Reinstalling skimmer in pond

carjeffJune 10, 2013

I have a 1000 gallon pond with a skimmer and Biofalls. Both of these were installed âÂÂinside the pondâÂÂ. In other words, both have the line underneath them, rather than attached to the front. The skimmer has shifted over time and now has risen a few inches. This is causing me issues when the water level drops slightly. The skimmer is also not securely attached, and can move up/down. Does anyone have any suggestions for dropping the skimmer a few inches? I was hoping there was an easy way to block off the front of the pond where the skimmer is, re-excavate the skimmer area, and re-install the skimmer, or possibly dig behind/underneath the skimmer and let it drop down.
We have Koi that have been in the pond since we had it installed 13 years ago, and donâÂÂt want to harm them by draining the pond, and/or placing them in holding tanks.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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You should not dig behind or under the skimmer without draining the pond to below the level of the dig! The water pressure inside the pond will blow out the side of the pond.

Is your pond deep enough that you can drain 2 feet of water and still have room for the fish and enough water to keep them alive for a few days? If so, I would dig a hole and correctly install the skimmer outside the pond. Maybe even have a contractor do it for you for best results. It will be a big job!

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