Idyll #491... The Golden Season

dodgerdudetteOctober 1, 2010

I hope we can all share the beauty as the season turns , I love this time of year !

Carry on Idylls !

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Tomorrow I am heading over to Sonoma County for my annual visit to the Cottage Garden Nursery fall sale; plants are 30% off and the foo-foo is 20% off. I almost missed the boat this year because of all my travels, this is the last weekend. Hopefully they have something left. I'll take my camera too-they have some small but nice display gardens.

I read that whole thread that the spammer bumped up.. made me miss our absent ones. Maybe some will surface during the winter while we are forced indoors ?

Chelone, I watched a bit of Ken Burns last night during commercials of baseball games. I think I'm going to Netflix the first series this winter . I'll never forget that RedSox series. My anti-NY Yankee sentiments were fulfilled..we Dodger fans have history there ! I am going to Reno next Wednesday and I have saved a portion of my winnings to seed a couple hours of video poker- long gone are the days of the 2 dollar blackjack table- I don't have the stomach to play that anymore at 5 or 10 bucks a hand. I confess that I love casinos. Fortunately it's usually 2 or 3 years between visits-I think my last trip to Las Vegas was 2006. It's all about moderation, right ?

Lol Norma, we're never satisfied ! I have some major shrub removals planned , which I will probably start this Sunday. My garden really feels jumbled to me right now, and I'm trying to work on the drifts and repeated elements thing.

Waves to all!

Kathy in Napa

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Fall cleanup began in full swing yesterday. A few things are being saved, the buddlieia, some echinaceas, asters and agastaches, but some of the island beds look quite bare and weedless now. Cimicifugas that were out of control and taking over are now gone and most of the aquilegias are cut back. Some iris have been divided and the last of the ghetto plants are in the ground. I wish our forecast were for sunny days so that the tidying could continue. Unfortunately it looks like it will be wet for a few days before that can happen.

In all this Autumn work, I really enjoy sharing plants with friends. I have shared Sedum Angelina (as well as yellow forms), cimicifugas, Penstemmon Husker's red, grasses, and loads of other divisions. I also have friends beginning a perennials business next May, so all this is a boost for them too. I gave them a huge stack of pots and they'll be getting more from me too!

In the meantime DH's cold is still in full swing and DD's issues with baby Leo continue to cause us all anxiety. An appointment with the expert is a long way off, next Thursday, and this is terribly hard on everyone. She is tired, sore and worried with no more ideas in sight on fixes. How do you teach someone to swallow??? I try to be a supportive listener, but feel anxious myself, having gone through issues with our son decades ago. I hope I can settle down and get some of my Book Club reading done this weekend. Oh, and I have a dozen white Purissima bulbs to plant. These were a nice grocery store "find". I have them planted here but couldn't locate more at my regular bulb sources for the past few years.

Norma, enjoy your garden play...musical plants! I'm sure you're keeping company with Deanne who must be in full swing preparing to move things to the garage and then indoors.

Kathy, I'm looking forward to your photos from this weekend's trip!


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There is a neighborhood cat underneath the window behind me wooing some cat. It's quite comical.

I'm headed up to the common this morning to set up our booth for the 275th anniversary of our town being a town. I'm going to be taking the observation hive today, and that means lots of little kids looking through the glass to see what the bees are up to.

I'm not much for talking lately, or doing much of anything for that matter. I have to get on the ball this week and start making some decisions about plant material. I was good over the summer and potted up things that I thought would make good housemates into individual pots - sort of a mono pot thing - and then grouped them with larger containers. Much like Deanne and I noted they do at Tower Hill. The point is, I should be able to just carry quite a few things in without delay.

Hope you have a great day! I hope I can sell lots of honey and plants today :)


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Well, the huge rainstorm was more of bust than anything else! We were hoping the little pond/wallow would be filled to the brim, but NO... if we received an inch of rain from the "monster storm" I'd be surprised. I am disappointed because we do need the rain badly.

Poor Sarah. This should be a time of unbridled joy (mixed with sleep deprivation), not a time of physical discomfort colored by nagging worry. It's not much of stretch to consider that Skyler would feed off the tension and in his adolescent way attempt to use it to further his own means... that's "his job" at this phase of his life, afterall. But Sarah certainly doesn't need that crap right now. May things fall nicely into line shortly, 'bug. Hugs.

Kathy, we have the Ken Burns series, "Baseball" on DVD and I highly recommend it. We love pulling out one of the episodes every so often and marvelling at how society has changed over the years and how much better so many things have become... I particularly love the episode concerning integrating baseball; Jackie Robinson truly had it all. I have wished for a long time now that the estimable Mr. Burns would turn his creative genious to the other iconic sport... Thoroughbred horse racing. Alas. May "luck be a lady" this weekend. I have yet to visit one of the pits of despair and it's unlikely I ever will. True to my taciturn New England roots I view gambling with an eye of great suspicion... a dangerous path that leads to utter ruin. ;)

It will be a lovely day for Saucy and her bees; I can think of no better ambassador to represent the underappreciated assets of honey bees. :) I think it's time for me to make provisions for overwintering of "germamiums"... the helpmeet will likely have all the reason why I shouldn't do it at the ready. As usual... ;) I need to come up with attractive indoor windowboxes, the old ones have succumbed to age and neglect.

I have some sewing to do this morning and then a couple of estimates and I hope in that time the grass will have dried sufficiently for mowing. And then I have to tackle the overgrown tangle of iris rhizomes... eeegad.

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It was a perfect fall day today. Sunny and bright which made the trees and fields all the more lovely.

I've been out in the dark twice since reading 'bug's October garden thread. First I remembered our peppers were sitting in a basket out in the potager. Then I remembered that frost takes tricyrtis and when you wait until fall for a plant to bloom you want to enjoy it. I don't cover up perennials and such normally. I did haul all the remaining containers in the garden shed, the garage or the mudroom which ever they were the closest to. Some have made it to the basement or compost pile as well.

The pillar pots have been disassembled and galvanized buckets filled with dried or drying flowers have taken their place.

The combine just pulled on the yard at 10:30 p.m. Kenzie and I rode with Rick for a while this afternoon. It was so mesmerizing to her that she fell asleep.

Earlier she played with Rick's grandson who is 1 year older than she is. His daddy helps Rick with harvest. I was able to get some depotting done while they played. It was so cute, he was helping her pick flowers. Next though they played in the dirt with trucks.

Kenzie also had fun "decorating" my house for fall. I brought out a large box of faux pumpkins, etc. and she had a ball. Of course now we can't sit on the sofa until she leaves. Interesting how the young decorator's mind works. She also baked some pumpkin cookies w/sprinkles on them. It was a full day.

Its actually supposed to shape up here weather-wise for next 10 days.

I too have many groupings of iris that desperately need dividing. I tackled a few last year and should really try for at least a couple this year.

I need to take a few days off to work in the garden but that won't happen this fall as a new employee starts on Monday. Hopefully, she is a better fit than the last couple. It get dark so early these days.

Saucy, I had more mono pots this year and it certainly makes it easier now. I depotted a couple of monster pots today. Sheesh it takes a lot of strength.

Kathy, did you get anything wonderful at the nursery today?

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Yesterday was just lovely here, too, Michelle. Mid/low 60s, crystal clear sky, and that lovely golden light that you only get as the sun rides lower in the sky. It's cold this morning, 41, but should warm up to around 60. A little on the chilly side for my taste but "you take what you get" when it comes to weather. We have not yet had a frost, but that may change in the next couple of days, though I suspect not.

I smiled at the faux pumpkins and their careful placement throughout your home. Reminds me that it's time to consider taking down the canopy as we don't spend nearly as many hours out under it now as we did just a few weeks ago. Seasonal changes, indeed. I believe my kick off to seasonal decorations will involve a good deal of "deep cleaning", precisely the things that usually "go on summer vacation". ;)

I mowed the front lawns yesterday and will finish up Sanitary Ridge and the South Lawn today. I did no real gardening, but a lot of WALATing and thinking about what I can move now and what must wait until next spring and the relocation of some rather substantial shrubs. No point in planting too much if you know the mini excavator is going to have to track over it to move a tree, you know! Will next year finally be the year that the "pretty" variable will be isolated and then solved? (sure hope so). Any one want some old-fashioned, all "blue" german iris rhizomes? (they smell fabulous).

My most recent delights in the garden this year have been white Phlox paniculata and Aster novae-angliae, (Purple Dome, I think) which came from Wendy and always reminds me of her. :) I did actually get some of the Phlox pinched this year, thanks to Deanne's reminder, and the pinched plant really delivered the goods, still tossing occasional flowers for our enjoyment. The Asters are coming into form just about now and really light up their areas. The grasses are really doing their thing now... had to truss up the 3 along the road as they tend to fall open as the sun dwindles and they begin to bloom. But they look grand at just over 7'. I did not plant the urns this year, though they now sport Oxalis that just happened by.

My sewing project was fun. It was nice to work in a clean space on equipment that is set up and adjusted the way I want it to be. I made a list of some tools I ought to add to the arsenal, too. But mostly, I just allowed myself to think about details and minutiae and "get the job done". Sometimes when I get home I'm so tired and fed up with things that the last thing I want to do is more "work stuff", so forward progress can be halting.

Have a brilliant day today, my friends.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

A bit from Babs... So nice to get an update!
"AJ is in HIGH SCHOOL(!) He's close to being out in the real world on his own~the past 14 of his years have zipped by for sure. Ryan's great-and in 4th grade! Chris is doing well too though trying to juggle long work hours and helping his mom who is losing her sight... I'm sure all kinds of important things have been going on at Idylls that I'm missing~it'll take years to catch up. Say hi to all of them,please"

I am unable to talk as I now have DH's sore throat. Unfortunately for you, I can still sit at the keyboard...LOL


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jak1(4 Ontario Can)

Happy Sunday all! I have missed so much - but Haapy belated birthday Norma!

All of the photos look fabulous! DH has agreed to give me a few tips on using our new camera and I will hopefully be able to post again. I am sure that many of you recall my first attempts at picture posting.....I can't even make the t.v. remote work properly *LOL*

Cold here today, and we had frost flast night. I have managed to get all the plants in the house. The Banana Ensete that I grew from seed is huge; the newest leaf is 34 inches , and the plant is as happy as can be sitting in front of the solarium window. What'll I do if it reaches the ceiling?? My veggie gardens are done although one tomato bed looks just like Bug's. Nearly everything has been cut back. The bird feeders are up. The pond has been newly edged, emptied and covered. If the frost has hit the Cannas and Crocosmia, then they will be dug and dried until next February when I will start them again. My Castor bean grew large, but hasn't set seed, so I guess I'll be looking again next year. I still have baskets to empty, and I want to mow one more time and fertilize the lawns. Full swing into fall/winter mode!

Last week while working in the garden I discovered a few bug bites. Later I watched a t.v. show and became completely convinced that we had bedbugs! We now have the cleanest bedrooms in all creation, I don't think now that there ever were any bugs, and I have a leg up on the fall housecleaning. My family thinks I'm nuts.....probably right.

Adrian's school seems to be working out well. I was with the class for the day on Thursday at a nearby conservation area to study things related to water. Of course it absolutely poured rain the whole day, and all 15 activities were outdoors. They then showed me some self-esteem posters they were making for the hallways. Adrian's said "Don't worry, evreybody makes mistakes". Direct quote.

Oh Bug, I am sorry to hear about Sarah's woes! Poor thing, they have a lot on their plates! Leo is a sweet name, but I will always think of him as Hawk(e) just because it caught my fancy!

Kenzie's decorating will spur us on today to get out our October decorations, and maybe pick up a few pumpkins to put in the hanging baskets. You are such a good grandma, Michelle!

You sound like you are feeling better, Woody. I hope the foot is progressing well. How nice that you and Drema got to meet. Are you very close to Toronto? We occassionally go up that way and I would love to meet you sometime!

Deanne, I am looking for the FG. I feel like I know a star in the gardening world!!

Chelone, I can just see your place in my mind's eye. You folks have done so much major work. I bet it is really shaping the way you want it now. I have fond memories of sitting under that canopy, and still completely amazed that you can make things like that yourself. The salon was obviously a good move for you!

