suggested I need more "me" time. I realized then that I have vented long and loud about the things I have to do, but have not posted much about the fun part of my life.


Today at noon we headed out to the Wine Deck (all our chores were done, right?) to barbecue burgers and enjoy the sun. We live about two blocks from the local high school, and we could hear lots of cheering coming from that direction. As DH was a big high school football hero we decided to head over to catch some of the action. It was the final game of a series with our guys against another Ottawa Valley team. The other team had not won a championship since 1995, so they were hungry! What a game!!! The other team won in the last 30 seconds by 1 point! The cheering was deafening! What a great way to spend a beautiful autumn afternoon!

On that cheerful note, I am off to the school bus.

I promise: Only fun things for you guys from me this week!!



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But Julie, you've inspired us all to get our Julie Jobs done! Your day sounds like a good one.

I voted. Pass my piece of election cake, Denise! No lines, but there was lots of buzz with the high school crowd hanging around. Jake wished he could vote this year. I feel very proud today.

I can't wait to hear how V.'s big time in the city went.

Eden, maybe I can selfishly think that with all the extra dark time during the evening hours, you'll join us more. I think about you and Honey each time the auto industry is mentioned, too. Fingers and toes crossed for Brad.

I didn't start The Lace Reader because the time change has made it impossible to hold my eyelids open for too long, so settled in with a borrowed FG magazine.

Nice to see you Deanne. Come up for air now and then, will you? How neat to have an on site "classroom"!

I know you're back to the long work week, Kathy, but I finally got your package out in the mail. If you don't like them, pass them problem.



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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Denise - I made that Election Day cake today - but haven't tried it yet - it'll be dessert for supper..... It smells great! I diluted the icing a bit too much so a lot of it is in a puddle at the base instead of ornamentally on the top!

Beautiful day here. We went for a walk at the park along the lake this afternoon. We can't count on many more days like the ones in the forecast for all this week.

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I've recovered nicely from the voting experience. I was having a few back spasms after standing for so long but I'm ok now.

Speaking of back pain, PM hope yours is much better! My best wishes to your daughter on venturing out into her own apartment too. Brad's and my first apartment was on the 3rd floor of a relatively new apartment complex back in the late 70s. I can still remember hauling bags of groceries up 3 flights of stairs when pregnant with Jennifer. We moved from there when she was about 3 weeks old. Lots of good memories from those days.

Chelone, I loved your chair collection. I've got assorted old chairs around here that the cats laze around on but nothing as cool as yours. We had accumulated quite a collection of old tables and dressers over the years that were all in the basement but in my decluttering phase of the last few years I've gotten rid of them and don't miss them a bit.

I thought of Cynthia the other day when I received the Plant World seed catalog. I know it's one of her favorites too and wondered if she was ordering anything this year.

Kathy, enchiladas sound good. Brad and I are going out for Mexican in a bit when he's finished working on patching one of the kitchen walls. I'm looking forward to the margaritas and guacamole most though. He's home tonight because auto workers have in their contract that election day is a paid day off. Unnecessary in my opinion. Seems everyone else is able to both work and vote.

Woody, funny that you're the one who made the election cake and you're in Canada. Let us know how it tastes. It sounds good too!

Saucy, maybe I'll pick up Lace Reader and read along with you all. I just finished my last book and was going to start The Shack but I can put that off.

Hi Deanne, sounds like you're keeping yourself busy as usual. You are always so productive. An inspiration to me!

Julie, sounds like a nice afternoon. I know firsthand that it can be exhausting taking care of a grandchild many hours a day. I admire you for doing such a good job raising your little guy. I love the idea of a wine deck!

Marie, Ric's right, you need to separate your friend's nephew from what happened with Reed. It's NOT fair I agree. I have a similar problem getting angry with older folks who constantly complain about this and that and seem to waste their later years when my mom would have endured just about anything to stay around. She still had so much living she wanted to do. But separating the two or just letting it go is best for me I've found.

Lots more I want to catch up on but Brad's putting things away so time for me to go for now.


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Voting early this a.m., around 7-ish, was quick and painless. It's shocking to read of such long waits many are experiencing. To the point of getting back spasms, Eden, that's awful. Your "window" conservatory sounds wonderful, another vote for photos, please.

Woody, that's great you went ahead and baked today...wish I did. Bet your house smells great. I do make a Finnish Braid bread from that same cookbook for Easter, and I like their crumble sour cream coffee cake too. The notes to farm wives and tips for economizing time are priceless.

I'm wondering if Saucy's cussonia and melianthus made the cut and were brought indoors. This is the second autumn I've shared with all of you, and it still staggers me, the amount of work involved with overwintering.

Chelone's chairs also brought a chuckle. That'd be my weakness as well, and I dare not contemplate what I'd do with such a vast room as the salon. I had a bent plywood chair jag for a while, and the boys' desk chairs are yellow vinyl-seated Thonets. I think our house is barely furnished, yet we've still got bruised knees from banging into too much stuff.

Rain snuck in about 3 a.m. Oct 31. I thought it was a drippy fog, but it was truly rain. More rain Sunday, too much to bike to the farmer's mkt, then another good downpour about the same time last night. Glorious. I had the dwarf olives planted in the nick of time.

Back to election results, and hoping V has a great party...

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

The cake tastes great! I highly recommend it...!

