Woke up to a half empty pond this morning :/

CaraRoseJune 2, 2013

Last night I walked my dogs around 11pm, stopped in the yard and took a look at the pond. It was all flooded from the rain we've been having, filling the bog area.

Woke up this morning, walked the dogs through the yard-- and my pond is half empty. The water was down to the edge of the marginal shelf, just barely over the edge of the submersible filter (which I moved to the shelf thanks to recommendations from folks here).

The only change I made recently was adding some quilt batting to the waterfall filter last night. I'm wondering if the added restriction in the tiny (1 gallon) waterfall box may have been too much extra pressure on the hose/bulkhead, and maybe caused it to leak.

All the rain's made it pretty much impossible to use the ground to look for the lake (ground is soaked everywhere), so I refilled (investment in inline hose filter that removes chlorine and chloramines has been justified!), took the batting out of the filter, and turned it back on. Going to check in a few hours and see if the water level is going down.

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As I recall, your pond is rocked in all around. In mine, the liner is sometimes not held in well, and I would expect that flooding water caused the liner to be pushed down, creating a spillway. Even in your case, I would check to see if the liner is caved in somewhere.

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The edges of the liner are buried and the retention wall blocks are stacked on top (to allow water flow between the bog shelf and the main pond. I will check the perimeter though and be sure. The waterfall liner is just rocked in, but I inspected that this morning first and saw no issues.

So far it's been running for 2 hours with no change in water level. Since everything is all stirred up now and cloudy, I took the quilt batting, stuck it in a plastic basket, and put it under the output of the waterfall filter (it's entirely contained in the waterfall, so if it does overflow or anything, it's not going to leak). It's actually working really good and fast at removing the particulates out of the water. It's a bright blue basket, and looks gaudy as heck, LOL, so it's a temporary thing for right now.

Garden ponds are an adventure. :)

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I should probably correlate my "it's entirely in the liner, so it's not going to leak" statement with an "if the waterfall isn't leaking somewhere :P

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Good idea to have the submersible pump raised off the floor.

Another suggestion for future use (which reminds me that I'd better get mine hooked up) is to get an inexpensive low water shut-off gizmo (made for sump-pumps) which I purchased at Lowes. It is black, so it is hardly seen and if the water drops below a certain depth, the pump will be shut off.

I bought one a couple of years ago after having the water overflow my skippy filter rather than flowing back into the pond. That sure can empty a pond quickly. Luckily, like you, my submersible pump was raised a bit, so the fish survived, but in just a few inches of water.

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