Costume Drama

denisez10(SoCal)October 13, 2008

Long before Potter and Hedwig, there was...Bat & Wizard:

(Duncan's the Bat, older brother Mitch always the Wizard.)

Mary's Amadeus costume in progress reminded me of the get-ups seen around here in years past. Mind you, the occasions weren't necessarily Halloween, just another day digging through the costume trunk we always kept handy. But, hopefully, more costume photos will dislodge themselves from idyll archives...(I wonder where I stashed the picture of 8-year-old me in the I Dream of Jeannie harem outfit?)

Here's Dune wearing his brother's costume when Mitch was a bit player in a production of Gilbert & Sullivan's The Mikado:

So dust the cobwebs off those old photos and post 'em if you got 'em. Happy Halloween!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)


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2005 Baby Bat

2006 Candy Corn

2007 Dorothy

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How nice to see another wizard and bat! Skyler really has that Potter vibe going. And I remember Dorothy, but not the candy corn, which is adorable.

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Hi Denise, pretty cute bat you have there yourself. And the wizard looks like he's casting quite a spell. Your boys were cuties when small, bet they still are :) Thanks for starting this thread. I hope more are able to contribute to it.

Marie, Skyler is looking quite Harry Potter like in that photo. Right down to the glasses. Cute!

Bella's a witch for 08. Green face and broom included. Pictures yet to come.


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Wow, this was a tough assignment....but here's some costumes from a couple of H'weens ago: From Halloweenies


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I swear Saucy, there is no way anyone could accuse you of not being Sarah's mom !

K in Napa

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jak1(4 Ontario Can)

Here goes: 2006, the Red Power Ranger; and 2007, Darth Vader.

This year he will be Indiana Jones, unless he wears the costume out before Hallowe'en!

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Luke, (big sucking noise)I am your father!

Sarah is wearing out a weird costume: it's doctor's scrubs with cut outs that reveal the monster underneath....very strange. She's into being scary this year.

The candy corn is the cutest thing I've ever seen, Eden :)

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What a fun thread Denise! Such adorable Idyll kids/grandkids! Kenzie will be a fairy if she too doesn't wear out the costume. The last time I talked to her she told me her magic wand was "lost" LOL I think mommy had something to do with that. I'll have to look for a few oldies this weekend.

Here's the the pumpkin carving results.

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I'm loving this thread!

Saucy, I see you in both Jake and Sarah, but yes, Sarah is as they say the 'spitting image' of you. That Got Milk costume is great and what a precious little witch. And I see Nick got in on the action too. You have a wonderful family. My sister made the candy corn costume for Bella. The funny thing was at age 1 1/2 she wasn't totally steady on her feet. So she tipped over ALOT!

Julie, Adrian is just like my son was. Super hero costumes all the way. My David used to just dress up in them on a daily basis. I got used to having Batman or Spiderman pop up from behind couches and chairs. Indiana Jones will be a great costume.

Michelle, Kenzie is looking so grown up. What a sweet and happy little girl she is. Can't wait to see her in her fairy costume.

I wish my scanner hadn't broken. I have some great pictures of my kids in costumes that my mom made. Maybe I'll try taking some pictures of the pictures and see if I can post them.

Waiting to see more! How about some of the Idyllers in costume too???


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Michelle, you can tell by the picture that Kenzie's now in Florida. Not often you see jack o lanterns and a little girl in shorts and a sleeveless top where you live I bet. I could get used to that.


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No shots from the family archives, I'm afraid. Only rule in our home was that you had to be something scarey for Halloween.

LOL at the red "six pack" sported by Three Carrot Sticks. Cracked me right up.

All the shots are great. What a fun thing Halloween is. :)

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Princess Jasmine, Minnie Mouse (my niece wearing DD former dance costume) and Zorro in the first picture.

California raisin and a bunny rabbit in picture 2.

Costumes were always homemade and I usually tried to use something that they had or could wear later. The harem girl pjs were a great find that year.

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

No older photos that are digital at this point. Love all the costumed cherubs! Great thread! :-)

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