ivy geraniums

birkjarFebruary 9, 2010

i started some ivy geraniums about 4 weeks ago. they are doing well but they are becoming stringy.there are about 4 stems that are the same length with nice leaves on them and then there are 1 to 2 real long stems that have nice leaves on them. these long stems are protruding out from the plant itself 1 to 2 inches. do i cut back these stems or just leave them. there are 2 to 3 new stems (leaves) coming in from the base of the plant. will the new ones coming in fill the gap. what should i do

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Ivy geraniums tend to have about an inch between leaves on older long stems and the leaves are closer together on newer stems. You can leave it or--- If you want to keep the plant bushy then cut back that stem to just above a leaf and you will get new growth from the leaf node or joint and maybe more along the stem at other leaf joints. If you have a long piece you can use the cut off part to start a new plant.

Cut just below a leaf this time. All new shoots on a plant or roots on a cutting come from a leaf joint or node. Dip it in rooting hormone for softwood cuttings and poke a hole in a pot filled with moistened soiless mix and slip your cutting in the hole and cover it in. Keep it moist but not sopping wet and in a couple of weeks you will have a new plant.

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these are new plants that i started from seed. all they are are 4 stems that have 1 leaf at the end of each stem. so if i cut them back at the first leaf all there will be is a stem there. not understanding this thread.

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

Leave them for now, they are too young to pinch. The habit of ivy geranium is more vine like, it's not unusual to find some of the stems longer. If you want bushier plants later, pinch back the growing tips when your seedlings have gained a bit more size and have more than one leaf per each stem. Pinch, or cut, just above a leaf - clearly you don't want to do this when a stem has only one leaf. :)

There is a latent growth bud located at the node (node = the point on the stem where each leaf is attached). Cutting of pinching off the growth just above that node will cause that stem to branch out. More branching will mean more flowers.

Some longer stems on ivy geranium aren't necessarily a bad thing though...leaving some of the longer growth to spill over the side of a large container or drop down from a hanging basket may be desireable too, depends on how you plan to use them.

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Well i must say your ivy Germaniums are growing absolutely well. IF you think that some stems are de-shaping the plant and giving it bad looks then you can cut them to some descent level otherwise keep them going.

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