Wave Petunia seed questions

longknife(4 Way Upstate NY)February 2, 2011

I would like for my 1st time ever to plant wave petunia seeds to transplant to make up a few hanging baskets. I want the petunias to hang down around 3 feet. So is WAVE the correct variety? I would also want to be able to collect the seeds from these petunias to plant the following yesr if I like what has grown. No place loacally here where I live (near Lake Placid NY) sells this wave petunia (no petunias at all for that matter). I would prefer to get seeds from members here that know from past plantings and seed gatherings that there seeds will do what I am refering to. If, not where would be a good commerecially company that would sell wave petunia seeds that produce plants I can harvest from? Not sure, but do I mean NOT HYBRID seeds? Colors I would like are red, pink, purple, and whitish. TIA

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I have saved seeds from wave petunias for several years. Waves are called a F1 hybrid. The following generation is F2 and so on. Generally most of the F2 generation are quite close to the original waves, although there can be some very nice color variations as well as some that will flower stripped. The F3 generation onward seems to loose more and more of the wave characteristics as well as a loss of vigor.

For me, what has worked the best is to always have a planter of true Waves (F1 generation). So I will buy or plant from purchased seeds 6 or so waves each year. Then I collect the seeds from those plants and grow a large number of F2 plants each year that I use to fill in mass planting and the majority of my planters. I really like the variety I get from my F2 plants. Anymore, I don't plant any F3 and up generations.

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