rocks and pond liner - problems!

kashka_kat(z4 WI)June 22, 2011

Looking for some feedback from an experienced pond builder.

Am still in the process of finishing my pond. Still shuffling rocks around to find a good arrangement.

I had some rocks sitting on top of pond liner - moved the rocks and happened to find a tear in the liner underneath - this is heavy weight EPDM. Would the weight of the rocks have caused the tear? This particular rock didn't have a smooth flat bottom, it had some pointy parts that it was resting on.

I have carpet underlayment under the EPDM, and some leftover pieces of EPDM to put under the rocks. Shouldnt that be enough to protect it? I imagine the rocks shift around alittle due to freeze/thaw cycles.

In some parts of the pond there are really heavy thick folds of the liner - no avoiding it due to the shape of the pond. I plan to set down a really heavy stack of rocks over some of the folds - building a stack about 3 high or about 1-2 feet in height. Is that a bad idea - would the extreme weight cause the EPDM to tear or break along the folds? I was thinking of putting some foam into the folds to cushion the liner a little bit against the rocks sitting on top - would that help?

Any other tips or tricks before I proceed. Once these rocks are in place and I foam in the cracks and the backs of them they won't be moveable. THANKS

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Kashka Kat,

What type rock are you talking about? In WI you could be talking about quite a few different type rocks that would be in your area. Normally rock is not a problem for EDPM rubber liner unless you have some very sharp edges or points on it. I have put rocks that have weighed more 4000 lbs directly on the liner with no extra padding with no problems. Where you can run into problems is sliding the rock on the rubber. I have also seen 30 lb rocks put holes in the liner if they were set down carefully. That is one reason why I prefer to use Wisconsin granite cobblers as they were created by the glaciers and are mostly smooth.

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