Saucy, Adrian and I are working on is not as easy as it looks/sounds. But it is great fun! Ours are not "saleable"!

Gotta get a move on here. Adrian and the Cubs biked 10 km. yesterday, ran an obstacle course, went hot tubbing, watched a movie, and had a campfire before sacking out in tents. I have to pick him up at 10 this morning...I am sure he will be one bedraggled little boy!

Cheers to alll, Julie

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Julie - we're very easy to get to from Toronto - by car or GO train - so anytime you (or any Idyll) are in the Toronto area, let me know and we can arrange to meet...

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Industrious Idylls this weekend ! I don't have to think about frost protection for a few weeks, we rarely get frost before November. I'm throwing in the towel on my Brugmansia. Yet another year with nary a bloom. I did much better with Plumerias, and may revisit that next year . The Brug is in a half wine barrel, so that frees up that space , and I may move my black bamboo there-it needs a bigger pot in the worst way.

I got some nice selections at the nursery sale yesterday, an Aloe striata, Aloe astrolea 'Midnight' a few assorted succulents, Clematis Madame Baron Veillard , and Helleborus 'Silver Moon'. I also got a cool variegated Correa . I am going some major renovation in the back garden this fall-lots of stuff to move around and 3 declining mature roses to be sp'd .
�bug thanks for sharing that snippet of info from our friend Babs�nice to get an update Hope for the best for your friends who will embark on a nursery business venture. I�m sure you�ll be supporting their efforts, lol. I have no photos yet ! My trip is not till Wednesday and I will take my camera but don�t expect to see many photo ops .

Lol Michelle, I guess little kids can sleep just about anywhere �I envision the inside of a combine as a noisy place . Lots of mono pots here too, but many will overwinter just fine outside. I�m going to do some Pansys this year , all in containers for the most part.

Deep cleaning indeed Chelone- very little of that has taken place this summer here as well. There is painting that needs to be done as well , but I don�t know if I can bring myself to go down that road .

Hi Julie ! Glad to hear that the new school is performing to your expectations. It sounds as though the Julie Jobs are flying along at a brisk pace �and frost ? Jeesh.

Ok, I need to get out and get something done�

Kathy in Napa

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This morning Rex was extremely interested in something that had passed through the Fairy Forest last night. He spent a good deal of time sniffing and meandering around with his nose about 2" from the ground. I suspect deer or perhaps Foxy Loxy as he's made his presence known of late with those piercing barks. It's breezy and seasonally chilly this morning, with a few scattered raindrops. Good to have finished the mowing yesterday... I wondered aloud if it would be the last time this season.

Yesterday's Salon chore was the pickle the mounting boards for the two corbels that will support speakers. The corbels are really lovely, Victorian pieces that were part of a magnificent hotel in Syracuse, NY and were rescued by FIL decades ago. They're oak, but I've decided to paint them, so I scrubbed them thoroughly and carefully with TSP. They were absolutely filthy, too. The painting is going to take a long time... there is lots of detail and I see plainly that multiple sheer applications of paint will be required to keep the carving detail sharp and lovely. This is precisely the sort of project I love.

We watched "Education Nation" on NBC over the course of last week. And at dinner with friends last week we discussed it, too. We're all "of an age", within 10 yrs. of each other (I'm the youngest) and what we were expected to do at school is leagues away from what's presently required. In some respects that's great, in others... not so great. But each of us came from homes where success in school was expected and had parents who made sure we did the work and spent time helping us learn to make time for the work and perfecting core skills. I can't imagine how frustrating it must be to encounter slack performance/commitment in schools OR, conversely, slack performance/commitment in "parents". I spoke with a recently retired teacher (45 yrs. in the classroom) and she expressed dismay at the trends in the past 30 yrs.; saying she'd gotten out just in time. How sad is that?

Looks to be a bit too wet for contented gardening, so maybe I'll spend some quality time on a piddly Salon job. dunno.

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Fall bulb order arrived this morning. It's a bigger box than I expected - I can't remember what I ordered :-) I haven't opened it yet to see... It's raining and cold out there this morning and I'm not in the mood to think about planting! It's supposed to be nice the rest of the week so maybe they'll get planted by the end of the week.

Chelone - I think we need a picture of the Salon set up for work. It certainly sounds like a much better work environment than your usual one :-)

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Painting the corbels is going to take a very long time. I see plainly that multiple sheer coats of primer and then paint will be requied to preserve the detail and render a nice finish... . Tomorrow I will visit the local paint store and scope out their offering of small, stiff brushes to get into the detail of the carving more easily. I have the first prime coat done on one of them; it took an hour and a half. ;)

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Sounds like a fun project, Chelone! Right up my alley.

Not much going on here. I wish I could get motivated to buy and plant bulbs in the GGarden - I think that would be nice come next Spring. Maybe that'd be a fun thing to do this weekend.

Keep working on leaves, Julie - they'll disappear soon. I'm gonna try to get in the workshop over the weekend.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

My cold has me out flat...

The bulbs arrived today and that is fun! I hope I can work on that soon.

Thursday the new furnace should be installed. Necessary, but not a thing of beauty.

We were notified that Reed's name has been added to the Trans Canada Trail signage. I want to check it out ASAP and take a walk. There are nice colourful leaves these days.

'bug (holding her box of tissues)

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Escaped the predicted frost last night. Now a warm up for the rest of the week. So maybe I'll get done yet.
Lol , like I'm ever done.

I've become hooked on walking again and try to do that first thing in the morning when it's pretty chilly yet.
I love taking to the woods and fields in fall. Bob made a new trail along the northeast property line. We had not been able to get through there before because of some steep gullys. I could not stand to watch him work with the tractor on a narrow ridge but he knows what he is doing since he made his living operating heavy equipment.
Anyway it made a great new walking trail and he is putting in better markers for the property line.

The dogwoods are coloring up and the persimmon trees are loaded and dropping fruit. The oak leaves are still very green but there are so many acorns it is like walking on marbles. We didn't have many at all the last two years so the critters ought to be well fed this year.

A little color

I'm in love with Cleome Senorita Rosalita. I bought them on clearance and they have been blooming non stop. I hope I can get them again next year.

Bug I enjoyed the pictures of Ivy and Leo.

Woody, It's no fun planting bulbs in nasty weather. I hope you are feeling well. I know you have a lot on your mind healthwise.

Waving to Chelone , Michelle, Cindy, Julie,Cyn and all the rest of you.


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It�s off to Reno in the morning, but not much prep required for a one night trip -watered a few containers and that should do it. It's really cooling down here now, but very pleasant -great for working in the garden. This weekend I'm going to the Ruth Bancroft Garden for their plant sale, and on Sunday to see DS's performance in Aladdin which opens on Friday. And I still have no bulbs ! Another Friday chore as I will need to visit the company garden center location to work on a reset , so I must buy tulips without fail ..

Chelone, I wonder if an artists brush would be better for your project ? I hope we get to see photos..we are a bit Compound deprived here on the Idylls .
I surely am puzzled by the degrading of education..granted I went to 12 years of Catholic school , but what I knew when I graduated from HS was miles above what my kids did. And without the ridiculous amount of homework, the requirements to sell stuff 3 or 4 times a year, and probably less school days too. A big regret for me that I didn't send them off to a private school .

All for me tonight, still need to pack and clean the kitchen�

Kathy in Napa

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I should revisit the topic of private schools with my two now that they are 34 and 39. They have no idea what the public schools offered at the time so a comparison is difficult to make. We did what we thought best at the time, private school and extra activities beyond that where the school did not excell.
DD is more of a home school type these days, but would have resisted it herself at the time. Computers have changed a lot these days and young kids can research and attempt so much, if properly guided. Specific home schoolers that I know do amazing things with their children, but in general, that whole scene scares me.

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

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What a neat arrangement of containers Saucy.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Thanks you sweet friends! It's been a day....of mostly resting. DH took me out to buy a special dinner to heat up tonight. It was from a great place and very good I hear. I couldn't taste a bite of it. :( The dessert was a red & black currant pie! I hope I can taste it tomorrow!

Triple Creek, the color in your gardens is wonderful! The frog is too!

That clematis can't be blooming today....can it?

Saucy! Outstanding combination there. I love the shapes and colors. Is that in your garden?

Michelle, you must have cut back your sedum at the right moment. It works well with the zinnias. Angelina works with everything I think!

Off to an early sleep tonight.


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

GB - that picture was taken a month ago - but there are still a few blooms on it today! That's the late summer single blooms of Vyvyan Pennell. I hope you get to taste your dessert tomorrow! Get well soon...

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'bug,the sedum is 'Autumn Delight' a shorter variety that doesn't need cutting back. Sorry to hear that you were under the weather on your birthday.

Chelone, the corbels sound like a lovely addition to the salon.

Kathy, the combine is quieter than you might think. I remember when we would go boating as kids, there was always some kid who fell asleep to the sound of the motor.

Julie, I grew a green variety of castor bean this year that got large but set no seeds. The purple and red ones both did though.

Saucy, your pot arrangement is so artfully arranged.

Norma, great pond shot. Your garden has so much color yet - bravo! What is the orange in the lower right corner of the first picture?

My gardens have mellowed and taken on that soft color of mauves, burgunday and yellow. I planted 50 bulbs in the butterfly garden today. All daffodils since that's the one garden that the deer seem to visit. They used to devastate my tulips, so I dug them up and moved them closer to the house.

The frost that was predicted for Sat. night was very patchy. I noticed a few leaves that got hit but basically the garden was unscathed. They are talking 36 tonight and then warmer until next week Tues. This is fabulous weather for October. I heard that the high a year ago was 46 degrees. I think we may have hit at least 75 today.

I've been spending most evenings getting the plants situated in the basement. I'm grabbing some seeds each night from plants that have pleased me this year. The garden shed looks like a tornado has hit. There's potting soil, pots, plants and cuttings everywhere!

Night all

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It's nice to be curled up on the couch with my cup of decaf sitting here with Idyll this morning. The sun is threatening to show it's face today and I am excited about that!

I have so many things to get done for Fall cleanup - it seems I've been slacking. This long weekend will be good for that, and I'll have the kids to help.

Those pots are from the area where my succulents are placed in front of my fountain. It's all located in an area that I sit on the deck. Those particular succulents where what I brought home from Napa :) I hope they like my window sill this winter.

Michelle, my brother is 9 years younger than me, and he took all his summer naps in the cubby under the dash on our boat. The hum of the motor will lull you right to sleep.

I had one castor bean that was a complete disappointment - a new variety to me - "purple" something. I couldn't even get the seed to sprout. How do you collect the seed? I never know when it's ripe enough to collect. I will look again today to see if I can tell a difference.

I have been thinking about private school for Sarah. She started middle school this year and she hates it. The school system needs to rethink and revamp. She misses being close to one teacher and learning everything from that one person. She is particularly unhappy with running class to class without time to prepare for each class in between. She's already gotten the hang of it, and her grades are good, but I wish I could put her somewhere that would be her perfect learning scenario. Somewhere where she'd flourish, not just get by. The other thing that might be good is if there were no boys to worry about :) At least not during the school day.

Jake has been thinking of trade school when he graduates. He didn't realize that was even an option. I told him he can go to college now or later. He didn't realize that was an option either. Where is this guidance counselor? I know she's seen him. Wonder what they meet about? Jake has been toying around with the military, too. Not my wish for my son at this time (wartime) but I think we could find some similar options that didn't involve war...or at least didn't involve an overseas war.

I'm hopeful I can get outside for the next few days and get the gardens whipped into shape for winter - maybe even plant a bulb or two! If I'm going to do that, I need to whip this house into shape. Have a great day, friends.


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I had a lovely post for you but then the power went out. It was really, really windy and very rainy (good), but the wind evidently wrought havoc in and around the area leaving several areas in the dark. Power went out about 3:30 and I was awakend about midnight by the digital beeps that announce the return of "juice". (burned my egg this AM, trying to reset the time on the answering machine).

Anyway, I did send telepathic birthday salutations to you, 'bug... I have no doubt that you picked them up and marvelled at their compostion and beauty. Lovely cards, you guys.

Norma, you have such a pretty garden. I love the way you interweave the woods and the beds, so pretty; ditto the way Michelle defines areas in a larger "yard", too. I love the "globe" in your succulent photo, Saucy.

