Froggies? Where for art thou?

steve1young(7A)June 22, 2011

I thought I'd already built it ... but I'm still waiting for them to come. What gives?

OK. Here's the deal. The main pond is approx 300 gallon (roughly 3x6 foot oval, 30 inches deep, flat bottom) which pumps to a small sediment pond which then flows into another sediment pond which then waterfalls back into the main pond. There are a few comet-type fish in the main pond, but no fish in either of the sediment ponds.

The water ripples quite a lot in the first sediment pond as the hose shoots up a 6" vertical jet of water, but the water moves quite slowly through the second sediment pond.

I even have a solar light near the edge of the pond to attract bugs and the rocks around the edges of the ponds are set in such a way to allow plenty of different sized little caves and crevices for various types of critters.

However, for the past few years I've only had one frog in residence. So, what gives? Why only one? Any suggestions?

Thanks much!

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I have the same darn question!!! Where are they?

In 6 years of having a pond I've had only one toad in there. That's it. No frogs. Yep on the solar light too!

Do they jump into the pond and have a happy home? NO the few that wander through the property jump into the chlorinated pool and die.

So I don't have an answer to your question.

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And I can't get rid of them. Not that I want to. Mine are very noisy and definitely party with each other well into the night. One fat one just laid a huge egg mass in one of those screened circles with foam perimeter used to protect water lettuce and hyacinth from the koi. The eggs have gone from round to stripes, so tadpoles are brewing and luckily for them they are getting a start in a protected zone. When they hatch, though, they are on their own as I will release them into the main pond.

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

I had a goldfish pond for over five years with no frogs. I built small ponds for waterlilies with no fish or pumps and I've had frogs ever since.....

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I keep buying tadpole, they grow legs and wander off. I did have one that stayed here over 2 winters but he just wandered off too, I know cause my neighbors saw him on their patio.

There's just no accounting for these silly amphibians!

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marn_eh(3 Quebec E.T.)

We've had an extremely wet spring here so I have more frogs than I've seen in years.

I have one frog who likes to spend his days drifting around the pond perched on water hyacinth. Too cute. My husband and I have christened him Huckleberry :)

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Silly amphibians! After moaning about my Mister Big froggie wandering off last month I think I spied him back here!

I have two ponds with a bridge over the dirt between them (fools everyone into thinking I have one huge pond). I keep my UV light pump under the bridge and had to get to it last night. Seems Mr B was sitting under the bridge after digging himself a nice hidey hole there.

Only saw him briefly so not 100% sure it is the same frog or another of similar (HUGE) size who was late & early going to ground over winter.

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