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Taking advantage of a few moments of internet connectivity-still having some issues, and have ordered an ATT technician for a house call next Monday. Reading and hearing of the lines to vote todayI was very strategic and voted at 10am, figured it was a good mid morning lull time, and I had no line . Heard Don Gagne on NPR on the way home from work reporting from Grant Park and though of V Hopefully I can get this posted before it goes belly-up again

Chelone , I guess I should feel good about collecting pottery-takes up lots less room than chairs ! Ive always wanted to have a slipper chair for my bedroom . I do have a Morris chair, but it is not the classic Stickley style, think it is from 20s or thereabouts. It was in dreadful condition when we got it back in the very early 80s.

Eden, I really need to have a Margarita sometime soon. Must make a mental note.

Thanks Saucy ! I will be excited to view my surprise package ..

Deanne, relieved to hear that you are in the midst of commotion instead of computer woes. How nice it sounds like everything will be when you finish. So are you planning on conducting private lessons for students when you get the studio up and running ? Why dont you just take cuttings of those abutilons and then toss (or neglect to death) the parent plant ? Looking forward to bird pics !

Michelle, I always refer to that stuff as mobile home paneling lol. One of my companys facilities is actually in a former mobile home manufacturing site, and all the offices have that horrid stuff- all have been painted white.

Julie, the wine deck calls to me ! I could have a wine patio, or a wine porch, as I have no deck. I do have a really unimpressive Wine Cellar, which is in fact the closet under the staircase-thats where all the good stuff is that is quickly losing its fruit. The last bottle I opened has seen better days.

Okay, Im going to post this while I still can

Kathy in Napa

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Sitting under this tree may not be able to ensure tranquility but it sure couldn't hurt! :-)

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I encountered no lines when I went to the polls at about 3PM yesterday. There was a young woman behind me who announced how excited she was to be casting her first vote. Everyone within earshot turned, smiled, and said something warmly encouraging to her. It filled me with hope to see her excitement. I thought of V. last night, too, as they panned across the crowd in Chicago. But what really, really touched me was the sight of tears running down the cheeks of Jesse Jackson. I thought of what a long road it's been since that April day on the balcony of the Lorraine Hotel and I don't think I've felt prouder in a very long time. Can't wait to hear V.'s report, though I may just fall asleep reading it.

It was bound to happen. I went into the Lab. to do some sewing yesterday and neither pair of my upholstery shears were where I put them when I'm finished with them. Blood pressure rising, I "rounded up the usual suspect". "Um... oh yeah, I think I used them. Didn't I put them back?". He spent 20 somewhat frantic minutes looking in vain and was unable to locate them. I exploded then settled into an icy indictment of sloppy work habits and the unmitigated gall required to take someone else's property without permission and then LOSE it. He was stunned to learn that I paid well over $50/pair and that was 15 yrs. ago. Perhaps an expensive lesson from an irate wife will make the point once and for all. Now you won't feel so bad about grousing about the Phils, Julie! :)

It was beautiful yesterday, highs in the 60s and there is supposed to be a repeat of it today, though clouds are to roll in later in the day. Nice weather means I will be working alone in the shop and will be able to listen to Diane Rehm today. Yippee!


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Bleary eyed from not wanting to miss a thing last night, but the wonderful song (hymn made popular by Cat Stevens) "Morning Has Broken" keeps going through my head. Seems to sum up the moment....

Nothing much new here so will wave and check back in later to see if V has gotten out of Grant Park, yet. LOL

Oh!@!!!!! PM and anyone else -- Suggest a mid-December date for Logee's. Even during the week would work for me though weekends would be a bit more relaxed. Saucy?? Sue?? Deanne?? Wendy?? others???


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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

I'm stealing a minute to say HOWDY to all. Harvest is clicking right along. Sounds like rain tomorrow, and I could use a couple of days off.
V, I hope you had a spectacular time at the party last night!!! I thought of you all night, and would have loved to be there. Lines here were about 2 hours. I'm glad DH and I voted early and avoided all that. Yesterday was beautiful, and I'd have had my work cut out to pull him away to do his duty.
Have a good one, all. The corn is waiting :)

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Good morning....and what a nice morning! I was so tired last night and for a change I slept like a log. It is beautiful out my window because our second Maple that is always the last to turn is now a gorgeous yellow/orange. Wow, over night it really colored up! I just tried to take a photo, but the sun is not up yet and even though the light is very pretty this morning, my skills at capturing it with the camera are too limited and all I am getting is gray. I am still using 'Automatic' on the camera....[g]. So instead, I will have to share Saturday's photo of the front Maple .....can't get enough of the fall foliage and it's almost gone! didn't bake yesterday?! [g] Baking around our house is almost nonexistent. Your recipe and cookbook sound really good though. I was very into baking when I was in High School and then I worked for a French Bakery for awhile and put on 20 pounds very quickly with all the leftover croissants they sent us home with and I decided I ought to take up a new hobby. [g] So, it doesn't look like you settled down on a mountain...I always wanted to live by the ocean, but here I am. I would have also liked a mountain. Happy for you that you are getting rain! New olive trees? Photos?

Mary....So, how long have you been gardening professionally? It sounds like you had a very productive summer and I am amazed that the ladies you worked with would go to the trouble of making you rice and beans. I would probably have to twist the arm of anyone in my own family to do that for Not my immediate family, who do it for me all the time, but extended family for sure. I am sure you hope they will have you back again. It is always such a pleasure to work with someone that makes it a happy experience. Did you take any photos of your jobs?

