Earthkind Grandma's Yellow - What is it, really?

berndoodleJanuary 20, 2008

Here's a challenge for you growers of moderns.

A yellow HT or GR is being promoted as an Earthkind rose under the moniker "Grandma's Yellow." It was sold before as "Nacogdoches" but someone decided we're too ignorant to spell that name. In my case, no doubt they're right, but I love the ring of that name.

We all know yellow roses are considered the gold standard for moderns - the hardest to make floriferous, disease-free and hardy. This rose didn't just appear one day by the roadside. It is the product of a great hybridizer's efforts.

So...what are the best suggestions for the identity of this rose? It's on HMF, and it can be bought from Chamblees and Teas Nursery.

Here is a link that might be useful: Grandma's Yellow

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The rose is being misrepresented; there is no Earth Kind rose under either name. Nor is there any such rose listed in the current nominees undergoing testing, which are called the Earth Kind Brigade roses.

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jerijen(Zone 10)

So, what are they doing then? Just deciding that a rose is bs resistant in their area, and marketing it
under the Earthkind label?
Surely that would be very deceptive!!!

Would not the people overseeing the REAL Earthkind testing object to that???
Moreover, is this not a rather modern rose to be considered un-named, "lost," or "found"?
If someone told me that was a photo of 'Graceland,' (now just out of commerce) I wouldn't be inclined to argue.


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gnabonnand(Zone 8 Texas)

Below is a link to the 13 true EarthKind roses.


Here is a link that might be useful: EarthKind Roses

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Yes, I see my error. It's a Texas Superstar slated for introduction in 2009. The Texas SuperStars are a cooperative extension designation. And my confusion was the difference between Texas Superstars and Earthkind.

Can we get past that? What is this yellow rose, really?

Here is a link that might be useful: Grandma's Yellow at Texas A & M Extension website

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jerijen(Zone 10)

I wasn't kiddin'.
It reminds me of Graceland. But I'd really like to see mature plants of each before I went further than that.
I suppose it could equally be some other Warriner rose of the same era, released or not released?

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We had a discusion about this a while back in the Rose Hybridizers assoc. forum. Here is the link.


Here is a link that might be useful: Grandma's yellow

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Here's Graceland on HMF with some detail from the patent abstract. Some of it should be fairly helpful.

Here is a link that might be useful: Graceland at HMF

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jbcarr(7 VA)

I assume TX A&M makes some % off each rose sale since its rated as a "TX Superstar"? I see this situation as similar to "Katy Road Pink" now known to be Carefree Beauty. Hopefully its not a rose currently under patent. They have gone to considerable effort, including virus indexing. If they make some money for further rose research, and its not someone else's patent, I am all for it. Looks like a great yellow.

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alameda/zone 8

It is. I live 30 minutes from the town of Nacogdoches, and would have preferred they kept that name. It is healthy, blooms alot, nonfading. There were 3 roses that were being tried, Nacogdoches, Sarah Jones [supposedly cut from someone's bush in Nacogdoches] and Seguin. Nacogdoches won out, now Sarah Jones and Seguin [a town in Central Texas]are hard if not impossible to find. A friend has Sarah Jones and we are trying to root cuttings. We want to compare Nacogdoches and Sarah. The article on Nacogdoches stated that it was found under the overhang of an abandoned motel. I'll bet I know exactly which one it is....there is also growing a monster that blooms all the time that I think is Queen Elizabeth, along with other plants. I stop occasionally to try to meet the gardner, but I never see anyone. I think I will make more effort to make contact and see if they have this yellow.....interesting story! If I had to pick a favorite yellow, Nacogdoches would be my first choice at this time. I also love Julia Child.

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Judith, I agree about the name - I love "Nacogdoches". Your efforts to find out information about the motel would be terrific. It is really useful to know what else is grown near by and roughly how old the motel itself is, along with the surrounding neighborhood. It isn't determinative, by any means, but it all goes into the pot.

