Camellia Sinensis Germination

Duncan_ForsterFebruary 5, 2014

I have planted about 40-45 tea seeds in a tray planter indoors with a humidity dome and a germination mat. They were all properly prepared. My question is: How often should I water them? At the moment a fair amount of condensation has built up on the inside of the dome, I'm assuming this is normal? Also, how much light do they need? I unfortunately do not have a grow light, would a simple halogen lamp suffice? I'm growing these in my dorm room and the lights are fluorescent, will this be a problem at all?

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Hi Duncan_Forster and welcome to GardenWeb!

Well, IâÂÂve never grown tea plants before but a quick check on the web indicates that the seeds should be planted one inch deep. That means they donâÂÂt need any light, until they germinate (which should take between one and two months). So for now, donâÂÂt worry about lighting.

As for watering, there should be very light condensation on the inside of the dome. If the condensation runs down the side of the dome, youâÂÂll know youâÂÂre keeping things too wet. Since the seeds take so long to germinate, youâÂÂll have to be very careful about not over-watering. It would probably be helpful to remove the dome altogether for awhile, when you're home and can watch that the germinating medium doesnâÂÂt dry out too much.

For warmth, I understand that the medium should be kept between 70 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Hope this is helpful and I wish you the best with the tea plants!


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Ah, thanks so much, that answers my question! It seems I may have watered them a little much so I'll remove the dome and let the soil dry out a bit before replacing it. Thanks for the help, all of the internet sources I looked at were rather unclear about watering.

All the best,

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