Hello Deanne... :-) Glad to hear your computer is working without issues and that you are staying busy. You must be enjoying your bird photography again. Did you ever get your new lens? old is Kenzie going to be?

Hi are you feeling?

Julie....I'm sorry, I think I was too brief in my comment about your having more fun. What I should have said was that I can certainly get caught in worrying and it starts to pull me down, if I am not careful. I am sure we all know how that goes. And as far as venting about how much you have to do, you do a LOT and have every reason to start to feel a little resentment creep in there when you are doing more than your share and then some. I do have some experience in this area. My DH is someone who will take on too much responsibility, his own and everyone else's. When we had guests he would refuse to allow them to pick up a plate when they were in the house and would jump out of his chair to get whatever anyone was missing to the point that even the guests would complain that he was trying to do too much. [g] All of us really appreciated his giving ways, but we wanted to give back and every spontaneous urge to do so was met with his unwillingness for someone to do something for him. He has since reformed to a degree, but every once in awhile, those old ways creep back in So, at least in our house, one of the biggest reasons, that others in the house were doing too little was because DH was doing too much. Of course, I think because you are a homemaker and wife/mother, the lines are harder to see and people expect something different, so our situation is not exactly like yours. But the bottom line is, that allowing others to do their share is a necessity and a gift. Every heartfelt offer to help should be generously and enthusiastically accepted! :-) I think it becomes hard when someone is more capable or more organized than the others and they have a hard time being patient with something being done not up to their standards, but in the end, patience is rewarded. Relationships, aren't they fun? [g]

Anyway, glad to hear you all had a great afternoon. Definitely qualified as fun! So, was Tuesday a holiday there? Is Ottawa the city that has the canal that you can skate on for miles? pet peeve is the 'shared' household scissors and tape measure that are always supposed to be returned to the kitchen drawer. :-) We have finally gotten all to put the flashlight where it is supposed to be. Oops! Maybe because they rarely use it. lol are so lucky, you bake all the time and never seem to put on a pound! :-)

Eden...sorry to hear your back is acting up. Is that an old injury? My back is getting there, thanks for asking. :-) I always enjoyed being on the third floor and looking out the windows but yes, getting up the stairs gets old fast. Your DH sounds like he is very handy. Does he help with the painting in the kitchen too? Are we going to see photos of the kitchen when it is done? I would also like to see photos of your indoor gardening area.

Does anyone know what happened to Cynthia and Cindy? It's been awhile since they were posting regularly. It's always a mystery to me when someone posts often and then nothing. :-)

Martie....As soon as you said mid December, I thought, really? lol I had forgotten that our Decembers are crazy around here. We have Channukah and Christmas to celebrate with DH's BD thrown in just to add to the madness. November is too soon for my back, so I am afraid I am going to have to reneg. Any chance mid January would not be too long to wait?

Brenda....hoping for rain for you. :-)

That's all for me today....enjoy the day...

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Oh...I forgot to share, that DD called us last night about 6pm, she had arrived home from work, Day 3 of living in her new apartment, and realized she left her house key at work! [g] Thankfully it was a warm night for her to be sitting on the front steps waiting for roommate to come home. :-) She had a good laugh about it. Moving...takes a lot out of you. One of the fifteen times I moved in my life, I remember running out of gas about four times in one month and locking my keys in the car twice. lol

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Good morning all, from a wayward idyller - I hope I can catch back up --

I confess I decided to get involved in the local politics about 6 weeks ago, and working hard in this election that seemed to matter to me much -- it was fun, tiring, energizing but took most of my free time -- and I have had a trial prep to work on that happened in the last week of October --

so here I am, back to hopefully get back in the loop and want see what's been happening in the world here for the last month!

I just caught a quick glance that V was in that crowd last nite somewhere -- rats, I didnt see her -- but was there in spirit!! Look forward to a report soon.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I am at DH's office while he is teaching. Then we go to his voice lesson (I'll be reading my book) and then home to walk Phoebe, then the dentist appointments....

I've enjoyed so many catch-up posts and would comment on things had I the time: election, first apartments, garden activity, samosas, wedding dresses, jobs and work, chairs, etc.

My mood has been terrible. Perhaps because of the colonoscopy yesterday, but I think more than that. All is well physically. Last night while listening to the radio news (my computer shot in every way) Phoebe chewed on the quilt i was warming myself with. But it was DH I was furious with because he was sharing the quilt, an antique favorite I had bought myself several years ago, and was playing all sorts of chewing games with the dog. I asked him NOT to do this repeatedly. I asked him not to let her chew things in the house. I asked him to be especially careful of my quilt. So he is the totally oblivious professor and hides her Kong under the quilt and of course she chewed up the quilt. I am still pissed and he doesn't even know it. He is like this about so many things, he wouldn't have a clue what he did if i did yell and scream.

Last evening my friends phoned to tell me that the young man with meningitis is being let go from life support after several strokes. Now that does not make me happy obviously. In fact it makes me sick to my stomach, as though I had asked for it.

I am glad many are reading The Lace Reader. I will be very interested in opinions and wish Kathy could hurry up and move it ahead on her list. I don't want to prejudice anyone when opinion time comes! Presently we are reading The Open Road by Pico Iyer, about the fourteenth Dalai Lama. I love that we are reading such a variety of books this year, not just novels.

I am looking out the window now at students on a sunny day, in their jackets with backpacks, waiting for buses. A new building is being erected in the distance, where a parking lot used to be.

