Using 72-plant seed starter kit--plants get too big?

philothea(8)February 7, 2013

So I broke down this year and got the kit because my old system is so time-and space-consuming.

Is there a way to keep the plants from growing out of those itty-bitty spaces before the time comes to transplant them? For some reason, as I recollect, something always happens at the time they are supposed to go out and they end up being in there a little too long and they outgrow the container.

Or are we just supposed to put them into something bigger before pitting them into the ground?

If the latter is the case, I will just skip the kits and go back to my old method, sigh.

Thanks :)

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

The 5-1-1 is mostly pine park. Where are going to find fine pine park to use. The pine park I bought at HD looks like 2x4 pieces and I don't have the time or the equipment or the desire to grind these things.

Yes you are supposed to move the plants to something larger. Don't know what your old system was - we might be able to help with that given details - but that is why the "kits" are generally a waste.

Of course it depends in part on exactly what you are growing in them and how long the plant has to stay in one before going to the garden.


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Oh, thanks so much, Dave :) I am leaving soon and was planning to buy some more kits...

My old system was to germinate in an old round dehydrator on top of paper towels, then put into styrofoam cups which have slices at the bottom. These go into cardboard box bottoms (flats that had cans in the from the grocery store) that are in a plastic bag. i used to have a good set-up where the plants went under a table wrapped in plastic with the lights hanging down from the table.

This works really well, overall, but I tend to get overwhelmed and end up with a gazillion packages of cups. We have way more garden space than storage ar seed-starting space!

Thanks again--i think I'll use the kits I got for cut-and-come again lettuce mix and just use my old system!

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