Have you seen my froggie?

erniemJune 10, 2011

Two summers ago I got my first tadpoles. Both changes to frogs but only one stuck around. He got big(!) and over wintered at the bottom of my pond two years running.

I last saw him beginning of last week. Over the weekend I mentioned him to my backyard neighbor. Sure nuf, they saw a huge frog on their patio that week, they even took pictures.

I guess mister big froggie went looking for a misses.

Good luck little buddy!

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Yes, Good Luck Mr. Froggie! I hope you find what you are looking for :)

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catherinet(5 IN)

They come and they go.........

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hardin(7 SE OK)

Then they come back...This is my 3rd year with the pond. First year, I only had a couple American Toads. Second year, I had more American Toads, a Northern Leopard frog, 2 small frogs that I haven't identified yet, a female bullfrog and several Gray Tree Frogs that were brought to me by coworkers who found them in the building where I work. The building gets sprayed often and they gave them a chance. This year I have had all the above, just in larger numbers. Plus a small green frog who is new. They were all going one night, and I loved listening to them. The toads and frogs both laid eggs in the pond which all hatched. Toads lay in strings and frogs lay them in a mass. I am now watching where I step as they are very, very tiny. My toads are all over the yard. One was sitting within three feet of me, watching me plant flowers. Each night, I can look around all of my landscape lights and there they are catching bugs. I love them all, although I let them be. Who knew?

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Thats a lot of "Bull" frog. FYI, I too raised two tadpoles into full sized bullfrogs.. I called them Pat and Mike. The last time I saw Pat, his rear feet were extended out of Mikes mouth.. He ate his buddy who was his identical size. Great bird eaters too. Not really a great pond friend.
Fish too are on their plate if desired. As well as any small rodents, mice, etc.
Happy Trails..
And ponding.

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Hope he comes back with the misses.

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