I have not spoken to Sarah since last Sunday, and have not had updates because of computer woes. She has posted a few photos of Peru on her family's website. DS has had a tough week or two with former girlfriend who is seeking a donor so she can start a family....This is his second request of this nature, as far as I know. Something about women approaching 40! Poor guy was really upset to say no, fearing losing an important friend in his life. OYYYY!

OK, I must turn this keyboard over to DH. Hope to be back by the weekend, but who knows?

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jak1(4 Ontario Can)

Hey, PM2, no need to apologize...a little nudge now and then helps one to steer a more balanced course!

No, Tuesday was not a holdiay here, but DH and I both left our jobs when Adrian came, knowing that there would be lots of stressful legal issues and that we would likely take custody of the baby. We both had responsible jobs and were close to retirement anyway, so it was a very good decision for us. Yes, Ottawa has an amazing winter attraction . The Rideau Canal is now a World Heritage Site. In a stroke of brilliance many years ago the city decided to clear the canal of snow for a distance of about ten miles and open it up for free skating. There are hot chocolate vendors and Beavertail vendors (A Beavertail is a flat pastry, kind of like donut dough, deep fried and sprinkled with toppings like cinnamon or lemon and sugar. Absolutely delicious!). You can also rent skates if you don't have any, or ice sleds if your kids are tiny. They hold a great two week festival called Winterlude every year and there are many many activities related to this. I have skated the whole length of that canal rink many times, often with my kids. I would even take them out of school for a day, take them on the commuter bus to the city, have breakfast at one end, skate with them to the other, have a late lunch, see the ice scuptures etc., and bring them back on the commuter bus again. Ahhhh, what wonderful memories!!

I hope your collective backs are steadily improving. I remember all too well DH's chronic back ills a long time ago - he's pretty good now though.

Want to gear something creepy? Adrian was born twenty-five years to the very day and hour after my Father's death. His birthday is always a strange kind of anniversary for us as a result. And my sister has a great-grandchild (yeah, she is MUCH older than I *grin*) who was born on the anniversary of my Mother's death. Both of our parents passed away in November so we all feel a little out of sorts, accompanied by the time change and the season....Wierd, huh? As my daughter says "Oh yeah, everything happens for a reason, you are SUPPOSED to have this kid....". Kind of gives me the willies...

Although it is early, my daily clean up is just about done. I will find a JJob, like always, but this afternoon we will hike over to the library and then head down to beautiful Stewart Park, a large area in the center of town, donated by early Perth families to the town with the provision that no charge ever be levied for activities that take place there! We have a great three-day music festival there every year, completely free.

Perth had several Olympians this year, one of whom has been well known in World Equestrian circles for many years. There is a wonderful bronze statue of him (Ian Miller on Big Ben) at the entrance to the park. I will try the photo thing: But on a separate thread as it might slow things down too much here. And I have to find it. And resize it. Anid I will likely lose this post if I try to do all these things at once *LOL*

Watch for it!



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A picture of the conservatory as requested. We had 16 windows to work with and used them all. Just to give you an idea it's approx. 4'x6' and just over 8' tall. The front doors both open so it's easy to walk inside. It's hard to see but the handle in an old glass doorknob. It doesn't have it's finishing touches yet...I have ideas for embellishments in the spring like a little chandelier hanging inside and twinkle lights and some 'gingerbread'. I want it to become sort of a fairy house. Also the plastic on the ends is just for winter so I can protect some plants inside. This will give you an idea though...


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

A quick good morning here. We went to vote yesterday around 5:30PM and got right in and out with no problems.

Kathy, yes Ill be running seminars for six to eight people about once a month when I get things up and running here. I really am tired of the travel teaching and Im planning to be permanently off the road.

Yes indeed I finally did buy the new lens after I almost backed down again. Doug had a fit with my indecision and made me do it! LOL It really was worth every penny of the price and is a fabulous piece of equipment. I cant wait to have some time to get out and do some field work with it. Im getting some great images here of my garden birds.

Eden, cant believe you had to wait two hours in a line to vote. Thats a pain.

Bug, that quilt thing is the sort of stuff Doug used to do. I no longer keep quiet about things that I really care about. I do have a bit of a break down from time to time over inconsiderate behavior like that.

Cindy, great to see you!

PM that shot of your yard is lovely! Such pretty fall color.

OK Im out of time and have to get off this computer.

Have a great day!

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Eden,your glasshouse is fabulous! This was a picture I've saved and I thought it was interesting that it was so similar to yours. Did Brad just connect the windows or did he make some kind of frame?

Julie, the canal skating rink sounds like fun. I skate on our pond in winters where we have little snow otherwise its too much work to clear it.

I have to commend those of you who waited in line to vote. I spent some time last night calling people reminding them to vote. I only had 2 hangups.

I'm looking forward to seeing what Deanne does with her new lens.

Good to see Cindy pop in.

Pm, your tree is lovely. We don't have any on the yard that get such nice color. Some of the maples in the grove do and we can see them in the distance. Kenzie will turn 4 and like Bella she says the cutest things these days.

I must get back to work.


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Eden, the conservatory came out a peach. You and Brad are a great design/build team.

Julie, your description of Rideau Canal is lovely. What a magical thing for a city to do. Paris brings in loads of sand to make a narrow beach on the banks of the Seine in August, when the town empties out except for those who can't afford to leave. Beach chairs are set up and, voila, instant vacation. I love to hear of such examples. Your canal reminds me of Joni Mitchell's River lyrics: "I wish I had a river to skate away on." Wonder if she's referring to the canal?

