my lotus might be ready to flower?

chubbypoptartJune 30, 2011

One of my aerial leaves has developed a second stem off of its base and I have never seen this before yet.its not rolled up like a leaf just pointy. the plant is young (part of the second batch) (only a few months) so I didn't expect it to be flowering. can you tell me what you think. thank-you for your time! :) here's some pictures.

Thanks so much! Shelby

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Sorry that I won't answer your question, but what's your secret to grow them so big? Mine are about one and half months old but still very little. Maybe the pot is too little? The small roots are coming out of it. And I see the pink root. Very beautiful but what's with the leaves. I sent you some pictures of them to your email, there you can see. Okay, you have VERY VERY VERY BEAUTIFUL AND GORGEOUS LOTUSES!! I'm happy for you

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No secrets:) this one i actually just took out of a one gallon milk jug of a couple inches of plain garden soil and no fertilizer the day before to put it in this container. Just lucky i guess. My first batch however have issues and they are in special mixed soil and fertilizer. In my case seems like keepin it simple worked better.

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Hi. I believe it is a leaf. My second year lotus has been changing and growing and sometimes the leaf actually has a "sheath" around it. By the looks of the photo, id say yes its a leaf. My leaves are doing some strange different things also. I keep waiting for my bloom. So far the "sheaths" have turned out to be larger leaves. Sometimes the sheathes just appear as a pointy thing then the leaf grows out of that .

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Mine is blooming now second year it was to bered I paid 100 for it Its beautiful though creme with pink edges.I left mine in pond over winter.

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