Thoughts on power outtages: I figured we were in for a longer outtage when the power didn't come back on in a few seconds. We are subject to flickers that are a nuisance, but not really a big deal, so when the juice falters I give it a minute/two. After about 15 minutes I rounded up the Aladdin incandescent oil lamps and filled the reservoirs with oil. I removed the chimneys and flame spreaders and cleaned the wicks. Then I lit them and allowed the mantles to heat up properly (10 minutes at low flame). One of them emitted a whirring noise from the chimney and the flame ring on the wick was uneven and I could smell lamp oil (you shouldn't if the lamp is working properly). I turned it off and repeated the wick cleaning and start up... no go. I scratched my head and tried again. Unhuh. No clues in the manual, either. And I thought about how the routine knowledge of how to operate an oil lamp efficiently and properly has gone the way of the telephone party line... no longer part of the requisite information we all need. Funny how times change. I let the lamp cool and disassembled the entire burner assembly and checked the wick (fine). I used a Q tip to clean out the bottom of the burner, removing some sooty stuff. Relit the lamp and allowed it to burn for a bit without replacing the chimney. Nice blue ring of "fire", no smoking... replaced the chimney and everything was fine. We had a lovely dinner (gas range) by lamplight, warmed by the woodstove, laughing that our grandparents would have figured out the oil lamp "problem" in seconds. :)

School is different now that it was in the "bad old days". I'm a product of public education and can attest to the vast difference in school sytems and curricula in two neighboring states. I attended grammar school and Jr. High in Ma., high school in rural NH. I had algebra in 7th. grade, more algebra, geometry, and an introductin to trigonometry in 8th. grade. I knew proper dissection technique in 7th. grade and had an introductory chemistry course in 8th. grade. I was using 5 tenses in a foreign language and was required to read and write in that language, too. I'd mastered multiplication tables 1-12 by the end of 3rd. grade. No kid got out of grades 1-3 if they hadn't mastered the core skills that are the foundation of "reading, writing, and 'rithmatic". I had music, art, and phys. ed. in all grades. Home Economics in 7th. and 8th. grade. We had to plan a balanced menu for a week and we had to use the flyers from the local grocery store to meet our assigned budget. High school in NH was a joke in comparison. I'd had my own frog to dissect in 7th. grade... 4 kids had to share one in 10th. grade biology and the teacher could have been a poster child for all that's wrong with the tenure system. In my freshman French class the kids were barely able to conjugate regular verbs in the present tense, the irregular ones? forget it. I could do it in 5 tenses because that's how the language was taught in the school I attended in Ma.. That regional school was a nightmare for me and the fact that "guidance counsellors" have overlooked Jake comes as no surprise to me, Saucy. Not one of them "caught" the fact that placement tests normally given to new students hadn't been given to me and my grades and academic performance hadn't been considered when I was "placed" in freshman classes. IMO, guidance counsellors are a total waste of payroll. Keep the lunch ladies, give teachers a raise and start cutting the chaff.

I always thought home schooling was the province of wacked out religious fanatics until I began working in the marine trade. But I've met some really incredible kids... home (boat) schooled. To a one they've been bright, polite, self-assured, and frankly, delightful. They've been "thinkers" and they don't blunder along self-consciously, they look you in the eye, speak well and I have no doubt that whatever they undertake they will do well. I have serious doubts about several other kids that I see regularly... always looking at their cell phones and unable to speak clearly and coherently to adults. But then, I have the same feeling about many adults, too! (and you know how I feel about kids and dogs anyway).

Gotta go shorten 4 drapery panels now. Seeya.

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Returned from Reno unscathed, spent about 2 hours last evening in the casino , and broke even . Got two free glasses of wine to boot. A beautiful drive over the Donner Pass (yes, that Donner Pass) with a light dusting of snow seen above the timberline. Ears popping all the way, the pass is elevation 7000 plus. I took not a single photo, as it would have meant stopping along the way and the business schedule allowed no spare time.

Saucy, my tender succulents do quite well in the house over winter , even in poor light circumstances . They are watered extremely sparingly- maybe 2 or three times all winter.
I have come to appreciate the experience of an all girls high school , especially those with high academic standards. Not everyone thrives in that environment , and I was there at a very tumultuous time (the late 60’s) but it was really a community that empowered young women, ironically taught by nuns who are still to this day 2nd class citizens in the Catholic Church.

All for tonight, but a belated greeting for ‘bug !

Happy Birthday 'bug !

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Thanks Kathy! Inula?

And yes Chelone, the message arrived loud and clear.

Feeling weak, more later...

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Yes 'bug. from Digging Dog last fall, Inula hookeri.

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jak1(4 Ontario Can)

Hii all!

No time to linger = doing the big turkey thing for Canadian Thanksgiving today and tomorrow. Lots of people and dogs. I'll be thinking of Chelone all weekend *LOL*. DH has driven to Toronto to pick up my severely disabled brother who will stay with us for four days. Have to shift all the sleeping arrangements etc. to accommodate 8 people sleeping over in our not so big bungalow.

Freaking out!!!

Happy Birthday Bug!!



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Ah Julie, busy times.
Happy Holidays to all Our Canadian friends.

Bug, sorry to hear you are still feeling bad.

Chelone, sounds like you are always prepared. I think my next cookstove will be a gas one. And that may not be to far away. Thanks for the comments on my garden. I really have no choice but to have beds among the trees. At least not short of using a bulldozer and that is not what I moved to the woods for.

Michelle the orange flowers are lantana. They work well for me here, and I never need mums (which I'm not good with) because the lantanas bloom until hard frost. They also really kick in when the daylillies are done for added color.

Kathy to bad you didn't get another nice hit but breaking even is good too. I hope you have a little more time at home now.

Weather has been great and I've been getting a little something done each day. It could stay this way a long time as far as I'm concerned. Only problem is we have a couple of short trips coming up soon.

Need to go get ready to go to a fish fry. Last week was a BBQ. Last night was a Graduation. I feel like a real social butterfly LOL. We hardly ever go anywhere.

Rumor has it Wyatt will be here for the weekend. I need to go make a phone call to confirm that.

Have a good weekend all. Norma

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cyn427(z7aN. VA)

I have been reading and enjoying all the doings, musings, and photos. This is really not a fun year at school (not the kids-they are great, it is all the other 'stuff'), so I haven't really had the energy to tell you all that I am keeping up with you!

Happy belated birthdays to Norma and 'bug. Hope they were grand and hoping the cold eases,'bug. No fun. Do you have a neti pot? I think that really helps with the congestion.

Just in case I don't get back between now and Monday, an early happy Thanksgiving to all our northern Idyllers.

I am working on the new garden this weekend and the weather is supposed to be spectacular, so maybe all that sunshine and fresh air will lift me out of this funk. I am not particularly hopeful, but we'll see.

Oh, Kathy, did you happen to catch the Phillies game-the no-hitter? Know you aren't a fan, but boy was that fun to watch!

Off to bed. Hope everyone gets a chance to enjoy the weekend. I will be following you and thinking of you even though I may not jump in and I know you won't mind. :)

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Kathy, what an eye-catching combination.

Cyn, sorry to hear that the crap at school is getting you down.

Norma, it looks like you have the lantana planted in the ground. I may have to try that. I had some in containers this year. I talked to a lady who lets her's go dormant over the winter. She had some nice large specimens.

Saucy, I had "Pretty Purple" this year and it was great. In fact it was the only one to set seed. The seed is ready when the pod is dry and brown. In fact they will snap when you pinch them if they are really ripe. If left on too long they will pop and disperse the seed. I occasionally have seedlings in the compost.

Yum! Turkey sounds so good.

We are in the middle of harvest so big meals don't happen here. Rick prefers sandwiches in the combine since they are easy to eat on the go. I added an apple from the orchard, some cookies and a bottle of water.

I rode along for several hours this evening.


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Hi everyone , TGIF here , and looking forward to the plant sale at the Rut Bancroft Garden in the morning. My new camera lens will not arrive till Tuesday so I will make do with what I have. I bought pansies today ! No tulips though, I ran out of time.

Norma, I didn’t say how fabu your garden pics were ! What a wonderful setting you have. I put Lantana in the ground too, it usually comes back but very late in most cases. The lavender is the most cold hardy, but I don’t grow that one �"it’s a little too vigorous. No more business trips this year..I’m going to do a weekend trip to Sonoma county when the fall colors kick in to take photos and that’s about it.

Cyn, I LOVE no-hitters; and don’t care which team it is (well, except maybe the da*n Yankees) I will always root for the no-hit pitcher. Nothing more exciting if you ask me . I was so bummed that I missed that one, but with the time zone issues etc I was on business till way after that game was over.

Happy Thanksgiving to my imaginary Canadians !

And aw shucks Michelle, a combine date ! I like that .

Kathy in Napa

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My heart goes out to you Cyn.. I know how frustrating it can be when professional energy and skill is thwarted or drained on secondary garbage. I hear the same lament from the teachers I know, most loudly from those who've been "in harness" for many years now and have seen so much change in emphasis. One charming customer bluntly said she retired because she felt she wasn't permitted to be a good teacher any more; she now tutors reading and basic arithmetic privately and does a bang up business, I might add. Is it just me or are we making it too hard for teachers and students alike?

I give thanks for the witty, insightful (though rarely inciteful), and charming participation of our Canadian contingent every time I read this forum. Party down, kiddy-os.

I like no-hitters, too. But I've always admired finesse in whatever field it presents itself. That's why I miss the compulsory school figures in figure skating and prefer ice dancing because compulsory dances are still required. Anyway you stack it, skill is skill, right? I'm glad it was mentioned because I instantly thought of our 'dudette, too, when I heard the result on the radio.

Harvest takes on considerably more modest proportions here on the Compound. The only "combine" is whether it will be peppers and tomatoes in the basket or tomatoes and beets. :) Michelle, you ever get to drive that bad boy? I always think of Brenda in her's (with trusty bumwad next to her, lol). One of the beds is now cleaned out and I believe plans are underway for the addition of one or two more. Cold frame ruminations have been floated, as well, the devilish detail being a solar operated hinge that would permit automatic opening of a vent to release excess heat.

I am sorry that colds have made an early appearance; so far so good here. I think Saucy uses a neti pot, but I may be wrong about that. This is too fine a time of year to be under the weather.

I have 3 days off and no shortage of things to do, too. Corbel painting, estimates, some gardening, getting to the recycling center for "redemption"... lol, just what I need. :)

(I have been taking pictures but have encountered a roadblock getting them from here to "there". When I "figger it out" you will be sorry.)

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Things on my agenda:

- Getting well!
- Getting errands done and resting up for a dinner out with friends
- Visiting the Trans Canada Trail where Reed's name has recently been added to the signage.
- Helping DH pack for a Boston conference where he will visit DS.
- Garden cleanup and visitors while DH is away.
- Keeping up with my "kids":
- DD plays hockey tonight! DSIL is such great support for her. They entertain friends for Thanksgiving this weekend. DSIL has spent a huge sum on a "juicer" and has been preparing soups and healthy drinks.
- DS attends One Laptop Per Child Summit in San Francisco, Oct 22 and beyond. (
- DS will be off to Haiti at the end of the month for his first vacation in 3 years. He will be trying to rebuild a Port-au-Prince school with a group of close friends. I am proud but nervous!
See below.

I am following along with Idyll news and discussions. Wish I had energy to participate! When speaking of schools and schooling, think of the Blue Tarp School. Click on the headings....

Here is a link that might be useful: Haitian Work Holiday

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Happy Birthday Norma!!!

Happy Birthday Bug!!!

Hope you both had wonderful days!!

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Drema, those shots are so pretty. We're not so advanced with foliage, but in a week or so we will be.

I've had a fabulous day in the Salon. I've primed the corbels (twice now, and some areas may need a third coat; yikes), have settled on an official business name (I think), had a great meeting with a local designer (helped her out with a persnickety job), and received more work as a result. The name thing is huge as so many other details hinge upon its selection.

I really, really needed a day like today.

(where is that water shot, Drema?)

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Thank you Drema, I did have a great day. Yummy! Raspberries.

Our Trees are really starting to turn. The Dogwoods and Hickorys are showing it most.
As for other color I startled a blue heron at the creek and saw a bright green snake on my walk this morning.

