Interesting find in pond

chemgeekponderJune 3, 2009

Last night, I moved a rock along the edge of my pond and found a grayish black moving mass of something. While I watched, the mass resolved into hundreds of tiny frogs, or my guess, toads. All less than 1/4" long, gray black in color. Now I have to provide them with an escape from the pond and the evil goldfish from which they were hiding, as they are about 14 inches below the rocks framing the pond edge.

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That sounds cool. Some small tree limbs or wood jutting in to the pond may be a good escape route.


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wow the coolest thing in my pond is NOTHING. I wish I had a frog or toad. I do get birds splashing in the water fall but that's about it.

fun find.

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newbirdman(7 b NJ)

Toads dont live in water , they live on land , frogs live in water . You dont need to provide anything , the frogs will climb up the liner .

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Not all frogs can climb liners especially if they are slick with algea so a way out may be needed.

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toads don't live in water but they do lay their eggs and breed in water

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