Last night I ignored the news channels and watched a docu on Fellini, which seemed perfect for the occasion ;>) Dune and I did watch the concession and acceptance speeches, and a neighbor knocked to invite us for champagne. Since we were already in jammies, we stayed home. A lovely night overall.

Cindy, we've missed your sparkling company, but I'm so proud of you!

Maybe the quilt can be mended, 'bug? I wish you could get a change of scene too, maybe a short trip with Lynn (did I remember the name right?)

Chelone, nothing on the order of the scissors caper, but Marty & I had an interesting moment yesterday when he bumped into the stand holding the succulent orb, which I spent hours on recently sprucing up. Off it rolled like a bowling ball, snapping stems and leaves in its wake. If I hadn't just worked on it I would've probably junked it, but instead dashed off for some 2-inch pots to clean it up, and it looks better than ever. Some of the succulents were just too big anyway. I told Marty he's built up a lot of good will ;) I felt awful over caring for the silly orb, awful that he felt so awful, etc. Silly stuff. Hope you find those scissors...

Brenda, I have to admit my view of cornfields has been colored by the movie Signs. So verdant and wholesome, but who knows what evil lurks deep in the field...bwahaaha

Deanne, I'm so glad Doug talked you into the new lens!

Michelle, that's amazing your glasshouse photo is so similar.

Better get some transcripts moving. Glad you had a good night's sleep, PM.

Sorry, but I couldn't resist. Sing it, Ray!

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Eden, the first thing I thought of when I saw that grand conservatory was a gingerbread house (and sure enough Michelle posted another picture in the same vein)! I love the glass doorknob, too, it's going to look fabulous when you've had some time to come up with clever "embellishments". Have you ever used a scroll saw? If not, you would love it, it's the perfect tool for cutting "gingerbread" and it was a favorite passtime of proper Victorian ladies (probably when they tired of painting porcelain, lol). Hope the back settles down soon.

Nice to see Cindy drop in. Your absence is excused given your commitment to the local political scene. I'm very impressed and know well that it probably did manage to soak up all your "free" time. I've started referring to the shop as the "awfice" now, you know! I missed V. in the crowd, too, Cindy. ;)

Julie, I had a lovely customer (in her mid 70s now) who grew up in Ottawa and she told me all about the canal several years ago. The other thing she told me was that when she and her friends were about 16 yrs. old the typical birthday gift was a beaver coat because it was the warmest solution for a well-heeled young lady's winter attire. It's always so nice when a community makes a commitment to the future enjoyment of the populace. Even nicer when people make the effort to get out and enjoy it. I'm likin' the sound of a Beaver Tail, generally anything with sugar and enough fat to clog the arteries appeals to me. Mmmm. I've not been on ice skates since I was about 13!

And nice that 'bug hooked a ride with DH so she could do some readin' and writin' on Daddy-o's 'puter. Were you suffering from the DTs? Pent up grief and frustration with a situation over which you have no control leads to outbursts sometimes. Anyone who knows you will cut you some slack for it, of that I'm certain.

It will be fun to see the beauty Deanne will capture with the new lens (should we send thanks to Doug?). I'd like to see your "classroom", too. I don't blame you for wanting to bag the travel and teach at home. I desperately want to bag the daily "commute", too. Think of the time you will save, not to mention money and wear/tear on the ride. Do you have any notion of when you'll be able to begin classes? it all sounds very exciting.

A chewed quilt would send me right over the edge, too, 'bug. The helpmeet is sort of dense about things like that; I was furious when he casually draped a damp towel over the lovely tilt top tea table my aunt had decorated with a Chinoiserie scene, leaving water marks on the finish. I will have to have it restored by a professional when I'm able to locate one in the area. Things broken in the course of normal usage don't bother me much, but things ruined by carelessness/thoughtlessness bother me a great deal... it hurts my feelings when things I love are treated as if they are unimportant. My brother is the same way and we evidently inherited the gene from Mum. ;)

I did manage to find ONE pair of shears after spending 15 minutes sifting through cardboard cartons full of the tools used on the deck project (putting tools in boxes is his idea of putting them "away"). They were out in the barn and the humidity had already started to rust the blades (not a really big deal). I checked a variety of other logical places for the other pair to no avail. I can't for the life of me understand how he can fail to understand/appreciate that tools in MY workroom are necessary for MY trade and I cannot easily ply my trade unless they are readily available for MY use when I need them. It's really a pretty simple concept.

Excellent link to Ray Charles, Denise. It really sums it up pretty well. :)

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Oh my, our kitchen is a disaster. The stove and refrigerator are in the middle of the room and the gas to the stove is disconnected. Bella and I are having Stouffers mac & cheese from the toaster oven. I keep telling myself that it has to get worse before it gets better. On top of that Brad changed the time on the furnace thermostat and now the furnace won't kick on. I've put in a call to him at work but haven't heard back yet. Good thing it's a mild evening.

Michelle, your picture is very similar to an inspiration pic I have saved too. I think Brad did use some strips of wood for reinforcement inside the conservatory but there wasn't much to putting it together. He built the whole thing in one morning before he went to work.

Marie, good you were able to use dh's work computer to read and post. Brad does silly things like that with our dog too. I always tell him just when I get Bella and Bud settled down he can't wait to stir them up. Must be a man thing. I'm sorry your quilt was damaged.

