edges of leaves turning brown and dry

jlumFebruary 27, 2010

Hi, I have been lurking in these forums for several years and have learned so much and everyone is just great. You all have given me confidence to try growing some things inside from seeds under lights.

Everything is going great except for some cabbage and lettuce. These are the smaller variety. The leaves are turning brown and dry on the edges. I have them in a MG potting mixture, about 4-5 inches under the grow lights. I moniter the watering with a meter and keep the lights on about 16 hours a day. They also seem to be growing very slowly. Much slower than the package indicates. They have their third and fourth sets of leaves, but no signs of heads forming. Any suggestions?

My other babies include, hot peppers, herbs, onions spinach, egg plant and peas. Everything is doing great. I have even tried some winter sowing on my enclosed unheated porch and have sprouts out there as well. Even my husband loves this new interest!!

I really hope I can utilize our south facing enclosed porch to extend my growing season this fall.

Thanks to everyone in advance for your suggestions and thanks to all for this great fourm!


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are the pots large enough or do the plants need transplanting? type of lighting could be too hot at 4-5 inches if HID and even some fluorescent lights. MG soil may be too "hot" with nitrogen causing burnt/crinkly/dry foliage. I would guess it is an environmental issue because in my experience lettuces finish so quickly pests and/or disease don't usually have enough time to take hold. How old are the plants?

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yay for woody guthrie!!!

Sorry... had to.


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Thanks for your response. The seed was planted about January 18th, and seems to be growing so slowly. I had started it in a small peat pot but have transplanted it all into a windowbox type planter which is about 24 inches long, 10 inches wide and about 10 inches deep. Its possible that the MG soil has too much nitrogen, but I have other things planted in that same medium and no problems. The lights are not hot to the touch, but maybe the lettuce only needs 10 hrs of light rather than 16? I dont have it planted to close to each other, so its not crowded,

Its just taking this so long to grow, but there is signs of growth, however so slow. I know you dont have a crystal ball, so thanks for the sugggestions.

This is my first time with seeds, so I am going to let it go for now and see what happens. I am finding everything is a learning experience!


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