What Tree is This?

Bradybb(wa8)July 21, 2014

I was working at a customer's house in Bellevue,Washington and this tree is the neighbor's.The height is about thirty feet and is quite beautiful.
These two pictures are the best ones,with the closeup being a little blurry.Hopefully the leaves will be a clue and the flowers are somewhat soft and feathery. Thanks,Brady

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looks like a mimosa

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bogturtle(SE NJ 7a)

Albizia jullibrissin, although probable spelled wrong.;
One summer the one down the road must have had 20+ hummingbirds around it.

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Invasive in the southeastern US. From Asia originally.

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Not invasive here. Gets broader than tall in old age. Susceptible to ice storms. Nice scent. "Silk tree". Fast grower. The tree in the picture might be of a newer cultivar, as the blossoms are very reddish.

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That's the one,thanks.The bumblebees were sure liking the flowers. Brady

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