Cindy, I was about send you an email and check on you. Good to know you were just busy and hopefully now you can get back in the swing of idylling again. I know when I get out of the habit it's hard to jump back in.

Chelone, good you found you shears. I learned early on from my mom not to use good sewing scissors for anything but fabric.

PM, I'll get a picture of the kitchen when it's finished which could be a while. I'd like to have it done before time for the Christmas decorations so that's extra motivation. Actually, truth be told, Brad's doing all of the scrapping and sanding and most of the painting. When I say "we" I often mean "Brad". I'm the idea girl, he's mostly the executor of my ideas :)

My back's fine. Just a few spasms walking back to the car after voting. Nothing long lasting.

Kathy, where oh where is that promised picture of Aidan?

Denise, enjoyed listening to Ray. Thanks for that.

Deanne, sounds like things are falling in place for you and Doug to do work from home. How great that is. Glad he talked you into getting the new lens too. You deserve it with the talent you have and how much you'll put it to use.

Julie, I'd like the beavertails. I love anything having to do with pastry or dough.

V, I love the wedding dress that future dil has chosen. Your story about changing lanes just in time gave me a chill. I'm so glad you were safe and sound.

Martie, what a beautiful bride you were. Wish I was close enough to make your Logees trip. I know I'd just love that place.

Mac and cheese buzzer just went off so time to feed Bella. I may just pass and make a sandwich I think. Have a good evening.


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Trying to get back to the habit - you're so right, Eden! I just took 2 hours reading just this thread and the last # one, trying to catch up on what's going on w/ everyone. The commitment to the election was a blood sucker, but worth it; not something I'd want to do as a norm though -- and having avoided much of it having lived in this "political swamp" of the last 20 some years, that's pretty good - guess I was overdue for the commitment.

Im sorry to hear about some of the layoffs - so far so good at my place; they'll probably cut out some partner lunches and events; they're pretty good at watching the bottom line - but who knows what holds for next year? Having been thru these things over the years, wherein I often have the knack of changing jobs and the economy tanks, I've learned that the tough love (break the news, give the checks out and pink slips and walk 'em to the door) is much the healthier thing for all...

Im laughing about the chair collection, Chelone -- Im a table person myself. I also love old furniture, esp. the classic federal; but have learned to appreciate somehow figuring out how to furnish eclecticly.

Beautiful fall photos -- altho we had a couple frost and a close freeze, that durned salvia leucantha is actually still blooming, LOL, Denise! they sure do become behemoths.

Im having a hard time believing it's going to be thanksgiving soon -- where has this year gone? do I sound old or what?

O - quick comment (too many to for my feeble brain to recall all) but some reassurance to Jerri - I have a dear friend diagnosed w/ Crohns last year; she's been taking the auto-immune drugs to treat and had some luck w/ it -- good doctor specialist seems to be key; I have another friend who's had since she was 19 - like Mary's DH, she's managed it pretty well - she's almost 60 .... so many new and better treatments for it -- and it's amazing they've learned it's an auto-immune family -- progress is advancing. So chin up, Jerri.

Eden - what a gorgeous conservatory that's going to be! I envision just like Michelle's posted.

Well, Chloe's badgering me to retire to the boudoir, LOL -- she rules the roost here (might have something to do w/ the bad habit she's developed, wonder what that happened, of wanting a bedtime "snack" treat???

A bientot...


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Good eventide out to the Idylls, we had frost on the roof this morning but evidently did not sink to the ground as I still have impatiens, zinnias, basil and dahlias, though looking careworn one and all.

Do you suppose V is still trying to find a taxi ? I stayed up past my bedtime last night, but was glad I did. I was quite a scene, and look forward to hearing the inside scoop from our reporter .. And as an aside, I remember the dawning of the realization that most ML baseball players were younger than me, including those I characterized as old. So is it a defining moment when the President of the US is younger than ones self ?

Chelone, when all my family was at home I had chronic problems with missing scissors, and scotch tape. I bought an extra pair of scissors and several rolls of tape and hid them. I never revealed the hiding place to anyone (including DH) and always re-hid when I was through with them. It worked very well.

Howdy to you too Brenda..hope your mind and heart is on the rebound.

Cindy, so glad you checked in with us. Im glad to know your absence was in pursuit of worthwhile endeavors (though the awfice always rears its ugly head) and hope you will jump right in

Very pretty shot PM..I noticed today how quickly the leaves are falling, though three days of heavy rains are certainly a contributing factor. I always enjoy your perspectives on family dynamics (for want of a better description) and I believe you have both a curious mind and a somewhat analytical nature . Sometimes seeing things that others dont can be a burden, but more often it helps us work through the challenges we encounter and helps us to be more accepting of the defects of others and more able to admit to our own.

bug, I think people who have a very strong intellectual life sometimes just dont comprehend details. Its a shame about your quilt. I could happily move The Lace Reader up on my list! Give me a week and it shall be so !...

Eden , the conservatory is so fabu-fabu !! I just love it. As for pics of Aiden, DS took all the photos this trip and has still not put them on the computer. Ill have to give him another nudge.

Ok, Id better go read..though I will check in later to see if V has provided us with one of her late hour posts..