Chleone, it's so good to hear you sounding more upbeat. I will be anxiously awaiting the new business name. I know it will be good.

I planted some iris I had dug up and moved two dirt piles and a pile of composted cow manure. It looks like I have huge gophers here with the various mulch and dirt piles. I need a hidden staging area.

I am watering here. Nice weather makes good working but things are drying out. It doesn't take long in our sandy clay.

The fresh catfish fry last night was great. I love eating someone elses cooking.

All for now. N

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

The past two days have been heavenly weather! I wish we had more to anticipate!

So nice to hear Chelone's happy voice too! I know the name won't be "In Stitches" or "A stitch in Time" but am eager to hear the winner. I somehow expect a mythological connection...perhaps Athena. "Athena was particularly skilled at spinning and weaving. A mortal woman, Arachne, once challenged Athena to a weaving contest. Myths disagree as to who won. According to one myth after the contest Athena turned Arachne into a spider so that she would have to spend her life spinning."

I'm off to rake leaves and then to visit Reed's plaque, then out to dinner.

Enjoy this glorious weekend!

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Golly, 'bug! I had forgotten that myth, but reading it in your post brought it all back... I took Classical Mythology my freshman year in college and it ranks as one of the BEST CLASSES OF ALL TIME. The professor was fabulous and his lectures were interesting and the Friday slide shows really made "classical" come alive. Business name is not mythologically related, however. It's related to the perfectly reliable "movement" of the sun over the course of the year, the very thing that allows me to maximize my exposure to sunlight in the dimmest of months. ;) I have work to do before I decide to share...

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Greetings Idylls…a successful trip to the Ruth Bancroft Garden plant sale..I was after a spiral Aloe and I got one-among other things, lol. Didn’t get a single thing done in the garden today, by the time I got home it was lunchtime and I spent the rest of the day fiddling around with the 200 photos I took at the garden. I have pansies to plant , so that must happen tomorrow . I have DS’s play in the afternoon so only the most urgent tasks will be done. What I really need is a three day weekend at home. I probably have 40 PTO days left.

Chelone, all freshman classes at my all girls high took mythology, the text was Bullfinches. I sure don’t remember much of it-I think the overwhelming nature of the transition from grammar to high (Catholic schools don’t have ‘middle school’ ) caused certain things to drop out of the brain trust.

‘bug, if DD is on the hockey roster she must be feeling better ! Your turn next.

And, happy birthday John, a lost hero for me.

A few from today :

From Ruth Bancroft Garden Oct 2010 From Ruth Bancroft Garden Oct 2010 From Ruth Bancroft Garden Oct 2010 From Ruth Bancroft Garden Oct 2010

Later friends !

Kathy in Napa

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I certainly enjoyed the Google graphic yesterday. And I like the NPR story about the last interview John Lennon did with a guy from Playboy. He was so excited about the future and about all the good ideas he had and his family. What a very great loss for the world. And only a fruit loop would have thought murdering him was a good idea. :/

I am going to have my coffee, my egg, and head out the Salon to see if I can't get the corbels one step closer to completion. They're starting to look like something; mostly gone is the dark wood and the final prime coat should mask any residual peeks of it; I may even get the first topcoat done today... maybe.

Aloes and succulents are really very, very cool plants... they look sort of menacing; definitely guarding their precious water!

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I wish I could attend a Ruth Bancroft plant sale! I love that third shot - the light is just right and the arching cactus really frames the shot! I can't wait to hear what you think of your new lens - I think I'm ready to start looking for one.

I spent yesterday bringing in plants and collecting large leaves to cast. I always feel such a sense of dread over the first frost, but yesterday I found being proactive really helped. I have a tendency to become frozen with dread and just living with the results :) It felt good to save a few plants and decorate the house with them. Jake said that it made it feel nice. I figure for a guy to notice, it must be a big deal.

Yesterday on FB I had mentioned that the banana that normally overwinters in the bathroom was really too big this year and that it was overshadowing the john. We all got to joking around that the toliet would be a good place for the water garden plants, and here's the resulting photo:

We're headed to Tower Hill this afternoon for a Fall festival. I hope they'll have their heirloom apples for sale, I'm hoping to make apple crisp this evening.

Have a lovely day, all. Now you'll all be busy bringing in the water gardens for overwintering, won't you?


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

The grass is covered with frost but the sun is rising... One of those interesting days with no plan...

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

I love the bathroom shot Saucy!

Chelone - it sounds like things are progressing well on several fronts - good to see. Definitely pictures required of the corbel! I'm looking forward to seeing your business name (trying to guess from your clue, but my mind is a blank...)

GB - I hope you're feeling better now. And I, too, assume that if Sarah is playing hockey, she's feeling better!

I turned the recipe for a spicy pumpkin cake into two dozen large cupcakes and a small cake with the lefover batter, all frosted with maple syrup icing. YUM! We're having Thanksgiving dinner with a friend and her family (including her 90+ year old parents who live with them) tonight. We're bringing the dessert as well as a sweet potato crisp and a turnip puff for vegetable side- dishes. Friday we planted early, small bulbs in the bank of the ditch out front. I figure we'll have to do the same for the next couple of years before they truly look random and have multiplied and spread enough to make a good show. Tomorrow we'll be adding more tulips to the front beds.

My foot has been holding up pretty well, although it still gives 'ouch!' moments if I both rotate and flex it at the same time. My next check-up at the fracture clinic is Tuesday. Even if I get the clearance to go without the brace, I think I'll keep wearing it for a while when I'm working in the garden.

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cyn427(z7aN. VA)

Chelone, also trying to guess the name, but definitely brain dead down here. I will put what little is left of my mind to it while I work outside today.

Kathy, love those pics. To both you and Chelone, DH commented last night about how much we have lost in the way of wisdom and insight in the years since Lennon was shot and how much he would have contributed. Still sad.I should look up that interview from NPR.

Saucy, that toilet shot is great! Could be the next design craze! :)

Woody, glad the foot is coming along. Oh and I meant to tell you (when you commented that your hair needed cutting, I think, back a while) that I would give just about anything for a head of hair like yours! Beautiful.

Jeepers, just realized the time! Need to get outside! Have a splendid day everyone!

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Cyn - my hair thinned out a lot at menopause but it seems to have come back a fair bit after the sugery in Feb. for some reason! My mother had thin, fine hair that when a nice snowy-white with age; her mother had thick heavy hair that went an undistinguished gray with age. It appears that I might have been lucky enough to get Mom's color and Grandma's 'body'...:-)

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Good evening friends, and a pleasant evening it is here in the Napa Valley, a little on the warm side but comfortable; the house is wide open and I’m enjoying the last few weeks when open doors and windows foster a pleasant environment. I ran out of potting soil early on today, so only one of the pansy pots got planted up. I have way to much unplanted stuff around here, fortunately there are no more plant sales in these parts in the near future , lol. Took a break to go down to the college and see DS’s performance in ‘Aladdin’, as always our repertory theater does a great job , and DS sang, danced and acted with the best of them. He has a major role in the next production as well (a 3 character comedy) so as soon as Aladdin closes he segues into rehearsal for the next. Oh the life of a stage mother, lol.

Saucy, I sure wish I had had my lens on Saturday-it’s a zoom, and what will be really nice is being able to get further into the middle of a garden while staying on the paths. I might go down to Berkley Botanical garden in the next few weeks to try it out. Fedex tells me I will have it on Tuesday.

Woody happy to hear that all progresses well with the foot, and I like your cautious approach to the healing process.

Norma, I hope you will treat us to pics of your fall foliage display ? I surely have enjoyed everything you have shared with us from your wonderful garden.

Ok, time to go round up the tools left lying about and think about a meal…

Kathy in Napa

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

It was a beautiful carefree day for me. DH worked hard on a submission to a Ministry and I only did minor editing. In the morning I weeded almost all of the asparagus patch. After lunch I made cranberry sauce with pecans for our Thanksgiving meal tomorrow. Then I planted some hostas in a shady spot, hoping they'll suppress weeds there when they reach a better size. I also cut back some iris and phlox and watered a few clematis and other plants. Later we drove to town to get gas for the mower and a few groceries.

I made Pad Thai for dinner, something DH is fond of, and he washed up all the dishes and pots & pans! YEAH! I had done a load of laundry at breakfast time and have one more load to go before he packs for his trip. I've started knitting a hat for Ivy and also have a book to read for book club, The Mistress of Nothing.

They say it will likely rain tomorrow, so I may get some of these things done!

Oh, I thought I had mastered teaching Phoebe a new skill with hand signs, moving backwards. It worked well in our back room yesterday, but today she couldn't do it, perhaps because it was a different location. It is a useful skill at times. I hope she masters it again!

The crows around here have been gathering by the thousands. Quite the spooky atmosphere!

Balloon Flower Foliage

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I rushed out to see my balloon flower (I have the dwarf ) and green brown and yellow is all to be seen. I think I need an upgrade.

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The photos this weekend are quite entertaining. The Ruth Bancroft Garden pictures really interest me. Tanner (Rick's 7 year old grandson) asked me the other day why I have so many cactus? I told him they are just cool plants. Plus they thrive on neglect.

As for balloon flowers some seem to have lovely fall foliage and others not at all. The tall purple ones I have don't and the tall white ones are bright yellow right now.

Drema, what stunning fall colors in your picture. We drove to town this afternoon and took what I call the scenic route. The road winds around several lakes and the trees, grasses and shrubs are such pretty colors.

Saucy's tropical bathroom is absolutely the best. What fun your family must have had arranging that. I'm thinking that a fall festival at Tower Hill sounds like a wonderful outing.

Chelone, isn't it wonderful to have a day that you smile about at the end. I love productive days.

Woody, your bulb display sounds interesting. Are you planting in grass? I've included a picture from Olbrich Gardens that we went to this spring. They had a grassy area with a nice natural looking bulb display. They had species tulips, Fritillaria, daffodils and more I'm sure.

It's been warm here. It was 91 degrees on Friday and in the mid-80's yesterday and today. I worked in the garden yesterday and had to come in the house to cool down a couple of times. I'm going to try to overwinter some plants by an east window in our garage. It's a large window so I set up a wire shelving unit up in front of it. Our garage is well insulated and doesn't get below about 45. I've tried to select plants that won't mind. We will see how it turns out. I usually have 2 card tables upstairs but I've decided that I don't feel like dragging the plants through the house and my knees can't take that much stair climbing. Quite a few plants go in the basement under lights. I've not cut much back since everything still looks so nice. I did do some moving, dividing and rearranging of plants. In the spring things are so small when they emerge you just think you surely can fit one more plant in. I disposed of a large sedum that was battling a few more preferred plants for space. A large clump of pink asiatic lilies was moved. I had 2 dozen white and pink daffodils that I wanted to plant. A few years ago I bought one of those bulb augers that go on a drill. I've not had good luck with it, so Rick made the holes while I popped the bulbs in. Now that's the way to plant bulbs! It was especially nice of him since the combine was waiting.

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I believe I've lost the dog this morning. I KNEW it was dangerous to leave him unwatched in Vegetable World, but I figured I could put the clean brushes in the Salon and it would be OK. Wrong-O, he vanished like a fart in a breeze. I'm certain he's having the time of his life roaming through the woods behind the house, and that he will return when he's good and ready. So much for extending a modicum of trust to him. ;)

I cracked right up at the toilet water garden. Definitely right up my alley, Saucy... perpetual 12 yr. old that I am. And I have a similar feeling about impending frost and the "cold season". I like your proactive stance on it, too. I definitely need to take a page from your playbook.

You know how sometimes you do something that turns out really nicely? I've been very patient about the priming and have thusfar avoided any drips/sags because I've layered the prime coats (3). Yesterday I put the first of two finish coats on the corbels. I decided to use some leftover Ben. Moore exterior trim paint and once more I patiently worked the paint into the carvings with an artist's detail brush, then graduated to a softer artist's brush to paint the leaves, finishing off with a 1" sash brush for the long, open areas. I just checked them and they look really nice. They have a pleasing soft gloss and the crisp white paint is going to be a very nice accent against the pickled mounting boards. The helpmeet ribs me mercilessly about how many coats of paint I will put on something, but he's right in the forefront when it comes to appreciating the final product. Now, if only the Zoom Lensers would drop in for a photo shoot. :)

Our theatre season wrapped up a couple of weeks ago with a nice production of "Chicago"; there is another repertory theatre in the area and I may just sniff around to see if there is anything we'd enjoy. Kudos to DS, Kathy. I think theatre ranks as one of life's great treats.

