#408 -- More Sky Days

ctlavluvrNovember 13, 2008

This is how my kindergarten neighbor described Autumn since he can "see through the trees to the sky 'cause the leaves re gone." Perfect!!

Carry on....


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Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. I was truly thinking "409, 409, 409" when I started the Idyll but my fingers went elsewhere. Promise to all: I Will Wait and let other's start threads :-) This is why I don't paint -- my attention to detail is mostly zilch.

Good trip to Baltimore this week and excellent crab cake for lunch. Got lost on the way back to the airport (took 83 instead of 695 from Hunt Valley, Cindy and others in the area) and got a non-tourist view of parts of the city. Made it to the flight just as the last folks were boarding. Nothing like running through BWI in stocking feet. Good excuse though, since one must remove shoes, anyway for security. LOL

Think I'll sign off now before any additional typos or mind slips. :-)


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