Kathy in Napa

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

A very tired V checking in here. Grant Park last night was absolutely amazing, and even though I am exhausted now, it was worth every minute. The city skyline was in rare form, with some buildings sporting red and blue lights and others creating flags or "USA" with the office lights. The weather could not have been more perfect - I forgot my jacket at the last minute, was in a light sweater all evening and never was chilled.

But the best part had to be the people, all 240,000 of them. Everyone was polite, well-behaved and completely ecstatic at all the proper times. It took some time to get into the park, but it was well-managed and carefully staged so that no area became overcrowded. When we left, the surrounding streets had all been closed to traffic and so the crowd simply filled the streets. Kathy and Mary, can you picture Michigan Avenue filled with people instead of cars?

I'm sure that no one saw me; we ended up just about at the point where the crowd becomes faceless. Although at one point I was next to a Today Show reporter, but not within the camera shot. Since I never watch the show, I don't know who he was! Nice looking, though.

One of the highlights of the evening came at 10:00 pm. We all expected that the closing of the polls in California would wrap things up, but CNN played it well. They did a ten-second countdown, which the crowd called out as well, and then they flashed a "Obama elected President" graphic on the screen. The jubilation was overwhelming! It was shortly after that that Jesse Jackson was pictured on the screen, and I also found it very moving.

More than once I thought back to 1968, when the riots after MLK's assasination inched close to my neighborhood, National Guard troops were camped in the local park, and helicopters flew overhead to monitor the situation. And of course the convention rioting took place on the very streets we walked to reach the celebration. (In fact, as we were looking for a garbage can to dispose of some trash, I chuckled at one of the legacies of 1968 - no metal baskets would be heaved through the windows of the Conrad Hilton in 2008; there were none to be found!) The peaceful, loving celebration of this historic election couldn't be more different than the events of 1968.

Getting a subway out of the city was amazingly quick. Our plan to stay in Rosemont also worked well, except that the hotel charged me $30 to park for 13 hours! Yes, we paid for a room overnight as well. I've never been a fan of the Rosemont area, and that parking charge has not encouraged me to visit again.

I took some photos, but they're still on the camera. Not enough working brain cells to download them tonight.

No long lines to vote at my polling place. It took me about ten minutes to vote. I was quite impressed to find out that DS was in line at 5:45 am so he could vote before work. I don't think he's ever been anywhere at 5:45 am! It did take him about 30 minutes to get through the line.

Ssh! did you hear that? My bed is calling...


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Almost forgot about this-a fellow employee turned me on to this house in south Napa, and I drove down at lunch today to take a photo. It would have been better yesterday before our near freeze, but you get the idea... From brugs

Kathy in Napa ..with no blooms on mine

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I had missing scissors, tape etc. until DH put a lock on a bench with a lid and only I knew the combination. No need for that anymore as DH rarely uses that stuff. As for fabric scissors, my mom gave me a nice pair that came with their own wooden box with velvet lining. It is oh so nice that when I do cut fabric to have that nice pair.

Eden, how are you going to use the conservatory? What will you winter in it? Now I really want one! I told DH to keep his eyes peeled for old windows. I think it would be cute in the Secret Garden area. Do you have Hobby Lobby in your area? I've gotten some metal scroll work there for my shed and the playhouse. They have it pretty inexpensive and run 50% off sales alot.
You are lucky to have Brad to carry out your ideas. I'm full of ideas but mostly I have to carry them out myself.

I primed the bedroom wall tonight, but there is some more sanding on the other walls that will have to wait for another night.


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V, I think we co-posted..where is Rosemont ? Northside, Southside? What length of Michigan Ave was closed to traffic? 1968 my friends and I went to the Ambassador Hotel in LA on the night of the Ca. primary. Crowds were huge and could not get in. As it turned out, a horrible night. I am pretty cynical most of the time, but emotions I had last night took me by surprise, and I think my mind was connecting with the youthful idealism of 1968, and how that felt. It was pretty powerful. No matter what happens going forward, how cool for you to witness such a historical event.

Kathy in Napa

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Have any of you had the unrivalled pleasure of dealing with one of those digital converter boxes we will have to have for our TVs come February? We bought one the other day and the helpmeet dutifully hooked it up. We do not have cable TV anymore, so if we want to pick up our usual 5 channels on our 15 yr. old set we have to have one. It has proven quite finicky and doubly galling is the fact that we had to pay $20 (on top of the "coupon value") to leave the store with it. What a pain in the neck.

V., I was quite certain you would have a grand time in Grant Park. It fills me with hope to know that there are so many other souls who've thumbed their noses at the reign of fear. I confess tears welled up in my eyes, too. Cracked me up that you didn't know who the Today reporter was, you sound like me (but I'll bet you could ID Daniel Schorr). ;) Can't wait to see the pictures.

Deanne will be in complete awe of the Brugmansia you posted, Kathy. I'll bet if she works at it she'll be able to propagate enough of them to cover the fence on the "container" side of her yard... ya think?

Michelle, I have an exciting weekend planned with joint compound. You must be thrilled to eradicate more of the icky panelling, I know I would be! It's fun for me to read about the fun stuff going on at your home and Eden's, I love doing stuff like that, too.

Helpmeet has told me he will get going on the framing for the raised hearth on Monday/Tuesday. In the meantime I have to get a scale drawing of the hearth surface together and go order some tile for it. There is about a week's lead time to order it. And I have to made a decision about how to finish the edges; use over-edge tiles or simply put a barrier there and set the tile level with it... not sure about that, given my fledgling skills. Maybe Mary will chime in and give some of her hard earned advice on the subject.