On the docket today is a call to a local tree guy to take down a large trunk of an even larger, multi-trunked Acer rubrum. It was sadistically "trimmed" by the utility company some years ago and now it threatens BIL's garage, so it's time for it to become firewood for coming seasons. BIL has graciously offered to split the cost of its removal with us. And then there may be some cleaning up in the general area as that's where the Picea omorika is to be relocated next spring. Much will depend on the level of grousing from the spousal unit.

And, I suppose, I ought to put a little time into thinking about moving some of the geraniums into the house for the "cold season".

Time to call the dog again. Hrrmmmph.

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Chelone - I hope Rex returns promptly!

Michelle - That's sort of the effect I want re the bulbs in the grass. We planted a combination of three different early crocuses (white, pale blue and soft yellow), scilla, and some botanical tulips. I meant to order snowdrops and winter aconites too but forgot. I'll look for them locally tomorrow. I know I'll be able to find snowdrops but doubt I'll find the aconites. I tried the bulb auger years ago too and gave up on it. Randy was as nice as Rick :-) He used the edging spade to lift clumps of sod; I popped in a few bulbs; he put the sod back and stomped it in place. This is a picture taken from across the road this morning. The bulbs will appear (hopefully!) in the grassy area in front of the narrow bed at the bottom of the picture:

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Interesting to see the coloured Autumn foliage restricted to behind the house Woody...

Chelone, I find it so hard to welcome the bad dog home in an inviting way. You do want to encourage them to return after all, but the desire to beat them immediately is very strong!

I've just finished editing DH's document once more (11:30 am!) and want to get some outdoor stuff accomplished before the rains begin.


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I am happy to report the merry wanderer was lurking just outside the door after I posted this morning. His "walkabouts" are not generally very long, and he likes to patrol the western frontier; the compost pile, the "30 yr. pile", the burn pile, and the wild area beyond. And he is pretty good about returning when he hears his name called. No harm done. And he doesn't smell bad, either! The helpmeet will scold him. I prefer to speak cheerily and happily to him and then make him "ask" to come inside, after we've done a few basic "commands" that earn lavish praise. (but usually I want to beat him to within and inch of his life).

It's an absolutely beautiful fall day out there, today. We took advantage of it and cleaned up a stockpile of rocks that were piled along the edge of the driveway when I dug the big hosta and the Solomon's Seal this past spring. We have used them to create a "retaining wall" along the edge of the pond and will fill the low spot and extend the lawn to it. It will be easy to mow and keep tidy. But it doesn't look like much right now, lol. The goal is to get the grade of the lawn established and then let it settle in over the winter, planting grass in the spring. We have designated an area toward the woods and at the shallowest end of the pond as the "slide" for dogs. It's the logical place for them to exit the water, and once the grass is established we won't care how they get in or out of the pond, but a path will be important until it is. :) It was dirty, mucky, wet work and we're tired.

I've vacuumed the Salon and I've played around with the differential feed on my overlock machine. It's a handy feature that allows you to gather fabric easily. I've never used it in that capacity before and it was a lot easier than I thought it would be. A nice discovery.

I meant to say that I'm glad the foot is responding to good care, Woody. And count me as another who likes and respects the careful and pragmatic approach you have with respect to recuperation and rehabilitation. There is a little park I pass every day and they've naturalized bulbs in a portion of it, too. It's very cheery in the spring time and I always smile at the generous amount of "no mowing" practiced to give the bulbs' foliage time to ripen and nourish the bulbs themselves. It will be fun to see how you project comes along next spring.

We're having shish kabobs for linner and I think I ought to keep the chef company while he tends the grill.

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

I'm glad to hear that Rex came home quickly! We had an incident a few months after Chelsea (the Golden we had previous to Misty) came to live with us. I had put Chelsea out in the backyard while I went to do something. When I came back in 10 minutes or so, the gate to the backyard was open and she was gone! I went running into the house, calling for Randy to come help me look for her. We opened the front door - to find Chelsea dancing impatiently on the front porch waiting for someone to come let her in! That's when we knew for sure that Chelsea had settled into our household :-)

We just came in from planting tulips in the front garden. We needed to add some to the bed where we dug out the big white rose earlier in the summer, so I also decided to put a few of the Ivory Floradale (pale yellow that fades to white) with the yellow and white minature botanical tulip companions along the main path in the front bed.

gb - the ash in the backyard is the first thing to change color. Most of the trees and shrubs in the front yard don't have a lot of fall color unfortunately- mostly shades of yellow. The serviceberry will eventually provide fall color in the front but it has been growing at an excrutiatingly slow pace! I've been strongly tempted to rip it out and replace it with a different one in hopes that a new one might grow faster. But I keep thinking that 'this will be the year it takes off...' It is at least now taller than me...:-)

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Good news at the fracture clinic this morning - I need to keep wearing the brace for another two weeks, then I can take it off. I don't need to return to the fracture clinic unless pain returns/I reinjure it.

I picked up snowdrops and winter aconites at a garden center of the way home so we will add those to the ditch planting tomorrow (the aconites need soaking before planting.)

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

I'm popping in to see that Autumn is progressing nicely in all locales - whether we're ready for it or not.... I seem to be a a fog of crazed awfice work and vertigo-meds laidened mental fog... it doesnt make for much energy or time left for idyls or even real work... how does this happen? and it's already the middle of october, with nary a thing cut down or labored over in the yard at my house.... very ugly looking place inside and out these days.

My only accomplishments in 3 days (including the one off from the awfice yesterday) were a hair cut, new allergy meds from the dr visit, and a walk or two for Stella - o and a visitation to the new grand-baby who had her visitation from her 92-yr old great-grand-mother -- it was fun to see them all together.

It was hot like in your area, Michelle -- I wish it had stayed cooler; but since I was tied up w/ the stock club mtg that wasted most of the rest of the weekend in prep work. Some days I really resent having regular meetings to go to.

I love the new water-bowl concept for your plants, Saucy - LOL - maybe you can find an old one and fill it somehow w/ water - Im sure your interior working one is not going to cut it long term.

It sounds to me as tho there are many many industrious folks here -- so impressive -- and even find time to post idyll too!

That's wonderful news that you're almost free of your bounds, Woody - congratulations!

Best wishes to to 'bug on a belated birthday --

I never had any luck w/ those augurs either, Michelle -- that's great you got a companion assist -- my bulbs have not yet arrived but I suspect will be showing up on the door step shortly and I'll be wondering what nutz ideas did I have? I write designs down, order, and then promptly lose the info.... may be time to take a match to the house full of papers, LOL. I think there are roses to be sp'd this autumn too as so much shade is encroaching on formerly sunny gardens...

With the best of intentions to become more regular in posting... I wave and salute you all.


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Hmmm... I seem to be chatty today...!

gb - do you have any idea what this might be?

It's one of the clematises I planted for the swag. The only ones I planted in this area were Rouge Cardinal and Rosemoor. It certainly doesn't look like either of those! (The picture is making it look more blue than it is - it's a blue-purple.) It's VERY vigorous and has lots of flowers/buds. It also has powdery mildew! The mildew isn't as bad now as it was before we got the rain at the end of last week. There are a couple of flowers that sort of look a bit like the Jackmanii Superba that we cut down to remove the New Dawn roses - but the JS was on the other side of the arbour from where this is... and the rest of the flowers look different than the ones that looks like JS (you can see a stripe down the center of one of the flowers in the picture, but not all of them seem to have that). So, I'm not sure whether there are two vines flowering out there or one. I'm not at all sure what's going on with these ones, but I'm assuming I've got yet another mislabelled clematis! I wonder how many of the rest of the clematises I planted will turn out to be the wrong ones? They all seem to be growing well. This is the only one that got mildew.

Randy had been talking about adding more rain barrels to the yard - not anymore! He just removed the current one for the winter and put the eavestrough extension back on. He said it was a PITA, so no more rain barrels...

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Oh dear Woody, I have no idea except NOT Rosemoor or Rouge Cardinal. Perhaps it is a seedling of Jackmanii Superba? I get lots of clematis seedlings here. This is one time when plant labels would really be helpful! Then you'd know what it was intended to be and which nursery you bought it from. If all of the clematis are mislabelled you'll have an interesting result!!!

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cyn427(z7aN. VA)

Chelone, you had better watch it! You'll have Rex (Wrecks?) and all the rest of us thinking you are really just a softie! :)

If I can find my camera in one of the piles of stuff that I haven't moved back into the newly painted bedroom, I will take pix of the new garden-not quite finished, but getting there.

Waving to all.

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An eerie feeling this morning waking up to 70 degree temps before the sun was up of our October heat waves has arrived , and it looks like 2 more days on the agenda. I’m okay with it, the garden looks like hell anyway so what harm can it do ? It’s very pleasant at night with the house opened up nights are the norm here even in summer as my IU peeps can confirm. Good for the grape harvest which was really poking along because of our cool summer .

Woody, I’m fretting over my bulbs, I have yet to purchase or plant . I will have a buying opportunity tomorrow so I hope to make a move, even though I don’t plant till November when the ground has cooled a bit.

Kitchen duty bekons..


Kathy in Napa

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A few more pots were dismantled this evening. There's not much left that will be saved. The forecast is showing approximately 40 for a low for the next while. That's too close for comfort if you really want to save something.

The harvest continues well into the evening each day. It is nearing completion. This will be extremely early. The moisture on the corn was good and it won't need drying so it might as well be harvested early.

Cindy, I figured that you were busy be grandma these days. My house was getting pretty ugly inside also. Last night I remedied that somewhat.

Woody, I wish our ashes turned such a lovely color. They tend to stick to yellow.

Chelone, glad to hear that Rex has returned ans wasn't beaten too badly. I'm amazed at the patience that you have with any project that you undertake.

Cyn, please do get that camera out. I'd love to see picture of your garden along with everyone elses.

Well, its 8:15 and I've not had dinner so I'd best find something. The men have already had theirs.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Life is quite different when alone. I really enjoy those times when DH travels and I can eat when and what I like and do whatever I'm feeling inclined to do without interruption. Today I bought top soil, a curly carex and a repeat blooming blue & yellow iris - after going to the dump. My friends began work on cutting back the flats, even the hostas. This is the nicest time of year for their foliage, but tonight will be a serious freeze and they'll turn to mush.[Becoming clear this evening. Low zero with frost.]

A nice surprise after weeding is finding that Carex muskingumensis 'Oehme' has increased in size and turned into a real beauty! I'll try to get a picture tomorrow.

I finished knitting Ivy's hat that matches the leg warmers that I made for her earlier. Not sure what the next project will be. And a nice phone call reports that things are greatly improved as far as Leo is concerned and that the consultant doesn't feel a need to see them any longer. Leo should reach 8 pounds by this weekend, and that is great. He also flashed a big smile to his Mama yesterday and she is thoroughly convinced it was deliberate and genuine.

Skyler received a "responsibility" chart from me and was even happy to get it! It was a particularly bad weekend of poor attitude from him and time spent in his room rethinking things. But today started with a bang, with compliments to Sarah for "awesome" srambled eggs and an apology for his behavior. We'll see how things progress I hope. It is always hard for "2 home" kids to adjust to the other place each weekend, and in this case in particular because only one home has "consequences". Le Sigh...for transitions.

Still waiting for our fire wood delivery but pleased with the new furnace so far.
Time for Phoebe's walk!

Here is a link that might be useful: Carex

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Pretty sedge ‘bug ! I wonder how it would fare here ? We keep sedges in partial shade for the most part. My Frosty Curls was lost to a renovation project and now I have only the most basic variegated form, ‘Evergold’ I think. I know exactly what you mean about solitary times …I fear I’ve become set in my ways , but I do enjoy the time to myself , and even with DS still in the house our schedules are so radically different I might go 2 or 3 days without seeing him.

Yes Cynthia, what Michelle said, we need some photos.

