seed leaves fell off!

debbiekim(6)February 20, 2010

hi everyone,

i need your help! a few of the seeds sprouted without their seed leaves. so basically it's just the stem. are those plants still going to be able to grow true leaves? or should i just start over?

some seem to be stuck in the seed and for the other ones, the seed leaves just fell off. help!!


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sleepy33(5b KS)

What kinds of seeds are they? What are they planted in? Are they under lights? Are they covered with a dome/plastic wrap/baggie/other? Need way more details! :)

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Often a plant comes up with the seed casing still attached, and will grow and eventually pop it off. I've seen tomatos come up with the seed case attached to the 2 seed leaves. With some plants, sometimes it is just a stem with a ball on top. That ball turns into leaves.

However it it looks like the stem is broken then you have a problem with the soil. It is too hard to allow the seed leaves to pop up out of the soil and it breaks the stem.

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Agree with oilpainter that there is likely a problem with your soil apparently. Either it is too coarse, too hard, or too surface dry. One or the other is snapping the stems and not letting the seed coat soften enough to pop open. What potting mix are you using? Another possible cause is not planting the seeds deep enough.

Are these old seeds. That will sometimes happen with dessicated (dry) seeds and in that case pre-soaking can help.

The ones that are just stems won't survive.


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Be sure your plants are not being eaten by slugs, who are really good at removing seed leaves, without leaving a trace. Al

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thanks, everyone!

they were joe pye weed seeds in seed starting mix. some of them have sprouted and are looking good. i think the surface may have been too dry.

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