Asparagus what?

tomtuxman(6bNY)February 16, 2014

In early February I sowed a packet (25 seeds) of Mary Washington into standard seed starting mix in the usual little cell thingies. In 10 days, I had some seedlings, now about 3/4 are germinated and poking up. Weirdly, a few have sprouted two little "sticks" from one seed (the tallest thus far is about 6 inches high and thinner than thin spaghetti).

Spending entirely too much time on the Internet due to this year's fierce smow blasts here in the Hudson Valley, I've come across advice that says to remove the germination tray from warmth and direct sunlight once seedlings show up, and transfer them of a cooler (55 to 65 degrees F), bright-but-not-sunny location.

This seems counter-intuitive to me. I would think that they still need pretty sunny surroundings, no?

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I grew some asparagus from seed last year for the first time. Cooler makes sense, many plants grow better at cooler temps than they germinate. I moved mine to the bottom shelf of my light set up to grow on. Still under fluorescents, but closer to 60 degrees. I suppose fluorescents are "bright but not to sunny". If you had them outside then it would be a concern, but inside nowhere you have them is likely to be to sunny.

They will continue shooting up additional spikes. I too thought - I must have double seeded this one!, but by mid summer each single spike had turned into 12-15 long feathery fronds.

I have to admit, that due to all sorts of other complications, I never got the new asparagus bed dug, so I ended up tossing the starts :(

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Mandolls, how long did it take to get to the 12-15 inch size? Thanx for the advice.

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I actually don't quite remember. I know they were at least 6-8 " when I moved them out to the screened in porch at the end of May. ( I started the seed in mid Feb) I kept them alive all summer, and they continued to grow and multiply even though they were only in 9oz plastic cups.

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