Cindy, did you read the whole conversation on FB revolving around Saucys ‘water garden’ ? It was pretty funny- lots of comments !

Sleep tight everyone !

Kathy in Napa

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

There are certainly many pluses to having one's own company to keep and not have to plan menus, eat as one wants, be as sloppy as one wants, etc., 'bug -- sometimes I go too far in that one direction tho, LOL.

Kathy -- life's chaos seems to be trying to consume - I dont know why I cant seem to get a good handle on any of it this year - it's weird....I accomplish nothing on the weekends - dont feel like I had a weekend to myself in about 6 of them, the boss is asking me to work on Sunday after I'd mentally told myself well "this weekend I'm doing nothing but all the stuff that's out of hand".... what to do. So I have no kept up w/ FB either -- cant seem to keep up with much of anything, and I likely spend too much time wondering about that... one of those weirdo cycles.

That's good news to hear things are doing better in DD's household -- Leo has caught up with Isla in the lbs dept -- she too has been a bit scrawny but since she's gaining weight, the dr is not too concerned. DD went back to work this week and her DH is now on leave for 2 months to do Dr. Mom duty -- it will be very interesting to see how that works out!

Would love to see what your new garden area is like, Cyn if you get a chance. I've got things that desperately need planting and maybe you'll motivate me if I see some garden photos!

Woody -that does look like J. superba to me -- as 'bug says, maybe a seedling? It will be pretty no matter what it is.

I do love sedges -- I find I use them like grasses in my small borders - but they all seem to be slow to increase if one is looking to get more cover from them - or maybe I only plant the clumping kinds.

It was quite warm here yesterday as well and having turned the a.c. off at last, it was toasty in the house - but by this a.m. I was freezing and had to throw a sweater on as soon as I arrived at the awfice -- one of those weeks of extremes. Tomorrow is supposed to bring more rain ....

Gotta get trucking here.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Oh Cindy, why should a lack of planning on the boss's part require YOU to alter your weekend plans? Not that this changes anything - You still have a decision to make...grrrr.

Had a nice morning walk with Phoebes. maybe I'll post photos later. Frost was everywhere..and quite pretty!

Good to hear that DH DID meet up with DS last night and went on a tour of various places together with a friend.

More garden effort in store for today I think...Hmmmm, the glorious sun seems to be hiding at the moment.

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Michelle, if the truth be told I find losing myself in a "project" wonderfully restorative. I get so much nit-picky criticism along the lines of, "well... if it had been me I'd have done it like this because... blah, blah, blah", or, "I wish you'd asked me, there was no reason for you struggle so". (just for the record, I don't generally "struggle" much when it comes to what we do at work, lol). Anyway, being ground down that way can leave me feeling like last night's stale ginger ale. And coming home and patiently working on something that will be beautiful recarbonates my life while giving me time to think and plan.

And for Cindy; I well understand how lack of planning at work can impact your life; more specifically, your free time. I hear you on the inablility to get it together, too. Just want you to know that those cycles are not uncommon here, either! not that that will make you feel better, but know there is solidarity in the cyber sisterhood! I like sedges, too. There is a native sort that, along with a cool clumping reed thing pop up every season. I know how to identify them and can easily remove the little ones, but often favor them on as no-work native "filler". I regard them in the same way I regard ferns.

I really like being alone, too (always have). I know what I have to get done, and once that's accomplished I can do whatever the hell pleases me. That's why I don't have kids!

Speaking of which: Kenzie is looking more and more "grown up". I'm glad Leo is cooperating and beginning to pack on the pounds. And ditto for Isla, who is entirely too young to be "watching her girlish figure". And hooray for Skyler who used his time profitably enough to realize he'd been a dink and needs to stop being one. Practice makes perfect... patience, practice, praise. Just like training a dog... . :)

No bulbs here, either and there will likely be none. There are too many shrubs that will be rearranged or added in early spring... not much point in the newer planting areas. Next year! Besides I still have several overgrown clumps that could be lifted and divided in my spare time. (right).

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

It rained overnight and so I'll keep busy indoors for a few hours until things dry a bit. There are bulbs to plant, but first I need to cut back many things.

Yes Chelone, being alone has its good points! Yet, sometimes having kids is JUST EXACTLY what pleases me. Watching kids develop their unique personalities is exciting stuff! I really enjoy sharing with my "adult kids". It is a surprise how interesting they become. DD was a huge help when my mother's health deteriorated too. Yesterday we discussed what to do about Skyler for Christmas. That is a big problem for me. He is so greedy and materialistic. He'd love it if I gave him cash too. Since I won't do that, I'm in a fix. His 10 (yes TEN) grandparents compete on gift giving and it horrifies me. I'm stymied. I do love him and enjoy his progress, but he challenges me!

I'm hoping that after the Fall jobs are completed that we will see some photos of progress at the Compound, at Saucy's, Cynthia's and elsewhere. Winter projects for me are mainly reading for book club and knitting projects. What I SHOULD be doing is organizing my files so that counter tops in my kitchen and study are not such a disgrace....

I am double booked: I accepted a dinner out as a birthday gift at the same time as a friend is coming to visit. The two people definitely do not mix. I need to solve this today!

Hoping Fall lasts a good long time!

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Yeah, 'bug, you know that old saying, "you never miss what you never knew"? I really think that holds true for the whole kid thing. I have never sampled the delight children can bring to your life. Yet, neither can those of you who have them fully appreciate what it's like not to have them. It has always bothered me that a few of our friends with kids not only view us as "deprived" but take every opportunity to tell us we are. I smile and laugh it off, but generally speaking I find it really quite insulting. We have never disparaged their decision to have kids and funnily enough their kids seem to actually like us! Funny, huh? I find the combined pink and blue of the logo above quite poignant. I heard, "Let It Be" in the car on my way home today, and I thought of those awful days just after Reed's death... the beautiful Reed Moon and how we all felt so connected by the loss of such a promising young life. Personally, I watch the Juniperus procumbens grow, the tiny racoon statue weather near it, and I remember placing them both, thinking of you and your family.

I purchased a foam saw today. I've been lusting for one for a long time now and I found a great price for one with two moveable blades. The cheapies have only one blade that moves and the cut is better than electric carving knife, but nowhere near as clean as the two blade movement. It should be here next week. :)

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Chelone, the logo is only posted as something to remind people that anyone they meet is likely to have something they are sensitive about. So I guess it is a message to be gentle with others. Not everyone wants or needs to chat about things. Also, I certainly would also feel insulted by those thoughts on "deprivation". Why weren't people born with zippers for their mouths?

I always suspected there were proper tools for cutting foam...but never went so far as to investigate. What I did was order a piece of foam for one of our sofas and have THEM cut it for me. Now if only you lived around the corner, I'd get all my couches spruced up!!!

Today I bought THINGS, some no doubt for Christmas. Skyler has been on my mind. He is so money conscious. :( BUT, I gave in. I bought him a wallet!!! (Cheap and colorful) I also got him a pair of really good socks. I don't believe I've ever seen him wear 2 matching socks!

I also cut back a large echinops, asclepias, lilies and more. I weeded a patch of twitch grass next to a rain barrel, and then emptied containers in an area that was washed out. Also cut back lots of goldenrod. More cleanup tomorrow. I have a dinner date tomorrow and am eager to find out WHERE we are going! Then another friend arrives on Sunday to spend a few days.

It's a bit early, but I'm in the mood for dinner. Off to the kitchen!

Ivy is still enjoying playing with her marble...

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I know that's why you posted that logo, silly! :) But when I saw it I thought of dear sweet Reed and those numbing days, and how even someone like me was affected... . But you know that, and I know you do. ((()))

I am mightily impressed with the TOTALLY COOL toys that occupy the living room. It's all so perfect for her age; and what delights me most is the blind eye cast to "the unsightliness" of it all. How great is that? When I was a kid the building blocks were carefully arranged on the big oriental in the living room... the pattern repeats made for wonderful paddocks for the model horses, the bands of repeated motifs made perfect roads for the Tonka trucks and horse trailers... . And Dad was always careful to direct the dog's greeting so that nothing was disturbed. Being creative in play is so, so very important. Still smiling. :)))

But I still hate kids and dogs. Just so's ya knows...

I love the wallet for Skyler. How about "giving him money" in a denomination other than the one with which he's most familiar? maybe if he had to go to a bank and actually EXCHANGE it for his familiar currency he'd get a sense for how different "money" can be, and that "value" isn't really all that it's cracked up to be! The trick to dealing with a brat is to continually remind them that they're really "nothing special" in the big picture... while at the same time reinforcing the notion that they are amazingly special in a "close up"! ;)

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cyn427(z7aN. VA)

Just two notes before bed-still looking for the camera and if you see an advert for the "Awesome Auger", don't let anyone (like a DS) buy you one ;) Shovels work best!

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And there are other things in a wallet besides money .. I wonder if you could make up some sort of highly personal ID card with his name , a photo , and attributes that he might be proud of ? Maybe even some cool looking foreign currency (in small denominations !) though how one goes about obtaining that is beyond me.

I just can’t imagine being critical of a persons decision to have children, to marry, or any other life choice. How really dreadful and intrusive. I was very ambivalent about kids and could have gone either way, though I love my children and am happy to have them.

Have to do some awfice work at home tonight , so must sign off….

Kathy in Napa

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

DH has loads of Euros and Chinese money etc... so you have given me great ideas! I have to laugh!!! We used to give out wallets with condoms in them to teen parents where I volunteered! No, not yet anyway!

Chelone, we had wooden floors in my bedroom. It was fun to make roads out of them...but we didn't have many toy cars. If any. Sometimes we had pet turtles to try and coax along the 'roads'. My sister and I shared a room with bunk beds. (army surplus) It was tough going and we were supposed to play with dolls. I didn't enjoy dolls much, but she did. She had Jo from Little Women. I had Nina Ballerina. I did love roller skates with a key though! But that was for outdoors.

Never occurred to me to buy an auger, Cyn. I have a nice collection of shovels. Actually, a new shovel would be my kind of Christmas long as I don't need to bring it home on an airplane from Alberta!

I looked up the place where I am being taken for dinner tomorrow: "A quiet, quaint little restaurant. Great place for a date. Delicious food." Now I am worried! Maybe I won't tell DH... LOL. Stay tuned!

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I recommend "Secretariat" to anyone who's looking for a fun, exciting, entertaining movie. It was a good way to while away a chilly, rainy afternoon.

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Yesterday was a rather frustrating day. An unexpected and UNPLANNED day off (with subsequent $ loss) that was largely wasted on the home front, too. Attempts to put the corbels up were met with not enough wall board fasteners (no available studs in the location) and attempts to put up the rack and associated woodstove tools were met with a masonary drill bit every bit as dull as a hoe and more frustration. Add to that a good deal of spousal grousing and I was ready to scream and tear my hair out. :) Instead, I inhaled deeply several times, put together a shopping list, and we combined that run with lunch and the movie theatre.

I wanted to accomplish the installations mentioned above last night but met with a lot of sighing so abandonned that tack in favor of doing it this morning... and the grousing picked up where it had left off yesterday. Instead of resorting to an explosion of anger and frustration I patiently explained that I really needed to see something completed and if I had the knowledge I'd do it myself... but... . Well, it's done (bless his heart). I think tonight will be a perfect night for a roasted, stuffed chicken, and all the associated comfort food. Seems the "politic" thing to do.

I have documented the corbel project in digital format, but the presentation here will be delayed. I've been struggling with that stuff lately and in my present frame of mind facing down frustration on that level is best postponed.

Speaking of wallets. I sorted through a carton of items from THTTF and found a couple of my old ones; the eldest dating from the years encompassing college. I opened it and was promptly knocked flat by a picture of my friend who committed suicide last year. I looked at the bright smile, read the words on the back of the photo and settled into the chair for a yet another cry. I tucked his picture into a corner of a mirror in the Salon and reminded myself that the pain will never go away completely, but time will make its burden easier, and it's perfectly OK to "melt down" periodically. It's all part of the package. And I reminded myself that being told it's "your choice to feel so bad about it" was probably the most insensitive and insulting thing ever uttered to me.

The foliage is just glorious here. Yesterday's wind and rain arrived early enough in the cycle that the leaves are still securely fastened to the branches. :) I have retrieved the blaze orange hunting vest from the back of the closet, so it will be ready when the hugest of dogs and I resume our forced marches.