Time to get going; I desperately want to finish the interior job I've been toiling over for what feels like forever. All the cushions are bevelled (shaped to fit against the hull) and all are fully covered in batting. It feels like a life sentance and the owner is an ENGINEER (deliver me, please!) who thinks he has the inside track on fabric because of it. He doesn't quite understand that one doesn't measure cushions in microns... :)

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Good morning....

Eden, what an adorable conservatory! I can't imagine how DH put that together in a morning. I'm impressed! I do like the idea of the twinkle lights...a fairy house is a great theme. So can you keep plants inside it for the winter, and which plants are you trying? Hope you won't be out of commission with the kitchen for long. Brad is a gem and I hope he knows it. I agree with Denise, you make a great team.

Well, Hello Cindy! Mystery solved! :-) We've missed you, nice to see you back. It sounds like you have been very busy. I know how hard it is to catch up once you've been away....we all know [g]...just jump in and don't worry about catching up. sorry about your quilt. I hope it can be repaired too. It sounds like a very frustrating situation with DH, but if you realize he is like this about a lot of things, then it does sound like it is the way he is wired. Maybe right now, the grief you are going through has to be magnifying everything else that is a usual problem too. It just makes it so hard to solve problems from a position of strength, so it might be better to let yourself get to a better place with your grief before you tackle problems that can be deferred. Problems have come looking for you for sure and I'm really sorry about that. As for Phoebe chewing everything in sight, I watch that show 'It's Me or the Dog' with a dog trainer solving dog problems and one I remember she suggested for chewing was to take a wet hand towel [old socks?] and roll it up and tie a knot in the middle of it and freeze it and give it to her to chew on.

Julie....Loved hearing about the Rideau Canal and what fun you and the kids had when they were little. We would have loved that. I have heard about the Beavertails too, what a treat with hot chocolate, yum!

Deanne....glad you liked our fall color. :-) I think it is great you are planning on working from home. Wonderful that you and Doug get along so well that you both can work from home and not drive each other crazy. I can only imagine what gorgeous photos you will be taking with the new equipment. Hard to imagine you could improve over what you have already done.

Michelle...that is very close to what Eden has started, how funny. I do love the embellishments and I can just picture Eden with the jigsaw already, Chelone. [g] I forgot that Kenzie and Bella are almost the same age. I hope someone is recording some of the cute things she is saying. You will love having it later.

Denise...sorry about your Succulent Orb. I've had very similar incidents and felt the same way. Like the time DH helped me weed and pulled out a small blueberry bush that had just been planted recently. How could he not realize a bush was not a weed?! lol That was a long time ago, so I can laugh about it now. :-) have hit the nail on the head, curious and analytical. I wish I could turn it off sometimes, but it's not so easy to do. [g] I think that is why I enjoy gardening so much, it is a physical activity that does turn it off to some degree. Glad you enjoyed my fall colors. We will be getting rain soon and bare branches will be right behind it I'm sure. I was just wondering, hearing you talk about frost...I had the impression your growing season was a lot longer than ours and assumed frost would be a lot later than us. How many days is your growing season, and from when to when? Wow, on those brugs..I can just imagine how fragrant they were. I thought of Deanne as well. you have a long 'commute' to work every day?

Well...nothing new to report from here, except it is very warm for November. Sleeping with the window open still. No new foliage photos today, but here is a Hellebore that has finally settled in from it's move a few weeks ago. I moved it closer to the kitchen door, under our Japanese Maple and I am already liking it there. They really get big! I've added more bulbs and some Japanese Painted Ferns. That area will need a nice sprucing up in the spring with a fresh layer of mulch.

Have a good day... :-)

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Good morning.

Class was on herb gardens last night. I have to say that the Idylls have the best examples of anything he shows in class....last night I kept thinking that Michelle's potager would've replaced several of the slides he was showing :)

I turned in a half hearted project. I've been busy with other things and just wasn't "in to" this one. It is a plan for an alpine garden....something I've had on my mind since the first IU and our trip to Arrowhead Alpines. I have a good base to build upon, now, and I forgot how amusing the catalog is....I'm going to order one for winter reading.

V., Thank you for taking the time to tell us first hand what it was like to be in Grant Park! I have had a lump in my throat every time I think of the moment I realized that it was going to happen! I think the youth of this country probably feels a bit of what the youth of the sixties felt....if you can ever compare. My children certainly have many ideas (more than I remember having) and did experience 9/11 right along with the rest of us.

Way to be a real part of the action, Cindy! Good to have you back :)

GB, I am married to the man who can't wrap his head around anything but his own affairs. Early in our marriage he dremeled some table legs to death (a good way to get around the tedious sanding part...)....antique table legs that belonged to my grandmother. It's been down hill ever since. Sometimes he is a clod. I am trying to get used to that idea.

Kathy, if I start cuttings now, maybe my tropical garden can have a large brug have grandiose ideas and no one to carry them out.

Denise, I did bring the cussonia in, but the melianthus is still green and hanging out in a protected area by the back door! I might just bring it in now. The cussonia was covered with spider mites, so I've been physically removing the bugs, but the coolest thing happened: the ladybugs hatching from the upstairs bath windows (don't ask) found the cussonia and are cleaning up the spider mites for me! Good lesson for the kids...who are now collecting straggling lady bugs and carrying them to the plants for their predatory duties.

Well, time to catch a bus.


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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Last post here...

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