3 tree's needing help with their names!

gardeninnsJuly 6, 2013

I planted these three or four years ago, and now I'm not sure what I planted. One is supposed to be a cherry tree....but not the one in the pic with berries. And the last pic was supposed to be a lilac but it has never bloomed, so I can't tell anymore. The third tree I can't even guess what I planted. So three pics, need three names. Can anyone help me remember what I planted?? Thanks everyone and happy gardening!

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First 2 are cherry, or Prunus at any rate. 3rd one is the lilac.

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I really didn't think I planted two cherries, I thought maybe quince....but cherrie trees would be nice

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I am still very surprised that no 1 might be a cherry, they were meant to be a lilac and quince beside each other. I dug them up from a friends yard. The second pic with the trellis was purchased as a cherry but it has never gotten cherries. It's ìá also what surprises me because if I had two cherry trees they would have both pollinated not just the one?
I think I trimmed the lilac every year at the wrong time and that is why is has to flowered for me. I am not touching any of these trees until at least a couple years lol

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

they are all prunus .... [but not a lilac, if in fact you have one???]

cherry can be flowering.. or fruit producing.. flowering do NOT fruit ...

if it is a lilac.. you ought to be seeing flower buds set by September or so ...


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If you are trimming a shrub or tree so much that you never get a flower, then you are trimming too much.

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Carrie B

Fruiting cherry trees do, indeed, flower. Not all cherry trees produce edible fruit.

The last one does look like lilac. Don't prune it until it blooms, and, if you want to prune it then, prune is soon after the flowers begin to fade.

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Prunus includes other stone fruits other than cherries, like plums. Three or four years is really about the earliest I'd expect a transplanted woody plant (not one raised in a pot) to start blooming as they need to regrow the roots they have lost and get settled in.

The last photo is a lilac, and they do take a while to bloom after planting, depending on the size of the initial plant. The best time to prune lilacs is right after their bloom time since that won't interfere with their developing blossoms for the next year.

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