We lit the woodstove last night and the helpmeet did so again this morning to ward off the clammy chill. We're not using it daily yet, but it sure is a nice way to make the house cozy without firing up the boiler. Speaking of which, I damn near fell over after looking at the last oil bill! Mind you, there are two tanks to fill; one for the house, one for the bahn and neither have been filled since the end of April. It was almost $500! Fuel oil is pushing $2.80/gallon and it's still early in the season. We have no reason to complain at all, but after a warm summer and nary a thought to heat it was a sobering reminder of what is to come. And a comfort to know that there is all of 3 fully seasoned cord of firewood waiting outdoors.

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Hi Everyone. It is a beautiful day here. Sunny and just perfect. The kind of fall day that makes you want to walk through leaves to hear them crackle.

Chelone, good for you yesterday to turn your trip into a fun thing. I would like to see Secretariat too. We have a local theatre that plays first run movies as long as they are not R rated. The cost is $3.00, and it is right down the street from my house. This sounds like a movie they would show. Sorry about the frustration, etc with your projects, and that you were saddened by the photo. I still miss my brother who died two years ago, and for that matter, I miss my little sister and she died in 1981. But, I do cherish the memories I have of them and the things we did together.

I have been bringing in plants all week. I hope to do a good job this year of overwintering, so I can propagate some next year and maybe sell them in front of my house. It is a pie in the sky thing, but I think it will be fun to think about it through the winter. And if I don't sell any, at least I will be ahead of the game in my garden. I am trying to get control of my life, and figure out what I am going to do for the rest of it. These are hard decisions, because I want to make the right one. There are no jobs around here, so I need to think of something I can do to be financially productive, and somewhat happy too.

Bug, Ivy is getting so big! Your daughter and SIL sure have their hands full. Skyler is lucky to have parents who care enough to take the time to teach him. Being a good parent is a challenge sometimes.

Cindy, you have had a lot going on this year, both personal and work, and sometimes it is hard to make adjustments to keep everything on track. I am sure you will get it figured out.

Hope you all enjoy your day!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I suspect that our Cindy is chugging away at work this weekend. I hope she is given several hours this evening to walk Stella in the Autumn leaves. Wouldn't it be great if a friendly Master Gardener fairy turned up do do a volunteer garden cleanup for her? It would lift my spirits for sure!

Our friends have had a big change in priorities this week. Their new baby grandson, born on the 9th of October, is recovering in hospital from brain trauma as a result of a difficult delivery. Yes, there is progress, but I certainly am familiar with the stresses of this phase. Fortunately he was born at over 9 pounds, and this is a great advantage for little guys. There is lots of great support and aunties and uncles are reading to baby and taking turns visiting. At least another week as they monitor his gradual return from several days of induced coma. Makes all our joint efforts on "greening" gravel extracting seem pretty insignificant.

Yet, I can't help but add this quote:
"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." - Martin Luther King Jr.
I think these words also relate to Chelone's response to insensitive comments and choices.

Good to hear that you are ahead of the game Drema! I'm not very good about indoor plants, but I've worked especially hard at cutting things back outdoors and being ready in case of an early winter. Today I hope to get a start on bulb planting. We'll see how that goes. Phoebe is keen on exploring the work being done on an adjacent corn field. Fat chance! Laundry was begun a while ago, dishes are yet to be washed. With only one person, that seems so unimportant.


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Vacuum break…I can only let the house ‘go’ for so long , and since there is no travel coming up in the near future I’m here at home exposed to the debris and general untidiness. Action is being taken to provide some ambiance round these parts. And the garden ! What a mess.I think a half day with pruners and a broom might help, and there plants that need homes too. Still no bulbs purchased, and for the silliest of reasons-I couldn’t make up my mind about the tulip colors this year.

Drema , it’s harder now to think about making a choice and then abandoning it a few months later when we find it seemed wrong..stability is a lot more desireable than it was in my 20’s , that’s for sure, and change can be energizing it it’s for the good; deflating if bad. I find that I use my garden now to get the ‘changes’ that are refreshing. I’m really bored with aspects of my front garden and will do a couple major things there to recapture my interest. I still have dreams of a ‘mindless’ retirement job some day !

Hope you have a more productive, less frustrating day today Chelone..

Back to the maid gig…

Kathy in Napa

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Things are considerably more productive today, thankfully! I don't know what it is about me, but feeling as though I've "gotten something done" is a huge part of who I am and what makes me feel content. It doesn't have to be anything really big, but just knowing that some little something has been "taken care of" is important to me. Funny, huh?
1.) corbels are installed and I've filled the holes left by the finish nails and the screw that secures the shelves to the capitals. (They make me smile because they're pretty and they're useful).
2.) finally made it to the redemption centre and cashed in to the tune of $7.40!
3.) picked up the fixin's for dinner.
4.) stuffing is made (left over hot dog rolls, a marginal onion, and gahden celery) and the bird will go in about 3PM
5.) Delicate chocolate cake is about to come out of Bruce and begin cooling.
6.) have located the recipe for "German chocolate frosting" and will prepare that shortly.
7.) my new foam saw arrived this afternoon, too!

Now, if only Kathy would show up and give the Biddy Suite bathroom the white tornado touch.

Drema, I sympathize with how you feel. I share the sentiment of trying to figure out what to do next when the present plan falls short in so many ways. It sure ain't easy, and I think the security thing becomes a higher hurdle as we put more years behind us. Right on with that sentiment, Kathy! I like the idea of propagating plant material for the spring season; it will "keep you busy" over the winter, and how can you lose even if you wind up using it yourself?

I like the MLK quote. Lately, I keep my trap shut, but have found that a certain "look" or studied silence is sometimes the most eloquent response to something offensive.

Discussion at the dinner table of late is that I should procure a laptop computer. Ugh. :

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I am manning the Window Booth for the boys right now, so am surfing the net. 45 more minutes to go...

Chelone I really like my MacBook by Apple computer, but it took me awhile to get used to it. Now I wouldn't switch. If you do get one, I highly recommend the classes they offer for $99 to learn how to use it. I never get pop ups, and have never had a virus. For those reasons alone, it is definitely a plus. Don't buy it from Best Buy, but get it at the Apple store, the price is the same. I got mine from Best Buy because my son worked there, then discovered that I wasn't allowed to attend the classes. Seemed very elitist to me at the time, and they are a little snobby when you go to the store, but I lived through it. I did however tell them what I thought, every chance I got. I am a reverse snob.

As far as figuring out what I am going to do, it is hard, for a number of reasons. It is a little late in the game for me to think about building any kind of a career out there. When I was young, for fourteen years, I focused on jobs that would allow me to work from home so my kids wouldn't be in daycare. When they got older I got a real job, finished my degree and worked at the hospital for 15 years, went to work at the University and was re-orged. So, here I am at 57 in a town that has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country. Actually, if you think about it, I am pretty lucky that I have always been an entreprenuerial type, and do know how to make myself work. I do have my real estate license, which I got as a back up to the back up plan, and really enjoy doing that, but the market is awful, so I don't think that is an option. I know I will always have to work,I want to enjoy it, and have it be meaningful to me, but can I find someone who is willing to pay me for that? LOL. Hey, you guys are helping me figure this out... Thanks for listening guys...maybe I am not as bad off as I thought.

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I ran my vacuum the other day also. I decided it was time for a new one. Not that this one doesn't do the job, its just clunky and heavy. I'm thinking it should go upstairs so I don't have to lug one up.

Kenzie is here this weekend so I have a garden "helper" For a little while at least she thought it was fun to haul the large baptisia branches to the compost pile and pile others in the wheelbarrow. Then we had to take turns as to who would be the leader to the compost pile and which route we would take. Its slow going in the garden with evenings so short and having my helper every other weekend. The weekend after next we have to go to an out of town family wedding.

I'm amazed how kindergarten has really instilled a desire to learn letters and writing for her. She asked me to write "mommy". I wrote it on a sheet and she wrote it too. Several hours latter she wrote it again and remembered the letters and the proper order. She spent quite a bit of time writing today and coloring as well. She really was never into coloring before.

We went out to the field to bring Rick something to drink. He is doing some fall tillage. Kenzie had the best time hunting for ears of corn that the combine missed or dropped. Mind you there are all that many. That kid can entertain herself with the littlest things. Of course she had to shell the corn she found when we got back.

Chelone, I quite often run through my head at the end of the day all that I feel I've accomplished. I love the feeling of having a long list.

I echo Drema's sentiments of doing a good job this year of overwintering. I really sucked at it last year.

Night all

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This day didn’t progress as expected-we had our first rain of the season;my usual vigilance regarding forecasts was missing-I had no clue it was going to rain. But rain it did and basically did so all day �"lightly so maybe ½ to ¾ inch at the most if I had to guess. Jeesh. We surely needed it but now I’m another week behind on garden clean-up.

Yesterday DD and Mr Toddler were over. DD’s friend watched him while we went to see ‘Aladdin’ . Aiden and I had a chat but I really have no clue what he was saying, lol. And I stupidly took no photos. And me with my new lens too ! I went out yesterday morning to take photos and the fog was so thick I came back home.

So today I was forced into more indoor chores , and just finished making from-scratch raspberry scones for a b-day potluck at the awfice tomorrow.

I like my laptop Chelone, It goes with me when I travel and if I want to compute somewhere other than the normal workstation, I have that flexibility .And I can go anywhere in the house too (we have wireless) . My next one though will have a ‘10 key’ type keyboard as my awfice duties can be performed faster-I take it on business trips too.

No further news here !

Kathy in Napa

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I am going to the big city this morning and there is an Apple store there that I plan to visit. I have been jotting down specific questions that relate to such a purchase and am fully prepared to be completely freaked out by the what's available and how steep the learning curve may turn out to be. Oh my. Drema, thank you very much for your insight into the whole Mac thing. What ultimately made you opt for one over a regular PC?

I puttered around out in the Salon yesterday, and determined that the addition of a rolling shelving unit will go a long way toward achieving containment of supplies (presently in cartons on a remote corner of a table). I have checked out a couple of very cool on-line sites and have arrived at a selection that should work nicely. To that end I've added a number of things to the pile that will go to the kerb for trash collection this morning.

I cleaned the hearth, vacuumed the dust off the stove, admired the new stove tools that are now hanging on the chimney next to it, and was actually excited about firing it up when the need arises.

And I removed the screens from the windows and cleaned the sills. If today warms up the way yesterday did I will get the screens washed before storing them away for the winter... maybe I'll even get some window washing done, too.

The tree guy came to assess the trunk of the maple we would like to remove. I have to confer with BIL as accessing the offending trunk will require the bucket truck to drive over his lawn. I think the price is very reasonable and I know the work will be done efficiently and as neatly as possible. We are fortunate that we know so many competent people to do things that are too challenging for our pioneer spirits. ;)

No frost here, either Michelle. And if my gardens looked as pretty as your's do in your pictorial I would be laoth to cut them back right now, too. I smiled at the image of Kenzie picking up ears of cohn and then shucking them later on. I am certain you appreciate her inventive and imaginative mind... and the rapid steps toward reading and writing are esp. exciting, I'm sure. What a milestone. :)

And Mr. Toddler yammering away... I know a lot of "grown ups" with whom I have conversations that I don't really understand. The only difference between them and Mr. Toddler is that their hands probably aren't as sticky.

OK, gotta rustle up some chow, make my list of things to do today, and get about my business.

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Chelone, the thing that made me decide on the Apple MacBook was the fact that my son is the head geek at Geek Squad for Best Buy. His recommendation as the computer with the least problems was the Mac. Hands down. Mary Kate and Brandon have two Macs, and they never have any problems. Brandon is an artist who makes commercials/ other motion graphic applications and he uses a Mac.

I complained for about a year afterward, but once I finally figured it out, I love it.


I have run into some problems with being able to look my statements online from one of my banks, but my other one is fine.

When I sold Tastefully Simple, there were a couple of glitches with my online ordering.

I can't download cool templates like I could from Microsoft online.

Excel. It doesn't seem to work the same on a Mac, but it can be learned.

