Help! How do I trim

campvJanuary 16, 2014

Peace climber-
I have started to trim it, but I am not quit sure where to trim the large canes. I know about the laterals but I am un sure about the large canes. They are about thumb size. I also have untied portions of it to trim it.
Can some one help me.

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2nd picture

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3rd photo

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I prune off all the inferior growth leaving only the best major canes and since it is a climber I prune the major canes according to the way I want to shape the rose. And BTW, I had Cl. Peace back in CT until a bad winter killed it and it was not a good bloomer.

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idixierose(z8b Coastal SC)

Don't get discouraged by HenryinCT's remarks. Climbing Peace can be a wonderful rose in Zone 8b climates. It thrives in heat.

As for pruning your Cl. Peace, trim out weak, spindly canes and leave the larger, stronger canes. Laterals are the smaller branches that grow along the major canes. I like to trim the laterals back to two or three bud eyes. Once you've pruned, then tie the canes to their trellis in a wide fan shape.

Cl. Peace will put on a magnificent show in the spring and almost as good in the fall. Don't expect much from it in summer. The rose likes to eat, so feed it generously and frequently.

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idixierose- Ref top picture
The large cane that is "Y" shaped(going left) do I take off the two side sm. canes.
#3 large cane very bottom of picture (left) large loop should I cut it off?
I have had this rose about 3 years here in Arizona and it grows well, almost too well
Thanks for your help

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"The large cane that is "Y" shaped(going left) do I take off the two side sm. canes. "

I would. I've found that identifiying a main cane then being adamant that anything that comes off of it is a lateral and dealing with it as such works for me.

I would also take off the main cane that is coming forward away from the support just to tidy the plant up.

If you haven't seen Paul Zimmerman's prunning/training climbers videos on YouTube take a few minutes and do so. Even though I've seen them multiple times I watch them before I tackle my New Dawns since they inspire so much confidence to go forth with sharp prunners! ;-)

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michaelg(7a NC Mts)

Don't think of it as "trimming."

There are so many basal canes that you might want to remove some of them at the base, the oldest ones. This is SOP for pruning established climbers. Usually we recommend starting this in the fourth year and removing 1/3 or 1/4 of the old canes, because young canes tend to bloom better. You can wait another year to start this unless you feel the plant is getting too full and crowded.

Then shorten the primary canes that have outgrown the support and cut all the laterals back.

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Michaelg- "shorten the primary canes" Some are over 10' long on the fence. So how much do I shorten them? Then retie them back to the fence. Sorry for the questions

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michaelg(7a NC Mts)

Shorten them if you don't have room for them, if they have outgrown the support. On a fence you may have plenty of room.

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seil zone 6b MI

If you know which ones of those main canes at the base are the oldest you can take out a few of those and it will supposedly encourage it to send up some new basal breaks. I would never take out more than about 1/3 of the canes at the base in any one year though.

As for shortening it, why? Does it need to be shortened? Is there any winter die back on the tips? If not, and you have no real need to make it shorter, I'd just leave it alone.

You may want to try and spread more sideways to encourage more laterals so you'll get more blooms. Otherwise, it looks happy and healthy! Show us a pic when it blooms!

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Thanks everyone I now feel more confident in the decisions on cutting the large canes. I just hate to ruin something I have worked so hard on

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