Fibrous Dragon Wing Begonias

jaybee2010February 7, 2010

I started some fibrous dragon wing begonias from seed January 16th. They started germinated 10 days later and I now have 7 out of 9 that have come up. Have them on a heat mat with constant temperature of 22 degrees. They seem to be very slow...a couple seem to be getting another leaf. Is this normal? This is my first attempt at growing these. I don't have them under light...just in the south window. They are under a plastic dome to keep the moisture in. When should I get them off the heat and into potting I wait until the first two true leaves? Any growing tips would be appreciated.

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Yes begonias are slow to get started, even from tubers. They just seem to sit there for a while then all of a sudden they seem to spurt up.

Yes I would wait until they get their second true leaves. I would off set or raise slightly your humidity cover so the plants get some air circulation and it will still keep in the moisture. However when they are getting close to all having their second leaves I'd get rid of the cover.

Since you don't have lights or greenhouse, I'd move them outside in the day when the weather is warmer and bring them in at night. Put them in a protected spot in shade. If you leave them on the window sill they tend to get leggy and lean towards the sun.

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