I had to buy a special version of QuickBooks for Mac, and QuickBooks didn't seem to be as familiar with the Mac version in their support. The independant consultants who I was going to use to set up our QuickBooks program were not familiar with the Mac Version, but I was able to find someone. Eventually I just did it myself, but it took a lot longer, because I had never used QuickBooks at all before.

If you use any sort of online program regularly, check to see if it is Mac compatible.

May be more info than you were looking for, if so, just ignore. Trying to think of anything I could that might head you in a direction.


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We're home from a weekend in Maine. All of Nick's cousins showed up - even the far off cousins from Minnesota and Colorado. Many photos were taken. Oh my how we've grown since everyone had children. Now there are 19 when we make reservations.

I'm working on leaves to beat the frost. I think I will have until Friday evening when the forecast is a low of 29. I will get to look at a few today and see how they've come out...I always enjoy the unveiling of it all and still feel surprised if it comes out good (though my technique is getting better and better, so not so many duds).

I wonder what important things Mr. Baby would have to say? Perhaps he was inquiring where you keep the Zwieback cookies? Sounds like you had a nice visit.

Kenzie will have nice memories of your farm, Michelle. What a great place to have fun and be a kid. We used to gather "food" from our yard and "process" it for fun, too. We'd make all kinds of salads and chocolate milk (dirt and water). I wasn't really big into mud pies :) I would've liked to have had an ear of corn.

All the Idyll babies are growing so fast. I got to see Nick's cousin's twins....from now on I'm just going to call them the twins. They're growing so fast. They were preemies, but they're catching up. 9 months now. I rocked them to sleep on Saturday night - I've still got it :)

All right, time to get this day started. I've got a dog to pick up from the kennel, a car to get to the garage, a 94 lb. bag of cement to lug home, and a few leaves to cast! Have a great day, friends.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

What a wonderful energetic bunch of Idyll friends this Monday morning!

We have some frost on the 'lawn' this morning. It will be a cloudy day but at least get warmer. Our wood person will be delivering our truckload this morning "between 10 and 12". This messes up my day...especially with my friend here visiting and we have "plans". But it will work itself out somehow. I need to leave in a few minutes to go buy more tarps to cover the wood as it will rain for the next few days and we won't be able to stack it all quickly.

Yesterday a friend of mine came by to help us out a bit and to walk Phoebe. It was GREAT that in about 2 hours we were able to accomplish many things and "check them off the list"! And so the bird bath has been washed and stored in the barn, the potting bench rolled into the garage, 2 rain barrels emptied and taken to the barn, the dock hauled to the barn as well. Then most of the outdoor furniture was carted to the barn also. Very satisfying! The only difficult part was the guy explaining that it was a pleasure to "help out older people". Now who do you suppose he was referring to???

DH has a class to teach and forgot he was today's presenter, so he has been scrambling a bit. He could do it with zero preparation, but the perfectionist in him won't allow that. Also, the report for the Provincial Policy Statement for land planning is completed to his satisfaction and that is a huge relief. It was tough getting everyone acting in unison for a common goal.

DD begins two weeks of parenting solo while DSIL travels for work. It will be tough going with 3 children involved, one of whom must be driven to school and back each day at 8am and 3pm. All sorts of restrictions involved on his mother's part too. DSIL had the opportunity to do a job in Iqaluit. DD is annoyed that he dropped the opportunity, and it is a shame. But I also understand his not wanting to be away so long.
Oh Canada! (Inuktitut sign)

The updates on our friend's small grandson are positive. What a rough beginning for all!

Onward with the day!

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You are a busy gruop of people. LOL

We returned late evening yesterday from a little trip to Mammoth Cave Park Kentucky. Nice park and great fun and camping with all of Bobs sisters and some extended famly.
It would be hard not to have fun with that crazy bunch.

We have still not had frost here either, but it is very dry and the leaves are falling constantly. I have several things to accomplish in the next few days before we go off on another adventure.

Niki,Jasmine and Rocky were happy to have us back, but Rebel pouted at us until I took him on our regular hike this morning then he was all excited.
Just in for lunch. Need to get back outside.

Later Norma

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Well, I see that things are humming along nicely in everyone's world today. It's good to know that the latest models of our species are doing well. Parental units do not need worry upon worry in addition to adjusting to the recent addition.

Does Skyler not take the school bus or is his school in a different town? Your most capable DD does not strike me as one who will be long challenged by the work required to keep the family on course. The sisterhood certainly knows how to get the job done when the chips are down... I always smile when I think of Lewis and Clark and the fact that the intrepid Sacajewea trooped steadily along with them... with a kid on her back! I smiled at the stop sign, too. The helpmeet has fond memories of signs in Welsh when he lived there.

Drema, I figured the Apple store would be deadsville on a Monday morning... wrong-o! The place was crawling with people. I was glad I had my questions written down and knew what I wanted to ask, yikes. I entered some information into one of their machines while I was waiting for someone to help me and the "air traffic control" guy asked me what I thought of the machine... I replied that the keyboard sucked. He laughed and said, "you know how to type properly, don't you?". He explained that people who use proper typing technique usually detest the small keyboard and it's one of the things that "turns them off" to laptops in general... I may use any keyboard I wish with a MacBook as long as it's USB compatible. Ditto a mouse. And the nice flat screen monitor I'm looking at right now. All of those features can be "recycled" to the Salon desk and used to enhance my "Mac Experience". I am still suffering "sticker shock" and will speak with my brother and BIL again and ask to play with the latter's MacBook some more before deciding. I liked several of the features very much and I think they would be a good fit for the sort of business I have in mind. Drema, your insights and thoughts are invaluable to me and I so appreciate the time you've made to share them with me. Means a lot, and I thank you.

I think only one of the Idyll group can fully appreciate the possiblities contained in a 94 lb. bag of concrete. You dazzle me routinely, Saucy.

I need to spend some quality time in the yard, too. Frost is just around the corner and I know will be disappointed by the number of things left undone when it arrives. Most notably, failure to scrape the plastic frames around the bahn "man doors" and repaint them to address the dreadful peeling paint. (I've only had the past 5 mos. to get it done).

Time to go out and putter some more in the Salon.

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Michelle, I have spaced this out a couple of times, but wanted to share with you. I bought a Meile "Neptune" this year. It was under $400. I bought that model because it was geared for solid surface floors, but it does have a rug attachment. I really, really like it. It's light, does a great job in the Salon and the available attachments allow me to get into "nooks of granny" and do the sorts of things I generally do with a vacuum cleaner. I've only used the rug attachment on the dog bed but it's gotten the job done. I prefer the King Kong Kirby rug attachment for the rugs in the house (lots of hair and grit with a stonedust driveway), but the Miele blows the Kirby out of the water on solid floor surfaces. No kidding! It's quiet and lightweight. I urge you to check out Miele; they have a ton of models for different circumstances.

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Niki gets in on the leaf action.

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Norma, she reminds me of Spencer. I want to reach into the computer screen, rub her back and get her to "chase" my hand under the leaves. She's so cute.

I just love cats. :) :) everything about them.

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Chelone, thanks for the input on the vacuum. My house is basically carpet except the kitchen and bathrooms. My computer is 7 years old. It has it's moments but does work fairly well. Rick thinks I should get a laptop but at this point I'm not ready. Obviously, I'm not a techy type person.

'bug, it sounds like you are getting tons accomplished.

Saucy, 94 lbs of cement - I hope you bought it somewhere where they will load it for you. I get it at the local lumber yard.

Norma, Mammoth Cave sounds like a nice trip. I'm always interested in the National Parks. Did you take a cave tour?

What no pictures of Mr. Toddler???

Kenzie and I made a big pot of chicken wild rice soup. Of course we had to dig carrots first. She loved the soup even though it was chock full of onion, celery and carrots.
It was nice to come home tonight and warm up a bowl. It was a lovely day and I spent some time soaking in the last days in the garden. It was dark by 7:10. Rick is in the field again tonight so our paths haven't crossed since 7:45 this a.m. I spent a little time after dark sitting on the patio with a cup of cappuccino and my new fire pot that my sister gave me for my birthday. You put this gel fuel in it. It really is kind of relaxing to watch.

There is much that needs to be done here, inside and out. I'd best get at some of it.


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Well, that Niki is just fabulous in every way�"I’m partial to bi-color kitties, but oddly have never had one ! Funny how we acquire felines-I’ve had strays, shelter cats, pure-breds , you name it. My next will be a shelter cat for sure, but not up to having 3 at the moment. We had three all the time for years. Ted and Doobie are such stodgy gentlemen and set in thier ways, they would have a fit if I introduced another member into the ‘pride’ ..(nod to Chelone.)

My computer is elderly too, I was trying to think how long I’ve had it and I think it’s been at least 10 years, I know it was before DH passed away which was 2003. We’ve added memory a couple of times, and the keyboard, mouse, speakers etc have been replaced too, some of them multiple times. DS got us an external hard drive a few years ago and all my photos are stored on that.

Interested in Chelones vacuum recommendation�"I hate mine and I have mostly hardwood. Is yours a canister ?

‘bug, I would be bedside myself caring for 3 children on my own ! I’m not made of the same stuff as your DD though-bet she makes it just fine !

Ok, all for now , time to scare up some dinner

Kathy in Napa

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

O, Norma - I love that last photo - you captured her perfectly!

No 94 lbs of concrete here, LOL - I am a total slacker in any of these JJ jobs! Computer woes both at home and awfice -- I'm wondering if I have a virus hand or something.... It's interesting to read the info re the Macbooks, Drema and Chelone - I've thought about it; most folks who have them are solid converts and love 'em... this Toshiba (w/ Vista) laptop of mine seems to be doing a slow spiral to death -- right now the pad no longer works for scrolling, and the ribbons/menus at the top have disappeared.... we wont talk about the shutdowns/lock-ups/and virus spyware lock-ups.... Sheesh.... And at the awfice on Friday the new servers were down for more than 2 hours about 3 pm -- I finally said a little after 5 that I was outta there; no inclination to do filing of months of stacks of stuff...

What.. no fairy gardener showed up at my house this past weekend? I wonder what I need to do to find one-- look under a cabbage patch maybe. I actually did get Stella for a couple of nice walks (not many leaves here yet and no frost) and we "worked" in the garden for the first time in months -- the head stayed fairly vertical (maybe the new meds are slowly clearing it out - fingers crossed).

Kathy, I know what you mean about dissatisfaction w/ borders -- my back ones are struggling and overcome w/ shade -- I ripped out the MAC rose that seemed to have a virus, chopped down some things, but would love to attempt some major reno.... Sadly, I also seemed to have somehow ripped out the tiny cornus controversa variegata I'd planted in the spring when chopping some phlox -- it didnt have much root ball tho and I'm thinking some critter has been at it - geez o pete - I hate when I rip something out.

It's nice to hear both Drema and Chelone busy at working on some goals and lots of energetic jobs -- maybe you all will motivate me -- I need to find time to check in -- I brought the laptop to bed tonite to do so, LOL, guys - arent you feeling cozy? I dont think I could emulate you, Michelle, my review of the to-do list usually ends up showing I've got the same things on week after week....

Well, I did miss the most fabulous day of the weekend yesterday doing the yearly prep and creation of -- get this -- even partners in law firms do complex self-evaluations... It's hard to type it with a straightface sometimes (rationalizations for exactly how huge a bonus and equity of profits he'll get for this year just ended). Someone suggested I edit the doc and demote him for organization if he required 4 hours of o.t. on a sunday to get his documents done, LOL -- there are limits to attorney humor however, and I need to keep the job a few years longer...

Ok -- victory of an item on the to-do list -- stop in at the Idylls!!! Yeeha. And I also looked at FB and amazingly it's still there and didn't blow up during my absence....

(O, Drema -- love your idea re the plants -- I bet that's just how Saucy's neighbor started is always amazing to me how entrepreneurial and creative you are, Drema -- you always have another idea in the pipeline! Keep 'em happening.).


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Cindy, there is no way in he!! I can deal with those friken touch pads! The first accessory I bought for my laptop was a wireless mouse and where I go, it goes.Maybe the bedtime Idyll check in is the way to go? Does Stella get to cuddle up in the human bed ?

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

"a wireless mouse" was a Christmas present last
year...a present I value now but didn't know I wanted!

Good book club discussions tonight.

Definitely time for bed!

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