Any idea of DA sizes in Northern California

andrearkJanuary 7, 2014

I have a number of David Austins in permanent large pots and some in 5 gal nursery pots waiting to be replanted or repotted in the spring. The trouble is, that I've read that some of the ones I have now are going to be larger than anticipated. If I can get an idea of how large they may get here in the SFO bay area, I would know how much new room (new beds) I would need.

If they stay fairly small in 24 gallon pots, I will leave them there. The ones I need to know about are:

Tradescant - currently in 5 gal pot
Teasing Georgie - in 24 gallon pot
Gertrude Jekyll - 5 gal pot
WS 2000- 5 gal pot
Eglantyne - 24 Gal pot
Golden Celebration - 5 gal pot
Kosmos - (I know, Kordes) - 24 gal pot
Young Lycidas - 24 gal pot
Molineaux - 5 gal pot
Lady Emma Hamilton - 5 Gal pot
Falstaff - 5 gal pot
Carding Mill - 24 gal pot
Sceptered Isle - 5 gal pot

I have checked HMF but don't find the info I need. It would be helpful to know how large they could get in my neck of the woods.

Thanks, andrea

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iris_gal(z9 CA)

Eglantyne is the only one on your list I know that stays ~4 ft.

This is a list of the smaller Austins copied from the Antique Roses forum::
Ambridge Rose 3 x 2 (vy pretty shell pnk)
Anne Boleyn 3 x 3
Bishop's Castle 3 x 2.5 (can throw long canes)
Boscobel 3 x 2.5
Charles Rennie Mckintosh
Christopher Marlowe 2.5 x 3
Darcey Bussell 3 x 2
Fair Bianca 3.5 x 2.5
Heathcliffe 3.5 x 3
John Clare 3 x 2.5
Jubilee Celebration
Mary Magdalene 3 x 3 fades to white
Miss Alice 3 x 2
Molineux 3 x 2
Munstead Wood 3 x 2.5
Noble Anthony 3 x 2.5
Portmerion 3 x 3
Potter and Moore
Pretty Jessica 2.5 x 2.5
Princess Alexandra of Kent 3.5 x 3
Princess Anne 3 x 2
Prospero 3 x 2
Saint Cecelia (quick reblm)
Scarborough Fair 2.5 x 2
Sir John Betjeman 3.5 x 2.5
Sister Elizabeth 2.5 x 2.5
Skylark 3 x 2
Sophy's Rose 3 x 2.5
Tamora 3 x 3
The Countryman 3 x 3
The Prince 2.5 x 2
The Shepherdess 3 x 2
Wildeve 3.5 x 3.5
Windermere 3.5 x 3.5

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Thank you so much Iris for answering. I am definitely new to roses, but I have another question...I thought that all Austins (actually all roses) behaved differently in differently regions. The link was great but many people adding to the post were in different areas from mine. Do the Austins grow the same in all areas of the US?

Thanks again,


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nanadollZ7 SWIdaho(Zone 7 Boise SW Idaho)

I've grown four Eglantynes at two locations, and they all have gotten much larger than four feet. I'm not in N Cal, but thought I'd mention this,anyway. The Prince is not large, but mine is certainly bigger than 2.5 feet. Tamora is about the size mentioned on the list, perhaps a little taller. I had three Miss Alice roses, and they all stayed small. Finally, my Princess Alexandra of Kent is less than two years old, and she already is about four feet tall. All my other Austins, not on the above list, are much larger than the predicted size Austin gives.
And to answer your final question: no, Austins don't grow the same in all areas of the country. There seems to be great variation in size and other characteristics. Diane

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nanadollZ7 SWIdaho(Zone 7 Boise SW Idaho)

Forgot to mention that I would expect your Golden Celebration to become quite large. Diane

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Thanks a bunch Diane. That is exactly what I was afraid of.
If someone close to me doesn't know how large the ones I mentioned can get, I guess I'll just have to move them from pots (event the large ones) when they get too big. Ugh! This sounds like a big job. But thanks for the info about GC. THAT I will plant immediately in the ground.

Even though I've had my roses only a little less than 2 years now, I seem to be going into withdrawal. Hope we get our spring early.

Thanks again Diane and Iris,


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iris_gal(z9 CA)

Nanadoll is right. Those heights listed were in cold winter zones where roses freeze each winter. For Calif. I would add 1-2 feet.

Another factor is how hard you prune. A friend takes her roses down to 8-10 inches!!! I don't. Eglantyne here is pruned yearly to about 2 ft. and when blooms are cut the stems are longer than needed, to shape the bush (a little off season prune). I've also read that rootstock affects growth. Of course water, soil & fertilizer.

I think the important thing about Austins for a new grower is to know the ones on that list are the Austins of a more manageable size on a small city lot. The 10 x 10ft. monsters are wonderful. You just have to have fewer of them unless you've got space. Or you have to be severe in pruning, which may lessen bloom. My 'Evelyn' & 'Abraham Darby' will rapidly grow a cane that is 8 ft. long. It's often referred to as "octopus" canes. So far 'Eglantyne' and Symphony have never done that. Nor 'Heritage' (which grows taller than those).

Keep looking for bush pictures and you will see the difference in the smaller Austins on that list and the truly big ones.

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Thanks for your answer Iris. I have heard, and listened to, similar comments from both Austin and HT growers.

I have two in ground beds and a number of large pots. The in ground beds are 19 and 7 months old. Michael, said that I really shouldn't prune these roses until they are in their second year. So later this month will be the first time I do any pruning at all. I have taken extra when deadheading but that's about it. (My beautiful Pristine wants to be 7 or 8 feet tall.) I have also been told that HTs in Calif don't really need to have more than 1/3 taken off along with any dead canes. And I understand that DAs don't really need anything but the lightest trim.....Unless of course they are growing long tentacles.

My DAs are in large (24 gal) pots and are only 5 months old now. So they haven't had the time to grow very large yet.

This will be quite a learning experience. I love it already!

Thanks again for listening and responding.

Happy new year,


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