Pump problem? Campump T4000 Torpedo

samanthajade(7A)June 17, 2011

Hi everyone,

I'm not sure if I'm looking for advice or just to lament. For my new pond last year, I purchased a Calpump T4000 Torpedo pump for my pond from 123Ponds.com. The pump stopped working in November. I went through a painful replacement process with 123Ponds, of which I had to scrape off the UPC/SKU label from the pump, send it to them, and then they sent me a replacement pump and I sent mine back in. Of course, the manufacturer rejected my pump since it didn't have the UPC label on it, which 123Ponds apparently lost, and my card was charged for a new pump. (Still a little bitter about that. Lesson learned - send everything, including the label, with tracking.)

I received my "new" replacement pump in February and got the pond running again. Today, the pump stopped working again. Same symptoms as before, it stops working in, I find out it tripped a breaker, and it seems to be toast.

The pump is submerged, on a GFCI breaker (pond is about 2000 gallons). The timeframe seems to be consistent - this happened both times around 5-6 months after we started using it. Now, if I plug it in it starts up and immediately trips the breaker.

Any ideas? I have a call in to 123Pond to see what my options are, not that I'm at all confident in what they can help me with without charging me for another pump. Has anyone used this pump before? Had similar issues? Have recommendations on a better pump?


--Samantha in NC

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koijoyii(NE Ohio)

Hi Samantha:

I have had three Calpumps, and will not own another one. I had the same problem you are having with the Calpump torpedo. It quit on me after only three months. It kept tripping the GFCI after it ran for a few minutes. I threw it in the trash and ordered a mag drive pump. I think it's a Pondmaster. Haven't had a problem since. I wish you the best of luck finding a solution.


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I would be hopping up and down MAD at this point. Sorry you are having such problems.

I don't have any suggestions. I'm not familiar with that brand of pump. I use Pondmaster and have been very satisfied with their products.


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kashka_kat(z4 WI)

The problem I had with a Cal pump years ago is that it was electrocuting the fish. I didn't realize until I happened to have a cut on my finger and then I could feel the tingling in the water. Couldnt feel it with unbroken skin so it wasn't a strong current - but apparently it was enough to kill fish.

It sounds like yours might be a related problem - if it's shorting out like that? It's disgusting that companies will keep selling the same product with known design flaws.

The pondmaster pump I have now has been going 24/7 since 2001 with no problems!

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