diect seeding

Mercurio(6)February 24, 2014

I always direct seed my zinnias. I have some abutilon seed and some purslane seeds. I'm going to start the abutilon in a terrariam, in cell-packs, but I thought that, since it grows like a weed, I would direct sow the purslane.

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Purslane or portulacca which one. Although they are related there is a difference.

Purslane is a name given to a weed as well as a perennial flower. The flower will take most of the summer to mature and bloom. It has smaller flowers than Portulacca and is not as showy. All are in the same family

Portulacca or moss rose is an annual. It will take about 8-10 weeks to reach the blooming time from seed. It can be direct sown or started early. It readily drops it's seeds which sprout and grow the next year so it may appear like a perennial but it's not

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Does any one know how to grow michelia alba direct from the seed? I have a michelia alba tree , and it bear a seed. Now the seed opened up from the shell. How can I proro
gate it from the seed, thank you.

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