any luck germinating bird seeds?

bluto20February 14, 2009

i've been using a bag bought from Lowe's called "Wild Bird Seeds" to feed the birds here. I know birds like to eat "real seeds" so out of that fact i'm guessing that the seeds will actually sprout and grown? has anyone experimented with or had any success growing them to full size plants?

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kiddo_1(NE OH 5)

Hi bluto20. I've never intentionally tried to grow bird seed, but I do get volunteers around the feeder. Usually oil seed sunflowers (which I do transplant and keep) and sometimes millet and corn sprouts. Not much else that I've noticed.

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albert_135(Sunset 2 or 3)

Yes, I made a little garden patch about 6X24 along a back fence where the lawn sprinkler would water it a bit. I broadcast wild bird seed and raked them in. Somewhere, last year I posted a list of what I successfully grew. I seem to recall at least three or four grasses, at least two different sunflowers. Mustard, perhaps two types, and an unidentified plant with small blue flowers. Birds liked to feed on the mustard, sunflowers and some of the grasses while they were standing in the patch.

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kandm(8b coastal alabama)

I've never planted it, but the birds have a good record. My blue jays tend to knock a lot of seed out the of the feeder. The smaller birds eat most of it but some survives long enough to sprout.

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freemangreens(Zone 10 CA)

Be careful growing wild bird seed. Often times, "hemp" seed is used in these mixes. "Those" seeds are small round things resembling radish seeds, but dull green to grey, FYI.

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the hemp they use is a diffrent species than the drug one,also i think they treat it to not grow.

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