Not What I Ordered...

JJFlappy(8)July 12, 2014

Several months ago, I ordered some seeds online. That wasn't the route I had originally wanted to take. I needed some Mimosa Hostilis Root Bark, but everyone has either stopped selling it or they were sold out and the list of people for back order was ridiculous. They did offer "REALLY GREAT" seeds that were "READY TO GROW". I've seen the Mimosa Trees that grow locally around here and I had always thought they were just big weeds. They grew super fast and they're everywhere before you know it. So, I bought the package of 25 seeds for close to $40.(What was I thinkin'?) Oh, I also bought a package of 400 Ulmus Americana, or American Elm seeds for like 75 cents. When they arrived I had already done a bunch of research on the best ways to grow these trees from seed, so I started immediately.
I followed instructions to a "T" and weeks went by and I had nothing growing. Then weeks turned into months and I still had nothin'. I finally gave up and quit worrying about them. Then just the other day I happened to look out on the back porch and I saw this plant growing in one of the pots I had used to plant those seeds in. After finding this, I immediately went around to check all of the other pots and spots that I had planted any of the seeds. I STILL saw nothing. I DID find another plant / tree that is just like the pictured plant except it has little yellow flower-like things on it. I went ahead and took a couple of pictures of that one with my Phone and I'll upload them as well.
Anyway, I am REALLY CONFUSED about the whole situation. I looked up "what a Baby Elm should look like" and it's nowhere near lookin' like the plants that I got and unless Mimosas morph into a totally different lookin' plant / tree halfway through their life (I guess it IS VERY POSSIBLE now that I think about it. They are the source of some of the highest concentrations of Dimethyl Triptamine known to man and it's my personal opinion that pretty much anything is possible when DMT is being factored in.
I'm hoping that someone will recognize these plants pretty quickly so I can rest my curiosity. I imagine both plants are actually just common garden weeds, but I could be(and hope that I am) wrong. Thanks in advance for any of your help.

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