I agree it would wonderful to see a healthy, clean, floriferous yellow put into commerece. My interest is in trying to match that rose with its original hybridizer, who undoubtedly worked years, probably decades, to produce it. I have no objection to its resurrection, but I want to make sure no stone is left unturned to try to ID the rose. There are two major collections of hybrid teas within an hour's driving distance of my house - - the San Jose Heritage Rose Garden and Vintage Gardens. I intend to match the botanical details to existing plants and to look for the original. I know so few moderns and grow only a handful, so I thought it would be helpful to get suggestions from anyone who has grown them for years. Queen Elizabeth dates from 1954.

I see "Nacogdoches" is listed down to Zone 6 by the extension site, so it isn't really exceptionally hardy.

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I understand the affection for a name if it's where you are from but the story behind the name change was pretty touching to me especially since I think about my own grandmother every time I'm working in the garden.

-> After Miss Tillie died on November 27, 2005, the name "Nacogdoches" was changed to ÂGrandmaÂs Yellow in honor of Larry SteinÂs grandmother who had let us use her garden and came to truly love these yellow roses. She once told me she loved me almost as much as she did Larry because I planted her all of those beautiful yellow roses. Larry took roses to her room every day as long as the plants were blooming. However, when we had to prune the roses (while she was watching her favorite soap opera!!) she told me that I had dropped off of her most-favorite-person list. I tried to tell her that Greg Grant had done most of the cutting but I donÂt think I was fully forgiven. We made up later. As I sat in the church at her funeral, the thought came to me that we should name the Texas SuperStar yellow rose in her honor. As the pallbearers entered and each had a yellow rose bud in their lapel, the thought came to me: "Got any questions about the name change?!" At that moment, "Nacogdoches" became ÂGrandmaÂs Yellow and will remain so forever---as directed.

Here is a link that might be useful: Source

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jerijen(Zone 10)

At that moment, "Nacogdoches" became ÂGrandmaÂs Yellow and will remain so forever---as directed.

*** Well, errr -- Yeah.
But not, surely, if it turns out to be identifiable as a named variety.

That would be denying the credit for its creation to the people who did the work.
Surely no one's grandma would want THAT.
I know MINE wouldn't have stood for it.
And in the case of THIS rose, it appears that it may even be a rose still in patent, which would compound the offense.


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alameda/zone 8

I just visited my friend in Houston with a Sarah Jones and got 4 healthy cuttings that I am going to try to root. This rose is no longer sold, it was said that Nacogdoches [sorry, I will always call it that no matter that it is now Grandma's Yellow] turned out to be the better rose, but my friend has a Nacogdoches planted next to Sarah, so we will see what the differences are. There was another yellow in contention, but I just cant remember what its name is at the moment.

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Brady and Seguin were the other two.


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rozannadanna(8 TX)

Whatever they finally decide the rose is - a rose is a rose by anoy other name and for humid hot East Texas I am here to testify to its worthiness as a great garden rose.

It never fades is as disease resistant as any rose I have ever grown and it is a blooming machine. It actually makes a nice shrub - not the typical blooms on a stick rose. I have been growing it for about 5 years now and the last 2 it has survived on it's own as I haven't been there and as of Christmas this year it still looked good.

Having no fragrance is just about the only fault I can credit to this rose.

Get it - I promise you will like it.

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alameda/zone 8

Patrick, Seguin was the name I forgot - have not heard of Brady. But whatever it is called, like Rozanna says, it is a super good rose. Does not fade. Mine is young, but very healthy - its a yellow most everyone should check out.

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blackcatgirl(8 austin tx)

I purchased a Grandma's Yellow today. I picked it up at Wildseed Farms (Fredericksburg), while making a peach run. It was from Teas roses, and the tag calls it "Grandma's Yellow - Nagodoches".

For more information than you'd ever want about this rose, go to the TAMU (Texas A&M ) website.

I think developing something like this for the masses is a great idea -- and a yellow rose to boot!

I will see how it performs in this summer from hell.

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