How do you inventory your seeds?

ragtimegal(9 CA 19)February 18, 2009

I'm a newbie and have seeds I need to catalog/inventory. How do those of you that do this keep the information organized and what info, besides seed name, do you sort/categorize them by?


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I like to keep a log of them as I am growing them. I usually include:

I do this just so I can look back and see what worked well for me. I also have a calendar I use to keep track of when to start different seeds because all have different starting times(some 8-10wks before last frost, some 4-6wks etc...)

Hope this helped.

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ragtimegal(9 CA 19)

Yes, that helps! Do you keep an inventory of your un-sown seeds so that you know what you have?

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Yes,I order all my seeds from one place (Park Seed) so i just keep a copy of the order for my records.


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I use an Excel spreadsheet. Each "tab" is a different year. For each year I indicate new seeds purchased, from what company, and break by veggies, herbs, and annuals/perennials. You can make this as complex as you want, but at least I know what I have in inventory.

I highlight (in different colors) those that I wintersow, direct sow, or start inside.

I can send to you if you would like.


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ragtimegal(9 CA 19)

Thanks, Prof! I was just saying today that I was thinking of creating a spreadsheet. I'll send you an email.

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When I plant my seeds, I write an estimate of how many is left on the front of the package. Also, I make sure the package is marked with a year purchased or saved. Then they are sealed up with tape and tossed haphazardly into a plastic sealable container to await the next season.

I have tried tracking them on spreadsheets and what-not, but find that the best method for anything is the method you will acutally use.

It works for me.........Kay.

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With a spreadsheet such as excell you can sort by any column grouping so if you have enough groupings the entry of data can be put at the bottom and then sorted into place.

I CROP GROUP my veg. seeds by the same containers that I store them. Alliums are stored in the freezer; beans and peas;cole crops; corn;cucumbers&melons; greens&root crops;herbs; peppers&eggplant; pumpkins&squash;tomatoes;ornamentals&flowers.

My next heading is CROP TYPE(eg.beans); then CROP SUBTYPE (,yellow,italian); VARIETY NAME; SUPPLIER;SEED AMOUNT; UNIT(M,lb.,oz.);PURCHASE DATE; NOTES(poor germ, order more,etc.).

I usually start a new inventory every January by printing out last year's inventory, then going thru all my seed lots to correct the seed amount column and put a check in the note column to show I found it. I don't open seed packs so I only estimate seed numbers in most cases.

Most of my seeds for this year have arrived so I now will update the inventory. It is most helpful when you head out to plant and again when you are harvesting and you need to know more about where and when you got the seeds. If you can quickly see the source you can look in the catelog for more discriptive info.

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ragtimegal(9 CA 19)

Thanks, bmoser. I like your detail. I do like spreadsheets, so finding a system that will capture all of the information that I want (without too much info) is all I need to do.

Kay- you are right! Finding a system I will use is key. I have purchased 'organizing' systems before that I just could never get myself to use.

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Wow, this is embarrassing! I keep my seeds in a shoe box alphabetically with index-card separators and notes on the packages (and not too many of them, either!)

I was just planning to switch to a time order rather than alphabetical, and thought I was doing really well!

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marthacr(z5 Me)

I have been doing it alphabetically, too, but have realized that sowing time would be handier. I haven't done it yet, But maybe now is a good time to start!

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I do use the Excel spreadsheet (see my earlier post in this thread), but the actual seeds I keep in a shoebox with alpha dividers I made by cutting up large index cards. I want to be able to find the actual seeds fairly quickly, but the spreadsheet gives me the data I need (year, name, source, how planted, etc.).

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